Cheer Camp


It was the summer before her first year of college. Eighteen year old Isabelle had awaited cheer camp like a dog awaited a walk. The morning she was to leave she raced to get ready and threw her bags in the car. She then paced in front of the door like a caged lion.

“Isabelle clam down. You still have an hour before we leave. Those girls will just be as preppy and snotty in an hour that they are now.”

“Mom you just don’t understand. I got accepted into a college with one of the best cheer squad. Maybe by going to cheer camp I can get a chance to be on that squad. Do you know what it would be like to have that type of popularity and power in your freshman year. It would be one of the best things to ever happen to me.”

“Isabelle there are girls that have been cheerleaders their entire life that go out for those squads and don’t get in. What makes you think that you’re gonna get in just because you went to one summer of cheer camp?”

“Way to have confidence in me. I really appreciate it.”

“I’m just trying to snap a little reality into your fantasy.”

“And your idea of that is ruining my dream.”

Isabelle settled down and thought about what her mother had just said. She thought about turning around and not even going but as the time got closer she again began to get more and more excited. When it came time to go Isabelle was completely revved up. She rushed to the car and watched out the window excitedly as they headed toward camp. Isabelle remembered when she had first gone to sign up for the camp. She could picture the girls in their uniforms doing back flips and splits. Their perfect smiles and slender bodies were to die for and Isabelle could only imagine being like them. However there was something else about being a cheerleader that compelled Isabelle but she still wasn’t quite sure what it was.

The answer was to hit her soon enough though as they pulled into the parking lot and Isabelle got out of the car grab her bags. She looked around and saw girl after girl wearing nothing but booty shorts and tight tee shirts or tank tops. Isabelle could feel her heart drop then speed up really fast as she looked around at mostly perfect bodies and perky tits. All the asses sticking out of the shorts were perfectly rounded and pretty decent sized.

“Well,” Isabelle’s mother said making her jump and break her focus. “I can bet that you don’t want your mom walking in with you so have fun and I’ll see you in eight weeks.”

“Okay.” Isabelle gave her mother a quick hug then grabbed her three bags. There was two book bags and a rolling suitcase. Isabelle put each of the book bags over one shoulder and pulled the suitcase behind her. She walked into the administration office and looked at the woman behind the desk. “Isabelle Martine.” she introduced herself with a smile.

The woman looked over her paper work then smiled back. She pulled a sticker off a sheet and handed it to Isabelle. “You are in cabin 28. Enjoy your time here.”

“Oh I will.” Isabelle smiled. She looked to her right where she saw a girl bent over a duffel bag. “Trust me.”

Isabelle walked out of the admissions office and tried to find the cabin where she would be staying. There was different cabins and people all over the place. Isabelle couldn’t help but keep staring at the different girls ranking in beauty, size, shape, and perkiness. She couldn’t seem to focus on where she was going and quickly realized that she was lost.

“Hey.” Isabelle heard a voice say behind her. She didn’t want to turn around unless if the gesture wasn’t to her but she did. There was a girl coming toward her with her eyes locked on Isabelle. Isabelle smiled as the girl approached her. “I heard you were in cabin 28 and figured I would help you find it. See that’s the cabin I’m staying in and they usually put a lot of new girls in there.”

“Thanks.” Isabelle held out her hand warmly and the girl leaned in closely to read her name tag. She then shook Isabelle’s hand and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Isabelle my name’s Ava.”

“Why don’t you have a name tag?”

Ava turned around and showed the sticker which had been placed on her ass. Isabelle looked quickly and smirked not wanting to stare too long at the perfectly round ass in the short pink running shorts. Her legs were perfectly toned and a light bronze color. Her stomach, which was a set of clearly chiseled abs, was sticking out of her shirt slightly. Isabelle turned her attention a little further up to see Ava’s breasts which were about a C- cup and pretty perky. Her hair was cut short up to her ears and cut close to her head. Her bangs were a little longer and pushed sideways across her forehead. Isabelle noticed Ava’s bright blue eyes and perfect smile as she stared upon her beautiful face.

“Here give me one of those bags and I’ll lead you to our cabin.” Ava suggested.

“Yeah that sounds great. Lead the way.” Isabelle walked behind Ava. She tried her best to keep her focus up and forward but she was drawn to looking down to watch Ava’s ankara escort ass sway back and forth as they walked. When they got to the cabins Isabelle watched as Ava went to one of the bunks and patted it.

“Here this bed’s free. Plus its right next to mine so we can stay up late and share secrets if you want.” Ava left Isabelle to set up her bed as she walked over to a girl a couple bunks away on the other side of the room. She made her way up to a girl that was bent over next to one of the beds. Her ass wasn’t as big or firm as Ava’s but she still had long and toned legs in a pair of black spandex shorts. Ava slapped the girls ass and she popped up to turn around and give her a hug. Isabelle watched and smiled then tried to avert her eyes back to setting up her bed.

Ava noticed Isabelle staring so she looked at her friend and grabbed her arm. “Carla I have someone for you to meet.”

Carla looked in the direction of where Ava was looking and smiled. She looked Isabelle up and down then walked with her. “Okay.”

“Carla this is Isabelle.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“She’s gonna be sharing good old number 28 with us.”

“Works for me.” Carla smirked as she again checked Isabelle up and down. Isabelle felt comfortable enough to do the same thing. Carla was fair skinned and had long black straight hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. She had piercing green eyes and naturally rosy pink cheeks and lips. She was very thin and looked to be about a B-cup.

Isabelle felt like she really connected to these girls and made sure to stick by their sides every minute that they were not in practice. While they walked around together people would give them looks of different kinds. A good percentage of the looks came from people that seemed to know Ava and Carla. They would look at the girls with grins as they passed by the three some. Most of them stared at Isabelle who was walking in the middle. She was already starting to feel popular and knew that this was going to be a very good summer.

That night after all the exercise and practicing the girls went back to their bunks where they were permitted to do anything they wanted. The cheer camp was set up like a summer camp except since the girls were older they were not put under as many restrictions. Most activities were at a “Do At Your Own Risk” type of scenario. There was only a couple coaches that had their own cabins to stay in so the girls were allowed to do whatever they pleased in the bunks. The only rules consisted of things like the prohibiting of alcohol and tobacco on the grounds and no loud music past a certain hour.

Isabelle was lying in bed on the first night, trying to fall asleep after all the excitement. She was staring up at the ceiling then reached next to her bed to pull out her cell phone. She looked at the time. 11:56 at night and practice was going to be starting at eight in the morning. Isabelle however couldn’t fall asleep. She continued to stare at the ceiling when she heard the cabin door creak open and two people come in. She didn’t risk being considered nosy so she just stayed on her back.

“Shh.” Ava said as she walked up with Carla to her bed. They both climbed into the bed and started kissing.

Isabelle tried her best to turn over without being recognized. She put the blanket up over her head so that way if she was visible in the moonlight then she would appear to not be able to see the girls. She watched as the girls kissed and caressed each other passionately. Ava climbed on top of Carla and started kissing down her chest and stomach until she was under the blankets completely. In the moonlight Isabelle could see Carla throw her head back into the pillow and heard her sigh lightly in approval.

Isabelle could feel her panties getting moist and was only at first going to see how wet she was when she stuck her fingers into the silky thongs. However once she was there and continued to watch the girls next to her she felt the urge to start rubbing the surrounding area. She tried to keep what she was doing a secret timing her moans with Carla’s and getting caught a couple times. Each time she was acknowledged Isabelle would freeze and act as if she was sleeping.

When Ava came back up the two girls began to kiss again and Carla slowly made her way below the blanket.

The following morning Isabelle was coming out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel when Ava and Carla walked in. They each shot her a smile then Carla walked up behind her.

“We know what you did last night.” Carla whispered in Isabelle’s ear. She lightly grabbed her butt through the towel and Ava pulled her away.

“Come on leave the girl so that she can get dressed.”

“Maybe she could come with us tonight.” Carla suggested.

“Where?” Isabelle asked.

A couple other girls walked in and Ava quickly shut her mouth. She looked at Carla then at the girls who were staring at them sneeringly.

“Look just meet us after you get done with practice.”

Isabelle escort ankara found it hard to concentrate as she tried to figure out just what Carla and Ava were talking about. She practiced with her team and when they were dismissed she raced back to the bunks. She walked in and saw Ava and Carla sitting on her bed. They seemed to be engaged in conversation but when they saw Isabelle they stopped and gave her a smile.

“Hey how was practice?”

“Good, why didn’t you guys go?”

“Well since we’ve been separated for a year we figured we would catch a little time together.”

“Wasn’t last night enough?”

“One hour doesn’t make up for an entire year of not seeing each other. Look its not important to discuss it right now. I bet you want to know what we were talking about earlier don’t you?”

“Well yeah it was like the only thing I could think of.”

“You like girls right?” Carla asked bluntly.

“I don’t know. I mean I’m attracted to them but doing something with them is a different story.”

“I don’t know if we should take her then.” Ava said doubtingly.

“Take me where?” Isabelle asked her voice getting a little harsher. She had spent her entire day wondering and was now being jerked around. She wanted to know what these girls were talking about and why it had anything to do with her liking girls.

“There’s a certain place that a group of girls on the campus go to where we meet with other lesbians to hook up or just talk. I mean if you want to be set up with a girl then its the perfect place to go.”

“So there’s like a group of lesbians that just get together and either hook up or just talk.”

“Yeah would you be interested in going?” Carla asked smiling and batting her eyelashes at her.

“I could go there and try it out.”

Ava was a little hesitant that night but still she informed Isabelle of when they were leaving and they walked to a small area on the campus. The area was about half a mile away from the bunks and about twenty to thirty girls were all gathered. They welcomed Ava and Carla then turned their attention to Isabelle. She smiled and watched as they were approached by one of the girls. She was about five foot four with long wavy dirty blond hair. She looked to be about a hundred and ten to a hundred and fifteen pounds and had a very warm welcoming face.

“Ava, Carla; leave it to you two to hog the hot newbies.”

“Calm it down there Charlotte. This is Isabelle and she’s more of a newbie then you think; if you know what I’m saying.”

“Ohhhh.” Charlotte smiled at Isabelle. “Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you around.”

Isabelle looked at Ava and Carla who were encouraging her to go. She went and Charlotte walked Isabelle to an area by one of the lamps. She pulled up a chair and put one next to it.

“Here sit down.” Charlotte smirked.

Isabelle sat down and tried to get a better look at Charlotte. She was very pretty with light tan skin and deep brown eyes. She had a very healthy looking body and big D-cup breasts. She put her hand on Isabelle’s then looked at her with a reassuring perfect, straight white smile. “You’re nervous?”

“I’ve never really explored my sexuality before… so yeah you can say that I’m a little nervous.”

“Well if you don’t mind me saying, I think your hot as hell. I would love to help you explore. A good place to start would be right here.” Charlotte took Isabelle’s hand and brought it in between her legs. She used Isabelle’s hand to rub herself through her shorts.

Isabelle could feel the moisture and was beginning to notice the wetness in her own panties. She smiled at Charlotte who released her hand to allow her to rub her on her own. Isabelle ran her hand over the warm wet pussy through the fabric for a little while then brought her hand up and pushed it down into Charlotte’s shorts. She fumbled around in the shorts until she got in the lace feeling panties. Charlotte moaned and sighed as Isabelle rubbed her clit then forced her fingers deep into the soaking wet pussy.

Charlotte smiled as Isabelle fingered her and looked over at her.

“You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Only to myself, never to someone else though.”

Charlotte took Isabelle’s hand out of her panties and put the hand in front of Isabelle’s face. Isabelle stared unsure of what to do then finally got the hint. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked the liquid off. She then tried to put her hand back in the panties. Charlotte stopped her before she did and pulled her in for a kiss. The feeling was so new but it felt so right. Isabelle put her hand on the back of Charlotte’s head and kept her face there for a more passionate drawn out kiss.

“What do you want to try next?” Charlotte asked once their lips finally broke apart from one another.

“I want to taste that pussy again.” Isabelle sighed feeling herself on cloud nine.

“Oh really?” Charlotte asked surprised at the forwardness. ankara escort bayan She grabbed Isabelle’s hand and interlaced it with hers. They walked hand in hand to Charlotte’s bunk and went to Charlotte’s bed. They sat together and looked at each other. Charlotte ran her hand up Isabelle’s leg. She smiled and kept pushing forward waiting to see if at any point she would stop her.

Charlotte grabbed Isabelle’s shorts and pulled them down. She looked down at the thongs and pushed her back down on the bed. She touched the silky material and ran her finger over it a couple times before going around the small crotch piece and sticking her fingers deep into Isabelle. She sighed and threw her head back into the bed while Charlotte worked her fingers in and out of her.

Isabelle was so distracted by being fingered that she didn’t even realize at first when Charlotte switched to using her tongue to run it over Isabelle’s clit. She licked her clit while fingering her rapidly. She pulled away for a quick second and got up. Isabelle perked her head up and looked around trying to figure out where Charlotte had gone. Charlotte was searching for something in her bag then looked up. “Lay back down.” she demanded in a whisper.

Isabelle had forgotten for a minute that they were in a room with about six or seven other women. She laid back and stared at the ceiling when she felt something else enter her. At first it was cold but quickly warmed up as it was worked in and out of her. She then felt the vibrating sensations mixed with the sensation of Charlotte flicking her tongue on her clit.

As Isabelle was about to cum Charlotte pulled the vibrator out and stuck her tongue deep in the wet pussy. She waited until Isabelle was done climaxing before going back up and planting a kiss on her. She ran her hands through Isabelle’s hair and grasped it kind of roughly. In any other situation Isabelle would have pulled away from this type of feeling but instead she embraced it and pulled Charlotte in for a kiss. She stuck her tongue in her mouth then turned her on her back and went directly to licking her pussy. She kissed in between Charlotte’s legs then went to the inside of her thighs before licking the dripping wet pussy.

The fact that they were in front of a room of other girls didn’t bother Isabelle. She stuck her tongue deep in Charlotte then worked up to licking her clit while fingering her. She waited until the last couple minutes to use the vibrator. She did the same thing Charlotte had done. She felt her body pulsing and put herself in the immediate line of cum as Charlotte climaxed.

Isabelle finished it off with a kiss then laid beside Charlotte on the bed. She looked over then went down to rest her head on the large breasts. She could feel the erect nipples sticking up through the shirt and reached her hand under to play with them. Charlotte squirmed at the touch still trying to snap back from the orgasm Isabelle had given her. Isabelle enjoyed that she could give someone this kind of feeling and decided to lift up the shirt to lick the nipples. Charlotte pushed Isabelle’s face into her breast and Isabelle began sucking on the nipples.

Charlotte played with Isabelle’s nipples then laid back. Isabelle joined her and threw her arm over her. Charlotte turned on her side to face Isabelle.

“So how was your first time with a girl?”

“I have never felt anything like that before.”

“Yeah I get that from a lot of girls.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not saying that I get a lot of them but I have been told before that I’m good for first timers. Why do you think Ava and Carla set us up?”

“What do you mean they set us up?”

“Well they told me during practice that they were bringing you to the hang out tonight and said that I could help you figure out if it was really what you wanted. Don’t get upset they were just looking out for you.”

“Oh okay. ”

The following morning Isabelle went back to her cabin to get stuff for her shower. She could still taste Charlotte on her tongue and every time memories from the night before ran into her mind she would get a chill down her spine. She met Ava and Carla’s gaze as she walked back in the cabin that morning.

“Look who spent the night.” Ava laughed.

“Yeah.” Isabelle smiled. “I know that you guys set me up though.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Carla asked.

Isabelle took a deep breath and let out a sigh. She smiled and her face turned red. “More than you know.”

“Oh trust me. We know. Especially with Charlotte.” Ava smirked


“Babe why don’t we go take our shower now.” Carla rushed Ava out of the cabin and brought her to the showers. Isabelle went to the showers too and got ready for practice.

Isabelle was brushing her teeth when Charlotte walked into the bathroom. She looked at Isabelle then just continued on to the showers. Isabelle watched as she walked away then continued brushing he teeth. She brushed her hair and threw it up into a pony tail.

Isabelle went through practice more distracted that day than she had been the day before. She looked at Ava and Carla as their team practiced and when they were given a break she walked over to the two girls. She had to know what was up with the reception she had gotten from Charlotte that morning.

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