Checking in with Daddy

Big Dicks

God, Dad can be such a dork sometimes. Even now that I am 28, just because I know he thinks it’s funny, I am wriggling my ring less fingers at the check-in clerk here at the hotel here in beautiful Hawaii, just after he has said, “No, thank you, one queen-sized bed will be sufficient.”

Showing her that I was not his trophy wife.

The clerk that has our IDs.

Both of which have the same last names.

Of course, Dad does have a magnificent cock which will be soon fucking me hard as I lean over the sofa in the room, but still, he is still sorta a goof.

My once dry panties which have gotten quite moist on the flight will be down around my ankles, and this light sundress now draped over my slight hips will be bunched up on my back. Once again I will be asking my daddy to fuck me.

With all the excitement I did for the first time 10 years ago.

The summer we seduced each other.

Well, he started it. Years before, long before I could even remember, he moved us all from India to Bakersfield, which is NOT the garden spot of California, and soon in succession my older brother, sister and then mother moved on and out.

While that was happening, my deep caramel skin developed curves that were more than slight, but by no means curvy. My eyes, lips and hair, all nearly jet black were always my best feature.

At least those were the features that he seemed to the find most attractive in the photos of me he had in the folder on his computer that I found when I was bored and alone. Photos he seemed to have taken of me and my friends hanging around the house. And the pool.

Along with other more pornographic files with images of girls my age and younger.

My feelings? Hurt. Anger. Surprise. Then… arousal. Sure, I knew he had been staring at me and my friends, but Bakersfield it’s damn hot in the summer. It starts off hot in the morning, gets incredibly hot in the day, and then does not cool off in the nighttime. And no one wears a stich more of clothes than they have to.

Especially teen aged girls.

And so there is lots for Dads to see.

Especially, it seems, my dad.

Knowing that Daddy thought me exciting in that way gave me a rush that I had never felt before. To call our community conservative was a considerable understatement, and if anyone Kars Escort suspected that I was a turn-on to Daddy, they would have crucified him. And run him out of business.

Risking all that for me? Now that’s sexy.

Since it seemed that he had been taking pictures of me for at least a few years, and that he was content with that, at the moment, I figured I would have to be the one to push it to see how far it would go.

My heart pounding, I told Daddy I wanted be a model, but I was too shy to have a stranger take pictures of me. (To be honest, I was shy to outsiders at that age.) I said I needed my daddy to get over my shyness in front of the camera.

Of course, he told me that I was beautiful, and that anything he could do to make his little girl’s dream come true, he would do.

I made my eyes big and wide as I stared back, and thanked him so much. Our thank you hug lingered just two beats too long. The first beat was my squeezing him. The second beat was him, squeezing back.

So we started a pattern. Me posing. Dad taking. Dad going to the computer room. Dad taking a shower and me sneaking in to see the photos he selected for the “hidden” folders. Me going back to posing. Making suggestions based on what he liked. He making suggestions back. Playful, more flirty each session. Both of us knowing we were exciting each other, but neither of us saying an explicit word as to what was really going on.

The first session had more misses that hits. I learned that he did not like the little girl look. None of my pouty little faces, hair in pony tails, “Opps, I was naughty” poses made it into his porn folder. He seemed to like me looking directly into the camera, my long thick black hair in a loose bun. The almost by accident pose where I had laid my fingers on my throat had an exclamation point in the file name.

For the next session, I dressed much older. Like a professional woman with a white silk blouse, a black bra, tight grey skirt, black stockings and a pair of black fuck-me pumps purchased just for the occasion. I unbuttoned the blouse as the shoot went on, and those were the ones that made it into the folder. Shots that showed the slight rise of my breasts as I leaned forward. I made sure to make sure my fingers were touching exposed skin. My fingers Kars Escort Bayan on the slight curve of my ass, or tugging at the hem of my skirt. I dared to show my tongue on my lips while looking into the camera, and a few of those made it into the special folder as well.

I was more assertive, playful. “So you like this, Daddy” “Do you think men will like this?” “Do you really think I am attractive, Daddy.”

All the while knowing that he would be soon jerking off to the images he liked, and I would soon follow looking at the same images, rubbing my button, hard.

God, it was so hot.

The next session I wore a one piece white bathing suit. Against my dark caramel skin the white was brilliant. I though Daddy liked the come hither over my shoulder look, but as a soon saw the images in the folder, I saw that he just loved my ass. Tight close-up shots of my ass with the zoom. Which, yes, I remembered to touch. My ass from behind. My ass from the side. We spoke less. He was almost grunting his directions, the bulge in his pants apparently making him almost mute. I was aware of my growing arousal around him, almost frightened into less words. I simply followed his instruction. Where he wanted me. What he wanted me to touch. The pose. The look.

He almost ran to his computer to download his favorites. I listened at the door and heard his deep grunts. I rubbed myself through the bathing suit. Then I slipped it off and did it again, naked outside the door as he pleasured himself. As Daddy stroked to me, I came naked in the hallway out-side the computer room. We breathed in the same rhythm when aroused. Him loud. Me quiet.

I just had to time to gather up my suit and run away when I heard him shut down the computer and walk towards the door.

As soon as he was in his shower, I was back, naked, in the computer room. He had left his tissue by the computer, and I eagerly picked up the tissues, and for the first time smelled and then tasted his cum.

Even cold, I loved it.

The next, and what was to be the final session, I wore a two piece white string bikini. By now there was little pretense that I was there to nothing more than arouse him. My poses were as sexy as I could imagine. He was open where he was pointing the camera. My fingers on my upper thighs Escort Kars and pulling them and my pussy lips apart under the sheerness of my bathing suit. My fingers stroking between my breasts. The camera close to my body, sometimes even feeling my daddy’s breath warm against my skin.

Daddy and I moving around each other. An erotic dance, with neither of us saying a word, but moving in perfect balance. Up, down, around, near, far, around, front, back. The only sounds our deep breathing and the click of the camera.

Then his disappearing into the computer room, not quite closing the door. Me listening. Him grunting. The two of us cuming.

I retreating to my room, with the door open so I know when he has gone to the shower.

In my folder, there was a new folder called simply “daddy”. Smelling his cooling cum in the wadded tissues next to my nose and mouth, I open it. Inside was a GIF of daddy stroking his cock over one of my pictures. My fingers next to my pussy. And another GIF of him cuming on another photo. My staring directly into the camera, my fingers caressing my breasts.

My Dad’s beautiful cock, his smell, his cum. His whiteness on my darkness.

I had never cum so hard.

Until our next session.

I am in the two piece, and when Daddy picks up the camera, I tell him to put it down. I untie the top, and let it fall to the floor. Showing him for the first time my naked breasts. I touch my breasts, making my small hard tits even harder. I hold up my hand, stopping him from approaching me. I untie the bottoms, and as I push them down, I turn around and show him my ass for the first time. My hands traces the contours of my ass, then I slowly turn and face him. Showing him my pussy for the first time.

Then I say for the first time, “Fuck me Daddy, please.”

I open myself to his body, and I am taken.

Now ladies, remember those discussions at 3am in the dorm about what it would be like to actually fuck your daddy? Let me tell you, it’s all that and more. The sex with your dad is like no other, the secret and the taboo just explodes, and it only keeps getting better and better.

It’s that good.

Suddenly I am back in Hawaii, and the check-in clerk, a rounder, curvier blonde with a southern accent is looking at me. She glances down at Daddy’s crotch, and then raises her eyes back to at me with a half-smile. I give her a slight nod back, and she smiles a full smile as she looks back at her computer.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to check in my Daddy in as well.

Him, and his magnificent cock.

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