Cheating Wife


Cheating WifeBoth my wife and I work for a large company in Texas and we travel quite a bit for business. Last week my wife, Janet, was going to a three day company meeting in a town about an hour away and one of the requirements was to stay at the resort all three days. The morning she was leaving I saw her shaving her pussy which was very unusual for her to do. Normally she likes her pussy with some hair on it so I was intrigued by this development. Since she didn’t notice me in the bathroom and I was already late for work I decided to leave it alone and head to work.All day long I kept thinking of that bald pussy and it made me more and more horny as the day went by. Finally I decided that I would call her and drive the hour to the resort and enjoy that bald pussy. When she answered she told me that she was rooming with her friend, Becky, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to make the drive up. So I let it go and decided to enjoy some alone time which was rare these days. The next day at work I was surprised when I ran into Becky at the office. I told her I thought she was at the conference and she told me that her husband was sick and she had to come home last night. Since he was feeling better she decided to come to work for a little bit and quite frankly she was glad to get out of the meeting anyway. tuzla escort I told her that I almost drove up there the day before and she told me that I should surprise Janet and that she still had the key to the room if I wanted it. So I thought what the hell I would drive up and give my wife a nice massage. That afternoon I loaded up and made the drive.As I drove up I thought I would get to the hotel while they were out to dinner and when Janet opened the door I would be there with nothing on but a smile. Well I got to the room and waited, and waited, and waited. No Janet. Finally around 10 pm I heard a couple of voices and it was clear that they had a few drinks in them. I then started panicking thinking what if she brought in some friends and I was there buck naked on the bed. I quickly jumped in the closet as the door was opening. In came Janet with one of her young coworkers. At first I didn’t think much about it as I opened the closet just a crack to see what was going on but was I in for a shock.The young guy was in his mid twenties and when I peeked out he was roughly kissing Janet. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! In my wildest dreams I never thought my wife would cheat. Hell she is a missionary style kind of girl who wants the lights out during sex. Well let me sancaktepe escort tell you, this young man was in for a shock because my wife has the most amazing tits you’ll ever see. Not only are they huge, she also has long hard nipples. Her pussy is incredible and very tight. Well it looked like he had done this before because he had her undressed in about two minutes. He then grabbed her by the hair and placed her on her knees. Janet usually doesn’t give head unless it’s my birthday but as he pulled out his cock she went to town on it. And what a cock this guy had. It had to have been ten inches long and quite frankly made my five incher look like a toothpick. It was also about as thick as a coke can. I’m not bisexual, but I found myself not able to look away as she fit as much of it as she could in her mouth. He would pull it out every couple of minutes and rub it all over her face. As she bent over to lick his balls I saw her very swollen and wet pussy from behind and her juice was dripping down her legs.He let her suck his cock for about five minutes and he asked her what she wanted. She then started to beg him to fuck her with that big dick. He asked her why and what she said next shocked me. She told him that she was tired of getting small cock and needed his huge üsküdar escort one. Man that hurt. My dick was hard and I looked down on it and she was right. Next to his huge cock mine was dismal. He had her beg some more and even had her lick his asshole. This dude was over the top but it was clear he had what she wanted.He then grabbed her again by the hair and led her to the couch where he started fucking her doggy syle. How he got that huge cock in her tight pussy is a mystery but he did and he was pounding away at her. The minute he was all the way in she came with a loud moan. He fucked her in several more positions and then led her to the window. He told her his friends were watching and he opened the curtains some more and made her blow him in front of the window. He rubbed his cock all over her face and then as she sucked him for about two more minutes he pulled out and came all over her face and tits giving his buddies a “thumbs up”. He had her stand by the window and rub the come all over her tits for them. Well he closed the curtains and got into bed with her. I was so horny I had already jacked off twice during their fuck session but my cock was still hard. This k** was incredible. He fucked her two more times that night before they finally fell asleep. When they were snoring away I crept out of the room with my small dick. Two days later when Janet got home I grabbed her and fucked her. Even though my dick was small it felt great for me anyway. I asked her about the bruises on her ass and she told me that she ran into something big in the night.True story…

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