Chatroom Lover Ch. 03


We started with a walk along the eighteen mile Lakefront Trail, one of the most spectacular urban parks in the country, gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, urban beaches, marinas, and beautiful parks, passing by some of the city’s famous and beautiful cultural institutions.

We walked the trail holding hands down Chicago Street to Navy Pier on to McCormick Place Convention Center. A beautiful trail that parallels the heart of downtown and the Magnificent Mile, and includes sights such as Navy Pier, Grant Park, the Museum Campus, and Soldier Field. The trail was crowded on a Saturday, The trail is particularly spectacular around the Museum Campus, where we popped off the main trail and did a spectacular loop around the tip to the Adler Planetarium.

We walked and talked holding hands taking in the sights and sounds of the lakeshore. Sitting on a bench to rest for awhile kissing a great start to the day with Traci. We had lunch at The Fremont a swanky, bi-level spot combining a modern American restaurant & craft-cocktail bar. Located in the heart of the River North neighborhood it has two levels, a retractable roof, three large bars.

We drank Expresso Martinis Cevizli Escort and filled our stomachs with delicious food. A perfect day together so far but we were just getting started on a day of activities I had planned for her. After lunch we rode the train to the Lincoln park zoo we walked through the magnificent zoo looking at the wide variety of animals from different habitats bear, bats, birds, giraffes, seals, monkeys. Smiling and laughing with my gorgeous lover.

After the Zoo we headed back to the loop to visit the Art Institute of Chicago then we are going to the American Writers Museum. The Art Institute of Chicago collects, preserves and interprets works of art of the highest quality, representing the world’s diverse artistic traditions, for the inspiration and education of the public. A great place to wander around as the art washes over us lost in our thoughts.

The Art Institute is the second largest art museum in the country, with a collection of approximately 300,000 works of art and a physical space of nearly one million square feet. With an annual visitation of about 1.5 million, the Art Institute is one of the most popular attractions for Escort Cevizli Chicago residents and visitors alike.

On too the American Writers Museum the first museum in the nation devoted to American writers and their works. We walked through the innovative and dynamic state-of-the-art exhibitions enriching us, provoking and inspiring us.

I had tickets for us to see a performance in the Theatre District of Cabaret ZaZou later that night. So after a long day we took a nap cuddling together in my king size bed our naked bodies pressing together. kissing softly, sweetly as our lust for each other built. Traci caressed my leg with her cute little toes as I drifted off to sleep.

We arrived at the extraordinary Belgian Spiegeltent on the 14th floor of The Cambria Hotel, taken our seats at a corner table for Cabaret ZaZou. The service and the show was five stars the talent of the performers was remarkable, the vibes was intimate and the service was attentive. We were transported into a sophisticated fantasy land concocted to form a brew that is a mix of Wes Anderson, Cirque du Soleil and The Cotton Club.

Back at my apartment we laid on my tenth floor balcony Cevizli Escort Bayan in zero gravity lawn chairs sipping white wine and talking about our day together. We are so comfortable together those long chats online removing all the uncomfortableness. We had openly discussed so many things from our favorite foods to our darkest fantasizes, a deep connection had formed between us.

Standing we walked to the bedroom watching as she striped naked an image I wanted to remember. Climbing into bed two naked bodies forming one pressing together in a loving passion. Rubbing, grinding, breast to breast, legs intertwined, wet cunts gyrating together.

Kissing with passion and lust, humping, the art two naked bodies making love. Tender yet with a wild sexual desire exploring to new heights. Frantically tripping rubbing our wet vulvas and clitoris together. A mystical humping as electric dominos fell under my skin. A buildup of tension that arching my back and curling my little toes, a clenching feeling, sensory delight. Then just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, suddenly all that tension was released and pulsed throughout my shaking body.

Traci’s body shaking with me our screams mixing in perfect harmony. Bodies intertwined in pleasure the headboard hitting the wall. Intense sweet release holding on to her tight till the shaking finally stopped, We laid together in post orgasmic bliss kissing her soft lips stroking her beautiful face.

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