Chat Dreams Into Reality


This story started out as my dream. It is my first attempt at posting. It came about after months of hot chats, shared fantasies and need. It covers many subjects, but I felt it would best fit under erotic couplings because that is what it is, two people sharing their fantasies. I’m not sure if we will ever get to spend any time together or not. Other than through chat…but I’m sure my dreams will continue.

I was going to California and had made arrangements to layover in Denver, not knowing if we would be able to get together, but I was hoping that we could finally meet. After months of chatting on the internet, it was time. I let you know my arrangements and you said you’d be able to see me, if only for a short time. I told you the name of the hotel I was staying at and you said you would meet me in the bar. You gave me a timeframe and said you would do the best you could. I knew I might have to wait for you, but I was to be sitting at the bar. You said you wanted me to wear a white shirt and a bra with cut out nipples. God, when you told me that it sent shivers up my spine and made my nipples instantly hard, knowing what might happen after that.

I arrived and checked into my room. The whole time I was getting ready I wanted to play with myself, but I didn’t, I wanted to wait and see what happened when you got here. I dressed as you asked, even going so far as to wear a damn skirt. If I was going to do this, I might as well go all the way I thought. So I had on a black skirt, no panties, and a white shirt with a black cut out bra underneath it. I decided to just let my hair hang down my back loose. I was very self conscious of my huge nipples protruding and how visible they were, but I knew this is what you wanted. I knew you wanted everyone to see them, to stare at them. This idea made me hornier and made my nipples even harder.

I got in the elevator and made my way to the bar. Thank God no one else got in the elevator with me. I was safe. I walked into the bar and found a place at the closest end. There were 3 men at the bar and I didn’t want to be sitting exposed to them, so I picked a seat away from them, hoping they won’t notice the front of my shirt. I sat down, nervous, wondering where you were. The bartender asked me what I would like to drink. I ordered 3 cherry vodka shooters and drank them one right after the other before settling down with a bottle of beer. He asked me if I was here on business. I said no, just waiting to meet someone. I tried to slouch a bit, but I could tell he was looking straight at the front of my shirt. When he noticed that I had drained my bottle, he brought me another one saying the man at the end of the bar had bought it for me. I hadn’t really paid attention to that person. I immediately looked up to see if it was you. It wasn’t. I kept looking around, drinking. A man came and sat down in the one of the seats beside me. I kept thinking, “Why the fuck couldn’t he take one of those empty chairs at the end of the bar.” He tried to make small talk but I wasn’t receptive.

I looked at my watch. I had been here about 30 minutes and had already drank 3 vodka shooters and 2 bottles of beer. I was starting on my third when I sensed you before I saw you. I felt you behind me. Then I felt your arms come around me and your fingers latch on to my nipples. Squeezing and pulling thru my shirt, harder and harder. The man next to me was intently watching. Damn, the whole bar was watching. Just as I was starting to let out a low moan, you let go. I felt your hot breath of my neck as you lifted my hair out of the way and before I knew what was happening I felt you snap something around my neck. Without even seeing it, I knew exactly what it was, the collar that said ‘SLUT’. You sat down in the chair next to me, leaned down and ran your tongue up and down my cleavage, before attacking one nipple again with your fingers, never letting go.

The man next to me could see the effect this was having on me and he was watching intently. The bartender tore himself away from this scene long enough bring you the drink you asked for. I felt the pressure on my nipples increase as you asked me about my flight. You made other small otele gelen escort talk and then asked me kind of loudly if I had been giving these good men something to look at. I blushed bright red and said “No…I had been waiting for you.” The guy next to me asked you how that nipple felt. You looked at him and said “There is another one, help yourself.” My face must have shown my shock, but I knew this is what you had planned all along. His face was a huge grin as he grabbed hold of my other nipple. There I sat, each nipple in the grips of someone else. Somehow your pinching was in sync. You would squeeze, and then he would. You knew the effect this was having on me. I kept asking you if we could leave now.

You said, “Not yet my pet.”

God, I could smell myself. I could feel the wetness between my legs. I didn’t know if you could smell me or not, but I didn’t care. You and the guy next to me kept chatting, acting like I wasn’t there. I leaned over the best I could with those 2 hands on my nipples, putting my hand high up on your thigh, I asked you again if we could leave. You just laughed and said “Not yet, I am not ready to go.” I could see the gleam in your eye. I could almost see your brain working.

“How wet are you?” you asked. You weren’t exactly quiet about this.

I quietly said, “Very wet.”

“Hmmm…maybe we should check”, you said. Then you told the guy next to me to put his hand up my skirt and find out how wet I was. He said, “Hell yeah!.” You laughed as I looked at you, feeling his hand moving up under my skirt. “Be a good slut and spread your legs for the man,” you said. I couldn’t help myself. I had to. You knew I would.

I felt his fingers, fingers of a stranger, enter my wet cunt.

He said “Oh man…”

“Yes?” you said, as he started moving his fingers in and out. You could hear how wet I was. I swear the whole damn place could hear. You heard me trying not to moan. You could see the way my body was reacting to this.

“Sorry buddy, your fun’s over. Time for mine to start.” We left the bar.

You both let go of my nipples at the same time. God did it hurt, but oh so good. We got in the elevator and you pulled me back against you, your hands went under my shirt and onto my bare nipples, making me moan instantly, making me grind back against you, feeling your hard cock. My hand instantly went back to your cock. You leaned in and bit my neck hard, laughing.

The elevator stopped. I started to move away from you incase someone got on. You grabbed onto my nipples harder and wouldn’t let me move. An older man and woman got in. They were very embarrassed when they figured out what was going on.

We finally got to my floor and got off. I felt one hand leave as you got beside me. Your other arm was under my shirt, around my back, holding on to my nipple. I was hornier than hell and I wanted to be fucked. I let us in the room, walked over to the corner of the bed, lifted my skirt, bent over and said “Fuck me right now!.”


“Yes…God damn it, right fucking now!”, as I spread my legs wider and slipped my finger in my ass.

I looked over my shoulder and saw you unzip, getting your cock out and start to stroke.

“NO!”, I screamed at you. “Get that hard fucking cock in my cunt now and fuck the hell out of me!”

You just kept watching.

“Please, Jake…nowwwww!”

You finally walked over and teased me with your cock head, running it up and down from my cunt to my asshole, making me moan.

Begging, “Shove it in…God…get that cock in me now. I have waited so long for this. Just fucking do it!”

You shove your cock into me with no trouble. I was dripping wet.

“Oh My GOD!”

You slapped my ass, grabbed my hips and started fucking me…pounding me…I felt your hands reach up and unhook my bra. Going under my shirt to push my bra up. Pushing my shirt up to my head. I finally felt your hands grab ‘your’ tits and use them to hold as you were pounding me.

“Oh my God! I’m going to cum! Fuck me!”

You feel my muscles clench around your cock as I scream out, “Fuck me harder!.” Which you pendik escort do. I feel your hands tighten on my tits. I feel your balls slapping my clit, I feel your shirt against my back. I hear you make noises I can’t understand. I feel your hot cum gush into me, making me fuck back against you wilder. Wow. We both just stayed in the position for a few minutes before I crawl up the bed and turn over onto my back. My shirt all the way off. I wiggle my skirt off and just look at you, laughing.

“How was that?” Before you have time to answer me, I spread my legs, holding my cunt lips open with my hands.

“See anything here you want?”

You can see the cum dripping out of me, glistening on my inner thighs.

“Oh yes.”

You start to crawl up the bed.

“No”, I tell you, “not until those clothes of yours are off. I want your bare skin, so strip.”

You continue slowly towards me, not taking off your clothes yet. I close my legs, but your grab them, yanking them open. You just look up at me, a smirk on your face, “I am the one in charge.”

“I want your bare skin.”

“When I am ready.”

Damn you, but i know you. It will happen when you are good and ready for it to happen. I know your self restraint. Your face is now just inches from my cunt. I can feel your breath as you watch me play in our mixed juices. I lift my fingers to my mouth, slowly sucking them clean, telling you how good it tastes. I dip them back in my cunt, pulling out more cum to wipe on my nipples. Holding my tit to my mouth and playing with the nipple with my tongue. This must have been more than you could take. Finally! I feel your tongue just barely flick out and lick my lips.


I feel your tongue probing. Your hot breath. Your lips sucking in each lip. Your tongue flicks my clit. I am moaning. It feels like a huge electric current shooting thru me. My hands working my nipples, wiggling in pure pleasure. Your teeth are on my clit now, pulling, 2 fingers shoved up my cunt. Your tongue moving back and forth. Another finger slides in. Your teeth pulling hard. Your mouth sucking in harder. My hands move to your head, shoving your face down, holding it there.

“Oh God”, moaning loudly. Fucking against your face.

You can’t keep me still if you tried. I reach down farther, grabbing your shirt collar, pulling you in farther. I am fucking your face faster.

“Oh yes…make me cum…more”

I can hear the noises of you eating my cunt. I can smell my sex.

Bucking wildly, I moan very loudly. I wrap my legs around your head as I cum against your face. Your face getting covered in my juices. You suck harder on my clit, making me orgasm again, causing me to come up off the bed. Still holding you by the collar, riding the feelings out. I finally let go of you and lay back, breathing very heavy, going slack.

“Mmmm, that was so good” I finally look down at you. You have a big grin on your face, as you finally stand up and strip. Letting me finally see that cock.


You are standing by the side of the bed. I reach out my hand and finally get to feel your cock, finally getting my hand around it. It feels so good. I grab harder and pull you onto the bed, pushing you down, licking my lips, crawling between your legs, never letting go of your cock. I get my face right above it. Wondering how great this will taste. Holding your cock tight, I reach out my tongue and run it over your head. Tasting me as well as you. Slowly running my tongue up and down your cock. Wanting to clean me off of you, so I can taste just you. I move my hands down to your balls. Slowly licking you clean as I run my tongue over each and every vein. My tongue swirling under the rim, making it nice and wet, but never putting it in my mouth. My tongue moves down your cock and around your balls, working towards my destination. I scoot down farther, lifting your balls with one hand, out of my way, as I flick my tongue over the spot under them, before burying my head there. I inhale your scent. “God…I love that smell”, I think to myself as I move my mouth over that spot, sucking it in. My hands rus escort move to your ass and pulling you in closer to me, letting my fingers grip the crack of your ass cheeks. Digging them in, sucking in on that spot I love. Hearing you start to moan. At least I know you like what I’m doing. I move my mouth back to your balls. Sucking on them, rolling them around in my mouth. Bringing my hands back around, I lift my head from your balls and start sucking on two of my fingers. Looking at you, a big grin on your face. You know where they are going, you hope. I just laugh at your grin.

“You think you know what I am doing?”

“Oh yeah”, you say, as I lower my mouth over your cock.

“Mmmmmm…It’s as good as I have imagined. Really good”

Lowering my head around it again, wiggling my fingers into your ass crack. Working them in I feel you relax. Feel your start fucking my face. Your hands are on my head. You feel your cock enter my throat and I hear you moan loudly, pushing my head farther. I reach out my tongue and try to lick your balls. Making several attempts at it. I put one more finger in your ass. I am getting all kinds of noises from you. My fingers moving side to side, over your prostrate, then in and out, rotating between directions. Trying to work my teeth up and down the sides of your cock, but your hands not letting me move very far.

I’m thinking to myself, “That’s ok. Let him just ride this out. There’s plenty of time for whatever you have planned..”

I suck harder. Moving my tongue back and forth as far as your hands will let me. Fucking your ass with my fingers. Your hands tightening around my head.

“Mmmm…God I love this, I tell you. I want that hot cum down my throat… on my tongue… in my mouth.”

“Fuck my ass…harder.”

Mmm, I do. I’m hoping to myself that you are enjoying this as much as I am. I bite down on the base of your cock just a little, to remind you I have teeth. I feel your ass start to clench. I feel you pull my head up by my hair, feeling your cock leave my mouth. I hear you say “Fuck Yeah!” as your first spurt of cum hits my tongue, then my lips, and finally I feel it spurt all over my face as you pull your cock out of my mouth.

I pull my fingers out of your ass. I lick my lips, using my fingers to scoop the cum off my face and into my mouth. I lean up to give you a kiss, licking your lips, shoving my tongue in as far down your throat as I can. Giving you back your cum. I’m the one smiling now. I lean down and lick and suck on your nipples just for a bit, before sitting back up.

“I’m so glad you could finally get together. Now, shall we take a nice long shower, get cleaned up and start over? I’ve brought along a toy just for you, but it will have to wait. What do you say?”

“You coming?” I ask you, as I head to the bathroom. “I have to pee.”

I go to pee and know what you want me to do, you have talked about this many times. I sit backwards on the toilet, waiting for you to come in and see me like this. As you walk in you say, “Slut, get those tits on the back of stool.” I feel you lean over me and squish my tits down with the palms of your hands. God damn, all your weight is on my tits, pressed against the cold porcelain. I feel your hard cock rubbing up against my back. You squat down so that your cock moves in under my cunt. You can feel my warm piss all over your cock as you squish the life out of my tits. I feel you moving; feel your cock brush my hanging lips. I’m still trying to pee. I feel your teeth on my shoulder. I never really fully understood how turned on this would make you, but the sounds coming from you turn me on. I finish peeing. You let up on my tits and they hurt. The blood rushing back into them.

“Turn around and clean up my cock.”

Oh god…I hesitate. You urge me on, telling me, “You know you want this as much as I do.” Inching your cock towards my face, I know you want this to be my decision, but I also know I can’t deny you anything, you know this too. You keep talking to me until you feel my mouth open around your cock, feel my tongue on your head. I suck you clean, moving my mouth down to your balls, getting it all. I look up at you and you say “My turn. Get your ass on the sink.” You bury your head in my cunt. Slowly licking all the remnants of my piss from me. My God, the feeling of your tongue.. knowing what you’re doing, makes me even hornier than I was. You stop…

“Now about that shower,” you say…

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