Chasing Tail – René’s Prudish Video

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NOTE: Story is a little slow to start. If you’re not interested in a little back story and are just looking for where the sexy stuff really kicks in I suggest you search for the “***”.

Chasing Tail – René’s Prudish Video

René Summers lie on her back in the middle of her bed; she’d been home from work for about three hours and was becoming restless. The sheets were white cotton with a blue lace trim, coordinated with the colours of her bedroom. ‘This is going to ruin the sheets…’ she thought glaring uneasily at the camera in the corner. Its black lens appeared gaping and hungry in an almost perverted way. Maybe it was just that everything seemed perverted in her position? Still, she couldn’t believe she’d made it this far. Two weeks of her life were spent preparing for this moment.

It was no secret that René’s biggest flaw had always been vanity. She took pride in her scarlet hair which was beautifully styled into long, loose ringlets every day. She never ate sweets or junk food so as to maintain her figure and flawless, porcelain skin. In addition to this, she liked things neat and clean. Some would call it a compulsion; everything had to be just so, otherwise René would be seriously cross. These obsessive compulsive ways made for an intriguing personality. The girl was prim and proper but had difficulty getting others to accept her ways.

Yet, in spite of her pride (maybe her vanity got the best of her?) René had agreed to film amateur porn with her boyfriend. God forbid anyone call it that though. Oh no! René had been referring to it as ‘Intimate Video.’ since the subject had been brought up. As if she’d allow herself to stoop to the level of those contemptible porn stars. As a result of the pending agreement, René had spent the past two weeks in day spas receiving facials and waxes so every part of her body be smooth and unblemished for the camera.

‘Where the devil is Kane? It’s bad enough that I was hoodwinked into doing this, how could he have the audacity to keep me waiting?’ she smouldered. Her annoyance was merely a substitute for her fear. Clandestinely, René had been pondering the situation. Herself and Kane had never had any trouble in the bedroom, none that she was aware of anyway. They’d started going out when she was eighteen and had been together a year and a half. Admittedly, René didn’t always hit ‘The Big O.’ when they made love but she’d never heard any complaints of a similar sort from Kane. Had their sex life become stale? Was that why he’d insisted they do this? To dupe her into being a whore? The notion disgusted her.

What on earth was wrong with slow, intimate sex? It was simple, mostly enjoyable and she always felt good about herself after. Oh, except the time he’d asked her to be a little more ‘vocal’…that had dented her confidence slightly. A sudden rustling, followed by footsteps, occurred. ‘Brilliant, he’s on his way. Should I change? I bought this lingerie for the occasion but now I feel like a hooker.’ she panicked glancing down at her white, lace corset and panties. They were lovely to the touch but she didn’t want to get them dirty and Kane didn’t wash his hands nearly as often as he should according to René.

“Knock, knock!” came Kane’s voice, she noted how he didn’t actually knock but, more over, barge almanbahis in. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” he smirked. All day? ALL DAY! It’d taken René weeks to prepare for this! All rage aside, Kane was looking rather dashing. He’d just gotten in from work and had naught but his boxers and a half undone, white shirt on. His hair was chestnut brown and wavy, his skin was olive coloured and his eyes were the most delectable shade of emerald green. René felt herself getting hot. “Darling, I’m not too sure about this, I love you and wouldn’t want my ability to, ahem, perform… to be compromised because of a camera.” she told. “Worry not, my dear, you’ll soon get into it.” he smirked again, this time bearing his perfect teeth. Had he always been this good looking? Without hesitation, Kane approached the camera and, with an ominous beep, the red light came on.

*** The pressure the camera put on them both was immense. She thought he didn’t mind — but René could see her lover glancing from her to the lens repeatedly. She wondered if her skin looked natural in the low lighting. Kane smiled weakly and kissed René on the lips, snapping her out of her musings. This was pretty commonplace for the start of ‘nookie’ (as René would call it). First a quick kiss, then clothes would come off, three minutes of Kane ‘preparing himself’ — so to speak, then another five of actual sex. Though the kiss was routine, René still enjoyed it. Her red lips closed under his, slightly parted ones. She heard Kane take a deep breath and abruptly nibble on her lower lip. This was unusual. He gently pulled her lips apart and using his tongue he traced the shape of her open mouth. Was this a signal for some heavy petting? ‘Damn these sexual politics!’ René cursed. She felt his hands grasp around her upper arms and hold her in place — a little too tightly for her liking. Without hesitation, Kane drove his tongue right into her mouth. She gasped and pulled back. The two were silent. What was this?! It was so frustrating, why was he being so forceful? Then it hit her: The camera! Maybe she’d go along with it? She couldn’t be seen to be frigid in her first (and only) ‘Intimate Video’.

To Kane’s delight she approached him and allowed him to kiss her once more. His hands returned to her upper arms and nudged her onto her back. His tongue was begging its playmate, who wouldn’t take the hint, to come to life. Luckily, René finally caught on and their tongues became entwined. His domineering form towered above her, his breathing became a bit deeper with the desperation of their kiss. He moved his hands from her shoulders to her waist — and back; obviously a little unsure of what to do in the heat of passion. Kane allowed his body to become lax and press against hers. This alone would have made René blush. However, the addition of his erect penis digging into her inner thigh made her cheeks turn crimson.

This was all so rough and exasperating. She felt his fingers searching down her back for a way to remove the corset. ‘He’s so dense, it does up at the front…I’m going to have to help him, aren’t I?’ she laughed to herself as she nudged him off of her. He looked so disappointed, like a puppy that’d had his favourite toy taken off him. René smiled warmly as she began to unhook whilst watching Kane’s face light up. She could’ve almanbahis yeni giriş sworn she heard him mutter “Sweet!” or something to that effect. Once unhooked, her corset sprung out of place to reveal a pair of beautifully pale E-cups. Her rosy pink nipples both stood at attention in front of her partner who took a gulp and moved towards them. His mouth stopped atop one of them before his lips opened and his tongue extended. It swirled around the nipple coating it in moisture.

René let out a little gasp which shocked even her. She realized this was her big moment; her inhibitions were fast deserting her. She turned towards the camera then slowly coaxed Kane’s mouth deeper into her bosom — begging for more. He was responsive. The licking turned to sucking which varied in speed and intensity. With every movement René stifled gasps. She remembered about needing to be vocal so when Kane gently tugged at her nipples with his teeth she let out a long, deep moan of pleasure.

It stopped though…why had it stopped? Kane leaned back and spoke “I’m almost aching here…help me relive myself?” he begged. René was ready for this, she made for her panties but his hands batted hers away. “Not yet…I need something else done my darling.” he said. Their gazes locked, with that, René’s mind returned to full gear: ‘He can’t be serious…I’ve heard of women using their hands but…if he wanted that done, couldn’t he just do it himself? Oh dear, what if he wants me to use my mouth? I don’t know if I could do that.’

It was make or break time. She approached his boxers and saw the bulge they concealed. René had never had her face so close to it before. Trembling, she peeled his boxers off and gasped at what they revealed. This must’ve been a confidence booster to Kane who chuckled a little. That was NOT going to go into her mouth. It was simply too big, thick, pink and wet to entertain the idea at all. “I…uhh…” René began. Thankfully, Kane knew she wasn’t used to this and said “use your tongue.” to which she, skittishly, obliged. She heard him groan slightly when she licked him. She moved her tongue up and down the shaft of his swollen cock. “Good…take it…mmm…put it in your mouth.” he told her. René’s mouth assumed a stretched O shape as she made her attempt. Try as she might, there would be no reaching the base. Still, Kane seemed to be enjoying himself “MMM..yeah…mmm.” he was calling. Right, what next? She had to use some of her own initiative.

When she was eighteen she and her friend Janice watched a porno…it started off with kissing and stuff but when the busty blonde offered to give her partner a blow job they both prudishly freaked out and turned it off. She really wished they hadn’t. Just before the girl went down she remembered the bloke telling her to ‘Make it wet.’ should René do the same? She gathered saliva in her mouth and used her tongue to spread it over his member. He moaned louder this time. Good. She wasn’t really sure where to go from there so Kane gently took her head in his hands and taught her the rhythm. Alright, this wasn’t so bad. The taste was funny and she felt like a blow up doll but she enjoyed his cries of pleasure all the same.

“Faster!” he begged. Though her jaw was aching René picked up the pace. He seemed to moan more when almanbahis giriş her tongue touched the head of his penis (which was remarkably smooth) so she made sure to do that. She figured it must be a case of trial and error so why not go for it? Thinking back she tried to remember which parts of the body were supposed to be erogenous. ‘Knees? No…I heard something about if you kiss the back of them…better play it as safe as I can though. Umm, nipples? Defiantly. Penis is a no brainer…his balls? I could give his balls a go…and what about his anus? I’ve heard about anal sex but maybe it’s only enjoyable for women?’ she considered before advancing to his balls. They felt weirdest on her tongue but every sensation was new and exciting. She liked how the skin around them was loose and pliable. Kane appeared to like it too; it was as if he’d been electrocuted. Kane groaned and squirmed, entirely her plaything.

She moved onto his nipples touching them slowly, she took her index fingers and drew little circles around them. Kane moved his hands to his penis and collected some of his precum on his fingers then he, too, caressed her breasts. This was amazing. Never before had René had this amount of power. She felt herself become absolutely soaked. How good would sex be with this much lubrication? She wondered if it was time to try his anus. She moved down again. Kane had long since quit giving directions. He was amazed by how much his prudish girlfriend had gotten into this. “Baby this is so…I mean…uhhh…mmm.” he moaned again. René smiled; her qualms about being thought of as a ‘slut’ had vanished. She’d found a new and exciting way to feed her ego — the praise she got about her performance allowed her pride to swell. It was another hit and miss moment. She moved her tongue around his waist and over the soft cheeks of his buttocks. ‘This is so dirty.’ she thought amusedly.

René took a breath before timidly making the search for his anus. It wasn’t difficult to find. She moved her tongue around the outside thankful it didn’t taste bad…or maybe she was so caught up in it all, that she didn’t notice or care? Then she gently pushed her tongue inside. “René oh god!” she heard Kane cry. His fists clenched the bed sheets and his toes curled. “I gotta…I…” he panted unable to find his words. “Yes my dear?” René asked with her eyebrows raised playfully. “I need to be…inside you! God!”.

Within seconds René’s legs were spread apart and she awaited his entry. “Baby…Let me hold you up?” Kane requested. And there they were, René’s legs wrapped around Kane’s waist whilst he drove his throbbing cock deep inside her. “Honey! Ooh!” René called. This was truly incredible. The monotonous sex had somehow turned into filthy passion. Kane rocked back and forth, sliding over all the right places. His penis was clenched so hard by her tight, yet soaked, pussy.

They rocked back and forth together moaning in unison – René was desperate to make her video debut memorable. She moved her hands to caress his butt before driving her index finger into his asshole, teasing it. This seemed to send Kane over the edge. He threw her down to the bed and fucked her hard and fast. “I’m c- Oh god! C- Cumming! Ahh! Oh! FUUUUUCK!” Kane shouted. René could’ve sworn she felt his load blow inside her. Kane wiggled his hips and removed his penis, which was drenched in the juices, from her sopping wet pussy. They lay still for almost an eternity, breathing heavily. After a long, ecstasy induced silence René spoke: “I fucking love that camera…”

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