Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! Ch. 05


Welcome back to the exciting Adventures of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! In this episode we meet the owner of Vortex Pharmaceuticals, Chase and Box see about Maureen, and more! So climb aboard, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


The Eurocopter EC 130 was well insulated. Inside the cabin the passengers heard the soft, deep rumble of the engine and felt its subdued vibration as they flew in a Northwest direction, the Canadian wilderness far below them.

“Shame about Maureen getting killed. She was a sweet little piece of ass,” the mercenary sitting next to Ruane said to his partner in front of him.


“You got a problem?” he asked, turning to Ruane.

She held up her bound wrists and replied, “Of course I’ve got a problem, you fucking moron. And I’ll say it again. Just what the fuck do you cocksuckers think you’re doing kidnapping three people? Are you out of your fucking minds? Do you assholes really think you’re gonna get away with this? Goddamit! I’m gonna kick all ya’ll’s asses for pulling this shit. Fuck, this pisses me off!”

“Still spunky,” observed the merc in front of her.

“Ease up there, sweet cheeks. We’ve already gotten away with it. Just a matter of the details now,” the amused merc beside her said.

“They want me to decipher symbols on an orb they stole,” Parker shared.

“They kidnapped me for ransom,” Anna presumed.

“I still don’t know what the fuck they grabbed me for, but I guarantee you they’re going to pay big time.”

The two mercenaries chuckled at Ruane’s boldness and at the language coming from the beautiful redhead.

“I hope those two clowns do come after us. We owe them some payback for shooting Dirk.”

“Oh, fuck you. That shithead’s going to be fine. He just got shot with a tranquilizer. He’ll be up in an hour or so.”

“Bullshit. He went down too fast for a dart.”

“Check him. You see anything that looks like an entry wound from a bullet, you clueless motherfuckers? You’ve already lost; you just don’t know it yet. Assholes,” she said more softly. She looked out the window and wondered where they were headed.


Chase and Box picked up Maureen’s body and carried her to the closest Range Rover.

“What do you think, Box, special ops?”

“They had the right look. Smaller wiry dudes. We were the exception at Delta, eh? Most of the big guys couldn’t pass the endurance tests.” Box smiled while recalling the endless running, swimming, pushups, and sit-ups, among other things.

“The pen Ruane tossed out of the chopper said Vortex Pharmaceuticals. Makes sense, I guess, what with that healing orb. Maureen should be up in an hour or so. She’ll have some information for us.”

Chase and Box carried Maureen to the Range Rover and gently lay her across the back seat. They got their gear from the four wheelers and secured it in the SUV’s cargo hold. They policed the area and picked up all of the shell casings and cigarette butts they could find.

Box climbed behind the wheel as Chase settled in the passenger seat. He started the engine, shifted into gear and turned the Range Rover toward Snapper Lake Lodge.

“I’ll check Ruane’s computer when we get back to the lodge. Maybe something she dug up will help. And I’ll look into Vortex Pharmaceuticals. Or maybe you want to stop by the dig site and visit Marie.”

“Har de har har there, mate. But you know, if it weren’t for this mess we got on our hands, I just might.”

“Yeah. We have to move fast. When we get back, why don’t you call Anna’s parents and give them a heads up. Maybe they can give us some something useful.”


A few minutes passed, then, “They’ve got Ru, Box.”

“Yeah, we’ll get her back safe. Both her and Anna.”

“They’re gonna pay. Big time.”



Seated on a buttery soft leather couch in the penthouse suite in a gleaming high rise hotel, the owner of Vortex Pharmaceuticals picked up the jangling cell phone from the end table and flicked it open. He looked out the window at the breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf. He was a tall, lean and uncommonly handsome man. His thick black Kastamonu Escort hair was combed straight back.

“Hello.” He listened to the man on the other end.

“Excellent. Then I’ll meet you there.”

He closed the phone and set it back down on the table. He reached down and caressed the blonde hair of the woman on her knees between his legs.

“I have to leave for a couple of days, sweetheart. Business.”

“But you said you’d spend the week with me. You promised,” she purred, slinked up his body and straddled him.

Tarse Kozar’s newest mistress looked into his piercing brown eyes, reached between her legs to guide his cock into her. Her eyes closed and she softly moaned as the tip of his thick cock stretched her and then pushed deeper and deeper until their thighs met.

She began rocking back and forth on his lap while Tarse watched her with dispassionate eyes. Her slender hips and pelvis grinding in rhythmic motions as she rode out her pleasure on his cock.

“Do you like this, baby? Do you like your cock in my tight little pussy? I’m going to make you come in me. Maybe in my mouth. Would you like that?”

“Shut up and fuck.”

“Ooh, you’re such a bad boy,” she teased in a sexy, playful tone.

Lexi moved faster and began alternating her movements. She held onto his shoulders and ground back and forth, in little circles, then rocked up and down on him. She moved faster on him, building to a moment. She rose and fell with ease, barely any friction she was so wet.

She leaned in and kissed him, tasting the champagne they’d shared earlier. The woman rubbed her face along his, took his earlobe between her teeth and nibbled on it. She felt so sexy, so desirable… So fortunate.

“You feel so good inside of me, Tarse. So good,” a breathless whisper into his ear.

Lexi pressed her breasts against his chest and rocked. After awhile she leaned back and put her hands on his knees while she rocked and ground herself against him.

Tarse reached out and caressed her swaying breasts. Lexi sighed and let her head fall back, enjoying her ride. She reached down and rubbed herself. Her breathing grew heavier and her body moved faster, accompanied by small whimpers of pleasure.

Tarse watched her. He toyed with her swollen nipples and when she groaned with her orgasm he pinched and twisted them hard until she finished riding and grinding against him.

“Ahh, oww! Baby, that hurt,” she said gently cupping her breasts.

“Finish me off,” Tarse said and pushed her.

She tumbled backward and thudded on the floor in an awkward heap. Lexi flashed an angry look before moving to her knees and taking him into her mouth. Tarse leaned back and let her do all the work.

The bitch is good, Tarse thought. Lexi’s mouth was somehow both soft and hard. She took him in deep, using her hands on his shaft and balls. A finger occasionally fluttered between his crack.

When he was on the verge Tarse grabbed a fist full of Lexi’s hair and yanked her off. She squealed as he stood up and over her. Lexi made small grunts as her head was yanked around slightly. Her mouth opened upward to him as he stroked himself with his other hand. He moaned loudly and erupted; his seed hit her chin, cheek, nose, eyes and hair. Afterwards he rubbed his cock over her face, smearing his cum across her skin, then jammed it back into her mouth so she could clean him.

“I have business to attend to. I’m going to take a shower,” he told her before walking away.

“Why do you have to be so mean to me,” Lexi spat out and cried quiet tears as she heard Tarse turn on the shower.

At the door, Tarse held her tenderly and said, “I’m sorry I have to go, baby. But I can’t leave this to anyone else. I’ll try to get back to Dubai in a couple of days. You go shopping. Get whatever you want. Just make sure to get yourself something sexy to wear for me.” He winked at Lexi and playfully squeezed her ass.

His mistress was a little less pouty as Tarse walked out and closed the suite door behind him. She cheered even more as she looked out the window high over the Persian Gulf Kastamonu Escort Bayan and planned her upcoming shopping trip.


“I don’t know much of anything,” Maureen admitted. “All I was supposed to do was to get Parker here.”

Maureen, Chase and Box were in Maureen’s suite at Snapper Lodge. She reclined on the oversized, light pine bed, her back against the headboard. Chase sat in a club chair, and Box in the comfortable side chair. Its thin design didn’t seem capable of holding his weight, but the chair was bearing up admirably. The sparkling view of Snapper Lake and the mountains beyond did little to improve the somber atmosphere in the room.

“Maureen,” Chase said softly, “You are involved in a kidnapping scheme here. We need your help.”

The distraught woman cried softly. Her hands covered her face and her shoulders heaved slightly. She gathered herself, daubed a tissue under her eyes, first one, then the other.

“I didn’t know they were going to kidnap them. They told me they just wanted to talk to Parker. That he’d refused to even listen to them. They wanted him in a place where it would be more difficult not to hear them out.” She wiped her eyes again. “They wanted him to look at the orb. But I didn’t know that until I saw it.”

“What did you hear, Maureen. The more you can tell us the easier it will be for you. Any little detail, even if you think it’s insignificant.”

Maureen felt horrible. She was scared; her stomach was in a knot.

“I was pissed that they brought Anna with them. I thought that put us in more danger because it would bring you two out faster. Dirk said…”

“He the leader?”

“Yes. Dirk said it was their ticket to retirement. Apparently her old man is worth a lot of money. So I was mad about that. Then the last guy shows up with a woman I never saw before.”


“Right,” Maureen smiled briefly. “She’s a feisty one. She gave those guys all kinds of hell. I think they were amused. Anyway, I thought it was reckless for them to bring her out.” She sniffled.

“What else?” Box probed.

“Dirk and another guy, before Ruane arrived, left me watching Anna and Parker and rode off somewhere. I heard gunshots and later they came back with the orb.” She started crying again. “I was so scared they had hurt somebody.”

“They did, Maureen. They killed four people at the dig site and hurt several more,” Chase said softly.

“Nooo!” She wailed and put her face in her hands, shoulders heaving as she sobbed.

Chase and Box glanced at each other and let Maureen have some time. She finally stopped crying. She dry sobbed a couple of times, sniffled, and was quiet.

“I am so, so sorry. If I had known, I never would have gotten involved. They lied to me.”

“Did they say anything about where they were going?”


“Okay, you rest. We’ll talk some more later.”

Chase and Box left the room. Willie was standing guard outside her door and would let them know if she tried to leave. They had already disconnected the phone in the room and had her purse, which contained her identification, credit cards and cell phone.

The two men walked down the hallway. “You believe her?”

“Dunno, Chase. I know she’s no angel, but she seemed real sincere. Either that or she gets my vote for best actress.”

“Yeah, it felt real. I think she’s telling the truth. I don’t think she wanted to know too much. Did you give Anna’s father all the info? What did he say?”

“Yeah. Interesting conversation. We need see him immediately. He’s reluctant to bring in the FBI or Interpol or whoever. He’ll do background checks, gather info. I got the sense he’d like to keep it real quiet, but he needs to trust us first.”

“Where is he?”

“San Diego. And the answer to your next question is as soon as we get there.”


“Your call.”

“Let’s bring her. Hey, you’re going to love my new toy.”

“Can’t wait,” Box said before they split up to pack their gear.

Fifteen minutes later the Beaver pulled free of Snapper Lake. Chase, Box and Maureen were bound for San Escort Kastamonu Diego via Beaver base.


The Eurocopter EC 130 set down at a private landing strip about 100 miles Northwest of where the passengers last saw Chase and Box. They were transferred to a Learjet 25 which immediately took off. They landed at LAX and the jet taxied to a private hanger. Ruane, Anna and Parker were ferried in a black Suburban with tinted windows to an exclusive compound overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Maureen and Ruane were led to a comfortable, two bedroom suite. The mercenaries untied their hands and legs, left and locked the door from the exterior.

Parker was escorted to a far different room. He walked inside and looked around. It was a library and office. Full bookshelves lined the doorway wall. A fire crackled in a fireplace to the left. A large desk sat in front of an even larger window overlooking the ocean far below. The desk chair faced the window, away from the door, and Parker.

“Hello, Parker. It’s been some time since we talked. Thank you for coming.”

Parker bristled. “You! You’re the one responsible for this? I should have guessed. I want nothing to do with you. I already told you that.”

“Now, Parker, let’s be reasonable,” Tarse Kozar said, swiveling the chair around to face his unwilling associate. “I’m willing to pay you a lot of money to decipher the orb.”

“I don’t want your money.”

“Parker, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. You know we did everything we could for your sister. We did the responsible thing and pulled the medicine to prevent other such losses. I know that it’s little comfort, but we did compensate your family quite handsomely.”

“You pulled the medicine only because the lawsuits would have cost more than the profits. I don’t believe for a second that you and Vortex Pharmaceuticals have any compassion for people. Tell me, why is it that your company is based in Dubai? Why can’t people get your medicine in the United States?”

“As we speak Vortex is working with the FDA on getting our medicines approved.”

“I’ll tell you why. Because your company operates at the fringe of safety. Other countries aren’t as strict as the United States on approving medicine.”

“And that works to the detriment of thousands, if not millions, of U.S. citizens.”

“With conscionable companies, Kozar. But yours… My sister was the seventy second person to die. Any other company would have pulled the medicine by the second or third fatality. And any other company wouldn’t have tried to suppress the information.”

“It’s a very complicated matter and I know it’s difficult for you to understand. And again, you have my most sincere condolences. But here, Parker. Here we have a chance to do something truly revolutionary. For the benefit of mankind. You know that. If we can unlock the secret of that orb, we can cure everything.”

“You’re not interested in curing anything. You’re only interested in money.”

“Well, I agree that there is some financial incentive. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t good to be done.”

“I don’t want anything to do with you or your company.”

“Please, Parker. As I said, I’ll pay you well, more than you’d make in several years at your university post.”


“Parker. I’m sure that when you really think about this you’ll come to the right conclusion and decipher the orb. Look, I know you’re concerned about your wife, Sally, and especially your lovely daughter, Megan. She’s in the eighth grade, at Mendenhall, isn’t it?”

Tarse picked up a remote from his desk, pointing it at an array of monitors on the wall to Parker’s right. He pressed a button and two monitors lit up. One screen showed his daughter outside their home talking with a friend. The other displayed his wife at the grocery store.

Turning to Parker, Tarse said, “I’ll tell you what. My people will keep a very close eye on them and make sure they’re safe. That way you can free your mind about anything unpleasant happening to them while you’re away.”

“Are you threatening me, Kozar?”

“No, Parker. I assure you. I do not make threats,” Tarse said with a cold voice and dead eyes.


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