Charlene , Lucy


With the entire family gathered there to celebrate Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s wedding anniversary that summer morning, the Parker home was not merely packed with people, it was positively overflowing.

It was a scene of bedlam.

The kids tore through the old two-story house with wild abandon, showing that complete disregard for their own safety and that of the people they might crash into that only a small child would be capable of. Laughing and squealing and shrieking at each other so loudly that people at the other end of the house were wincing at the volume, they were making their way towards the backyard where a small pack of very playful puppies was waiting with their mother for them.

As the kids rushed along the narrow hallway that would take them to the kitchen and the back door, nineteen year old Charlene Costello and everyone else who had the misfortune to be in their way had to dive to one side to avoid being flattened by the torrent of preteen boys and girls. Having nearly been forced to climb up the walls to escape them, the young woman shot a hostile look and a few muttered curses after them even as they vanished from sight.

Pausing a moment to compose herself after that near death experience, Charlene proceeded on her way, wending through the maze of her relatives.

She followed the children almost as far as the kitchen, but left the confines of the hallway when she arrived at the dining room. Around the table sat several people, including Charlene’s mother, as they played a spirited game of dominoes. Even more people were standing around the table, watching the game and cheering on their favorites, so the teenager had to dodge around several more family members to get to where she was going.

Charlene positioned herself between two of the domino players, her mother and one of her aunts, and rested a hand lightly on each woman’s shoulder.

Glancing up at her daughter, Barbara gave her a warm smile. “Oh, there you are, honey! How about sticking around and giving me some good luck, Charlie?” she pleaded playfully, adding, “I could really use some . . .”

Her aunt Lucy also looked up with a smile as that hand came to rest on her shoulder, but her grin faltered fast as the girl never so much as looked at her. Trying not to look too disappointed, Lucy soon returned her attention to her dominoes.

The girl smiled back at her mother though and chatted amiably with her for a few moments, never once doing anything that would make it obvious that she was deliberately ignoring her father’s sister. She spent several long moments chit-chatting with her mother and innocently observing the game, but as the hand started to draw to a close, Charlene made her move at long last.

Charlene would not say a word to her aunt and even now would not even glance in her direction, but the hand she’d placed on the woman’s shoulder closed, giving it a firm squeeze.

It was enough.

Lucy did not need to be told what Charlene was telling her and could not help but let out a small gasp at the sudden pressure, her shaking hands accidentally knocking over some of her dominoes. Her heart had started racing just as soon as the teenager arrived, but now it was pounding hard and she started breathing so quickly that she risked hyper-ventilating. Her eyes darted around the room, going from face to face fearfully to see if anybody had detected this subtle communication and not being very reassured when she saw no trace that they had.

Surely Charlene could not be serious! With all of these people around, there was no way in the world that they would be able to find so much as a moment of privacy!

The grip on her shoulder did not let up for an instant though and Lucy was forced to accept that, yes, her niece had plans for her. Distracted as she was, Lucy did not only make the elementary mistakes that would cost her the game, but actually ended up accidentally helping her sister-in-law win.

No one seemed more surprised to learn that she had won the game than Barbara. “What do you mean, I won?” she wondered, looking across the table quizzically at the person who had been keeping score. “Wait . . . you mean it? I won?! Oh, my God! It’s been ages since I won one of these silly games!” She looked back up to her daughter with a huge smile. “You see, Charlie? I told you that you were good luck!”

“I’m glad I could help, mom.” Leaning down, Charlene gave her mother a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

Lucy watched as the girl headed for the door again, her concern rising. She did not dare linger at this table for too long or Charlene would get too far ahead of her as she might risk losing the teenager. Her eyes darted around the table quickly, lighting on her husband standing among the group who had been watching the game.

Smiling slyly, Lucy called over to him. “Hey, Jim? Come over here and take over for me, will you, please? I need to take a break.” This seemed like such a clever idea to her as it would at least keep her spouse Kars Escort grounded while she went to her meeting with her niece. If anyone saw anything, at least it wouldn’t be her husband.

Unfortunately, even though he had no idea of what was going on between his wife and their niece, James wasn’t willing to play along with her scheme. “I don’t know, Lucy. I really don’t want to play dominoes right now . . .”

Before Lucy could come up with a way to convince him, Barbara chose to inject herself into the conversation. “Oh, come on, Jimmy! Don’t worry, I promise to go easy on you!”

To Lucy’s great delight, that got her husband to moving at last and she vacated her seat hastily, darting out of the dining room without looking back.

To her horror, Lucy saw no sign at all of her teenaged niece in the hallway when she finally reached it. There were plenty of people milling about though and so she rose up on her toes to look up and over their heads and was rewarded by a glimpse of the girl turning a corner and disappearing into the living room.

She hurried after her, not hesitating to move her relatives out of her way when she had to, but offering each a muttered apology.

In the living room, there was a ball game playing on the television and Pawpaw was sitting in his favorite recliner and holding forth on the state of the country as he saw it. There were plenty of people about and, when she burst in, Lucy looked around quickly in a state of near panic until she finally caught sight of her niece at the back, heading up the stairs to the second story.

Lucy raced after her, apologizing profusely when she stepped on somebody’s foot but not pausing in her headlong lunge for the staircase.

Arriving at the top of the stairs, Lucy was pleased to see that there was hardly anybody at all on the second floor. There was nothing but bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms up here of course and very little to distract someone from all of the socializing taking place below. She had no trouble at all spotting her quarry this time and reached the top of the stairs just in time to see Charlene disappear into the room at the far end of the hall.

Hurrying past a bedroom where some kids were watching some cartoon, bumping into someone who was just coming out of the bathroom, Lucy wasted no time in joining her niece.

Lucy was startled to realize that she had been led to the master bedroom – to Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s room!

Charlene was sitting on the edge of her grandparent’s bed, waiting for her aunt with a wicked gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips. She considered the woman standing before her and, when she did not move any farther into the room than the doorway, she finally called out to her.

“Get in here and shut the door, slut.”

Lucy hurried to obey not just because she was so desperate to please this girl who held such a svengali-like hold over her, but also because she was acutely aware that anyone who happened to come this way might have overheard Charlene. With the door closed, cutting the two women off from the rest of the family, she ventured a nervous step or two closer to the bed.

Rising smoothly from her perch, Charlene drifted across the room to the wide-eyed woman, her hand rising to gently stroke her aunt’s cheek. Lucy sighed happily and leaned into the loving caress, knowing full well that things were only going to get rougher in the future.

She had been serving as this young woman’s love slave long enough now to know that much.

Sure enough, just as soon as that wandering hand made it’s way down as far as her neck, it griped her firmly by the throat in an unmistakable expression of dominance, if not outright ownership. Lucy was helpless to keep a soft gasp of pure pleasure escape her lips as the girl took possession of her, a deep shudder coursing through her entire body as her legs turned to rubber.

Charlene pushed her aunt back against the door, following after her but not leaning into the older woman, making absolutely sure that a sliver of space remained between them. Even though they were both well aware that they did not dare let this encounter take too long, the teen was not about to just give her aunt everything she wanted immediately.

Lucy reached out with both hands, hoping to take hold of the younger woman’s hips to pull her even closer, stretching her neck forward to try for a kiss. She got a not so gentle reminder of who exactly was in charge here when Charlene dodged the kiss and slapped those grasping hands away, all without releasing her grip on the other woman’s neck. Lucy slumped back against the door and did not try that again.

Satisfied that she had asserted her total control over this woman, Charlene sent her free hand down to unfasten her aunt’s belt first, and then her slacks.

The older woman let out a little whimper as her pants were undone, trembling as she knew from experience what kind of ecstasy her lover could inspire in her. She gazed at the girl Kars Escort Bayan with pleading eyes, begging for even more of her attention.

With a grin, Charlene responded by smoothly sliding her hand down the front of the other woman’s pants, slipping inside her panties.

From the other side of the door came the sound of some children yelling and screaming as they raced up and down the hallway outside, banging against the wall as they played some game, but this was not enough to keep Charlene from running her long and nimble fingers slowly and sensuously over every inch of her aunt’s boiling twat. The women could clearly hear Charlene’s father yelling at the kids to quiet down and not destroy the house, but it was simply not possible for Lucy to contain the shuddering moan that tore itself from her very soul.

Holding her middle-aged lover’s eyes with her own, keeping her pinned to the door with that unrelenting grip on her throat, Charlene took her time about stroking and caressing her most intimate area. She had been avoiding allowing anything more than a solitary fingertip to dip inside that boiling love tunnel, taking her time to make sure the inferno in her aunt was blazing out of all control, timing it very carefully.

Without any warning, a single long finger slid right up into Lucy, taking her completely by surprise. Yelping, she bounced right off the door at this sudden intrusion, but was immediately pushed back into place. That probing digit stayed in place for only a few moments, exploring and stirring, then was smoothly withdrawn again.

It was like all the bones had been removed from Lucy’s body and she simply collapsed to the ground at her niece’s feet when that finger was removed, knocking that hand out of her pants and pulling the other off her neck. She had been so wound up just from the girl’s teasing touches, the finger had promised so very much, and now it had all been stolen from her.

Standing over the older woman with an amused smile, Charlene said nothing as she gazed down on her.

Reaching to the side, she opened the fastenings that held her skirt in place and let the garment fall to the floor. Lucy looked eagerly, naturally anticipating that she would get an eyeful of her young mistresses panties, but was surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any. But on the other hand, she was also not going commando.

Charlene was wearing some kind of leather thing that had a circular socket at the front and an open space beneath that allowed her swollen cunt lips to protrude. Lucy stared at it in surprise, needing a moment to figure out what it might be, addled with passion as she was, but soon she recognizing it as the harness for a strap-on dildo.

Leaving her victim where she was for an instant, the nineteen year old returned to the bed and retrieved something from under a pillow that she had obviously planted there earlier. Turning back to where her aunt knelt, she revealed it to be an especially long and thick dildo, it’s length covered with bumps and ridges specially designed to make a woman very happy.

Lucy could hardly believe that the girl had brought such a thing to her grandparent’s anniversary party, unable to imagine how she would have explained it had anyone caught her with it. And what about the bold idea of stashing it away here in her grandparent’s own bedroom until she was ready to use it?! With people seemingly occupying every nook and cranny of this place, it was very possible that someone might have accidentally discovered it. Considering where it had been placed, such a discoverer might well have assumed it belonged to Mawmaw herself.

She found the image of someone uncovering that wicked looking sex toy and imaging it to be the property of that little old woman disturbing, but at the same time very humorous.

Walking back across the room to rejoin her aunt, Charlene was able to deftly lock the dildo into it’s socket on the harness, as if it was something she had done many times before. Pulling herself together at last, Lucy tried to rise to meet her, but was pushed back down immediately, subsiding with a meek little apology.

Standing over her kneeling aunt once more, Charlene held onto her fake dick with one hand to aim it right at the middle-aged woman’s face, her other hand going behind Lucy’s head to urge it closer.

Her aunt recognized immediately what she wanted from her and opened her mouth wide to receive the dildo. It was an invitation that she knew Charlene was not going to turn down and, sure enough, it suddenly seemed as if the entire length of that sex toy was being shoved down her throat. Lucy chocked and gagged on it, but that was the only sort of complaint the submissive woman made, not even trying to escape the brutal assault.

Charlene knew just when to back off, letting up on her aunt before the woman got sick all over herself. The older woman had a lot of experience with being manhandled by this girl though and recovered quickly, hurrying to lavish Escort Kars that dildo with all of the love and attention she would if it were real – if not more.

The teen no longer needed to guide her fake cock now that it was lodged in the other woman’s mouth, so she let it go. With her other hand still in Lucy’s hair, long fingers tangling in that silken mane, Charlene was able then to use her newly freed hand to cup her aunt’s chin. Even though she knew perfectly well that the older woman would not resist her in any way whatsoever, she held Lucy’s head firmly in place as an overt expression of her dominance over her aunt.

This would mark the end of Lucy being allowed to lovingly worship that cock and she knew it. Hastily, she braced herself for what was to come.

Pumping her hips back and forth, Charlene was almost ruthless about it as she now sent not just one thrust deep down her aunt’s throat, but a whole barrage of them. It was a real test for Lucy to cope with this, but she rose to the challenge and was doing very well right up until she was distracted by a loud thump against the other side of the bedroom door and the sound of squealing children.

Lucy was so startled, so worried that the playing kids would burst into the room and discover the two of them in so very compromising a position as this, that she lost her focus and start choking badly on the dildo. Charlene was kind enough to slide it back out of her mouth again though and to wait patiently for her to recover.

As soon as she had, Charlene took hold of her arm and hauled the older woman up to her feet, pulling her over towards the bed. Her aunt was forced to move in an awkward shuffle however as her unfastened pants naturally chose that moment to slide down her legs and tangle around her feet.

Looking back over her shoulder, Lucy considered the door worriedly.

It was closed of course, but there was no lock. So long as she had been kept up against that door, it had at least been sort of blocked and they would have had some warning if anybody tried to come in here. The door banging against her back would have been a dead giveaway, after all. If nothing else, they might have had a chance to get their clothes back in order before whoever it was got in.

If they were over by the bed however, the only warning they would have that someone was coming in was the door flying open to admit them.

Lucy knew there would be no dissuading her young lover, though. Charlene always got her way. The very fact that they were doing something so incredibly dangerous as having a tryst like this in a house so completely packed with people was ample proof of that.

Once they reached the bed, the girl did not hesitate to shove her aunt down onto it.

Distracted as she was with looking back at the door, Lucy was unprepared for this and landed with a little oof, sprawling. Lying on her belly, bent over the edge of the bed, the woman now found herself in a very vulnerable position with her butt in the air. Her situation became even more dire though when the teen swiftly pulled down her panties and pushed her legs apart.

Lucy clenched the bedspread tightly with both hands, bracing herself for her mistress was about to do to her with that great big dildo.

Moving up behind her, Charlene gave each of the older woman’s broad buttocks a hard slap, earning herself a yelp. Even though it was very unlikely that anyone else in the house would have heard thanks to the racket those kids were raising, Lucy still chose to push her face into a pillow to muffle any further noise she might make.

Very carefully and deliberately wedging the head of her dildo in the entrance to her lover’s pussy, the teenager then took hold of the woman’s hips and forcefully shoved the entire length of the sex toy into her all at once. Even though every inch of that dildo was now covered with a lube made of spit, even though Lucy was more than a little aroused and ready to get fucked, it was still a rather painful insertion and so her body twisted wildly and she howled desperately into her pillow.

Charlene gave her only the briefest of moments to recover before she started pumping her fake cock in and out of that burning, boiling cunt. Lucy did not complain though – indeed, she would have begged the girl to be even rougher with her had she only been able to find her voice at that point. All she could manage just then were animalistic, guttural grunts that spoke of both pain and pleasure.

The girl was no more gentle about how she worked this woman’s twat than she had been about how she got into it and almost immediately was slamming that dildo into her hard and deep with gleefully cruel abandon. Unable and unwilling to do anything to rein in the wild and headstrong young woman behind her, Lucy had to take what she was dishing out, directing more wails into that pillow.

While it normally took her what seemed like hours to get off when her loving and gentle husband made love to her, Lucy was now flying towards a huge orgasm as if rocket propelled. There was just something about being manhandled and abused like this, not to mention the forbidden nature of this romance, that never failed to send her spiraling off into undreamt of levels of pure ecstasy.

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