Chapter One:- My wife’s not so secret crush

Big Tits

Chapter One- SeanMy wife has always been a beautiful woman. When we met the first thing I noticed about her was the signature red lipstick she always wears. She is a slender woman of 5’5″ with a mane of raven hair. Despite ten years of marriage, she is a young, healthy thirty-five year old. Her sweet DD tits and cute arse are regularly showcased in pretty lingerie and flattering clothes. Marie-my wife- is a high school teacher who enjoys an active Anadolu Yakası Escort social life and a loving marriage. Lately my wife has expressed a desire to spice things up. She has always been game to try everything and I am happily satisfied with her striptease burlesque performances, eagerness for backdoor loving and flexibility in trying new positions.An aspect that we have not yet tried Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan is swinging. I have always been a faithful husband and have no desire for anyone other than Marie. My dear spouse however has mentioned a fantasy of being made to suck off another man while I watch and spank her for her ‘betrayal’. We would not do this if I did not trust her completely however her confession Escort Anadolu Yakası made my cock twitch with a lust to fulfill the fantasy. Her suggestion of a former student of hers intrigued me. Marie had brought up the subject one Sunday morning in bed when I was already aroused from her alarm clock blowjob. The boy in question-Liam- is now 20 and working at a local store while studying. Marie had noticed his lingering attention to her body as a student but now received his flirtations openly. Naturally it was perplexing to hear her tell me how Liam believed himself to be enamoured with a woman 15 years his senior but I was entertained by her revelations.Liam had bought her roses for her birthday a few months ago and would do DIY jobs around the house for free as a ‘favour’.

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