Chapter 5 Elizabeth’s story – Gary wants to enter me!


As I tried to regain my senses following the earth shattering orgasm that Gary had just given me with his tongue and fingers, I was shocked back to reality when Gary climbed between my legs. As naïve as I was, I knew that he was positioning himself to penetrate my virgin pussy with his throbbing erection. I could not allow him to fuck me; no how, no way!The list of sins and mistakes Gary and I had committed today was certainly long, but this was different; this was potentially life altering. This could get me pregnant.“Gary, what are you doing?” I said as panic overwhelmed my voice. I tried to sit up, but Gary was already between my knees and hovering over my chest; getting up was not possible. He was simply too big and too strong for me to move off my slender frame.“Liz, I need to be in you,” Gary said as I felt his erect penis bumping up against my inner thighs and vulva, obviously searching for a ‘home.’“No! You cannot enter me. I mean it,” I said as forcefully as I could. Again I pushed up against his chest, but I simply was not strong enough to even budge his massive weigh and size.“Just for a second Liz. I just want to feel what it is like.” I continued to feel his erection throbbing against my very wet, very aroused and dilated vulva.“Gary, No! We are not going to do that. I am not going to get pregnant by you or anyone.”I tried to close my thighs, Başakşehir escort bayan but Gary was kneeling between them. My attempt to use my foot against his abdomen to push Gary’s frame back away until I could reason with him, only served to open me up; I could feel the head of his penis bobbing against the outside of my vulva.His penis was aligned with my wet opening; he could push into me at will, and there was nothing I could do to physically stop him. I was honestly scared he would take me at any moment.But Gary resisted the urge to simply plunge into me, uninvited. “Liz I won’t cum in you, I just want to feel being inside you for a second,” Gary said, as he stopped trying to push into me, and held himself over me as we discussed this urgent matter.Although Gary was no longer trying to push into me, I could feel the head of his erection pulsing and throbbing against my wet folds of my vagina. His penis was involuntarily searching for my opening. I knew it and he knew it; but he remained motionless as I tried to dissuade him from entering my virgin pussy.“Gary, please, I am begging you, don’t do this. This is wrong, and it is stupid.” I was almost crying as I begged; a panic was clearly evident in my voice; I was scared. I did not be taken like this.The head of his penis was pulsing at my very opening Escort Bayrampaşa now, just inside the outer folds of my vulva. My stepbrother was one push away from entering me and taking my virginity.I continued my plea, “Gary, this is not how it is supposed to be. What you and I have done so far may be wrong, but it was shared and we both knew the other wanted it, and it was beautiful. This is not beautiful. Please don’t do this to me. If we do this, when we do this, it should be me willingly giving myself to you, and with us having taken the proper precautions. Not like this.” I paused to let my plea sink in.I had to rely on Gary’s love for me, and his good judgment. In my current position, I could do nothing to prevent him plunging himself into me if he chose to do so. His erection continued to throb at the very opening of my vagina.I could see the expression on his face change and he raised himself up off me, pulling his penis away from my vaginal opening. “You are right Liz. I am sorry. I almost got carried away. I was so turned on, I wasn’t thinking.”His erection remained firm and rigid in front of him. I responded, “Gary, thank you for stopping. You did good. It would have been a bad mistake to take me against my will.” I glanced at his erection again. “How can I help you with that?”Gary smiled, “What if I Beşiktaş escort stay outside you, but we pretend to fuck?”I looked puzzled, not understanding what he was saying.Gary saw my confusion. “Liz, let me rub against you on the outside; we can hump and see if I can get off that way. It would be almost like I was inside you.”I smiled. “That sounds nice. I think I would like that too.”Gary climbed between my legs again, only this time, his penis was up between us, and resting on my vulva, instead of seeking entrance to my vagina. I like the feel of his rigid shaft on my erect clitoris as Gary began to grind into me. I liked it a lot.He leaned forward and kissed me, parting my lips with his tongue. My vagina was wet and my clitoris was erect and sensitive. Gary’s erection was sliding against my well lubricated slit and arousing me further. Gary began teasing me nipple as I wrapped my arms around his neck.I was responding to the pressure and friction that his erection was providing my clitoris. I could actually hear the slippery wet sounds our genitals were making as they slid together in the most erotic and arousing contact. I was arching my hips and humping back against my stepbrother’s boner as he humped against me. I could push my very erect clit directly against his erection in this position. It was very erotic, very stimulating.In a move that would have made any Olympic wrestler proud, Gary flipped over on his back, and pulled me over on top of him, without losing contact between our highly aroused groins. In the superior position, I was able to control the pressure and friction on my clitoris by how hard I pushed against the shaft of my stepbrother’s erection.

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