Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 07


Chapter One:

I’m a retired gentleman living in Central California. I recently met my new next-door neighbor, Denise. She moved here from Southern California and works at the local farmers market. Denise and I are developing a close relationship that includes plenty of sex. She is highly sexual and sensual. I’ve discovered many aspects of her sexuality in the short six weeks since she moved in.

She enjoys nude beaches, reading trashy romance novels and masturbating as she reads. She loves anal play, blowjobs, having her pussy eaten and feet massaged. She is a knockout with massive tits. I got my got my first view of how sensual Denise is when I knocked on her door to welcome her to the neighborhood. She greeted me in tight yoga pants and a crop top. The top barely covered her mammoth tits and her erect nipples drew my attention right away. The yoga pants displayed a very prominent camel toe which I found out later was due to her wide, puffy outer pussy lips.

Denise drives a little red Mazda that gets her a lot of attention as she scurries around town. I first met Denise at our local farmers market, Sprouts. I shop there on a weekly basis and she was hired just after moving north. My good friend, Julie works there and has for the past four years. Julie was the one that clued me in about Denise. Since Denise began working at Sprouts, they have become good friends and confidants. They discuss many intimate aspects of their sex lives, some of which includes me.

I’ve enjoyed multiple sexual liaisons with both women. They have similar physiques, although they are separated in age by 10 years. Both ladies have beautiful large breasts. Julie is a D-cup with soft, coral hued puffy aureole. Her boobs are very round and full, sitting high on her chest. Denise is considerably larger at 34GG. She has crimson red aureole three to four inches in diameter. She has the largest tits of any woman I’ve ever been with. She is 47, so she has a little bit of sag, but not much. I love fondling her massive breasts.

Both ladies have very tasty pussies with full lips and curly landing strips covering their mons. If I was blindfolded, I couldn’t tell which cunt I was eating, unless I was holding onto their rear. Denise has a wide, mature ass while Julie has more of a cute bubble butt. I’ve had the pleasure of making love to them both over the past month.

I’ve been maintaining Denise’s swimming pool since she moved in. It’s a small oval shaped pool that doesn’t require a lot of looking after, but I try to sweep it and check on the water clarity a couple of times a week.

It’s Thursday, late summer and the dog days are upon us. I have all day to putter around the backyard mowing and trimming the bushes. I should have time to clean Denise’s pool as well. I enjoy being naked whenever I’m in the backyard and today is no exception. The day’s temperature is expected to top 85 degrees.

First things first, I need to mow. The section of grass is small and only requiring my hand mower to complete the job. I put on my sandals and floppy hat and head outside. The warm sun feels good on my bones. I like the freedom of being nude and today my cock is semi-erect as I push the mower back and forth. The warm air keeps my balls hanging low. After I trim a few hedges, I have enough time to take care of the pool next door.

I use the pass-thru gate my former neighbor, Don, and I installed to get to Denise’s pool. A small shed in the backyard holds the pool brush, leaf sweep and chemicals. I grab the brush and start cleaning the sides of the oval pool. I complete about fifteen percent of the job when I’m startled by a whistle and yell.

“Hey sexy, nice cock. Come on over so I can get a better look.”

I was so focused on cleaning the pool, I didn’t realize I had company. I turn around and see both Denise and Julie laying on the chaise lounges. I do a double-take and see that both are naked as jay birds. Their tits sway in the gentle breeze. Their skin glows in this sun-drenched morning.

“What are you two doing here, don’t you have to be at work?”

Julie gets up and walks toward me,” Denise and I have a rare day off together. The corporate management team is in town and we are not needed today. We plan to work on our tans, read trashy novels and maybe even play together. But now that you’re here, we will play. Are you interested in a threesome?”

Julie walks up behind me as I continue to scrub down the pool. She pushes her boobs into my back and reaches around to grab my cock. I am not fully engorged and she has her hands full with seven inches of man meat. I back into her, smashing her tits more and grinding her hard nipples into my back. She walks along with me while Denise goes into the house and comes back with an armload of blankets and a yellow box.

Denise spreads the blankets on the grass next to the pool and puts the box down on on one side. She comes up to me just as I finish sweeping the pool. I put the brush down and Denise steps in and hugs me tight, kissing me on the lips. Kastamonu Escort Her large, firm tits press into my chest. I’m in the middle of a boob sandwich. Denise’s hands replace Julie’s on my cock. She squeezes my shaft and jacks me off with several strokes. My cock comes to life and rises. Julie, meanwhile, runs her fingers up and down my ass crevice and pokes at my tight sphincter.

“What do I owe this much attention to, ladies.”

Denise says it’s just a thank you for all of work I’ve done around her house.

Julie adds, “And for the wonderful orgasms you’ve given us this past month. We are very lucky girls.”

It seems that given my current predicament, I’m the one who is lucky. I ask them what they had planned, if I hadn’t stumbled on their sunbathing. Julie tells me they have been comparing notes over the past couple of weeks and figured it was time for them to share their own sexual exploits. A little girl on girl time. But now that I’ve interrupted their morning, it’s going to be more varied.

I suggest a swim in the pool, but Denise says maybe later after we’ve worked up a good sweat. She requests that I move one of the chaise lounges out to the blankets. I grab a lounge from the deck and place it next to the yellow box. I’m intrigued by the box. It’s a pale yellow with decorative carvings on the top.

“Hey Denise, what’s in the box?”

“It’s my little toy chest. I keep all my sex toys and lube in it. I have my gold and black bullet vibrator in there. You remember that one.”

“Indeed, I do. We shared an amazing orgasm using that baby.”

Denise continues,” I also put my other vibes in there. I told you I own several. There’s my bottles of lube and massage oils and a few surprises especially for you.”

That last comment has me wanting to know more. I tell Denise to elaborate, however, Julie takes over the conversation.

“I took Denise to the adult shop over on Grand Avenue last week. You know the one in Grover Beach.”

I know it well. I took my walking friend, Catherine, there earlier this year. We bought a strap-on for her to use on her neighbor. That was a fun afternoon after spending the morning at the beach.

“Well, I want to introduce Denise to all of the local businesses that we support. She needs to get to know the neighborhood. I figured what better establishment to start with. Especially, since we’ve been comparing notes on a certain Sprouts shopper.”

I get a little antsy as to where this conversation is going.

Julie continues,” We had fun. I think we were there for an hour or more. We tried on corsets and played with some toys. I bet you would have loved to be with us. Anyway, we were discussing certain fetishes and decided to pick up a few things. I guess now is a good time to show you.”

Denise instructs me to sit in the middle of the chaise lounge. She hands me the toy box, sits down on my left and Julie sits on my right. I’m surrounded by big tits once again and I’m not complaining one bit. With the yellow box on my lap, Julie reaches over and lifts the lid. I’m amazed by everything in the box. I see the gold and black bullet vibe. I pick it up and sniff Denise’s womanly scent. My cock twitches.

Julie reaches in and pulls out a rabbit vibrator and a slimline one. These belong to Denise. I grab the bottles of lube and hand them to Denise.

Denise reaches in and pulls out a green fifteen-inch double-headed dildo.

“Julie donated this to the cause. I can’t wait to try it out with her.”

Julie smiles and nods her head. Julie gets all excited and reaches into the box. She pulls out a strap-on dildo with it’s harness.

“We just bought this. It looks a lot like you Rob. It’s just over seven inches and has the same shape as your wonderful cock. Denise and I thought that we can still enjoy the same pleasure, even when you aren’t around. They had a nine-inch version, but that is too big. Remember the monster cock we saw at the pond?”

Denise looks at us,” What monster cock? You didn’t tell me about a monster cock?”

Julie explains, “On our RV camping trip, we saw a couple enjoying themselves in the natural pond at the park. The man had a really hard nine-inch cock and he shot a load of cum all over his girlfriend. We got so turned on, we ran back to Rob’s trailer and we fucked our brains out.”

“I’m so jealous. I wish I was there, I’ve never seen a nine-inch cock.”

Julie reaches into the box again and pulls out more objects.

“And we bought these for you, Rob. A cock ring and a butt plug.”

I wince,” Really, what makes you think I’ll agree to using those?”

Denise laughs,” Oh come on, Rob. Who’s the one who loves playing with our butts? It’s you. And who likes my fingers rubbing your tight O-ring? It’s you. The butt plug is a small one; you’ll be able to handle it.”

Julie chimes in,” And my fingers too. You love it when I rub your bum. Denise and I both have butt plugs. They are much bigger and we are using them right now.”

I Kastamonu Escort Bayan gasp,” What did you say?”

Both ladies stand up and wiggle their butts, the plugs firmly in place. Denise has a purple plug and Julie sports a red one with sparkles. They both bend over and tell me to feel them. I tap the top of each one. The girls squeal.

Denise says,” We bought these at the same time and are trying them out today. They are four inches long and feel incredible. I poured some lube along Julie’s ass crease and then poked my finger into her little starfish. She has a tight ring, but I pulled my finger out and pushed her plug in.”

Julie adds,” I loved Denise’s finger in my ass, but then she pushed the plug into me and I was in heaven. It really stretched me for a second, but then it popped right in. We’ve been wearing them for about two hours now. My pussy has been wet all this time. Here, feel how wet my pussy is.”

Julie grabs my wrist and pulls it to her cunt. I run my fingers along her labia and feel her moisture. I lift my fingers to my mouth and taste her sweet nectar. If I wasn’t hard earlier, I am rock solid now.

Denise grabs the yellow box from my lap. My cock stands straight up.

She asks,” So how about it Rob. You must join us now, or we might make you go home. We want you to try the toys and then watch us while we play together. Of course, we want your cock, but not right now. Julie and I want to experiment with each other and you’ll be our audience.”

Just listening to these two lovely ladies speak makes my cock throb. I don’t want to go home, so I agree to their terms. Both girls clap their hands at my decision; they tell me to turn over and get on all fours, with my ass in the air. Denise takes the bottle of lube and drips some along my crevice. She rubs the lotion along my O-ring and dips her finger into my ass. She pushes her finger all the way down and rotates her finger. It feels wonderful.

Julie grabs the butt plug and pours some lube on the tip. Denise removes her finger and Julie places the plug against my sphincter. It slides in easily. I’ve got to admit; the plug feels good. Julie taps the end to make sure the device is in place. Both ladies tell me to stretch out and lie on my back. I do as instructed and my cock jerks about.

Denise uses some lube to coat my cock and slides the ring down my shaft. She presses the cock ring down as far as it will go. It holds tight against the root of my shaft.

Denise is delighted,” OK, you look great. How’s that plug feel? Good, I hope. Now you get to watch Julie and me play together. You can rub your cock, but you can’t come until we tell you. OK?”

I tell Denise that I will obey her every wish. But, I can’t promise that I won’t cum. I won’t masturbate, but I can’t help if shoot my load, just watching them. She shakes her finger at me and says no orgasm. I rub my cock and feel the stiff surface. I haven’t been this hard in a long time. The ring has my veins bulging and my glans firm. My shaft feels like stone. I know I would cum in seconds, if I stroked my cock right now.

I turn on my side and prop my head on my hand. I prepare to watch the show. My two Sprouts ladies, whom I have fucked, are about to make love to each other. They are going to eat each other’s pussy, play with their boobs and have some nice orgasms.

Denise and Julie have been nude all morning long. I’m not sure how their day got started, but they have been reading smutty romance novels with butt plugs in their ass for the past two hours. They must be extremely horny right now and ready to take it up a notch. Julie directs Denise to lie down in the middle of the blankets. Denise takes her place with her legs spread and her pussy facing in my direction. She holds her Double-G’s upright, waiting for Julie to mount her.

Julie straddles Denise and dips down as their bodies touch. Their huge tits mash together while they share a very passionate kiss. Tongues parry back and forth. I have a clear view of two pussies rubbing against one another. The girls spend time getting to know each other in their first body to body contact.

Julie lifts and swings her body around to get into a 69 position for some oral pleasure. Julie lowers her cunt onto Denise’s face and moves her lips to taste her co-worker’s pussy. Julie licks the soft landing strip of pubes and continues on to the pink flesh of Denise’s inner labia. Julie laps up the moisture and has her first taste of sweet love juice.

At the same time, Denise wraps her hands around Julie’s bubble butt and pulls her cunt to her face. She wriggles her tongue in between Julie’s pussy lips. The tip of her tongue pushes inside. Julie shivers and presses her cunt down further. Denise breathes through her nose as pussy juice is smeared all over her chin.

I watch Julie attack Denise’s pussy with her tongue, doing her best to bring on a climax. She pushes her tongue deep into Denise, pressing it against her cunt walls and lapping Escort Kastamonu up the juices oozing out.

Julie lifts her head,” Geez Rob, her clit is throbbing. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I love her pussy. She tastes so sweet.”

Julie returns to licking Denise and uses her fingers to spread the puffy folds. She opens her inner labia and Denise’s clitoris comes into view. Julie licks the hard nub and sucks it between her lips. Denise bucks her hips as her orgasm builds. Denise continues to lap up the juices dripping from Julie’s pussy. Both ladies work to bring each other off.

My cock continues to throb as I watch my lovers. Pre-cum drips from my tip. If I touch my cock, I’ll explode. Julie grinds her pussy into Denise as her thighs quiver. She is close to her orgasm and lust is in her eyes. Julie grunts and explodes, covering Denise with her cum. Julie clamps her thighs around Denise’s head. Her girl juice drips down, covering Denise’s lips and chin.

Denise climaxes suddenly, she lets a loud moan and grinds her cunt up into Julie’s mouth. Her legs shake around Julie’s head as she spasms out of control. Julie licks up the cum as it oozes from the pink slit. Denise bucks her hips, trembling and shaking as her cunt spasms. We hear muffled moans and cries of ecstasy as Denise rides through her orgasm. Both ladies are spent, but overjoyed to share such passion for the first time.

Julie looks at me with a foggy expression. She tries to focus and sees my cock ready to burst. My cock has an angry red hue from the tight cock ring. It pulses and throbs from my pent-up desire. I need immediate release. Julie senses my current state and crawls over to me lying on the lounger. Her dripping cunt no longer in contact with Denise.

Julie opens her mouth and wraps her lips around my turgid member. She didn’t even have to apply pressure. As soon as her lips touch my shaft, I ejaculate, sending a large amount of jizz into her mouth and onto her face. Julie grabs my cock and pumps my shaft. I release several more spurts, covering her cheek and chin.

She releases her grip on my spent cock and crawls back to Denise. Julie straddles Denise once again and lowers her cum smeared face. Denise licks the spunk from Julie’s cheek and chin before engaging in a heated kiss. They share my hot, sticky fluid as they mash their lips together. The scene before me is hot, better than any porn I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Julie moves up and dangles her D-cups above Denise. Denise uses both hands to grab her breasts and suckles on Julie’s puffy nipples. Denise licks and bites the erect nubbins as they continue to play. My cock softens and I slide the cock ring off my shaft. I still feel a fullness in my ass from the butt plug. I want to get more involved, so I walk over to the ladies and plop down beside them.

I move my hand over Julie’s ass cheeks and tap on her plug. I move my hand down and palm her wet vagina. I massage her outer lips with my fingers. Denise looks in my direction with a pleading look. I take the hint and move my hand down to her pussy. I rub her mons and slide my fingers back and forth along her inner labia. She is still dripping wet from her climax. I lick my fingers and taste her cream. Julie unwraps her body from Denise and we all take a breather. They sit up and we share a group hug.

Denise is the first to speak,” Julie, your tongue is magical. I came so much and I’m still dripping. Do you want some more of my juices, Rob?”

I nod my head and run my fingers along her pink slit. I gather more of her lady nectar on my fingers and lick them clean. I dip my hand one more time and offer her juice to Julie. Julie grabs my wrist and stuffs my fingers in her mouth. She licks and sucks on my digits, savoring Denise’s taste one more time.

Julie releases my fingers and states,” I need something hard in my pussy right now. Rob, you look like you need a little more time to recuperate.”

I suggest the green double-head dildo, so both ladies can enjoy something hard in their pussies. Denise and Julie agree at once. Their smiles are contagious. I grab the silicon dong from the toy box and spread some lube over both ends. I’m sure we don’t need the lube because both gals are still dripping. But I add it to the mix anyway.

Denise and Julie sit up and rearrange themselves so they face one another with their legs intertwined. They reach around and draw together for a tight hug. Their breasts press together; hard nipples poking into soft skin. They press their lips together for a deep open mouth kiss. Their tongues search and probe. The sight of their huge tits smashed together is so erotic. My cock starts to inflate watching them. I roll the cock ring over my shaft again to help my seven inches harden up.

I position the green dildo between their open legs. As they continue to kiss, I reach over to Denise’s pussy and run the tip of the dong up and down her slit. She is still very wet from Julie’s tongue. I spread her outer lips and press the fake cock between her folds. I push it in three to four inches and then slide it out, slowly twisting my hand as I withdraw the dildo. It is slick with lube and Denise’s cream. I push it in again with no resistance, until six inches fill her inner core. Denise spreads her legs more and sucks on Julie’s tongue.

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