Change of Plan Ch. 2


Change of Plan
Chapter 2: The Following Day

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited.

* * * * * *

I woke next morning alone in my bed, but with a broad smile on my face. I was thinking about the previous day with Kathy and Lisa. I still almost couldn’t believe my luck; finding the two girls in Lisa’s bedroom, both of them naked, experimenting with Lisa’s sister’s dildo. I couldn’t believe either that the two of them were so hot and ready that they had agreed to let me take their virginity. But they were, they had, I did, and we had all enjoyed it.

I thought of the two of them. Kathy. Kathy Evans. Five feet eight inches of beautiful brunette. Eighteen years old, with her sensitive little tits, so beautifully shaped and so lovely to hold and to kiss. Her slim, trim body, athletic but not overtly muscular, her tight, trim ass and her long, slender legs.

And her (very!) good friend Lisa Larson. Now there was a teenager’s dream of heaven – an inch or so shorter than Kathy, blonde, beautiful, with bigger tits and a few pounds more voluptuous. Yet I still had a preference for Kathy, with her slender loveliness. I think I was already more than a little bit in love with Kathy.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and my friend Todd, Lisa’s twin brother, came in on his crutches, moving more confidently on this second of day using them. I wondered briefly about telling him that I’d taken his sister’s virginity, but wisely decided to say nothing. After all, it was nobody’s business but mine and Lisa’s.

“Hi, buddy,” said Todd, collapsing onto my bed. “You going to get up? Lisa and Kathy are getting breakfast. Mom and dad have already gone to the gallery.”

I glanced at my watch. Nine-fifteen. I’d certainly slept well after Kathy’s nocturnal visit to my room. “Give me ten minutes to shower and dress, and I’ll be down,” I said, grinning at Todd.

“OK, Matt, see you downstairs.” Todd hauled himself to his feet and lurched out. I threw back the sheet covering me and took myself off to the bathroom.

Freshly showered, shaved and dressed, again in my hiking clothes as I had no others with me, I made my way to the breakfast bar where the others were busy eating. Lisa grinned and gave me a wave and Kathy smiled broadly and blew me a kiss. The girls were both wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts and it didn’t take me long to realise that neither of them was wearing a bra. Well, things were looking up! And out!

“Morning, Matt,” said Kathy as I took a stool beside her. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. Lisa on my other side did the same and Todd raised a slightly startled eyebrow at us. Lisa just grinned at him and said nothing, then turned to me.

“Matt, I asked mom if we could use the VW and she said yes, but only to go to your place so you can get some fresh clothes. You and Kathy go after breakfast. I’ll minister to the wounded one here.” Lisa smiled at her brother who stuck his tongue out at her. She turned to me. “OK with you?”

“Fine,” I said. “Kathy?”

“OK with me,” said Kathy, smiling innocently as she rubbed her naked thigh against my leg under cover of the breakfast bar, “I can check on how good a driver you are.”

“Good enough,” I retorted, pressing my own thigh against hers and enjoying the sensation of warm skin against warm skin. “My pickup should be ready to collect tomorrow. I told the service guy I didn’t need it until the weekend but he said he’d have it ready by Wednesday because he had other cars due in.”

“Good,” said Lisa, “at least we’ll have wheels.”

After we’d finished breakfast Kathy and I went out to the VW and were soon on our way to my home. Kathy sat half turned to face me and was humming tunelessly as we drove.

“Feel OK this morning?” I asked, concerned that I might have hurt her.

Kathy smiled enigmatically and sighed deeply. “I feel absolutely great,” she said. She leaned across suddenly and kissed my cheek. “I feel so great that I’m liable to jump you any moment to get some more of what made me feel so great, so look out, Matt!”

“Patience, Kathy, two more turns and we’re there. AND, I think mom will probably be out shopping.” I grinned at Kathy. “I’m not certain, but she might.”

Kathy groaned. “Oh, Matt, I want to fuck you again. I’m wet just thinking about it!”

“And I want to fuck you, Kathy, but we’re home. Let’s see if mom’s in.” She wasn’t, and I could feel that sexual tension and excitement that comes when the anticipation, opportunity and inclination coincide with the presence of a chosen partner. I turned to Kathy. “Want to come upstairs, see my room, count my condoms?” I leered suggestively, feeling my prick starting to thicken and swell with anticipation.

“God, Matt,” she said thickly, “at the moment, a count of one is enough. Just make sure it’s on your prick and in my pussy, please.” She took a deep breath then grinned and took my hand. “And the sooner içerenköy escort the better.”

Almost trembling, I took Kathy’s hand and led her up to my room. Tidy, so mom must have been in. I fumbled open the drawer in which I kept the rubbers and took the box out. A quick count said I had nine left of the original dozen. That was right, because I’d had three in my pocket and I’d fucked Lisa once and Kathy twice. I turned to Kathy, saying, “Nine left, Kathy,” then stopped. While I’d been counting, Kathy had been busy. Her shorts, t-shirt, panties and sneakers were in a pile on the floor and Kathy was naked. She stood, weight on one leg, the other slightly bent, one hand on her hip, the other at her side, in a pose as old as woman.

She smiled. “Correction,” she said. “Eight. Four for you, four for Todd, maybe, because we’re going to use one. Now. Of course Todd may already have some,” she continued, “in which case we can use all of them, just for us.”

“Oh, Kathy,” I said hoarsely, “you are so beautiful.” My prick was thickening uncomfortably in my shorts and I undressed quickly, hardly able to breathe. By the time I had my clothes off my prick was like a bar of iron. I stroked it lightly then turned to Kathy. She sighed gustily and came into my arms, raising her lips to mine, pressing against my pole. Our kiss was torrid, tongues questing, thrusting, probing, lips sliding, liquid heat. I moved Kathy backwards gently until she was at the bed, then reluctantly broke the kiss. Kathy sighed theatrically and lay back on the bed, flinging her legs apart. I could see her labia swollen and red with her heat, and a trickle of moisture in the crack of her ass.

“Fuck me, Matt. Fuck me now, please, Matt. Please fuck me, Matt.” She held her arms out to me, her nipples erect.

I quickly ripped open the little foil packet and unrolled the rubber onto my prick, then knelt on the bed between her spread legs and lowered myself so that my prick was at her pussy. She took gentle hold of me and guided me into her cunt, clinging to me as I sank myself into her honeyed depths. I groaned at the snug tightness of her cunt, feeling Kathy tremble beneath me as I slowly entered her.

“Oh, Matt,” she sighed on a whispered exhalation, “that feels g-o-o-o-d!” She wriggled a little to settle herself, then raised her legs and hooked her heels together behind me, pulling me into her. “Fuck me hard, Matt, I want to feel you deep inside me.”

I began to thrust into her, gently at first until her juices lubricated my prick then harder as the friction eased. It wasn’t long before I was moving easily in her cunt like a well-oiled piston and I began to give her the full length of me, pulling back until I almost left her then thrusting forward, deep, deep into her. She felt wonderful around me, her cunt snug, gripping me as I moved. I could feel myself building up to that incredible moment of orgasm, that stirring within me that heralded my explosion. I tried wildly to think of anything other than my prick and Kathy’s cunt, trying desperately to delay the inevitable, but the warmth and snugness of her cunt was moving me inexorably towards coming.

Kathy was holding me tightly at first, but as we moved together her hands began to move aimlessly, fluttering almost, moving all over my back and shoulders. Her breathing deepened and became hoarse as she sucked air into her heaving lungs. Her belly tightened then began to ripple as she approached her orgasm, and she began to pant beneath me. “I’m going to come, Matt, I’m going to come. You’re going to make me come, I’m gonna come, Matt, I’m going to…” She spasmed, her back arched and her face twisted, whether agony or ecstasy was impossible to say, then she screamed and crushed me to her as she shook in release.

The violence of her climax had brought me to the brink. “Kathy, oh, Kathy, baby, you’re going to make me come, sweetheart,” I gasped as I passed the point of no return, then thrust myself hard into her as my prick shot my come into the condom buried in Kathy’s depths.

I seemed to come in buckets full, but gradually the twitching of my prick in release eased and Kathy’s strangle hold on me lessened. I sighed deeply then kissed her gently on the lips. She opened her eyes and smiled, kissing me back.

“It keeps getting better, Matt,” she said, wonder in her tone.

“It sure does,” I replied. And it certainly seemed to be. Perhaps it was with having helped Kathy surrender her virginity, I thought, or perhaps because I felt something more than simple lust for this girl. I guess I loved her, although I wasn’t sure yet whether I was ‘in love’ with her. I wasn’t about to let her get away, whatever happened. She excited me, delighted me and to my great joy seemed as keen as I was myself to explore her newly discovered sexuality.

We lay for a while, cooling, my weight on my elbows so as not to crush Kathy, until she sighed.

“Best ease out, Matt, we have to pack you a bag kadıköy escort and get back to Todd and Lisa. Don’t forget, Lisa still wants a fuck from you!”

“I haven’t forgotten,” I replied, “I was just enjoying the available talent.” I kissed her nose and withdrew carefully from her.

“Huh,” said Kathy, nose in the air. “Available talent, eh? I’ll get you for that!”

“Come on,” I said, standing up and holding my hand out to her. “Let’s get a shower.”

She grinned and held out her hand and I hauled her to her feet and led the way to the bathroom. I carefully removed the jizz-filled rubber and wrapped it in tissue, ready to go in the trash, then we got into the shower cubicle together and spent a few giggling minutes carefully washing interesting portions of each other’s anatomy. We calmed finally and began to dry ourselves. I keep my hair short, so I knew it would dry quickly in the summer warmth, but Kathy’s brunette tresses were pretty wet.

“Matt, is there a hair dryer I can use?” she asked, wringing the water out of her hair with her hands.

“Use Karen’s. Come on, I’ll show you.” I led the way to my sister’s room and showed Kathy where the dryer was. I left her to it and went back to my room. I dressed in fresh shorts and t-shirt, and threw the extra clothes I would need into a duffle bag, ready to take to the Larson house. Movement caught my eye and I turned. Mom! Oh, shit! Now we were in trouble.

“Hi, son,” she said. “I wondered whose car that was.” She frowned. “I thought you were out in the desert with Todd and the others?”

“We were, but Todd turned his ankle. He couldn’t go on, so we got him to the Interstate and he and I bummed a lift home. We came back yesterday. Mrs Larson loaned me the VW to come and get a change of clothing. She asked me to stay a few days to keep Todd company.” My voice was calm, goodness knows how, but my mind was whirling. I could hear the hairdryer running and I could tell that mom was listening, too. The noise stopped and mom was just opening her mouth to say something when Kathy came bouncing into the room, still naked, happy, smiling and, suddenly, very pink.

“Oh, shit!” said Kathy, turning to run, but mom grabbed her hand.

“Mom,” I said, trying desperately to get her attention on me, but she ignored me.

“Kathy, hon, it’s OK!” said mom. “Honest, sweetheart, it’s OK.”

Kathy faltered, still very pink, not sure where to put her hands. “It’s OK?” she asked in a very small voice.

“Yes, honey,” said mom, enfolding Kathy in a warm embrace. “I guess you two have been taking the opportunity to make love, yes?”

“Well, yes, we have,” said Kathy. “You don’t mind?” she asked, surprise strong in her tone.

“Not as long as you made this careless stud use protection, I don’t,” said mom, smiling at Kathy.

Kathy giggled, probably a little hysterically. “I did.”

I heaved a sigh of disbelieving relief. It looked like mom was OK with this. Well, she had supplied the condoms! My Aunt Diane works at the drugstore and mom didn’t want us both embarrassed. Thoughtful, my mom. Sexy as well. Lucky dad!

“Good,” said mom, then held Kathy at arms length. “Lord, girl, you’re lovely. I’m not surprised Matthew wanted to make love to you. He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

“Oh, no. It was just great!” Kathy’s flush was fading fast but she still looked stunned.

“That’s good, I’m pleased you enjoyed it.” Mom smiled warmly. “Good sex is wonderful, isn’t it? Now, I assume you two are off back to the Larson house?” We nodded. Mom grinned. “Then Kathy had better get dressed. I don’t want the two of you arrested!”

Ten minutes later we were in the VW on our way back to Todd and Lisa. Kathy was laughing. “God, Matt, your mom is incredible!”

“I know, but then I’m biased. It’s nice to have an impartial opinion.” I grinned at Kathy.

She smiled. “I’m not impartial, Matt, I am definitely on your mom’s side.”

“That’s good. She likes you, you know?”

“I guess she does at that. I mean, I come bouncing into your bedroom, barefoot all the way up, and she hugs me and says, was it good?” Kathy laughed, shaking her head. “I think I’m still in shock.” Kathy frowned. “Your mom won’t say anything to mine, will she?” she asked, worried suddenly.

“Relax, sweetheart. I asked her not to say anything to anybody and she promised that she wouldn’t.” I reached over and squeezed Kathy’s hand. “In my whole life I’ve never known mom to break a promise.” And she’s promised to get some more rubbers for us!

“Good, because I want to tell my mom myself. I want to ask her to get me on the pill. I want to feel that lovely cock of yours inside me properly.” Kathy rolled her eyes and licked her lips suggestively.

“That makes two of us,” I said, feeling my prick twitch at the thought. “And here we are, back at the Larson house. Let’s find Lisa and Todd.”

“Oh, yes! I must tell Lisa about your mom!” said Kathy, laughing.

Lisa kartal escort was sprawled on the couch reading a magazine. There was no sign of Todd.

“Where’s Todd?” asked Kathy.

“Upstairs,” said Lisa, “his leg was hurting.” She regarded us shrewdly. “You took your time getting back.”

Kathy laughed. “You’ll never believe what just happened to me,” she said.

“You fucked?” asked Lisa dryly.

“Yeah,” said Kathy dreamily. “It was great! No, afterwards.”

“What about afterwards?” asked Lisa.

“Well, we went into the shower…” Kathy began.

“And fucked again?”

“… and got ourselves clean. No, we didn’t fuck again. We were rushing back here to be with you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Go on. You were in the shower. So what?” said Lisa.

“Well, my hair was kind of wet, so I asked Matt for the loan of a hair dryer and he loaned me Karen’s. Well, we’d just been fucking and I was still naked, so after I’d dried my hair I went bouncing back into Matt’s bedroom for my clothes, and he was talking to his mom!”

“No!” gasped Lisa, hands to her mouth. “What happened?”

“Well, I said something like ‘oh, dear’…”

“No, ‘oh, shit’ was what you said,” I said dryly.

“…whatever. I just turned to run and hide and Matt’s mom grabbed my hand and said, ‘it’s OK, Kathy'” Kathy laughed. “She gave me a hug and asked me if it had been good. Well, I mean, I was in shock!”

“Wow,” said Lisa, laughing. She turned to me. “What about you, Matt, were you still naked?”

“No, I was dressed, it was the time it took Kathy to dry her hair that did it. That was a moment I will treasure,” I said smiling at Kathy.

“Me too,” she said, laughing.

Lisa laughed. “I wish I could have seen it!”

“You would have enjoyed it, I think,” said Kathy. She turned to me. “Matt?”


“Gimme a rubber.”

I grinned at her and reached into my pocket. “Todd?” I asked, handing her the rubber.

“Yep,” said Kathy.

“What about Todd?” asked Lisa.

Kathy hugged her friend. “Well, I rather have the idea that Matt would like to fuck you now, so I thought I’d go and seduce your brother, if that’s all right with you.”

Lisa smiled broadly. “That’s fine by me, Kathy. Any plans on how to go about it?”

Kathy grinned again. “Sophistication! I thought I’d take all of my clothes off in our bedroom, then go into Todd’s room, wave the rubber under his nose and say, ‘fuck me, Todd’.”

I laughed out loud. “That ought to do it!”

“Yeah,” said Lisa, “that’s sophistication, Kathy. A whole new definition.”

Kathy smiled, waved the rubber at us and went towards the stairs. I turned to Lisa and held out my hands. She took them and I pulled her gently towards me and kissed her. “Where?” I asked.

“Your room,” Lisa replied. “Kathy had you there last night, now it’s my turn.”

“Come on.” We went upstairs hand in hand. Kathy was just coming out of the bedroom she was sharing with Lisa. She had taken a moment to brush her hair out from its usual tied-back state and it hung loose about her shoulders. Otherwise, she was naked. She grinned at us and knocked lightly on Todd’s bedroom door.

“Todd? It’s Kathy. Can I come in?” She didn’t wait for an answer but opened the door and went in. Before it closed behind her we caught a glimpse of Todd. He was naked on his bed, his erection in his fist and a mingled look of embarrassment, shock, amazement and delight on his face at sight of the naked and lovely Kathy. I laughed to myself. ‘Don’t waste it, buddy, you’re in for a treat!’

I turned to Lisa. She had a thoughtful look on her face. I raised a quizzical eyebrow. Lisa grinned.

“I’ve never seen Todd with a hard-on before.”

“Never? You never tried to peep?”

“No, never. I don’t know why. I mean, we’re close, being twins, and we get on well together, which I understand isn’t always the case, but somehow I just never tried to catch him.”

He spied on you, I thought, because he told me, but I didn’t say anything to Lisa. “Come on,” I said, leading her into my room. I closed the door behind us and turned to Lisa. “You still want this?” I asked her gently.

Lisa nodded firmly. “Very much, Matt. When you and Kathy didn’t come straight back I guessed what you must be doing and I got quite envious. And wet!” She giggled. “I had to change my panties.”

“Well, you’d better get them off before they get wet again,” I said, smiling at her.

“Mm, good idea,” said Lisa, unbuttoning her shorts and pushing them down. She stepped out of them and kicked off her sneakers, then took the hem of her t-shirt and stripped it off over her head. Her tits bounced free and she arched her back for a moment, thrusting them towards me, then giggled and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. She paused. “Ready?” she asked.

I indicated the growing bulge in my shorts. “Almost.”

Lisa laughed and stripped off her panties. She stood naked before me for a moment, then pirouetted. “Does this meet with your approval?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.

“You know it does,” I growled.

“Well get your fucking clothes off and show me!” said Lisa, coming close and rubbing the bulge in the front of my shorts.

I smiled and hurriedly removed my clothes, breathing a sigh of relief when my prick sprang free of its restrictions.

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