Chad The Babysitter


Chad The BabysitterMy name is Chad, I am a 45yo bachelor and l live on the ground floor of a converted house with a small secluded garden, I say secluded to all but my neighbours upstairs. Trish was a single mother in her early 30’s, she was smart and professional and we have become good friends although there has never been any romance, she had a teenage daughter, Tammy who I have seen grow and develop into a cute but quite naïve teenager.I have a good relationship with Trish, I do odd jobs for her and she cooks the occasional meal but apart from that and the odd babysitting we keep ourselves to ourselves, always there for each other should the need arise.My job?, well I do a bit of ducking and diving, odd jobs here and there to keep the pennies rolling in but mostly work from home, always happy and cheerful I was also considered a loner, works for me.Truth be told I am a bit of a porn addict, often pleasuring myself watching what was trending but I always keep a check on reality, something was about to change weekend.It was Friday morning and he got a call from Trish; she was all flustered because she had a colleague go sick and now has to attend a conference in town some 80 odd miles away, she needed someone to look after Tammy until Sunday. I had no plans.. “I owe you one Chad” she said with a smile in her tone.Trish text me later to say that Tammy would be there for 3pm and I figured that as they lived upstairs we could just leave our front doors open and come and go as we please, that way she could do her thing and I could do mine; everyone will be happy.Now I am a normal guy, a casual guy and I live alone so I don’t dress up when at home, in fact I don’t dress much at all and sometimes feel being in just my boxer shorts being overdressed, that’s just me and I totally forgot to put shorts on until it was too late,“Oh hi Chad” came the young voice as Tammy poked her head around the door frightening the life out of me, I turned to her from my desk and smiled, “Oh hi Tammy” I said back as she nervously stood at the door, I suddenly realised I was only in my boxers which although I have a good body I am still 3 times her age, it must have been scary although her little chuckle helped.“Oh Tammy, I am so sorry, OMG is that the time” I said stressing out as time had crept up on me, “Calm down, calm down Chad” she cried out, “It’s ok, they’re cute” she said with a rather noticeable giggle but at least it made me feel better, luckily the button was fastened otherwise she might not have been so pleasant.She came into my rather small lounge, it’s a 2 bed so all rooms are quite small but it’s home and cosy and with my work desk being the centre attraction in my lounge there is only room for one other chair, I nice cosy recliner.Tammy looked hot, I had seen her grow over the years and she was developing well, her little titties were starting to grow and her school skirts seemed to be getting shorter, maybe that’s the trend these days.I swung my chair around as she dumped herself in the recliner, she always like to play with it and today was no different as she pulled the lever, her legs flinging forward nearly kicking me in the shins, I demanded she takes her shoes off and as a bonus she took her socks off too, wow” she did have nice feet.Tammy actually felt more comfortable than I did as she played around on my recliner, I wasn’t sure if it was the fact I was only in boxers or that I could see right up her skirt that was making me jittery, Ataköy Escort Bayan maybe a was a mixture of both with the added ingredient that she had no idea she was showing her panties.We talked about nothing in particular, we have always had a good rapport between us but for the first time I was conscious of her flashing her knickers, maybe I was watching too much porn I don’t know, my mind was racing and I don’t know how we got back to the subject of my boxer shorts but she commented, “I seen you in them in your garden Chad” which sort of scared me in a nice kind of way but she was cool and I got the feeling she had no problem with it. I mean, it wasn’t like my dick was hanging out.I had always been there for Tammy growing up, she never knew her father and had never had a boyfriend to my knowledge so she was missing some male influence, hopefully I was filling the void for her being someone she could trust, all the more reason for feeling uncomfortable looking up her skirt, I couldn’t resist as it was like a magnetic force drawing my eyes up to her little white panties. Damn, I could feel myself getting aroused which would not play out well if Tammy got sight of it so I tried to clear my head.Bless her, if she had seen it she didn’t embarrass me further by mentioning it which in some way made me relax further, “Shall we order a Pizza?” I asked much to the delight of Tams, she sat up straight on the chair smiling and then seemed to freeze as she glanced at the bulge that had appeared in my lap, “Awesome Chad” she said as she sat back and reclined again.Tammy put the TV on and I finished off my work while we waited for the food, I kept glancing over at Tams as she chilled out on my recliner, she was positioned on her side with her knees up towards her chin and OMG if only she knew the view that was giving me as her arse was totally exposed, her panties were wedged up her crack and her young pussy bulged between her legs, if the Pizza came now she would have to go because there was no way I could stand up without some kind of embarrassment.Luckily by the time the Pizza arrived my arousal was under control however I still sent Tammy to the door bless her. We finished our meal and I was fully expecting her to want to go upstairs and do her own thing, instead she shocked me, “Shall I go up and get me PJ’s on Chad?” she asked which made me wonder if she knew where she was sleeping tonight.While she was gone I quickly tidied the spare room working on the assumption she was crashing here, as I heard her flat doo slam it kind of confirmed it and when my flat door shut confirmation was confirmed.She walked in cuddling her favourite pillow which I totally understood and directed her to the spare room where she put it on the bed. She looked at me still in my boxers, “No PJ’s Chad?” she asked with a giggle, I smiled back at her, “Sweetheart?, you don’t want me hanging out in what I sleep in, trust me” I said in a sarcastic tone which she saw both the logic and the funny side of, or so I thought.“Oh, so you sleep nudie then” she said as the penny dropped, she raised her eyebrows at me as we both giggled. Gone are the days that people slept in what I call pyjama’s, I sleep naked because I like it and even Tammy’s choice of nightwear left a lot to be desired, a baggy tee shirt that barely covered her arse and the same panties she had on earlier, not even a bra for god’s sake.Of course I allowed her to crash out on the Ataköy Escort recliner while I sat by my desk, we put a movie on and she laid back into her side position and every time we passed a comment on the movie my eyes dropped to her near naked arse, she still had no idea she was fuelling my erection. The movie was long and I could see her struggling as I looked across and saw her eyes closed, bless her she looked so comfortable as I sat back down, my eyes glued to her near naked arse thinking that I could get as close as I wanted as she would never know, I had the devil in me now.I got on my knees behind her and slowly bent my head down to get a close up of the tight white fabric wedged between the cheeks of her arse, her thighs were together and her gusset tight between them, a few dark hairs escaping out the sides, OMG! I could smell the sweet aroma. Her arse was nicely rounded and I was so tempted but I refrained, I sat back in my chair in a daze staring at Tams perfect arse, my cock was rising.She looked so peaceful laying there and I hated myself for looking but it wasn’t often I would be treated to such a lovely sight and when the button on my boxers popped open under the pressure and my cock popped out, what was I supposed to do? She didn’t stir and my cock was throbbing but I didn’t dare get any closer for fear of her waking up, OMG I didn’t want to think of the consequences. I felt so guilty yet so excited at the same time as I slowly rubbed my cock sitting at my desk, at least if she did wake I would have an early warning system in place as she would have to lift her head up to see what I was doing.I focused in on her sweet rounded arse, somehow the fact that her knickers were wedged tightly up the crack was somewhat stimulating, Damn I was throbbing and precum was starting to leak.I know it was wrong but I was well past the point of no return as I started to beat faster having all kinds of thoughts about Tams running through my head but each guilty thought seemed to excite me even more, I was sick and I knew it but I was also possessed by something I had no control over.I broke my rule and got up and moved closer, I knew I shouldn’t as I was getting so close to blow but my focus was squarely directed at her rounded cheeks, ‘NO CHAD, DON’T DO IT CHAD!’ went through my head as my cock exploded in my hand, OMG where was all this cum coming from, it shot right across the carpet with some landing right on the poor girls arse cheeks.I am so busted, I thought and started to panic grabbing a tissue and wiping the mess from the carpet and then peered over the arm of the recliner to see cum on her arse cheeks, OMG how lucky was I that she hadn’t even stirred as the hot liquid landed on her, getting it off wont be so easy though.I reached forward with the tissue but backed off as I knew it would surely wake her, I looked down and saw a droplet of cum running down her cheek towards her crack, I had to act fast.. but how?I took a gamble and leant forward and ran my tongue up the entire length of her crack licking up my own cum as I went, ‘Mmm’ I thought, it didn’t taste too bad and she didn’t move a muscle, will I be so lucky with the rest. I remembered Trish had told me she was a heavy sleeper to I decided it was worth a chance so took up my position and proceeded to lick my own cum off the cheeks of her arse, I was having quite a feast and actually enjoying the taste but keeping vigilant for any movement. Even Escort Ataköy by my standards I thought I did a good job but whatever was possessing me wasn’t satisfied and her arse looked so inviting, her pantie wedged crack calling my name, I had to go back for queen and country.Checking her eyes which were firmly shut I assumed my earlier position and gently licked up and down her arse crack checking for any movement each time, damn this girl was a heavy sleeper.I may have got carried away as my tongue wandered south licking the tight white gusset which covered her young pussy, again not even a murmur.As my tongue flicked her arsehole my nose pressed against her puffy pussy, swollen and squeezed out by the pressure of her thighs being tight together, it didn’t spoil my passion and if anything it enhanced it. I needed to quite soon as my luck could run out, quit while you’re winning is not a bad motto plus my cock was coming back to life, I just couldn’t tear myself away as my tongue dug deep in her arse, I had managed to get it past the tight fabric into her little shaded area and boy, didn’t it taste nice.I reached up and pulled her panties clear and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her little shaded hole which glistened with droplets of my saliva, Mmm it did look so inviting as it seemed to pout at me and I just couldn’t resist as I bowed my head with my tongue hitting the target first time, the taste of her arse blew my mind as I pushed it slowly in.She never moved an inch nor did her breathing alter while I tongued her sweet hole but I needed to stop, my cock was throbbing and I knew the longer I stayed down there the more chance of getting caught, I didn’t want to take the chance.I stood up putting my cock away while looking down on the sleeping beauty, I guessed she was out for the night so I decided to leave her, she knew where her room was so I retired to mine leaving the door open just in case she had a problem. I slipped my boxers off and laid on my bed covered by a thin blanket as it was too hot. I couldn’t sleep as thoughts of Tammy ran through my mind, driving me crazy as I never had these thoughts before but I am 45 and male.. of course I am going to have thoughts.. surely?I was fighting against myself, my desires and my fantasies but well aware I was in a position of trust too, I didn’t have the heart to break that trust nor did I want to, I had to find a way to get through to Sunday with my reputation intact… At least I was able to empty my nuts.The pleasing thought was that we could do our own thing during the day so I just had to navigate tomorrow evening and her mum will be back, easy when you think about it.. what could possibly go wrong?I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was woken by the early morning sun shining through my window, I was laying on top of the bed, the thin sheet was on the floor and the flat was totally silent.OMG! A thought suddenly hit me, what if Tams woke up and went to bed and saw me naked on top of my bed? I didn’t think too much as I got up and slipped my boxer shorts back on to hide my morning wood.I looked out into the lounge and the chair was empty so was actually glad that she had found her way to bed and a quick peek into the spare room confirmed it, Tammy was sound asleep in her bed, a thin sheet covering her.I decided I needed coffee, I was determined to carry on my normal routine and was sure that Tammy would get up whenever she was ready, at least it allowed me some alone time to sort myself out.I took a long cool shower and drank my coffee, I decided to wait until Tammy saw the light of day before making breakfast, it still bothered me whether she saw me on top of the bed, I doubt I will ever know the answer.To Be Continued …..

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