CFNM Party Slave


Sydney surprised me by saying, “You left your computer on and I couldn’t help noticing the website that was up.”

“Oh, oh,” I thought. “I wonder what I left on.” Aloud I only said, “Yeah?”.

“Not one that we haven’t visited together. Literotica.” (Relief on my part. We often read stories aloud to each other on Literotica.) “But I noticed the topic was CFNM. I didn’t know that interested you.”

I confessed that it was a fetish that intrigued me. That the idea of being exposed and vulnerable to one or more women was exciting.

Grabbing my now hard cock she said, “I’ll say. Just talking about it has you excited!” She threw a leg over me, straddled me, and guided my cock into her pussy. She slowly began to move up and down. Her gorgeous tits hung down towards me and when she leaned forward I smothered my face between them. As she rocked her hips up and down she declared, “Well, we are home tomorrow. We may just have to explore this fantasy of yours.”

“I’m game,” I replied.

“One more thing though. As I understand it, part of CFNM is that the male is subservient and must follow the female’s orders. I want a commitment that you will do that. Let’s say from 8:00 AM to 4 PM tomorrow. Eight hours ought to tell you if this is really something you like.”

“‘I’m game.” I repeated as I shot my cum. “Oh my god.” I shook as I climaxed. When she felt me climax she also did so with a loud scream. I continued, “Just talking about it had me so worked up I couldn’t last any longer.”

She reassured me, “Don’t worry. I think we both got satisfied!” As she got off of me our fluids dripped down drenching my pubic hairs. I got up, cleaned up, returned, and we fell asleep spooned together.


Sydney and I had been dating for a few months and were semi-living together. She is a beautiful, sexy woman. Average height. Some might call her a bit overweight, but she has perfect, sexy curves. Nice breasts. Strong shapely legs. Hair dyed a sexy auburn and deep brown eyes. She was 50 years old. I was 65, six feet tall, 240 pounds, graying hair. And I knew that I was lucky as hell to be in a relationship with her; my sexual prowess was showing its age as far as erectile hardness and performance. There are times that my hands and mouth must take over and she seemed to be enjoying that.


Morning dawned. I eagerly climbed out of bed at 7:00, excited for what the day might bring. While Sydney read a book I did my morning business- bathroom needs, showering, shaving, etc. I returned to the bedroom at around 8:00. Sydney looked up from her book.

“What are you doing with that robe on? Off with it.”

I sheepishly took off my robe and stood before her. “That’s better. Now, for the next 8 hours you have agreed to serve me however I ask you to. I will not require anything way out of bounds. Are you still up for that? It looks like you are.” My prick was semi-hard.

“Yes, Sydney. I am at your disposal.”

“Okay then. You go to the kitchen and surprise me with a nice breakfast. I want it to include bacon though. And make enough for yourself also.”

“Yes, Sydney.”

“Call me Princess for the day. I’ll call you Slave.”

“Yes, Princess.” I headed for the kitchen and began making bacon, eggs, and toast. As the bacon cooked I experienced an occasional spatter from the pan. Mostly on my stomach but a couple landed on my cock. Not pleasant. I’m pretty sure she asked for bacon on purpose.

Sydney walked into the room. She had dressed in a tight white T-shirt, obviously braless, and a short denim skirt. She knows I have a thing for short, denim skirts. I realized then that she planned to drive me nuts today.

She sat at the table and watched me cook for a minute. “Well?”

“What, Princess?” I asked.

“I think you should have asked if I needed anything by now.”

“I’m sorry, Princess. Is there anything I can get you?”

“I think a nice Mimosa would be in keeping with today’s theme. None for you though.”

I grabbed the OJ from the refrigerator and a mini size bottle of champagne. After pouring them together I placed it in front of her. She sipped it as I placed our two plates on the table and started to sit.

“Hold on. I think I would enjoy my breakfast more with you providing me some scenery. Stand to the side here and eat standing up.” I held my plate, stood in her view and began to eat. As she ate and sipped her drink, Sydney made a show of ogling me. Her eyes traveled up and down my body making obvious stops at my midsection. After a few minutes she said, “I want a different view. Turn around, Slave.” I did so and finished my meal. All I could do was wonder where she was looking.

“Slave, you can set your plate down and step back towards me.”

“Yes, Princess.” I did so.

“Widen your stance.” I did that. Next thing I knew her hand came up between my legs and grabbed my balls. She massaged my balls. Keeping her grip Antalya Escort on my balls she pulled me closer, reached around with her other hand, and grabbed my cock. I started to moan in pleasure but stifled the sounds thinking they might be unwelcome. “You have permission to audibly respond.” I resumed my moaning as she worked my cock. As she pumped me harder my moans became louder. I could feel a climax building. I knew I was about to cum. Just when I was about to explode, she stopped pumping and pinched the base of my cock to stop the cumming. I tried to buck my hips to finish but her hand left my balls and slapped my ass hard. “Stop that! You didn’t really expect to cum so early in the day, did you?

“No, Princess.”

My prick began to lose what hardness it had and she released her grip. “Now get to work cleaning up this kitchen while I finish my drink and watch you work in all your naked glory.” So I did the dishes and cleaned up. Whenever I walked by Sydney she gave my ass a grab, my cock and balls a fondle, or my cock a sharp flick with a finger. She was definitely enjoying her role.

When the kitchen was up to her standards she said, “Bring in the morning paper and meet me in the living room. I’d like a nice relaxing time to read the paper and maybe part of my book.”

“But, Princess….” She shut me down with a look, I was about to complain that the paper was outside. I could only hope that it had landed near the door. I went to the front door and, standing to the side, opened it and peeked out. Could be better, could be worse. The paper was about three quick steps out. I didn’t see any cars or pedestrians approaching. So, hoping no neighbors were looking out, I popped out the door, grabbed the paper, and dashed back in.

I turned towards the living room seating area. Sydney had the biggest grin on her face!

“Very funny, my Princess.”

“Ahem. What’s this ‘my’ stuff? You don’t own me. In fact today is quite the reverse. Let’s not make that mistake again. Bring that paper here… No, leave it banded up for now.” She took the paper. “Now turn around.” She spanked my ass 10 times with the rolled up paper.

“My apologies, Princess. I won’t say that again.”

She held out the plastic paper bag and rubber band. I took them and delivered them to the trash.Then I returned to the living room. Sydney was getting comfortable on the sofa to read the paper. “I could use a human footstool.” She pointed at the floor in front of her. I got down on the floor. She lifted her legs and I crawled in front of her trying to keep my peek at her legs and panties unnoticeable. I got away with it. She dropped her legs and feet onto my back and began to read.

I stayed on my hands and knees supporting her legs and feet for about 20 minutes. Then she curled her legs up onto the sofa and said, “My footstool needs a height adjustment. Lay on your back.” I rolled onto my back and Sydney handed me a pillow for my head while she placed her right foot on my chest. Her left foot guided my cock so it pointed towards my navel. She then planted her left foot firmly on my cock. As she continued her reading she occasionally flexed and moved her foot on my prick. Enough to keep me excited, but not enough that I climaxed.

When I started to respond by pushing back she reprimanded me. “Be still.” I stopped. But I really, really wanted more!

After about 30 minutes of that pleasant torture Sydney put down her book- she had long before finished the paper. She lifted her legs and said, “Rub my feet, Slave.” I rose up to my knees and she dropped her feet to the carpet. I lifted her left foot and began to massage it. I alternated between rubbing with the flat of my hands and higher pressure with my thumb and fingers. When she shut her eyes in pleasure I was able to glance up her skirt and admire her strong thighs and cotton panties. She gave off frequent moans of enjoyment. It was rewarding to see a slight damp spot in the crotch of the panties. My massage work earned me a “Perfect, Slave. Now the other.” I repeated the work on the other foot.

“My toes could use a good sucking.” I raised her foot (which improved my view) and took her big toe and a couple more into my mouth. I sucked on them and worked my tongue around them convincing myself that they tasted good. I worked my way across her toes and then licked the whole bottom. I moved back to her left foot and repeated the process.

“Now my legs. Work your way up.” This was a welcome demand and I immediately began to massage her left calf, one hand on each side, rubbing and kneading the muscles. After I had rubbed as high as her knee she dropped that foot to the floor and I moved to the right calf and knee. The wet spot in the panties was now enough to better make out the shape of her pussy lips underneath.

After massaging up to her knee for a while I tentatively moved up above her knee. As my hands caressed her sexy thighs she nodded to reassure me. I let my fingers get closer Antalya Escort Bayan and closer to her panties. When I was just barely touching them I pulled back my hands. She started to protest until she realized that I was switching to her left thigh.

“Mmm. Yes,” she said as my fingers approached her panties.

“Slave, kiss my cunt through my panties.”

“Okay, Princess.” I was quick to agree.

She shifted to the front edge of the sofa, her skirt riding up some as she moved. I started to move in, but apparently not fast enough because she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face into her crotch. I inhaled her wonderful, intense scent. I enthusiastically began kissing her pussy through the panties. I kissed her up and down her slit multiple times. She grabbed my head again and forced it against her. I stayed tight and nuzzled into her panties using my lips and tongue. I could taste her sex through the panties.

Then Sydney pulled my head away and lifted her hips off the sofa. “Pull them off!” I grabbed the sides of the panties and pulled them down her legs and off of her feet. My senses were overwhelmed. In front of my eyes was her bare, gorgeous, moist pussy. The aroma of it flooded into my nose. My mouth was already full of the taste of it.

I moved my face in again and planted light kisses all around her slit. Then tender licks. I breathed in deeply to enjoy the smells. Then I began using my tongue and lips, covering the whole area of her pussy. My nose was buried- first in her bush as my lips worked her pussy and then in her slit as my tongue licked her taint. My senses of taste and smell were overwhelmed with pleasure. Then I began to concentrate on her clit with my tongue. Alternating light rapid licks with wrapping my lips around it and applying more pressure. Sydney was moaning in pleasure. I took my mouth from her clit and worked my tongue into her pussy. Then back to the clit as I pushed two fingers into her.

Sydney forcibly pulled my head into her pussy as she screamed. “Here I cum! Oh, my god!” Her hips bucked against my mouth as her hands pulled my face against her. I felt more of her juices and eagerly licked them as they came.

“Very good, my Slave. Finish cleaning me like that and slip my panties back on.” I did so.

When I stood up she reached out and pulled me toward her using my cock as a handle. She wrapped her hand around it and began to jerk me off. Some precum formed at my tip. She leaned forward. Thinking she was going to take me into her mouth I shifted forward towards her. Her head drew back and she slapped my cock a few times. “None of that! You are not to be pushy.”

She leaned forward again and spat onto my cock. She rubbed my precum and her saliva all over my cock and smoothly moved her hand up and down over it. She fondled my balls with her other hand. I felt my climax building and began to move my hips. When I was about to explode she stopped and firmly pinched the base of my cock. In desperation I thrusted my hips. For this I received a few strong slaps on the back of my thigh. “Not yet!” When she was sure she had stifled my climax she released my cock and sat back.

“Actually, you will spend the rest of the morning cleaning this place up. Kitchen cupboards wiped down, kitchen floor mopped, dusting in these rooms, and vacuuming. And whatever else you notice. I will enjoy myself watching my naked slave work. I want everything spic and span because I have some company coming for a lunch party.”

“Princess, where will you want me? Hidden in the bedroom?”

“Oh, no, Slave. What fun would that be? You are going to be cooking and waiting on us! Showing off your old man body.”

Oh, my. That was more than I was expecting. “Who is coming, Princess?”

“You will find out when they arrive.” They. So more than one.

I spent the rest of the morning doing the cleaning. Sydney read and watched me work teasing me with upskirt views of her thighs and panties. Occasionally she got up pretending to be evaluating my work, coming near me to grab my ass, flick my prick, or to hug me from behind pressing her body against me.

When I had the house up to her standards, Sydney allowed me to sit and wait for the guests. She told me to think about what to serve.

At last the doorbell rang. I looked at Sydney. She looked back. “Well, Slave, answer the door. See that our guests are made welcome.”

I went to the door, opened it a crack, and peeked out. On the stoop were Eleanor and Sarah. Eleanor is a good friend of Sydney’s. They are about the same age. Eleanor is medium height and on the heavy side. She has a nice, pleasant face. Dark hair that at that time was starting to turn gray. She was wearing slacks and a silk top.

Sarah, however, was a different story. She is Sydney’s daughter, about 30 years old at that time. When she and my daughter shared an apartment, Sarah visited me and pretty much seduced me. Not that I minded. (If interested, see Tom Escort Antalya Had a Problem.) She is an athletic looking, sexy young woman who was wearing a short black leather skirt topped by a tight black blouse.

Staying behind the door I opened it all the way and invited them in. When I closed the door after them they made sure to look me over and run their hands over a few areas of my body. Eleanor exclaimed, “It looks like Sydney actually did it! This should be a fun afternoon!”

Sarah called out, “Hi, Mom. We’re here.”

They followed me into the living room, joining Sydney. They sat and Sydney gave me a long look.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Princess. Can I get anyone a drink?” They put in their orders and I went to make them. While I did so I heard much talking and giggling. I have no doubt what the topic of discussion was. I returned to deliver the drinks.

When I went by Sarah she grabbed me by the cock and balls. She spoke as if she were addressing them. “I haven’t seen you guys in a while.” She planted a kiss on the tip and released me. I went to the kitchen and began assembling a plate of sandwiches to offer. I poured some chips into a bowl and returned to the women with the plate, bowl, and 3 empty plates.

I handed each a plate and they passed around the sandwiches and chips. Princess Sydney allowed me to eat a sandwich standing in the middle of the seats. When I finished the sandwich Sydney asked, “Eleanor, would you enjoy a foot massage?”

“That would be lovely!” Eleanor kicked off her shoes. Her feet were bare under the shoes. I knelt and spent the next 15 minutes massaging her feet. Partway through I felt Sarah’s foot moving between my thighs. She had slid her chair closer behind me. She rubbed my balls and cock with her stocking clad foot for several minutes. The smoothness of the stockings was heaven on my privates. She took her foot away and grabbed my cock with her hand, played with him a bit, and then stopped right when I started to get into it.

Eleanor stopped me and stood. She dropped her slacks to her ankles and sat back down. “Take those off and massage my legs.” Alternating legs, I massaged her chubby calves, one hand on each side. Peeking upwards my view was of two large thighs topped by her white cotton panties. The gusset area was hidden between the top of her thick thighs. At least, until I moved up above her knees. She separated her legs to give me better access and I massaged her thighs as I had her calves. She moaned in appreciation. A few minutes in I began to let my hands brush against her pussy through her panties. “Mmm. More of that please.” I could now freely observe. Wisps of pubic hair poked out the sides of her panties. Through her moistening pantiesI could see that her labia lips were swelling.

Eleanor reached out and pulled my face into her pussy. For the second time that day I found myself kissing and sucking a pussy through panties. Her thighs pinched my head between them. Within minutes Eleanor was humping her hips and exclaiming, “Yes, Yes, Here I cum!” The wetness of the panties multiplied and I got a good taste of her juices right through them. She pulled my head away and lightly stroked herself as she came down from her climax.

Sarah piped up, “My turn!” She slid her chair back and held up one stocking clad foot. I ran my hands over her foot, silky smooth from the material. I massaged up to her knee and repeated on the other leg. It did not take long for me to see that she wore no panties to cover her pretty pussy, clean shaven with a cute landing strip above. When she noticed my looks she gave a big grin. Next my hands explored her muscular thighs, rubbing under the sexy skirt. I lightly stroked the bare skin above her stockings. The back of my fingers teased her pussy lips a bit.

“Dive in,” she said as he nudged my head. She did not need to say that twice. The skirt was too tight to get my head in so she scrunched it up to her waist and my lips moved up to her crotch. The scent of the leather mixed with her pussy was heavenly. The taste of her pussy likewise.

I glanced at Eleanor and Sydney. They both had a hand on their pussy. Eleanor had not put on her slacks. She was rubbing herself through her soaking wet panties. Sydney had her skirt hiked up and was rubbing her bare pussy. However, Sarah’s pussy beckoned and I continued to worship that.

“Okay, okay. Now concentrate on my clit.” I did so, alternating between light licks of my tongue and rougher sucking between my lips. Occasionally I gave her full pussy a long lick, feeling her wetness cover my whole face. “Oh, my, god.” She bucked her hips as she came. “Slower now. Lighter. Yes, yes, yes.” She pushed my head away.

When Sarah had recovered, Sydney said, “Sarah, come sit between Eleanor and me here on the sofa.” Sarah did so. “Now, Slave. I think you deserve some nice TLC. Come lay across our laps.” I started to do so. “No. Face down.” My cock ended up wedged against the leather of Sarah’s skirt. My face was on Eleanor’s bare thighs, eyes close to her panties. Sydney rubbed her hands up and down my legs. Soon Sarah was massaging my ass and Eleanor my neck and shoulders. I was practically purring with pleasure.

Eleanor commented, “Even slaves deserve some pleasure.”

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