Centurion and Barbarian Princess


It was a dark and stormy night at the camp. The rain was pouring down, drenching the Roman soldiers which had to stand outside to guard the camp.

Barbarians, mostly Celtic tribes had been attacking them for days already – killing soldiers in the forests and stealing horses, food, and weapons if they could.

However, this time they could celebrate a small win. They captured the princess of a nearby tribe and brought her straight to their Centurion, who was leading them against the Barbarians.

His tent was the biggest one in the camp, with carpets, chairs, a table with wine and a bowl piled with fruits. Everything was in a dark red colour and a fireplace in the middle of the tent gave off heat.

A wooden pillar near the fire was for special guests, for chaining up and questioning them mostly.

Even a big bed was there, where he quite regularly had some fun with his mistresses. Some even came with the Romans from Italy to this new country, called Britannia.

It was cold and not as sunny as his home, but he would go back as soon as he managed to make the barbarians bow to their new ruler, the Roman Caesar.

Two soldiers were needed to bring the prisoner, who was wriggling madly, to their Centurion. She was screaming and kicking, her long hair all over her face.

The Centurion turned over when he heard them entering with the prisoner. He has studied some maps to think of possibilities for attacking, but this could wait now. Walking over slowly, looking at the wild wriggling creature he said: “Chained her up at the pillar, I will question her with my methods.”

Like Nemesis, the Greek goddess of revenge, she stared and him with her intense glowing dark eyes and then spit on his shiny breastplate, which was decorated with the golden head of a lion.

He wasn’t surprised. Barbarians didn’t know how to behave at all. All that they would learn as soon as people like him could show them the right Roman way of living.

He quite enjoyed it when his prisoners were a bit stubborn. It would be a lot of fun to make her talk.

If she was even able to speak his language. Even if not, she was pretty. And somehow special. He didn’t know what to make of her, but he would find out soon. He was intrigued.

Another mistress for him maybe. A wild one he could tame like a stallion, just in his bed.

Her face has been painted with symbols, but the colour was nearly gone because of the rain. The Celts did this to praise their gods. It was for good luck and to frighten their enemies.

“Take off her armour, then chain her up.”

His soldiers did what he commanded them. It was very difficult as she was defending herself quite impressively. To help his men the Centurion stepped forward and held a dagger to her throat. “Keep calm, I just want to ask you a few questions”. Still staring at him in a rage, she stopped moving. They removed all she was wearing except a knee long cotton tunic which was soaked from the rain.

After chaining her to the pillar, the men left, leaving her alone with their leader.

Her name Ailís, which meant the generous one. Still, for a female barbarian, she was attractive. Without the colour on her face being nearly washed away and her armour gone, he could see that her body was nicely shaped Kastamonu Escort and her face far prettier than he would have thought it to be for a foreign tribe living in the woods of such a godforsaken place.

Her curves were at the right places, apple-like breasts, moving up and down while she was breathing heavily, her heart still beating quickly from her fight with the soldiers. Frail-looking wrists and ankles, although he knew she was capable of fighting like a wild cat. Especially with sword and shield. Firm thighs leading promisingly to the area between her legs.

His eyes were glowing and looking forward to experiencing her body.

The Centurion turned around and went back to his desk, studying plans, eating an apple.

After a while, he asked: “When will your people attack next?”

She kept staring at him but in her eyes, he seemed to see an understanding. Not as stupid as the others he had caught and questioned, she seemed to understand him.

“So, I assume it will be soon. They might want to try to save you but we will give them a nice welcome. More soldiers are coming with ships in a few days to conquer this country and either kill off your kind or make them slaves. Or, if some of you are a good example, try to adapt to the progressive Roman way of living.”

He came closer to her, kneeled down. His hand grabbed her chin, taking a closer look at her delicate jaw bones and dark eyes. He seemed to lose himself for a while whilst looking at her…

She didn’t move but his eyes watched her.

They were grey, with sprinkles of gold and brown.

He got up again, turning his back to her. She was not a threat to him in her state. Tied to the pillar she was helpless.

He started to remove his armour.

His way of looking at her had confused her. He was incredibly attractive for a Roman, even if she shouldn’t even think that. She was a prisoner. They might even kill her.

But she observed him, even if she did not mean to do so. His arms were well trained from fighting, his shoulders strong, his breast muscles bulging and his stomach flat.

He was standing in front her now, just wearing a short red piece of cloth wrapped around his slim waist. His legs were muscular from marching she guessed.

No doubt he was a warrior. And she was impressed although she would never have admitted that. She thought Romans were just weak creatures, hiding behind walls of shields. But he seemed different. She knew a fighter when she saw one.

His body shape was perfect for a man and she could not stop staring.

She wanted to be angry. But it was like the cold rain had extinguished the fire that had burned brightly withing her a moment ago. His presence made her feel weak.

She wanted to hate this man, who tried to make her betray her kin. Yet his voice, his erotic charm and his eyes were catching her in a way she didn’t expect.

“You like what you see, do you?”, he knelt down again and took her head between his hands, his mouth very close to her ear, whispering:

“I don´t care when your people will attack. I am prepared for every occasion,” he paused,

“I will make you mine. Maybe we don´t have to fight them, as they will follow you…”

The skin in her Kastamonu Escort Bayan neck and all over her was going all goose-pimply. Even her nipples got hard as the Centurion could see under her tunic. His voice drove her mad. It was deep and husky.

She tried to fall back before him but the pillar in her back didn’t let her move anywhere and he still had her head in his hands.

Then he started stroking her cheek, drawing her jawline, his thumbs on her lips.

“Do you wanna play with me or against me, princess?”

He moved his head, his face very close to hers now.

She didn’t move. Stunned by him being so close, smelling so good and clean…

He moved his head up, kissed her forehead, her nose, her, cheekbones, the upper part of her lips and her chin.

One of his hands moved to the back of her head and pulled her forward, kissing her lips.

Aili’s body was on fire. His kisses had a heady effect on her. She couldn’t resist. And kissed him back. Passionately.

He smiled about this unexpected expression of hers. Pushing his tongue gently in her mouth and they started a lustful competition.

Her lap was burning for lust for this stranger.

Still chained on the pillar, this Roman warrior, still kissing her, let one of his hands wander up her thighs, under her tunic. Finding her hot spot. He was quite pleased. She was dripping already.

His fingers played with her swollen lust and covered her thighs with hot juice. She moaned softly in-between his kisses, moving her hips towards his experienced fingers.

Suddenly he moved back, grabbed her thighs, pulled up her tunic and put his head between her legs. Ailis could not move as her hands were still chained and her body stretched now. He was holding her legs. And he was strong. His arm muscles were tensed while holding her legs, she could have still tried to kick him

At first, she really wanted to kick him away but as his tongue found the right place her body became limp and she could not control it any longer.

Everything she could do was to moan silently, her body twitching ecstatic.

He was smiling: “Sing for me, my little princess. Let everyone know that you are mine…”, then his head went down again to eat her out passionately. “You taste so sweet…”, he whispered, his face wet with her lust.

He could feel that she was going to cum soon. That was the plan. After that, she would be ready for him. He went on, playing with her pearl. Sucking, twisting, licking it. Tasting her as her screams went louder and louder.

Then her whole body tensed and her back arched, her mouth opened to a loud scream, her thighs, twitching in his hands, his mouth still eating her.

When her body sagged, he let her down and unchained her. Then he removed her tunic and looked at her, just the fireplace was spending some light so he could enjoy the view.

“Yes”, he thought, “We will have a lot of fun”. He took her in his arms and brought her to his bed. “What are you doing to me”, she whispered in her strong, foreign accent.

He just smiled and kissed her forehead, laying her down on his massive bed.

He was hard. And he wanted to thrust inside her over and as deep as she could take it. He wanted to hear Escort Kastamonu her scream his name as she prayed to her foreign gods.

He bent over her, kissed her face again, her neck, her shoulders. Then he touched her breasts. They were small but kinky. He played with her nipples, sucking them. Letting his tongue circle around. Making them hard again.

Ailis, totally caught by this feeling of passion running through her veins like liquid fire, grabbed his hair, which was longer than the Romans usually wore, but she liked it. The fire made

it look reddish-blond.

She sighed tenderly, nestling her body on his, feeling him being hard for her.

She wasn’t able to think straight. Her whole mind was captured by this strange man. This soldier belongs to those who captured and killed so many of her kin.

His mouth found hers again and they kissed each other rather violently, their bodies pressing against each other, sweating, willing, pulsating with lust.

He removed the last bit of his clothes and forced himself between her legs, his impressive cock twitching in anticipation, already wet with his cum. Being impatient to finally thrust into her.

“Take me”, she begged and moved her lap even closer to his erection.

He smiled. And it was beautiful. His face was handsome, his body strong. She wanted nothing more than to have him inside her.

His arms next to her head, he put his whole weight on her, positioning his cock in front of her, just dipping the tip in.

She twitched under his body, “Please, I want you, please…”, her accent was thick but he knew in which state she was. He could do everything to her now. She was his.

With one movement of his hip, he was inside her, pressing until he couldn’t get any further. Feeling the tight, hot wetness of her. Her fingernails were scratching his back, she bit him in the shoulder and spread her legs, even more, to make it easier for him.

They moved together like a unit, her hands wandering down, holding his firm ass and forcing him to push even harder and deeper, while she moaned lustfully.

It was a joy looking at her. She was a specimen of her kind and he would try to keep her. Making her love him. Screaming his name in ecstasy every night and show her what he was able to do with her body.

“Ailis , Ailis you are so beautiful…”, he whispered in her ear.

He wanted to fill her with everything he could offer. Over and over again. Smashing his hips against her. Deeper and deeper. Her body under him. Her soft skin, her sweet smell, her moans just all alone for him.

It would be over soon. He stopped and looked in her eyes, which were woozy by pure lust, her back stretched in his direction to feel as much of him as possible.

He took her head between his hands, pressed his forehead against hers, both sweating and breathing heavily, and kissed her deeply. Then he went on moving, not stopping to kiss her but smashing her harder and harder with every thrust. Her screams crushed by his lips on hers.

And he came. He just pushed into her and held it while the unstoppable orgasmic wave made his body shiver and let him groan loudly. Her body was drawing him inside to take everything of him. Screaming his name. Pulsating around his cock he was pumping everything he had inside her. Her nails in his back, her moans together with his, they sank together.

Ailis was exhausted and didn’t move. He took her in his arms, kissing her neck, not letting go of her…

Maybe they could make peace with each other. Maybe the killing could stop…

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