Caught In Training


Her beauty was obvious, she was the essence of femininity. She moved in a feline manner, her eyes pierced the soul of all who matched her gaze. I was helpless. There was no point in denying my lust, the ache in me grew every time I saw her walk through the office. She and I had exchanged glances several times this week. She had appeared from nowhere, long brown hair, eyes dark and searching, her face classically shaped, she was almost statuesque in appearance, but for all her classical beauty there was a quality that shone through.

A quality that she subconsciously portrayed. It was this quality that was causing the ache in me. It was Friday, a dress down day, a day when we could, with in reason, wear what ever we wanted. Becky had chosen to wear a top that clung beautifully to her slim torso. It ended just below her perfectly formed breasts and revealed her delicately tanned midriff. She wore jeans that were low cut, so low cut that when she bent over to talk to her companion across the desk they revealed the top of her black G string, it’s material obviously flimsy. As I viewed this scene her legs appeared more parted than in reality, I saw her slide her jeans over her thighs and allow them to drop onto the call centre floor. I observed her leaning forward, the fullness of her pussy enhanced by the flimsy material that now clung to her swollen lips. Her hand moved under the sodden material in a circular motion, the sound of her arousal apparent when she inserted a finger into her moist hole, her breathing rapid, she gently moaned as her arousal produced more of her female lubrication.

I snapped back to reality, “could you help me?” she asked. Becky stood there, requiring nothing more than information. “I don’t quite understand the information on my screen, and wondered if you knew what it meant.” I was forced to rise and move over to her desk, I was praying she hadn’t noticed my cock straining against the material of my jeans. She glanced down quickly in the direction of my arousal and then her eyes made contact with mine, for that instant I felt as though all my thoughts of her and my images of her self gratification had been revealed. The moment disappeared kartal escort as quickly as it had came and with it my arousal. Still feeling embarrassed I explained what the system error meant and returned to my desire.

The day dragged on I had not seen Becky all afternoon and to be honest it was a bit of a relief. I had returned to normal without her gorgeous form tantalising me and had calmed down by the time I went off to the training room to prepare a briefing for my team. I was preparing a powerpoint presentation when I noticed the door to the adjoining training room was slightly open. It was unusual as it was normally kept locked. I went over to close it, as I didn’t want my briefing to be interrupted by anyone using the room next door.

As I went to close the door I noticed a piece of clothing lying on the floor. It looked like a pair of jeans and I quietly opened the door not sure of what I would find. As the door opened I could hear a gentle moaning coming from a far corner of the room. Becky lay back on a desk, one hand cupped the fullness of her breast, her fingers brushing the taught skin before gently squeezing her turgid nipple. Her other hand worked away inside the panties I had fantasised about earlier. Her hand moved slowly inside the flimsy material. Her arousal obvious by the sounds her pussy made as her juices slurped around her probing fingers.

” These must be yours,” I said as I picked up her jeans from the floor. She withdrew her hand from her saturated panties in an instant and sat bolt upright. Her top resting on her pert breasts, her nipples erect disguising none of her arousal. Her flushed face now looked startled. “I’m sorry,” she stammered, ” I noticed you looking at me earlier on today, I saw your arousal when you came over to help me and I have been thinking about your obvious hardness all day.” ” Finally it became too much, I had been sitting at my desk getting wetter and wetter, when they asked for a volunteer to sort out this training room for a briefing I knew it would be my chance to relieve the aching in my pussy.”

” Don’t apologise, the sight of you pleasuring yourself is one of the most kaynarca escort erotic things I have ever seen, I’m only sorry I stopped you.” “Do you still need to satisfy your pussy or have I put you off?” I asked. With that she slipped her panties down her thighs to reveal the soaked material that seconds before had been soaking up her womanly secretions. I could see her juices staining the black material white. The musky aroma of her saturated slit came up to meet me and I could feel my cock straining against my jeans.

“Does this answer your question ” she replied as she slipped two fingers between her bloated pussy lips and scooped out the clear girl juice that continued to seep from her sex. With that she slipped her glistening fingers into my mouth. The bitter sweet taste of her arousal washed across my tongue and I knew I needed to taste more. First I needed to feel the hardness of her nipples in my mouth and with one hand I gently teased and stroked her nipple to full hardness. The other I gently licked sucked and teased with my tongue. My free hand by now had freed my erect cock from its confines and was now sliding my foreskin over my sensitive tip. I felt the first of my pre cum drip on to my finger and I smoothed it over the fully erect head. The rest I smeared across Becky’s parted mouth. She sensed the taste of cock and lapped eagerly at the salty taste.

I eased her panties down her legs. The hand I had used to caress her fully bloated nipple now traced a path to Becky’s neatly trimmed mound, her dampness had seeped upwards and coated the fine hair that surrounded her womanhood. Gently I traced the outline of her lips, my finger moving ever upwards towards the sensitive bud of her clit. I stopped just short and brushed my finger across the sensitive hood that concealed her most sensitive of places.

She thrust her hips forward and clamped my arm between her legs. She moaned aloud as at last the contact she craved was hers. I could feel the hardness of her clit rub against my arm. Her juices coated me as she rubbed herself frantically against me. With an effort I withdrew my arm and pushed her back down on to the desk. kozyatağı escort I quickly forced her legs apart and lowered my head to the heat of her dripping womanhood. The smell was intoxicating and I could hold back no longer. I ran my tongue the length of her slit, her juices coating my tongue and I swallowed all I could.

I flicked my tongue across her sensitive bud and she writhed below me. Her hand had found my aching cock and she was wanking me hard. Her other hand gently cupped my taught sack and I dribbled more pre cum over her busy fingers. I continued to lick her pussy and changing the amount of pressure I applied to her aching clit. Soon I was no longer in control and my face was covered in her juices as she clamped her thighs around my head and thrust her pussy into my face. My hands worked away on her breasts teasing and kneading the pliant flesh. She could hold on no longer and I felt her tense, she arched her back and thrust her sodden gaping slit into my face. She came forcefully calling out obscenities and soaking my face with her girl cum.

I could stand no more and flipped her over her tight sweet ass beautifully framing her soiled womanhood. I slipped my full length in to her moist cavern. Instinctively it clamped around =d my shaft and she bucked with pleasure as I thrust into her. I rode her until once again she cried out, her body tensed and her pussy muscles went into spasm around my thick shaft. As she came her juices coated my length and ran down my balls. I withdrew and turning her over onto her back I slipped my soaked member into her mouth. She feasted hungrily on the come she had coated me with and started to frig her clit furiously with her fingers. The air was filled with the smell of pussy and I could stand no more. I wanked my self hard pumping my fist along my length as I watched her bury yet more fingers into her saturated hole. The sound of her fingers pumping in and out of her soaked pussy took me to the edge. I could hold on no longer and emptied my load firstly over her tits and then over her pussy which was now spilling forth more of her come over sticky fingers. I wiped the last of cum over her lips and she eagerly swallowed the fruit of our lust.

We tidied ourselves up and continued to prepare our briefings. On the way out Becky slipped the sodden material that had covered her pussy into my pocket. “Just in case you need a reminder” she giggled. The swelling in my Jeans told me I was unlikely to forget.

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