Caught By My Step-Daughter Ch. 05


Most recently, and as a departure from our new norm, our family vacation in the Caribbean turned into quite the memorable trip. In an effort to get away from the chill and give my wife a well deserved spring break we took off to the islands, to a nice, upmarket resort that was far away from the hustle and bustle and would give us all a chance to relax and enjoy the sun, beach and just doing not much of anything.

It didn’t take long for Emily and her Mom to choose the place – they wanted a resort that was secluded, but close to town, good food and a European connection so all the guests wouldn’t be Americans. Initially the plan was for the four of us to go, but her son backed out almost immediately leaving a ‘spare seat’ which was very quickly filled by Emily. She begged that we invite Amy, her best friend to come with us.

The flight was short, the staff were there on time and the drive to the resort was quick and easy – all of which was a nice way of easing into a week of chillin’ out but the anxiety, if there was any, of whether the place was ‘as advertised’ quickly waned. It was GREAT! Our ‘cottages’ were four separate luxurious rooms with a private pool just a short walk through the lush gardens from the main complex. It seemed like we were isolated but in fact there were some twenty of these cottages in addition to the more normal hotel like accommodations at the center. The extra expense of the cottage was worthwhile, not just for the privacy but also the morning breakfast service that, in our case was served on the porch adjoining our two rooms.

On our first morning the breakfast came and we all enjoyed it while discussing what we’d do for the day. The consensus was the pool and the beach, some lunch and more pool before dinner. I simply followed the lead of the ladies and we wandered off toward one of the main complex pools which was, as you’d expect, perfect. The attentive staff catered to the whims and wishes, the guests sat and sunned and read and swimmed and we joined them. The sights were tremendous; all these nearly naked beautiful people but even that couldn’t keep me still for too long so, a little while before lunch I took a walk to the beach. It wasn’t far, perhaps 5 minutes before I saw the great expanse of sand and Caribbean sea and a beach that was almost empty. What did surprise me (although it shouldn’t have) was that all the women were topless and some might even have been naked but they were just that little too far away to be sure.

After lunch my wife laid back down by the pool while Emily and Amy floated around and chatted and I read a little enjoying a cold beer. Then, with cold water dripping on me I woke to see Emily standing next to me – and she looked so sexy in her skimpy but decent bikini.

“Dad, you fell asleep” she said

“I guess so” I replied, “and so did your Mom”

“We’re taking some towels and going to the beach for a while, OK?” she said. And, off they went with that jaunty, bouncing titties, excited walk.

A little while later my wife woke from her dozing and said that she was going back to the room for a proper nap. I said that I’d stay a little longer and then join her and I’d tell the girls where she’d gone.

I didn’t pack up our stuff but after a few minutes I decided to go to the beach again and let the girls know we were going back to the room. I scanned the beach and saw what I thought was Emily about a 100 yards away under one of those ‘cabana-beds’ that the resort provides. When I got to them I could see that both girls were topless and, as familiar as I was with Emily’s magnificent C-cups, I could not help staring or getting that turned-on primal rush in my loins.

“I didn’t think you’d go topless” I said.

“Why not?” said Emily, “I’ve been trying to persuade Amy to as well”

“I’m just not comfortable with it” said Amy. “Don’t you think it’s, well, a bit weird?”

“No, I don’t” I said, “but it’s up to you, it’s quite natural and look, everyone else is, in fact several people are completely naked.”

“Oh, OK then, you win Emily.” she said. And she removed her top to reveal what may be even more magnificent boobs than Emily’s. It had been a while since I’d seen them and I’m thinking to myself that she must have had a big boob growth spurt since she turned 18.

I sat and chatted with them a while before saying “Your Mom went back for a nap about an hour ago, so I’m going to head back now – see you later”

Walking into the room I saw my wife walking from the bathroom where she’d obviously just taken a shower. She still looked so sexy and she had this air of carefree about her – a combination of the sun, relaxing, being naked with the breeze of the fan and maybe the glass of wine with lunch. It didn’t even bother her (and it normally would) that the windows and blinds were open so anyone passing could see. But then, the chance of anyone walking by was so remote.

“You look sexy” I said.

“I do, do I” she replied with a not-so-subtle tone of “Yeah, I know” in her voice. “And so do you” she said as she walked toward me Isparta Escort and kissed me in a long, passionate lingering way. She gently pushed me back against the wall and, dragging her hands down from my shoulders, over my chest and thighs, she kneeled down and slowly pulled at my shorts exposing my rapidly hardening cock. She looked up at me and, without a word or moving her hands from my legs took my cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmm” she groaned as she slowly engulfed it and began a gentle rhythm, bobbing her head and bringing me to a rock hard state.

“I love your cock, I love it in my mouth” she said. “It turns me on sooo much and I’m going to do this every day, three times a day at least while we’re here”

She continued to suck me and lick me, professing that she “wanted me to explode in her mouth” followed by “I want to inside me” and then “no I want you to cum all over me” and she did this knowingly. With all our time together she knows I like her taking control, and talking dirty to me. It’s a rare occasion when she doesn’t control it and tell me where to cum, and when to cum. She even likes talking about other cocks and her past experiences like “this reminds me of the time I gave my boss a blow-job at work” or many other stories (and I’m not ever sure how many are real or how many are made up for me).

As she worked on me I just stood there, leaning back in eyes closed pleasure, looking down at her looking up at me and then in (well controlled shock) at Emily and Amy at the open window. The door to their room was opposite ours and there they were watching her Mom working on me and playing with herself. This wasn’t a first for Emily but I think it was for Amy and they just stood there watching and listening.

“I want you to cum all over me” she said, “and then I’m going to make you lick me until you’re hard enough to really satisfy me”.

All this within 15 feet and clear ear-shot of the girls.

And with that she let go of my cock and leaned back a little cupping her tits. “Cum all over me” she demanded opening her mouth. And I did, I jerked my cock the last little bit and looked past my wife at her daughter and Amy while I shot spurt after spurt of cum on her face and tits.

“Wow, you needed that” she said, as she wiped it up sexily with her finger and licked a drop.

“Mmmm, I like that” she said, standing up “now come and rub it all over me and make me all hot and wet.”

As I held her hand and helped her up I sneaked a glance at the window to see the girls quietly stepping away.

Dinner that night was filled with very subtle innuendo. Comments and looks from the girls that I understood but flew by wife but the atmosphere was rampant with heated, screwed up, crazy desire – and I think it was more from them than me. The resort was a long way from full but, as you’d expect, the after dinner social scene was casual and we got to meet some of the other guests, some American and others from all over the world. My wife took a real liking to a family from the midwest, an attractive couple with a nice, but rather bored teenage son. Our conversation continued well into the night and, apparently, some of it went way over my head.

Apparently, I say, because when we got back to the room my wife made some comments that really knocked me sideways. The kids had left before us and we walked slowly (and a little gently) back to our room stopping at one especially secluded bench on the path for a passionate kiss. I love it when she wears nothing but her dress, where I can see the natural movement of her breasts as she walks and where I know, even if no-one else does, that under that pretty dress is her lovely, sexy and probably turned-on pussy. As we kissed I pulled up her dress and felt her butt, sliding my fingers to feel her wetness while she squeezed my cock and pushed her hand down my pants.

“Get it out” she said, sitting on the bench. I did, unzipping my pants so she could take me in her mouth. For the rest of the walk back we kept up the arousing so that once safely in our room we ripped our clothes off and fucked and fucked. It was during a lull that she said “You know, I think that Dan and Jodi may have been feeling us out.”

“Huh, what do mean?” I said.

“Well, I think they may be wanting to swing a little” she said. “And, from what Jodi told me I think they like to go both ways. I’m not sure what tipped me off to that but tell me I’m wrong and hey, it would be fun wouldn’t it? I know you’ve been with a guy before and, quite honestly, as much as you like to hear about me with other guys I’d like to show you.”

The next day started slowly, as vacation days should. After breakfast the girls, and my wife decided to go to the beach for the morning. I left them to it and said I’d join them in an hour or so (vacation or not, there’s always a little work that has to be done). When I started thinking about lunch I figured I’d go to the beach and find them and see if they were ready too. I was pleasantly surprised to find my wife laying topless and asked Isparta Escort Bayan where the girls were.

“Oh, in the water she said, look over there.” as she pointed out Emily and Amy walking towards us with their naked tits immediately triggering that feeling in me. Much as I found my wife sexy I could limit that to when it was appropriate, not so with her daughter; EVERY time I saw her tits I got a twinge in my cock.

“So, what do you think about them being topless?” I said, and before she could answer I added “It’s kind of strange seeing her like this even though there’s been times before at home, she just seems so, what’s the word, grown-up.”

“Well she is grown-up, she’s 18 and when I was 18.” She said before the sentence faded away.

The day ambled along with an unnatural lack of urgency punctuated by food and drink and dips in the pool. We talked at inner with Dan and Jodi and while fun, it seemed like the wives were now great friends while us guys were just getting on as normal new acquaintances do. The kids, Emily, Amy and her son were hanging with a few others when we all decided an earlier night was a good idea.

Having said our goodnights we talked about a quick dip in our private pool before bed as we started to walk back. Then, Jodi yelled something to my wife who went over to her. They talked for a minute or two while we waited before my wife came over and said, “I’m going to stay and chat with Jodi a while, is that OK?”

“Of course I replied, we’ll see you later.”

The girls were adamant that a midnight swim was going to happen which was fine by me except I didn’t really want to join in. No worries, I thought, I’ll grab a beer and enjoy the view. Back at the rooms the girls went to change and I to the mini-bar. Once I got to the pool, which was tucked behind a privacy screen right by our doors the girls were already in.

It did take me a few minutes to realize that they were topless and when I did I said “Hey, should you really be topless in the pool? what would your Mom think?”

“We’re not just topless” Amy said, “we’re naked!” And they climbed out to show me.

“Now, that’s not OK” I said, “Maybe if Mom’s here, but what would she say if she cam back?”

“Oh, she won’t for a while Dad.” Emily said, “Miss Jodi and her have a lot of talking to do, they’ll be ages.”

So, here I am sitting by the pool with two naked hotties standing in front of me, parading their nakedness. This is a level of blatant teasing that hadn’t happened before and I so wanted to do something, but how could I when Mom could come back any minute.

“Dad, you know we watched Mom sucking you don’t you?” said Emily, “Just like before, only this time Amy saw too.”

Before I could answer she added “You remember when…”

“Yes, I do.” I said.

“Well,” said Amy, “We want to do that again, to suck you just like Emily’s Mom did and, maybe, fuck us too.”

“Cummon Dad, get in the pool.” Said Emily.

My mind was racing, I so wanted to touch and be touched, and I’d never experienced them taking such an initiative, but, and a huge but, what if Mom came home? Finding us in the pool, OK, finding us in the pool and the girls topless, mmm, maybe OK. Naked – absolute no and…my mind played with the options.

“If Mom comes home we have our bikinis right here” said Emily pulling her’s up from under the water. “But she won’t, at least for a while” she added.

So, perhaps against my better judgement I changed into my board shorts and joined them. My cock was half hard and flopping around as I stepped down into the pool. I leaned against the side and propped my elbows on the deck as the girls slithered up, one on each side. Their boobs floating half above the water. Amy lifted hers up as if to present them or perhaps it just turned her on and boy were they a sight. She must be a D-cup now, and they were perfect.

“Emily” she said and without a response Emily leaned over and kissed her nipple. Then a hand, Emily’s, squeezed my cock.

“Oh Dad, it’s so hard, already” she said smiling at me and then Amy. “Go on, feel it” she told Amy.

She did and then in a split second she submerged and pulled my shorts down taking me, very briefly, in her mouth. “Wow, that’s hard” she said, staying down and not breathing.

“Hold on” I said, pulling myself up to sit on the deck. My shorts hanging on one foot and my legs spread open so both girls could slide in. They took turns sucking and squeezing my balls, at one time Emily held the base of my cock and offered it to Amy to slurp on. It went back and forth, 10 seconds in one mouth, 5 in the next and all the time they were talking to each other as if I wasn’t there.

“Let’s make him cum”, “Can he cum under water, wonder what that would look like” and then we heard it, all at the same time, the clip, clip of Mom’s flip flops walking up the path. The mad panic move to innocence was surprising quick and drama free so that when she walked around the fence after Emily yelled “Mom is that you, we’re Escort Isparta in here” we all looked so casual and normal.

“Come in Mom” said Emily. “No, not tonight she replied, I’m ready for bed.”

I said “goodnight” to the girls and dried off before joining my wife. She had just undressed and was standing naked as I took off my shorts.

“You look a little fluffed” she said, “can’t keep your eyes off the girls titties, I expect.”

We kissed and hugged and touched, my hand slipping between her legs, fingers probing her wetness while she rubbed my cock to an instant replay of the rock hard state from just a few minutes ago. “Wow” she said, “well I guess they are nice titties, but I get to do this” as she bent down and took me in her mouth.

We fucked, one of those slow, tired but short fucks and, as we drifted off to sleep she said “I was right, about Jodi and Dan, we even talked about it a little, in a general way, not about us. She opened up with some of their fantasies which is kinda weird since we hardly know them, or maybe not, it’s vacation after all…what goes on in the Islands stays in the Islands.”

“Anyway,” she added, “I might learn more tomorrow, we’re planning on going shopping in town, are you OK with that, staying here with the girls?”

Everyone left shortly after breakfast and my wife said she’d be back for dinner. So, I’m all alone and the girls are off at the beach. They said they were meeting Jodi’s son and we planned to have lunch so I was just going to chill around the room and private pool until then. I read for a little and relaxed, had a nice ‘morning’ beer and just enjoyed being alone but the thought of those girls wouldn’t leave and I began to imagine what might happen this afternoon.

The private pool was shared with the other two rooms in the cottage but, as we learned at breakfast they were now empty for the rest of our stay. The maids had been and gone so there was no reason anyone would be by, until, that is, the girls came back. I decided to strip off and enjoyed walking around the pool and the room naked. It was almost a natural thing to do despite the fact that I probably shouldn’t, the seclusion and privacy supported that and, if I was ‘interrupted’ it would be by someone who really shouldn’t have been there. Part of me, the exhibitionist part, quietly hoped that someone would stumble on me naked, playing with my hard cock, and another part of me tried hard to make that happen – when the girls came back.

I enjoyed the time, fluffing myself up and dipping in the pool until it got close to lunch. I expected them back any time and went back and forth with being caught naked and hard by the pool or in the room. I settled on the pool because I’d hear them come and it would be, could be a continuation of last night. I lay there stroking my hard cock and they didn’t come. Surely they’d be here by now I thought as I stood up and walked toward the room. And there they were, standing topless peaking at me from behind the fence, silent as mice.

“Wow, Dad” Emily said, “You’ve been keeping that hard for long I bet you’re ready to explode.”

“Let’s go in our room” said Amy and she led the way. The two of them with their lovely boobs bouncing and eager, slightly devilish expressions.

“We’re going to do what Mom did” said Emily, “We’ve been planning this all morning.”

And with that they both kneeled down and looked at each other and looked at my hard cock just by their faces. They kissed, in a such a passionate sexy way and caressed each others tits while I just stood there. They were teasing me in a new way and with the confidence that only comes with practice and comfort – I began to wonder what wonders happened in their room at night. Amy stood up and pulled off her bikini bottoms and Emily dived right in pushing her face into Amy’s pussy.

“Oh, you’re making me so horny” she said, “I don’t know if I want you or your Dad first.”

Emily pulled at my cock while she licked Amy and then moved he oral attention to me. She took me in her mouth and looked up at Amy who moved behind me and pushed her breasts into my back while her hands slipped around and touched my cock. Emily pulled away as Amy grabbed my cock and started jerking me. “So this is how it feels to jerk your own cock” she said. She pulled her small hand down to the base of my shaft so the Em could still suck and she reached between my thighs to grab my balls.

“My god I could explode right now,” I said.

“No don’t” they said, “We have plans.”

And with that both girls climbed on the bed next to each other, face down. They raised their butts in the air and played with their pussies.

“We want you to fuck us Dad.” Said Emily. And I did. I slid up behind my step daughter and guided my hard cock into her, very slowly. I could see her hands gripping the sheets and hear the gentle moan. Once I’d gone all the way in I began to move back and forth, pulling almost all the way out before starting the next stroke, gradually increasing the pace and bringing us both closer to orgasm. Then, without warning or direction I pulled out and stepped sideways to Amy. The squeal was intense and so sexy as I penetrate her and I could feel her stiffening body resonate through all her muscles and down to her pussy which grasped my cock so tightly it felt like I was being sucked inside her.

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