Caught! #01


Caught! (Mike’s Story)

It was a Thursday afternoon, about 2 pm. I was taking my shoes off outside our back door, after coming home early from work.

My name is Mike, I’m 33 years old, married for 10 years to Wendy 32 years old. We had a great sex life, but for the last few months I had a suspicion that something was going on.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Sometimes when I came home all the windows in the house were open, even on cold days. There was a strong smell of air freshener that was covering something else and the bed always had fresh sheets on. Was she having an affair. On those days she seemed extra attentive to my sexual desires, seemed extra aroused and wet between her legs.

That was why I had taken a half day off work. I parked the car on the next street, I didn’t want her to hear me pull up on the driveway. I had walked down the road keeping my head down and keeping close to any hedges for cover, as our bedroom was at the front of the house. I quietly opened the back door, left my brief case, jacket and tie in the kitchen. If there was going to be a confrontation I didn’t want to be strangled with my own tie.

As I crept up the stairs I could hear my wife moaning. I knew that was the sound of her enjoying sex. There were other moans from a voice I didn’t recognise. I was prepared to burst in and catch them in the act. The bedroom door was slightly ajar, as I looked through the gap I couldn’t believe what I saw. I recognised my wife’s red hair, she was on top. The person underneath was another woman, my wife was fucking her with some sort of double ended dildo.

I stood rooted to the spot, all sorts of things running through my mind. If she’d been fucking a man I would have burst in on them. A woman, I’d fantasised about her having lesbian sex, but how did I feel about seeing her doing it. Should I confront them, let them get on with it and confront her later. Not confront her. I hadn’t even known my wife had any sex toys, let alone lesbian tendencies. I noted the woman wasn’t shaved like my wife. Her vaginal opening was being pulled in and out in time with the dildos action.

Without any conscious thought I’d dropped my trousers and my boxers were pulled half way down my legs as I played with my erection. In my excited fumbling I’d accidentally pushed the door open. The woman looked at me. My god it was Andrea from next door, Phil’s wife. I froze, she gasped and whispered something in my wife’s ear. Wendy paused briefly, then they carried on.

Wendy said, “Come in Mike, why don’t you join us?”

“Don’t stand there with your jaw flapping.” said Andrea, “What are you waiting for?”

I quickly undressed and got on the bed beside them and started to caress them, slipping my hand down to feel their cunts and the dildo pumping in and out.

“Mike you’ve never fucked me in the arse, there’s some lube on the bedside table, lube yourself and my bum and GET in there.”

Bloody hell I’d never heard Wendy talk like that.

“And if you are a good boy you can fuck Andrea.”

“In any hole you like.” Said Andrea.

I didn’t need asking twice. I’d wanted to try anal sex, but never had the courage to broach the subject with Wendy.

I lubed us both up. Wendy stopped pumping while I spread her cheeks. Placed the head of my prick on what I had assumed, up till now, was her forbidden hole and gently pushed. After the initial resistance I was soon up to the hilt inside her. She started fucking Andrea again and I started fucking Wendy’s arse. I could feel the dido in my wife’s vagina, through the membrane, rubbing on my prick. The feeling was incredible, I was close to cumming, Wendy and Andrea were also nearing their peak. I shot my load in Wendy’s arse, that tipped her over and brought on orgasms for both her and Andrea.

We lay in each other’s arms, I was now soft and had flopped out of her arse, but Wendy still had the dildo in Andrea. As she took the dildo out of Andrea, I noted that my wife had a blue coloured erect penis. When she took it out of herself there were ridges that would have rubbed on her clit and a bulb shape that she could hold in using her vaginal muscles. It was a strapless dildo.

Soon the girls were fondling my prick, Andrea went down on me and Wendy made me lick and suck her strapless. I could taste Andrea’s juices on it. Andrea had a different taste to my wife, but it was still delicious. They swapped round and Andrea pulled a flesh coloured strapless from under the pillow, that tasted of Wendy. I wondered how long they’d been at it before I got home.

I heard Wendy say, “Why don’t you let him fuck you in the bum. When he comes it’s hot and I don’t just mean the action. His spunk in your bum is hot.”

“Hmm yesss.” Mumbled Andrea.

Wendy lubed us both. With Andrea on top, my wife guided my prick to Andrea’s puckered rosebud. She held me in position while Andrea lowered herself onto my cock. Once she was fully impaled, she held herself still.

Wendy Isparta Escort now moved over my face and lowered her cunt to my mouth. I loved giving her oral and was soon grinding my face in her and sticking my tongue in her vagina. Meanwhile Andrea started rocking back and forth, pumping up and down on me. The two women above me were kissing, fondling and sucking each other’s breasts and rubbing each other’s clits.

Andrea screamed as I came in her arse, which made my wife come in my mouth. We lay in each other’s arms relaxing. Then Andrea looking at the clock realised that time was getting on, she quickly got up and dressed to go home and shower before Phil got home from work. As she was leaving she said, over her shoulder, “I’ll leave you two love birds alone … for now!”

As we lay in bed my wife said they had planned it. They wondered how long it would take me to cotton on. The open windows, the air freshener and the clean bedsheets were all meant to make me suspicious. They would have their trysts at Andrea’s house, or on a Thursday at our house. It had taken me just over three months to figure out that something was going on and they had sublimely planted Thursday in my mind.

That was not all, despite my being quiet, they had heard me opening the back door and moving about the kitchen. What I saw through the partly open bedroom door was to a certain extent staged. Once they heard me coming upstairs Wendy had flipped Andrea over so I would get a good view of their filled cunts. Andrea gasped, as planned, although she wasn’t expecting to see me with my trousers down holding my erection in full view.

I’d been taken for a kipper. Not that I was complaining, as I ended up in bed with the two of them.

My wife told me she was going to take my anal virginity, she knew it was something I’d never tried. In my teens when I was an army cadet there had been a lad, Brian, who preferred boys. He had tried it on with me once, but got slapped down. His group of hangers on were known as, ‘Brian’s Bum Boys’.

Letting my wife do that to me seemed perfectly acceptable and I was willing to experiment.

She said, “It’s better if I’m on my back, because if I’m on top the combination of lube, my juices, gravity and the pumping action can make my end to slip out.”

I was getting strangely excited with what was about to happen. I’d never before entertained the idea, but now I couldn’t wait. I took her strapless turned round on top of her, gave her a quick lick, she was still very wet from our previous escapades. I gently inserted the bulb end into her vagina and started to suck her ‘cock’ while she sucked mine. Wendy lubed my arse, stuck first one finger in then two, to prepare me. At her slap on my bum I swivelled round and presented my ‘hole’ to her ‘cock’ and slowly sank down on it. What a strange, full feeling I had. Not at all unpleasant, in fact as I started to slide it in and out of myself, I found I was enjoying it more than I thought I would. Wendy had hold of my cock which she was rubbing in time with my pumping. I was building up to an orgasm in my bum. I never knew such a thing was possible. When I finally came it seemed to last a long time, and was more intense that any wank.

From when I’d got home to the next morning we tried various positions and manoeuvres. Had anal, vaginal and oral sex. While we rested between bouts, Wendy told me how her affaire with Andrea started. About nine months previously Andrea had come round to our house upset, because she suspected Phil of having affairs when he was away on business or at conferences. While Andrea cried on her shoulder Wendy gave her a comforting hug, which led to a kiss. Wendy without thinking responded to Andrea’s needs and they soon ended up naked in bed. Their feelings got the better of them and they seemed unable to stop what was happening. They caressed and fondled each other. Soon Andrea was humping Wendy’s thigh. Wendy, quietly enjoying the sensation, reciprocated. When release came it wasn’t a mind blowing orgasm, but a feeling of contentment. Quickly followed by feelings of guilt.

They both dressed quietly and quickly then Andrea went home. They avoided each other for a couple of weeks, but we’d been friends since they moved next door five years before. They found it difficult to ignore each other and had to admit they’d enjoyed the sex and companionship. Admitting to each other that what had happened between them was unexpected but pleasurable, they went ahead and explored this newfound sexuality.

One day, when Phil was away at one of his conferences, after making love Wendy turned to Andre and said,

“I hope this won’t shock you, but I think of you all alone next door when Phil is away. I would love it if you could spend the night with us.”

Andrea went quiet for a moment.

“I like the idea, but I can see a number of problems. How do we broach it with Mike? What are the ground rules? Who is allowed to do what to who? What about jealousy?”

“So Isparta Escort Bayan long as I’m there,” said Wendy, “you can do what you like with him.”

They didn’t think they could ask me outright, as they didn’t know what my reaction would be. I’m not sure what my reaction would have been either. Probably not positive. So a plan for my entrapment was put in place. They were beginning to get impatient and wondering what else they could do, as I was showing no signs of falling into the trap. Until yesterday.

I resolved, that next time I went for a drink with Phil, I would ask him if he had a fling when he went to these conferences. I was strictly a nine to five man, so such opportunities never arose. Phil admitted that most times he would end up in bed with one of the female delegates, they were usually married and looking for a bit of variety. He didn’t think Andrea knew about it and although she seemed distant at one point, lately when he came back she seemed more loving.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” He said.

If only you knew Phil, if only you knew. I thought.

Now that Andrea was fulfilling her desires with us, Phil could have his flings for all she cared. So it came to pass that when Phil was away Andrea slept with us. We tried all sorts of positions and combinations, double penetration, anal or vaginal. Sometimes I was in the filling in the sandwich, sometimes one or the other of them was the filling.

On one of those mornings I began to stir, Andrea still had the strapless in my arse. One hand under me reaching round and holding Wendy’s hand just above my pubic hair, another hand was cupping my balls one hand resting on my chest and another hand playing with my erection. FIVE HANDS! My eyes snapped open.


The girls jumped.

“MUM!” screamed Wendy.

The girls tried to cover themselves up.

“Oh don’t bother, I’ve been admiring your bodies for the past five minutes. Andrea, I take it that’s who you are? Don’t take that thing out, it looks fascinating.”

She leant over and took my erection in her mouth while hitching her skirt up to her waist. We could all see a large wet patch in her panties.

“What will dad say?” Croaked my wife.

Edna scooted up pulled her panties to the side and sat on my erection.

“Your dad hasn’t satisfied me in that department for years.”

“But he’s my husband.” Said Wendy, referring to me.

“I’m sorry dear, I should have asked first, but you have all been enjoying yourselves. Seeing you, I realised what I’d been missing and had to have some cock in me.”

Edna rode me like a woman possessed. The girls, who had been trying to cover themselves up with their hands, were soon caressing each other. The forbidden sight before them arousing their lust.

It had been so long since Edna had satisfactory sex, that she soon came. When she came down from her orgasm, Wendy and Andrea slowly undressed her.

At sixty five Edna was still slender. When she stood up her breasts sagged a bit, but were still glorious, her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a landing strip. How Arthur, her husband, couldn’t find it in himself to satisfy this beautiful woman I’ll never know.

After that afternoon I was to very rarely have sex with my mother-in-law and it would usually be a threesome with my wife. Much like our threesomes with Andrea. Wendy would visit her mum, when Arthur was out playing golf.

She would take round her strapless, her suction cup dildo, her vibrator and show her mother how to use them. Edna loved parading around the house wearing nothing but the strapless. It seemed to give her a feeling of power as she admired herself in the mirror.

This power extended over Wendy as she liked to dominate her daughter. Fucking her in every imaginable orifice. Then to finish she made Wendy lick her to her own orgasm.

Wendy found out that even from the beginning of her mum and dad’s marriage, their sex life had been dull and predictable. They never saw each other naked, he alway wore his pyjamas and she her nightie. It quickly settled down to every Saturday morning. She knew the routine. First she would feel his erection pressing into her back, a hand coming round and groping her breast all to soon the hand was between her legs, roughly rubbing her. Occasionally he was adventurous, taking her doggy style, but mostly it would be missionary position. Once he’d ejaculated he would roll over and go back to sleep, never imagining what Edna needed or wanted. If she ever tried to initiate sex, or try and guide him in what she wanted, he would turn off. The sex dwindled over the years. Now she was lucky if it was once a month and he could keep his erection. What usually happened, was he would go soft before he gained entry. Sometimes he would be semi-erect and push himself in with his fingers, but then he only managed a two or three stroked before cumming. No wonder Edna was frustrated and unhappy.

One afternoon, when Escort Isparta Arthur was playing golf, Wendy went round looking forward to some sex with her mum as normal. When she got there her mum’s head was clamped between a beautiful young woman’s thighs while she was clamping the young woman’s head between hers. As Wendy watched the pair of them, she realised the young woman was the daughter from next door, who she used to babysit when she was seventeen.

It turned out that the daughter, Pamela, was home from college and house sitting while her parents were away. Edna had seen her, from the bedroom window, sunbathing in the back garden. Looking through the branches of the trees it appeared the girl was naked. Edna was wearing a light cotton summer dress with buttons down the front and nothing else, in preparation of her daughter’s visit. She was already feeling wet, and had been thinking of wearing her strapless under the dress, in anticipation of her visit. Seeing Pamela gave her a wicked idea.

Edna went round the front and down the side to next door’s back garden. She stood over Pamela, the sunlight shining through her dress. Pamela opened her eyes, looked up at Edna and said,

“Can I help you Mrs Jones?”

The girl made no move to cover herself.

Edna, licking her lips and running her hands over her breasts, so the girl would see her stiff nipples, said,

“I do hope you can dear.” She started to slowly unbutton the dress from the top. The girl watched for a moment, then sat up and started unbuttoning from the bottom. Their hands met in the middle. Pamela reached round to cup Edna’s bum cheeks, buried her nose in her pubic hair and took a big sniff.

“Oh, Mrs Jones that is …”

“I think it’s time … ohhh … you … called …me Edna … hmmm. Shall we take this next door? I’ll have a nice surprise for you soon.”

Pamela quickly donned her bikini and grabbed a couple of toys that Edna hadn’t noticed, a double ended dildo with harness and a suction cup dildo much like her own, only bigger.

Wendy, who was wearing a dress, she could quickly pull off, and no underwear. Was already feeling aroused and wet, when she arrived, was greeted by the sight of two naked women. Her mum and Pamela had their heads between each other’s thighs and were in the throws of an orgasm. Wendy stood in the doorway watching, her hand going up her skirt. God she was wet.

She started rubbing herself, when she heard her mum say,

“WENDY … HAVE YOU BEEN SPYING ON YOUR MUM, AGAIN? Come here I’m going to have to punish you.”

Wendy wondered if this was going to be a new game, if so she was more than happy to play.

“Yes mummy.”

Edna ran her hand up Wendy’s legs and between her thighs. “You are very wet, have you been playing with yourself and having naughty thoughts?”

“Yes I have mummy and I like spying on you.”

“Take off your dress and bend over my knee, your going to get a spanking. Pamela do you want to spank her for spying on us?”

“Yes Edna, you have a very naughty daughter and I think we should teach her a lesson.”

‘Oh my god this was so wrong,’ Wendy thought, ‘being punished by the young woman who I used to babysit,’ but she was so turned on.

Wendy, now naked and bent over her mothers knees and felt Pamela smack her hard. As the spanking continued, Wendy became more aroused and wriggled so that her vulva was also getting the benefit of the stinging slaps.

“Edna, I think your daughter is still having very naughty thoughts, take a look at her pussy, she is showing off and wet.” Said Pamela.

“I think I’m going to have to fuck that naughtiness out of her.” Replied a highly aroused Edna.

“Wendy, get mummy’s strapless, I want you to put it in me and prepare yourself for a good fucking.”

Wendy did as she was told, no lube was needed as they were all very wet. She inserted one end into Edna’s vagina, leaving the rampant cock end exposed, before gradually and eagerly sinking down on it.

Pamela in the meantime, had pulled up a chair and stuck her suction cup dildo to it, which she sank down on. Pamela and Wendy kept pace with each other. Then Pamela started to slap Wendy’s breasts hard, twisting and pulling her nipples. Her breasts became red and tingling, all adding to Wendy’s arousal.

“Can I fuck your daughter when you have finished?”

“Of course you can, once I have cum.”

Wendy was being treated like their sex slave, she was powerless to resist. She came but her mother didn’t stop till she orgasmed. Then Pamela was straight in there with her double ended dildo, Wendy screaming, not knowing if she wanted it to stop or if she wanted more. Wendy came another two times as Pamela fucked her to her own orgasm. The two women didn’t care about Wendy’s orgasms they were getting off just watching each other use her.

Wendy suddenly felt empty, she opened her eyes to see her mum and Pamela with their heads together discussing something. Then she heard Edna on the phone to Mike.

“Mike, go and meet Arthur at the nineteenth hole. … I don’t care what you do, but don’t let him come home tonight. Wendy will be staying.”

Mike thought I’d be having a night of sex with mum and couldn’t wait to hear all about it when I eventually got home.

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