Catherine Ch. 21


I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each tender touch and caress of her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will not say…, yet.

Catherine Chapter 21

The Things I Hear — Neil

My phone and my watch buzzing at the same time, both telling me it’s five o’clock and time to get my ass up — but is she up too; her flight to DC at seven-ish, arriving there around eigtht-ish; I think she said.

Getting my first cup of coffee and not even taking my first sip, it’s my phone laying here on the counter buzzing again; this time it’s Catherine calling, who, I wasn’t expecting her to call. Picking up the phone to my usual answer to her calls,

“Hi Me,” saying to the phone now on speaker.

“Hi.., it’s me,” a lilt in her voice. “You must be awake and up, thats why I called to make sure were,” she’s telling me.

“Yes I am…,” replying. “My double alarm system worked perfectly and now I’m standing here in the kitchen talking to you and I haven’t even had my first sip of coffee.” telling her. “So I guess you must be already up too.”

“Yes I am, and doing the same as you, having some coffee,” she says, that giving me a moment for my first two sips from my coffee cup to hear her, “Are you still their,” she’s asking.

“Yes Catherine, I’m still here…, I was just taking those first two wake up sips of coffee so…, how long have you been up.” asking her now.

“Oh.., maybe fifteen minutes,” she says. ” My usual pee alarm, like yours.” she laughs.

“Well, I haven”t made that run yet, but soon, I think!” Telling her.

“Catherine…?” Saying her name after she hasn’t said more.

“Bobby…,” she says now.

“Bobby…, I, ah,,, you know after what I told you…, you know…” she stumbles over.

“Catherine…, I told you too…, okay…, nothing changes. Just…, please, call me when you can; especially this morning when you’re back on the ground, alright?” Not asking her, but telling her.

“But now Catherine, I have to make that pee run, get a shower, dressed and out of here early because we’re still going to that installation site; the longer walk I told you about. Oh, and you said your flight gets in about eight-ish?” Asking her.

“Yes.” she says. “It’s a very short flight from here to there, as I guess you know.” she answers. “And I will call you just as soon as I can when I get there,” she telling me.

“Good…, anyway Catherine, you um.., ah…, don’t need to call me again until you’re back home. I…, ah, you know too…, I was only…, was only teasing about that…, ah…, Nancy thing.” My stumbling this time.

“You are such a shit, Swaggart!” She calls me. “I love you. Now, get your pee run in, shower, and get to work!” Sounds like an order.

“Bye, Catherine.”

“By Bobby and keep your phone close by at all times.” Her laughing I hear as the call drops.

Taking a different route this morning from the train station to the new system installation site; bypassing the school and it’s cafeteria where I got my usual breakfast and coffee. Instead, today I’ve stopped in one of those boutique coffee shops for a large regular coffee with cream and sugar; not surprisingly, two dollars and fifty-cents more than I paid in the cafeteria.

But on exiting the coffee shop, it’s John who comes bounding up the steps from the subway, carrying the same expensive cup of coffee as I have in my hand.

“I see you’ve taken a step up in your selection off coffee,” he says on seeing me exiting the coffee shop. “Yeah John, and all I get for the extra two-fifty is one of their standard logo cups, a slip-on heat sleeve and a sippy-cup lid.

“Okay,” he says. “But the coffee is hot…, right?”

“Yeah John, the coffee’s hot.” telling him just before I take another sip through the sippy-cup lid.

“So what brought you this way today,” John ask. “Your usual walk from the train station was through the plaza and up eighteenth street; I think,” he says.

“Just a change of scenery John,” telling him, but it’s really not the case. The real reason was avoiding looking over to that tall glass and stainless steel building with the big letters, IIG, on top and knowing she’s not in it.

“How’s the girlfriend,” John’s question pulling me back.

“Doing great John,” telling him. “In fact…,” as I take my cell phone from my jacket pocket to check the time, “she’s probably about to board her flight to DC.”

“DC,” he ask.

‘”Yes John. She’ll be there for two days, some important meetings

along with seeing some old friends too.” Of course leaving out telling John those friends are male, “Her Friends With Benefits.”

“But I’ll tell her you were asking about her when I talk to her later this morning, John.”

“Two days with out the girlfriend…, huh old boy?”

“More than that John.” telling him. “When she gets back she’ll have a lot to get done before this coming weekend — a reception Friday night for some out of town people who istanbul escort will be staying for the weekend. Plus a big dinner party for about twenty people Saturday night,” she told me.

“Sorry Old Boy.” he says. “I guess you’ll be pretty horny by the time she gets around to seeing you again,” John busting on me. And him saying that, another stupid thought, she’ll get her, ‘horniness,’ taken care of tonight and tomorrow night. Then mentally slapping myself down for thinking it, but knowing it’ll be true anyway, looking at my phone again; she should be in the air by now, my thought.

“Oh.., I don’t know John. There are three other beautiful women who love fucking me, and just so you know,” telling him now. “One of those is married too.”

“You fucking lie!” he accuses me.

“No John…, no lie. Oh and this too, I fucked my ex-wife Sally this past Saturday night when I was in Virginia.”

“You are so full of shit, Swaggart!”

“No, no shit John!” Putting some emphasis on it.

“Does your girlfriend know you fucked your ex-wife,” he ask. “Just in case I meet her again and ah…, something accidentally…, you know…, slip of the tongue.”

“In fact she does John!” Putting emphasis on that too. “Because I told her John! No secrets, no lies between her and I.” That last part…, yeah, tonight and tomorrow night.

“Shit Swaggart…, how do you luck in to women like that?” He’s not really asking, he’s just envious.

“I guess I’m…, just a very nice guy, with a big dick and not like you, who is just a big dick!”

“Fuck you too, Swaggaart!” John saying back at me has both of us laughing at the same time — me looking at my cell phone again to see what time it is; easily over Baltimore by now I should think.

Walking up on the floor, taking off my jacket, greeting the others hanging around the coffee urn, looking at the test lists that need to be run today, jabbing at John for spilling his coffee, looking at the clock on the far wall, it’s time to get out on the floor and see what works and what fails; fixing the failures, rerunning the test. How many times have I looked at my watch? She should be on the ground by now; it’s well past eight-ish!

My phone buzzing in my back pocket…, it’s Catherine. “Hi me,” answering.

“Hi, it’s me,” she says, sounding a bit out of breath. My quiet sigh of relief at hearing her voice.

“I’m sure glad to hear that — a bit late,” telling her.

“They didn’t have a gate available, so we sat on the tarmac waiting for one, so we’re running late,” she says.

“Catherine…, I’ll take your carry on and garment bag over to the shuttle waiting area.” A male voice sounding close by to her.

“Thank you Neal, I’ll be there in a moment,” she’s replies to him.

Neil…, he’s there with her already?

“Bobby I’m sorry I have to go, the shuttle will be here any moment to take us to the hotel where I have to register and get my things to my room. Then Neil and I have to catch a cab to the meeting location. Her saying all that like it was just…, I would have already assumed it?

“And I’ll try and call you later okay,” she says.

And without giving me a chance to reply it’s, “By Bobby,” as the call drops.

“Yeah…, sure Catherine,” saying it into dead air. Well the good thing is, she’s on the ground and safe anyway.

Leaving the office building with John who’s asking, “Got plans for tonight?”

“Well John, tonight I’m not going straight home,” telling him. “Instead I’m going to the base gym and see if I can kick Sargent Rei’s ass for once.”

“What!” John surprise at what I said. “Who’s Sargent Rei,” he ask now.

“Sargent Rei is a marshal arts instructor. He’s an expert in everything that kicks, chops, jabs, punches and breaks bones. He stands about five-foot-five and about one-hundred and twenty pounds — quick as a snake and twice as mean. Also arrogant as all hell too! And he likes to beat up on guys like me who are almost twice his weight, taller and physically stronger too. An every time I go up against him I leave bruised and bloody. Sargent Rei doesn’t pull any punches, but I learn something from him every time. An one of these times I’m going to toss his Korean ass across the gym; and tonight just may be the night!” Venting some of my frustration I hope.

Damn Swaggart, I guess it’s a good thing your girlfriend’s in DC… huh?”

Thoughts…, It’s not that she’s in DC, John. It’s… why am I thinking like a jerk? I meant it when I told her, “Don’t change a thing Catherine, enjoy your friends!” But still…,

Reaching the subway entrance, John waving good by with his, “See you tomorrow,” he tells me, just as he ducks down the subway steps out of sight. And me, I won’t change my route to the train station like I did to avoid seeing her building. Tonight I’ll wave to it as if she were looking out her office window.

I, Really…, fucking…, hurt!

Looking at myself in the bathroom vanity mirror. My right cheek is red, that will be a nice kadıköy escort bruise in the morning. Also seeing my left rib cage, already showing a big purple bruise. And my left knee hurts too — maybe a bit of a limp for two or three days with that. But Sargent Rei will feel the same or worse.

“You quick for a big guy, strong too,” he tells me. But you never fight smart!” He would jive me; Swaggart Rei always busting on me. “But tonight you fight smart. Next month we see you still smart,” wiping his split lip as he walked away with a obvious limp. The arrogant fucker must have choked after telling me that.

“Thanks for the fight and I’ll see you, too…, next, month!” Saying after him as Rei walked away with him flipping me the bird back over his shoulder.

Taking two non-prescription Acetaminophen tablets, chased by a big swallow from a short glass of vodka and bitter lemon. I never drink alone, but tonight the physical pain inflicted on me by Sargent Rei…, I’ve made an exception to it. Plus I haven’t heard from Catherine since this morning’s call, and now, picking up my phone to see it’s just past mid-night — Neil keeping her well occupied I guess, or…, wore out?

Neil, his voice I heard this morning while talking to Catherine, seemed pleasant enough, maybe a bit of authority in it too, the years of being in the military.

Now it’s my phone buzzing just as I set it down on the vanity top; it’s Catherine. “Hello me,” answering her as usual with the phone on speaker.

“Hello…,” she says, stretching out the greeting and something more in the tone of it I hear.

“How was your day,” she ask right away, her voice a bit chipper.

“Good…, but a bit painful too, an now better that you’ve called.

“PAINFUL… Bobby what happened,” her excited question.

“It was fight night at the base gym tonight…, Sargent Rei’s Marshal Arts, lessons in bone breaking and ego busting.”

“Are you okay,” she asking, now with a laugh.”

“Yes Catherine I’m okay, but it’s Sargent Reis ego, that’s hurting too…, I kicked his ass tonight. Plus he was choking on his words when he complimented me on kicking his arrogant Koren ass.”

She laughs again. I love hearing her laugh! An OH do I need hearing it.

“Bobby…,” “Catherine,” both saying each other’s name at the same time.

“Bobby I miss you!” She says, getting it in before I can ask the elephant question, “How was your day Catherine, the meeting and…, your evening?”

Silence at first then, “The…, meeting was enlightening…, many question and surprisingly answers. Although we, us attending the meeting as interested parties, who can’t ask questions, or say anything, just observers. I have lots of notes I’ve sent off to Sarah before din…, before dinner. She’ll write up a preliminary report, which we’ll both go over when I get back to the office.” She telling me.

“How long was the meeting,” asking her, just for something to say.

“The meeting started at nine, broke for lunch at eleven, then reconvened at one, and ended at three,” she replies.

“Catherine…, the meeting…, started at nine, ending at three, with a two hour lunch in between…, really?” Sounds incredulous!

“Yes Bobby,” she says, without explanation.

Damn…, and I was out of here by six this morning, then at the base gym at six thirty this evening, where I got my ass kicked between seven-thirty and a hour ago!” I need a job like you just described.”

She’s laughing again.

“Bobby…, you, would be…, bored…, out, of, your, mind!” She comes back with the emphasis on bored.

“So how do you do it Catherine?”

“It’s my job Bobby and I get paid handsomely for it…, plus the side benefits,” she replies.

“Yes I guess you do. Oh, speaking of side benefits…, how was dinner?” My stab in the eye of the elephant — waiting now for the stab to come back, but no.

“We had dinner at seven-ish; that stuff I had to get ready and send it off to Sarah delaying it. Plus I phoned Maria, then my mom; convincing her to come to the dinner Saturday night. Then a call to my sister, with her though, it was to catch up on things with her; she and her boyfriend will be at the dinner Saturday too. So all that ate up some time. Then a shower and change of clothes for dinner with Neal and another acquaintance we both know.” She tells me, suddenly ending to an extended period of muffled silence, her hand or something covering the phone — time to gather her thoughts?

“Bobby…, Neil left about twenty minutes ago.” Her saying that just as I’m about to say her name.

“How was dessert,” asking her, not missing a beat.

“Very exciting and very pleasurable as it’s always been with him.” She comes right back; her, never missing a beat.

“I’m glad to hear that Catherine…, and I mean it!” Telling her.

“Bobby I miss you and I love you,” she comes right back.

“I miss and love you too girl,” right back to her.

“Bobby…, Neil’s fun and I like him a lot. Sex kağıthane escort with with him was always great and that’s why I continue to see him. But I’m not in love with him.”

“Just a friend with benefits…, huh?” Asking her.

“Yes, you can say that Bobby.” Her direct and honest reply.

“Where are you,” she ask now.

“I just got out of the shower a few minutes or so before you called. An now I’ve been standing here in front of the vanity, alternating a cold wet wash cloth on my bruised right face cheek and left rib cage. I can’t wait to hear John when he sees my probably black eye in the morning.” Telling her.

“Oh Bobby, if I was there I’d kiss and make it better, and if you were here…”

“If I were there Catherine…,” after she stopped what ever she was going say.

“You could put…, you ah…, could put…,”

“Could put what Catherine,” breaking into her stumbling.

“You could put some, cold, wet, wash cloths, on my ass cheeks!” She blurts out. Because…, Neil gets very enthusiastic in a certain position I’m in! You know it well Swaggart — “Lassie” you’ve called me.”

Finally…, I have something to laugh at! Smacking her ass while fucking her doggy…, I’ve left her ass cheeks pink too.

“Another who likes to give it to you rough…, huh girl?”

“Got too hell…, both of you.” she snaps back.

“I guess you’ll need to carry a pillow to your meeting tomorrow, huh?” Teasing her.

“Where did I just tell you to go,” she comes right back.

“Well I’m sorry to hear about your sore butt Catherine, but I bet your pussy is purring.”

“You…, are, such, A, PIG!” She calls me now — but I can hear her snickering.

“Yeah, oink, oink Catherine,” right back at her.

“You know something too Catherine,” not really asking or telling her.

“What?” Her direct simple come back.

“I was thinking Catherine…, as much as you like some rough sex, and your butt paddled…, between me and Neil…, you would be a train wreck by the time the two of us got through with you; what do you think about that?”

“I think you’re full of shit, that’s what!” She comes back.

“Wait a minute Catherine…, don’t be so negative; have you ever been in a three way with two men?”

“No! I haven’t,” she sharply comes back.

“What a shame Catherine! Sally has and so has Jennifer, the wife of the married couple Sally and I are friends with. You know…, Sally between Alex and me; Jennifer the same way. Although Jen was a bit more kinky with it…, Alex or I in her pussy, and the other one in her butt. She would squeal and cum like an earth quake. Sally couldn’t do the butt part. But.., she loved being spit roasted!”

“Didn’t, I, just ,call, you, a pig!” She says.

“It just went right over my head!” Right back at her.

Catherine, quiet now, but I know she’s still there because I hear her moving around, so she still has her phone in her hand.

“I have been in three-ways with women,” she suddenly says.

“Yeah, you told me…, or inferred it. Your, ‘Mrs. Discretion’ with her friend and you, Catherine.”

“There’s been lots more than just them Bobby,” she’s telling me.

“You’re killing me girl!”

“Good, I hope it hurts…, you pig!” Her laughing right behind it, me with it too.

“Oh Bobby I miss you,” comes through now. “I love how you make me laugh and…, your dirty mind…, three-ways and spit-roasting. An that…, I have been; BUT!” Sharply followed. “Me, another woman, and her husband…, the ones you refer to as, “My friends Across The River!” She’s telling me.

“You’ve been spit roasted…, the wife and her husband, you said?”

She hasn’t answered why?

“Don’t tell me Catherine,” saying that after she’s been untimely quiet.

“So let me guess, Catherine; okay? The man, naturally endowed…, the woman…, oh…, yeah…, right? Artificially…, endowed? Why, you, kinky, thing…, Catherine! I have, no, doubt, about that Catherine! All the years you’ve been friends with them…, just my deduction…, you know? Like, why not?”

“That was later, along with other fun and sometimes other kinky, sexy stuff” she says.” She at last admitting. Has me laughing out loud, even with my sore ribs!

“You guys must have a great relationship to keep it together for so long…, I envy it.”

“Don’t envy Bobby! We’ve got something more!”

“More?” She says. I guess the girl does like me!

“Thank you Catherine.”

“You’re more than welcome Bobby. An this too Bobby, it’s nice we can be so open and honest about what I’ve told you and what you’ve told me. And I miss you even more and love you and want you and my butt still hurts!” Her last part has both of us laughing out loud; me holding another cold water soaked wash cloth to ribs.

“Well, tell your friend Neil, not so hard the next time. Or I’ll do a Sargent Rei on his ass.” has her laughing harder.

“Bobby I wouldn’t want you to that! I told you honestly, I like him, he’s fun, and a heck of great time. An I haven’t seen him since San Diego so…, we had a lot to catch up on.”

That was pretty blunt coming out of my phone, and something I already deduced from her long business trip and two day stop she had there.

“Bobby…, are you there.” she asking, now that I haven’t a come back.

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