Cat and Bea


The end of summer was drawing closer, and Catherine’s last summer with her best friend was coming to an end. At least, the kind of summer they had always spent together. Since the eighth grade, they have been two peas in a pod. Catherine and Bea. The dynamic duo.

But after school resumed, they would be across the country, two best friends separated by thousands of miles. It wasn’t anyone’s fault that they chose different colleges. Their dreams of going to the same school, dorming in the same dorm came to a close when Bea had determined she was going to college closer to her dad, and Catherine had succumbed to the meager sum of her savings account.

So, come fall, Bea would be moving across the country to attend the University of California and Catherine would stay closer to home, going to the only school she had been given a full scholarship to- the University of Georgia.

They had spent the summer as they had all others, laying on the beach and staying out at all hours of the night to soak up the summer heat. Their upcoming separation had been a taboo, they both refused to broach the subject, each too afraid of confronting a whole four months without her other half.

Catherine laid next to Bea on the beach, admiring her best friend as only a best friend could. Her wandering eyes hidden behind a pair of massive sunglasses, she looked at the curvature of her breasts, sloping down from her collarbones in perfect mounds. They looked massive when compared to her slim waist, a trait Catherine had always been jealous of. Her legs went for miles, every man’s wet dream.

Standing at 5’10, Bea had always been the one who looked more intimidating, that and because she was. Never afraid to speak up for herself or for her sister in all but blood, she grew from a loud-mouth girl, to an outspoken teenager, and now lived her life as a strong woman. In every aspect, she was Catherine’s better half.

Catherine struggled with her weight all through high school, never quite achieving the perfect slim figure Bea had. Her breasts weren’t balanced by her tiny waist like Bea’s but were just huge globes perched on her chest like two water balloons ready to burst. Her stomach never laid flat, but held onto a layer of chub like it depended on it. Her thighs were too big, and she didn’t even want to think of how big her ass was.

Despite all these shortcomings Catherine seemed to have with her body, Bea had tried everything to get her to see how truly stunning she was. Wherever Catherine found a fault, Bea had spun her words to create something even more beautiful. Her butt was too big? More to love, Bea had said. Her hair was too frizzy? Bea had helped her cultivate her mop of friz into a beautiful head of curls. Her hips curved in an unflattering way? Bea made sure that she saw herself as a curvy model of the Renaissance.

Catherine had come leaps and bounds from that weak and insecure girl Bea had first met to a confident and beautiful woman. She knew she owed it all to Bea, and that’s why it had been so hard to accept that she wouldn’t see her everyday.

These thoughts ran through her head as she continued to look at Bea’s perfect body. She resolved that she was perfect too, just in a different way.

“Cat, do you want to leave? It’s getting a bit too hot out here for me.” Bea said, the first words that had been spoken in the past half hour.

“Ugh, God yes.” Catherine responded, breaking out of her sun-induced daze.

Catherine peeled herself off her towel, brushing a stray curl out of her face and wiping the sweat that had formed on her brow.

“Let’s hit Starbucks on the way home.”

Bea grinned and responded, “Duh, why do you think I want to leave so bad? I’m dying for an iced latte.”

Both girls giggled on their walk back to the car, their feet getting scorched by the hot sand. A couple wolf whistles sounded from behind them as a trio of teenage boys ogled Bea’s sun-kissed skin.

Her bikini left little to the imagination. While Catherine opted to cover up the moment she stood, Bea had deemed it too hot and sauntered in her tiny yellow swimsuit.

Bea tossed a look over her shoulder, flipping her sandy blonde hair and rolled her eyes as she caught their stares directed right on her ass.

“So pathetic,” she muttered, exchanging a meaningful look with Catherine.

“At least they want you.” Catherine muttered back, her good mood being dampened.

“Cat, they just want to sleep with me. If that’s all they want, they’re not good enough for either of us,” Bea’s hard tone reminding Catherine that she was supposed to be body positive.

Her alter ego emerged for a moment, “You’re not the one going to college as a virgin.”

Bea sighed, knowing that while she hadn’t been a total slut during high school, she hadn’t been completely chaste either. Catherine’s new and improved outlook on her body had only started in the last six months, and Bea wasn’t sure if her best friend was ready for the kind of confidence it took to be completely vulnerable in aksaray escort front of someone else in that way.

The conversation was swiftly dropped as they talked about the minutiae of their lives.

Once Catherine was dropped off at home, she immediately hopped in the shower, trying to get all the sand off that she could. Her soaped loofa slid between her thighs and down her round calves while she reveled in the feeling.

She let the hot water pummel her for five luxurious minutes before she got out, wrapping herself in her favorite towel. Wandering back to her room, she noticed that in the ten minutes she had been home, Bea had texted her.

B- My mom and Rick are fighting, can I sleepover at yours?

Catherine was well aware of Bea’s mom and step-dad’s relationship and was immediately sympathetic.

C- You know you don’t have to ask. Come over whenever.

Her response was automatic, knowing Bea asking was only a formality.

Not even twenty minutes had passed before Bea’s car was pulling in the driveway. The girls, reunited, decided to stay in with takeout and a movie.

The takeout was easy, pizza from their favorite pizzeria. The movie was always difficult. Bea wanted something with some action, while Catherine preferred a mellow rom-com.

They scrolled through the listings before coming across a title, Blue is the Warmest Color. Catherine gestured to the screen, while Bea scrunched her nose.

“This looks too artsy for me Cat, and it’s completely in French. You know I hate subtitles.”

Catherine rolled her eyes, “If you refuse to watch any movies in different languages, you’re never going to see anything new.”

Bea wrinkled her nose again, but finally relented. She had picked the movie last time, with minimal complaints from Catherine. The first hour went past without any talking, besides the occasional comment from Bea.

As it ticked past, the graphic scene of lesbian sex had both of them clutching their hands to their mouths, realizing what kind of movie it was.

Both frozen in a half-state of arousal, neither of them moved to pause it or turn it off, the silence between them punctuated by the moans of pleasure coming from the screen.

“Um,” Bea started, “I don’t think this movie is about what I thought it was about.”

Grateful to her for breaking the silence, Catherine reached for the remote to click it off, before Bea grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Don’t, I’m interested now.”

“Bea, don’t you think this is a little weird?” Catherine questioned as the moans in the background grew to a climax.

“No, I’m watching a movie with my best friend, and there just happens to be a sex scene in it. Haven’t you ever watched porn?” Bea said, nonchalantly.

Catherine looked at her like she was crazy, “No? Have you?”

Now Bea directed her full attention to her friend, “Never? Really? What do you masturbate to?” One question firing after the other.

Catherine’s cheeks flamed with the intrusive question, they had talked about boys of course, but never this.

“I don’t. Ever,” Catherine haltingly said as soon as she was able to speak without stuttering.

Bea’s mouth fell open, “You mean you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Catherine’s head shook, confirming Bea’s concern.

“Oh my god Catherine! How? Aren’t you curious?” Bea’s incredulity seeping through every word.

“Not really, I mean it’s not something I think about.”

Bea’s head slowly shook, as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Catherine said in a smaller voice.

Bea’s head shook again, this time in sympathy. She had discovered the joys of self-inflicted orgasm by the time she was twelve. The idea that her closest and more loved friend didn’t know the feeling of a good climax was astounding to her.

Since the discovery of her own pleasure, Bea had brought herself to orgasm almost every night since. Even during her trysts with the two men she had sex with, neither of them were able to get her quite there, but she always knew she could rely on her right hand to bring it home.

Knowing that Catherine had never explored herself in that way brought her need to help her friend to the forefront. She decided on her next words very carefully, knowing that if she moved too quickly Catherine would shoot her down.

“I mean, it’s not too difficult Cat. I can show you how.” Bea offered, tentatively.

“Bea! No way, that’s way above your pay grade as best friend.”

Bea rolled her eyes softly, “You’re basically my sister. I can’t let you go to college without knowing how to orgasm.”

Catherine couldn’t believe her ears. Bea was actually offering to help her in that way? She had never been touched, by herself let alone another person. She couldn’t get the idea out of her head, but wouldn’t it be wrong?

She voiced these concerns to her friend who responded, “No it’s not weird. Neither of us are lesbians. I’m just helping you aksaray escort bayan out.”

Catherine knew she shouldn’t agree, but combined with the explicit scene she just watched with her stunning best friend offering to bring her to orgasm, she just didn’t know how to say no.

She took a deep breath for stability and said, “Fine. What do I have to do.”

Bea smiled seductively, “Let’s go to your room.”

The lack of parents in Cat’s house had never been a plus until now. The girls had no interest in throwing parties, or getting into any shenanigans for that matter, but the concept of an empty house proved to be an increasingly exciting prospect as the girls made their way to the bedroom.

The empty house seemed to be breathing with anticipation. The sexual tension grew through the noiseless rooms, filled with elongated shadows of the girls, illuminated by the soft light streaming through the hallways.

“When are your parents coming home?” Bea questioned while they made their way up the staircase.

“Not until Tuesday morning.” Catherine responded, shakily.


Catherine pushed open her bedroom door slowly, as if afraid of what would happen when they were in there alone. Despite having grown up together and spending countless nights in the very bed they were in front of, the tension that was growing had never been there before.

They stepped in, Bea closing the door behind her. The light was too harsh, so she reached for the lighter on her friend’s dresser and started lighting the candles that Catherine preferred.

“Just get comfortable.”

Cat tried to relax as she sat on the edge of her bed, but her body was riddled with tension while she watched the closest thing she had to a sister turn off the light. The room was softly lit by candles, the pleasant aroma of them eased the tense muscles in Catherine’s shoulders.

Bea started walking towards Catherine like she was a baby deer, not wanting to scare her off. The nervous girl looked up with her big doe eyes, and Bea smiled reassuringly.

“I promise I’ll go slow, don’t worry. If you get too uncomfortable, we’ll stop.”

Cat nodded, still locking eyes with Bea.

Her beautiful best friend stood between her thick thighs and slowly ran her hand down her cheek and into her curly hair, gripping her there lightly.

The other hand came up on the other side, cradling her head between both hands and Bea leaned down, their lips touching for the first time.

Before this point, Bea hadn’t been a virgin, but had never kissed another girl.

Their lips slowly met and gently explored each other. Bea deepened it almost immediately, their mouths moving in synchronicity. Catherine’s hot breath blew into Bea’s open mouth and her tongue followed.

Their lips met with a groan from Catherine, overwhelmed by the arousal she felt for her best friend. Bea smiled at the sound, pushing her tongue further in, twirling and teasing Cat’s.

Catherine’s hands had been at her side, but they now came up to caress Bea’s back.

Bea slowly moved forwards, pushing Catherine on her back. Halfway on the bed halfway off, Bea broke the kiss and smiled as her friend whimpered at the loss.

Pointing to the pillows, “Move so your head is up there, you’ll be more comfortable.”

Catherine nodded, and moved.

Bea started in between her best friend’s gorgeous thighs, kneeling on her feet. She slowly moved up, so her midsection grazed Cat’s pussy for the first time.

Cat gasped at the contact, her hips moving upwards to feel the friction one more glorious time. Bea held her hands on either side of Cat’s face and leaned down to kiss her again.

The kiss was more passionate than the first, their tongues already familiar with each other. Bea made her way down to Cat’s neck, listening to her best friends desperate pants.

Her mouth made contact with the hollow of Cat’s neck, and she gently pressed a kiss there, moving down even more until she was eye level with her clothed breasts.

“Please sit up sweetheart.” Bea whispered, the term of endearment taking Catherine by surprise.

She did as she was asked, and Bea swiftly removed her shirt, before reaching behind her to unhook the bra that concealed her prizes from her.

Bea removed Cat’s bra and smiled when Cat’s hands came up to cover herself from her friend.

Her smile put Cat at ease, and she was able to finally see her best friend’s breasts for the first time in this way. Instead of fleetingly curious glances as they changed for the pool, she got to hold and worship them as they deserved.

Her heavy breasts dotted with juicy brown nipples was almost too erotic for Bea to bear. She laid Catherine back down, and softly kissed them.

Cat sighed at the contact, and became painfully aware of how hard her nipples were, and for the first time in her life, longed to feel Bea’s mouth on them. Her back arched into Bea’s mouth, but Bea wasn’t deterred. She escort aksaray continued her slow path, kissing down the valley between them, her hands grasping them firmly.

At long last, her mouth came over Cat’s nipple which stood proudly at attention. She let her warm breath blow over it, and looked up, seeing her friend’s face filling with painful longing.

She let her tongue drop out of her mouth and dragged it across it’s mark. Catherine’s gasp had been the loudest one so far, a gasp that quickly turned into fervent moans are Bea suckled.

Her tongue swirling in circles, her lips the perfect shape for sucking. She switched back and forth, making sure each nipple got the same attention. Catherine’s moans had turned into whimpers when she realized how badly she needed to be touched.

She had never been this aroused in her life, and knew that she was so wet her panties were sure to be soaked. While Bea was giving her breasts the royal treatment with her mouth, her hand moved in between them and rubbed Cat for the first time.

Catherine was sure she had already had an orgasm but when she said that to Bea, she let a nipple pop out of her mouth and she responded, “Trust me baby, you’ll know when that happens.”

Catherine couldn’t imagine a better feeling than what she was experiencing but trusted Bea to be right, and just let her feelings take over. Bea’s hot mouth slid over her stomach, kissing at the layer of fat that Cat had always been self-conscious of.

Cat couldn’t find it in herself to embarrassed, and just wanted this slow torture to end, for Bea to give her what she wanted.

Bea’s hands hooked into her pajama shorts and pulled them and her panties down in one motion. Cat was painfully aware that Bea was still fully clothed and she was completely naked, but this was Bea. Her very best friend, and again, she couldn’t let herself be self-conscious when she was so out-of-her-mind horny.

Bea lifted one of her legs and kissed her foot, and Cat giggled at the sensation. She made her way up her leg, kissing everything along the way.

Her tongue flicked out and licked along her best friend’s calf, tasting her vanilla body lotion on her soft skin. She continued the same treatment on the other leg, until Cat begged her, “Bea please, I, I need you.”

Cat didn’t feel embarrassed about the declaration, and Bea thought it was the hottest thing she had ever heard.

Bea planted Cat’s feet on either side of her, so her legs were bent with enough room for her best friend between them.

Bea flicked her tongue out once more, drawing a line from her knee up her thigh, eliciting a cry from Catherine.

Bea had never eaten any woman, let alone her best friend, but she knew what she would’ve wanted in this situation.

She licked on either side of Cat’s pussy, and she let out a low groan when she tasted the musky juices that had accumulated there.

Her tongue- at long last- swiped up Cat’s whole slit, and Cat gasped at the sensation, her hand coming down to hold Bea’s hair.

“Oh my god.” Cat managed to gasp out, overwhelmed at the feeling.

Bea groaned in response, her tongue flicking out over her best friend’s most sensitive area. Her tongue found Cat’s clit and slowly circled it.

Cat’s moans grew in volume, her hand tightening around Bea’s hair.

Bea continued the slow circles, before her tongue moved and pushed into her friend’s entrance. She slowly tongue-fucked her, tasting the sweet and salty wetness.

Catherine’s hips moved in rhythm with Bea’s mouth, and when Bea returned to her clit, she ground herself into her mouth.

Her breath came in gasps as her best friend, the sister she never had, ate her out with the love and tenderness only a best friend could give.

The circles Bea drew grew smaller and smaller, until she was focusing the point of her tongue on Cat’s swollen clit.

“Oh my god Bea, what is that?”

Bea could only smile, knowing her friend was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her hands came up and rested on the thick thighs Cat hated so much, squeezing the extra flesh of them, loving the fullness of them around her head.

Bea’s mouth starting sucking on Cat’s clit, like a small cock going in and out of her mouth, flicking it with her talented tongue.

Cat’s moans turned more frantic, the feelings of her first orgasm beginning deep in her.

“Oh god, oh god, Bea!”

Bea continued her pace, knowing Cat’s orgasm was gaining traction, and that it would only be a matter of time before she exploded in her best friend’s mouth.

“Yes, yes please keep going, please don’t stop baby.”

“Bea, Bea, please give it to me.”

Cat’s pleas getting louder and louder as she felt her legs starting to quiver. She felt like she was on the precipice of something huge, her best friend’s tongue giving her pleasure she couldn’t have ever imagined.

“Bea something is happening. I think- I think I’m going to come.” Cat announced.

Bea’s sucking continued, pushing Catherine closer to her climax. The slow steady pace of it driving Cat to madness.

“Oh god, oh god, Bea please. Please. Please! Oh god, oh fuck.”

Cat shouted the last words as her body froze and her orgasm hit her like a truck. Bea’s sucking had driven her to ecstasy that she hadn’t known existed.

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