Casting Call

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Casting CallThe nameplate on the door read ‘Fiona Wojciechowski, Artistic Director’ it was slightly ajar and I had an appointment with Ms. Wojciechowski, so I knocked assertively, opened the door and entered the Artistic Director’s office. Stylish, very stylish; the office was furnished in a high-end contemporary manner where even the waste-paper bin was hand made out of a solid piece of metal and cost thousands.“Hi, I’m Fiona, welcome to my studio.” The artistic director held out her delicate hand for me to shake and invited me to take a seat opposite her. She excused herself whilst she placed the final line on an email before closing the screen of her MacBook Air.I had been associated with ‘the business’ for decades: theatre, TV, film; lighting engineer, cameraman, actor (OK, not a successful actor) so I knew the sharp end from the blunt end and the front end from the rear end! My agent (also known as Mr. 15% + VAT) had asked if I would consider diversifying into an alternative area of artistic expertise; to be specific diversifying into the weird and wonderful world of ‘adult entertainment’ and he didn’t mean telling rude jokes at a working men’s club in the rougher parts of Leeds, Manchester, Rotherham or Doncaster.“Err… I am sorry, Fiona, I think I have applied for the wrong job. Look at me, I am almost 60 years old, I haven’t been in a gym for a couple of decades, my hair is only 30 shades of grey and I have not had a sex life for almost 10 years. My agent has sent me for the wrong job. You don’t want me; you want a muscled Adonis in his twenties who is hung like a donkey and can keep it up forever.”Fiona was gracious and listened to my every word without interrupting. “Coffee?” she asked as she approached the Nespresso machine; I nodded and remained seated despite having the instinct to run out of the door before I made a fool of myself. “Double espresso, no sugar. Am I right?”The coffee tasted good, Fiona looked good and I started to relax. “We pay by the hour, if you can keep fucking in front of a film crew for more than two hours, you will earn more than you have been doing on soap operas. Our rates are not the highest in the industry, but we can offer you work three or four days a week, cover local transport and test fees. Did you bring a valid STI certificate?”I finished my coffee. “I am sorry; I don’t have one. My agent did mention it but I didn’t know how to get an STI test or the certificate you need.” Fiona picked up her iPhone and dialled a contact before handing me a second double espresso (no sugar).“We have a contract with a nearby clinic. The nurse will be here in 10 minutes for blood and urine samples. We get the results and your certificate in just over 2 hours and we pay their fees for everyone that we hire. Only then can we consider engaging your services; naturally you will have to have an audition and screen test – let’s just call that the casting couch!”The nurse was about as far removed from any fetish fantasy nurse as anyone could imagine, although some fetish fantasies are more bizarre than others. A little prick on my arm for the blood sample and a wee wee-wee into a small cup for the urine sample – this nurse was taking the piss!Paperwork time. Every job in the business requires paperwork, lots of unnecessary paperwork; my bank is paperless, my visas are paperless even my newspaper is paperless so why does working in showbusiness involve so much paperwork? Model release form – I get that one (even though it really means they can do whatever they want with the images they take at their expense); bank details – yup, I get that one too as I want to receive my money; a contract – OK, I capitulate. Paperwork is paperwork is paperwork; one day it will reduce, but for now it is all there for a reason.“ID and proof of age.” Err… Look at me, do I really look under 21? NO! Err… do I even look under 51? Please don’t answer that question!!! Fiona allowed my passport to be seduced by the photocopier and I had passed that test; all I had to do now was get confirmation that I had passed the STI test – I knew I had; my blood was tested at the donor centre every few months and I had not had a sexual partner in over 5 years – I was clean.“That’s all the legal stuff completed. Prosecco?” I nodded; I still felt nervous, uneasy and slightly embarrassed; maybe a small amount of alcohol will help me to relax and maybe just land me this job with the prospect of more to come. “We make adult themed movies otherwise called porn. You know that and I know that; we just need to establish which scenes you will be most comfortable appearing in, only then will you be able to ‘perform’ at your best.”I confirmed that my sexual orientation was straight even though I did admit under pressure to sometimes wanking off to gay and ladyboy porn; I really do NOT want some hairy bloke’s rock-hard dick rammed up my arse, not even for a 50% bonus payment. Straight equals sex with a girl, vaginal sex with a girl (that I think is a simple definition of straight sex). Straight sex includes oral sex with a girl (even though a blowjob is a blowjob regardless of the gender of the giver – does a gay blowjob feel the same; does a transsexual blowjob feel the same?). Straight sex includes anal sex with a girl, given to a girl, my cock up a girl’s arse until I cum.At that point I started to question my own sexuality; anal sex with a girl was acceptable, normal even expected in adult entertainment movies, but anal sex with a man or a transsexual I hadn’t wanted to do on camera. Why not? Anal is anal. Isn’t it? We’ll leave that question answered as straight anal (girl only) for now but won’t rule it out for the future, and as I gain experience.“Fetish sex?” That question came as a surprise; I knew the company filmed a variety of porn genres but I really wasn’t happy to suggest that I might be Bağcılar Escort willing to appear in scenes that I didn’t understand. I said a categorical NO to fetish sex scenes but then added that a little light bondage might be acceptable especially as the company offered a 20% to 50% bonus for most fetish scenes.“Rain?” Err… Pardon? “Rain, golden rain. You pissing on a girl or a girl pissing on you. Golden showers of rain. Usually pissing into mouths but also on bodies. Rain…” Would I, could I? Probably not.“We will have your test results within the hour, but first I want to show you a few clips so you can see all the types of movies we make and the kind of scenes you might want to appear in – some pay more than others!” Fiona led me into another room with a large sofa and a huge flat-screen TV that practically filled one wall. She dimmed the lights and pressed play; the showreel began and ran in a level of full 4k high definition that left me feeling somewhat inadequate. Let’s just say that those blokes were larger than life!!!By the time the door opened and my test results were presented, I had had a clear understanding of Ms. Wojciechowski’s successful business and my potential therein. Every scene had caused me to have an erection or enabled me to maintain that erection. The state of my arousal was independent of the genre of porn I was watching; maybe I could do it all…“Good new. You passed. Go take a shower (but don’t jerk off!) then I have someone I want you to meet. You have a screen test to complete before you leave.”The shower was hot and powerful. I took my time in cleansing every part of my body; I really didn’t know how far I would have to go whilst performing in the screen test but I hoped that having a cleansed cock would be to my advantage. Clean and dry, I wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to the TV room. Fiona had a video camera filming me from the moment I entered the room; the company showreel had been replaced with live footage of me; I wasn’t expecting to see my face being broadcast live to the closed-circuit TV.“Ignore the TV and ignore me; do NOT ignore my directions. Now sit down and relax and just answer my questions as openly and honestly as possible; answer looking straight into the camera lens unless I say otherwise.” The questions started simply enough and I soon felt at ease despite only wearing a towel; questions about my private and personal sex life, the (not very many) girlfriends that I had had over rather too many years; a lot of questions about masturbation, so many questions about masturbation that I became hard rather rapidly, too many questions about masturbation!“Show me. Show me how you masturbate. I want to see you wanking, I want to see you writhing, I want you to do that for me, just for me. Remember, it is the girls (and gay boys) who have bought your DVD that want to see you wanking; wank to them, wank to the camera. There is some baby oil on the table, a hard cock being stroked looks better on film when lightly oiled. Whatever you do, do NOT cum until I tell you; I will tell you when to cum, where to cum and how to cum.”I stood, placed my towel on the leather sofa and took the bottle oil from the table all the while keeping my under-toned belly and petite yet half-hard cock facing Fiona and her penetrating camera lens, using the TV as a mirror to pose in what I thought might be alluring to the paying public. Once I had some oil in my hands, I slowly massaged my own chest and nipples until my torso glistened and my nipples were fully erect; I played with them for a while, rubbing them lightly with my fingers and scratching them with my nails before tweaking them and pulling them from my chest. The sensation was completely different to a self-indulgent wank whilst watching a porn movie, this was more erotic; my cock appreciated everything I was doing and started to twitch into action.I took another handful of oil from the bottle and thought about how best to oil my cock for the camera; I placed one leg on the arm of the sofa, cupped my balls between my hands and started to stimulate them. The camera was no longer on my face, Fiona had zoomed in so that my groin filled the screen; my, what a huge penis! I didn’t start wanking for some time; I leaned behind my balls and oiled between my buttocks. “Lay down on the towel and start on your cock, but don’t stop playing with your balls.” I did as I was directed, aligning my body at a slightly awkward angle for the camera.Beginning at my glans then the whole shaft, I oiled my cock in a slow sensuous manner, the way I like it when girls use their soft feminine eroticism to prepare me for sex; I had been asked to masturbate, I had not been asked to jerk off in seconds like a spotty teenager. “Keep doing what you are doing and at that speed, keep gyrating and occasionally thrusting your hips; now place a finger on your anus and start stimulating the sphincter, you don’t need to stick it up your arse unless you want to, we will talk about that later.” I never expected to experience sexual intrigue from putting a finger into my bum-hole but it was stimulating, so I did a bit more anal exploration; I don’t think I will view a jerk-off-wank in the same way ever again.Fiona stopped me. “In this business, we don’t normally film scenes in the order in which they appear in the finished movie. I want to film you in the shower, so stop what you are doing and come with me but do NOT cum!” The girl in the shower room was petite, with small breasts, pink nipples, and black hair that cascaded down her back and brushed the cheeks of her pert bottom; her eyes were ice-blue, her nails manicured in scarlet and her naked body was completely hairless. “This is Joanne, you’ll be working together for the rest of the audition; don’t be fooled by her teenage looks, she knows Bağcılar Escort Bayan what she is doing and most importantly she knows how to work with a new adult performer to get the very best performance out of him; the best guys in this business are a lot more than cock and cum props! Start by showering alone, using shower gel in much the same way as you did the baby oil; don’t get too wet as I want to see the soapy bubbles on you. Joanna will join you when she thinks fit. ACTION…”The water was already running as I stepped under the showerhead and wet my previously oiled body; I stepped from the water that flowed over all me whilst allowing it to splash onto my shoulders and cascade down my back. For some reason, creating a soapy lather for my torso didn’t have the same erotic feel as the oil and I couldn’t understand how taking a shower could be considered anything but a function ablution obligation; even as a pre-sex ablution, this just wasn’t sexy! UNTIL…Jo’s hands turned me by my hips so that my back and bum now faced the camera; she soaped my body with her hands before bringing her arms around my waist and onto my chest. This has to be the best job in the world! I am going to get paid to allow a sexy girl young enough to be my granddaughter to share my shower, my bed and my orgasms; I really want to get this job! “Don’t you dare fucking cum until I tell you to fucking cum you fucking dirty old cunt; don’t you fucking dare or you will never ever work in this industry, you fucking dirty old bastard.” Oops! Fiona has spoken…Hands, young hands, very young hands caressed my chest and belly with soapy water whilst firm breasts and hard nipples rubbed against my back; neither remained above waist height for long and I soon found my groin being hand-fucked whilst my arse was being tit-fucked! I really didn’t know what was expected of me in such a situation so I just did what came naturally: as Jo’s body rose, I turned towards her, fell slightly and started kissing her on the lips with every passion in my tongue; I was desperate to feel her young pussy, to finger-fuck her cute cunt but felt clumsy in my attempts. “Cut.”We dried ourselves in white fluffy towels, I really wanted to dry Jo’s body but apparently that only happens when the cameras are rolling; I have a lot to get used to! Back in the sofa room, the live feed to the TV had been replaced with the company’s showreel of porn scenes. I had a towel around my waist but Jo was naked.My eyes were still glancing at the porn on TV when the young sexy Joanne grabbed the back of my neck, locked her lips on my lips and rammed her tongue into my mouth and towards my throat. Yup, I got a huge and instantaneous hard-on just from that kiss. We snogged in a strange way, in a porn film way, not in a randy-couple-in-love way; tongues not always in the mouth so that the camera could capture every tongue twister in full HD. If this was rampant no holds barred sex between two horny adults who just wanted to fuck the brains out of each other, I would have picked this little nymph up by the cheeks of her arse, impaled her on my rampant cock and shagged her senseless. This is a film studio, we are making a porn movie, she is an actress and I have a lot to learn!Rather clumsily, even for a first time amateur like me, I grabbed an arse cheek with one hand and tried to finger her wet pussy with the other. She squirmed and turned her body slightly away from me and more towards the camera; she broke off from tongue fucking my tonsils and whispered in my ear: “We never conceal anything from the camera with hands or bodies, this is porn fucking, this is fucking porn, every man watching wants to believe that he is the stud fucking this tight cunt.” We resumed our game of tonsil tennis and she placed one hand over mine guiding my fingers to the sweetest wettest little pussy imaginable where she started to masturbate using my fingers.God, that young pussy felt good and since she did not reposition my hand, body or fingers I thought that I must be doing something right for the camera and, I hoped, something right for the sexual satisfaction of my co-star. Towel long-since discarded, Jo’s hands moved to my overly and overtly engorged penis and began wanking me against her stomach whilst I continued to finger-fuck my new favourite best friend. Nails! Sharp nails! Manicured, scarlet nails! Nails that dug into that spot between neck and shoulder with such directional determination that I could do nothing but fall to my knees whereupon mine eyes beheld the Holy Grail that is a sensitive clit and the labial slit of a perfect pussy. For a moment I buried my head into Jo’s crotch before regaining my ‘professional’ porn star composure, backing off and a little to one side then using my tongue to lick this gorgeous girl’s gleaming pussy and her over-sensitive clit. Yum, yum, yum – girly cum on my tongue, tongue, tongue!Reality check time…If I pass this crazy interview/audition:•Will I get paid to lick a girl’s pussy? – Yes, you will.•Will I get paid to let a girl wank my cock? – Yes, you will.•Will I get paid to finger-fuck wet young pussies? – Yes, you will.Back to the reality of this moment in time. The more I lapped at Jo’s ever wettening pussy and the more I licked her ever hardening clit the more she gyrated her hips in theatrical pleasure until she grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face with her pussy. My face was being used and abused by a rampant nymphet; was I really the instigator and the facilitator? All of a sudden, she pulled my head backwards so that the camera could get the best seat in the house as she started to cum, a short cum that was followed almost immediately by a squirting orgasm that soaked the whole of my face in feminine pussy-cum. Fuckin’ ‘ell, I’ve got the best job in the world…My Escort Bağcılar face still soaked with Jo’s cum, she pushed me back on the sofa and climbed onto my lap, her sodden pussy riding my cock, grinding on its glans, squirt-cum dripping all over my balls. Instinctively I grabbed her arse cheeks, lightly teased her glistening perineum and gently fingered her wanton anus; all the time Jo kept riding me like I was a bucking bronco. She juddered, she twitched, she screamed, she dug her nails into my chest and nipples, she rocked, she moaned, she pushed her pussy further along my shaft; by any stretch of the imagination I should have shot my load deep into the cutest of cute cunts and I would have done so had she not dis-mounted at the critical moment – she knew what she was doing even though she appeared to be completely out of control; I have shed loads to learn! Her hands went straight to my balls which she cupped so as to give my cock some time to relax; then licked her puss-cum from between my legs as one hand very gently slid along my shaft.In the limited experience of my private life I have often enjoyed oral sex, I know it is self-indulgent just lying there whilst a girl uses her kissable mouth to suck me until I cum, but there is no denying just how enjoyable that experience is. Jo’s professionalism was taking that enjoyment to a whole new level; was it her age, her beauty, the voyeuristic eroticist of being filmed, the feeling of her squirt-cum as it poured over my ball as though she was pissing on my groin? I had no idea but the answer was probably: all of the above! For now, she used one hand to stroke the shaft of my cock, the fingers of her other hand to probe my anus and her lips, mouth, tongue, and teeth to tease my aching ball sack. Biting? Biting my balls? Surely, that has got to hurt! Nobody asked my permission to bite my balls; did they? Permission granted! The sensation of having my balls bitten was indescribable…To misquote Harold Pinter’s Birthday Party: ‘this girl taught me things a man shouldn’t know before he’s been married at least three times!’ One caveat: I have been married three times and I did not know that sex could ever be like this! Jo’s teeth started nibbling at my shaft as though it were a stick of Blackpool rock with the words ‘suck me’ running all the way through from fuzzy end to sticky end. The sensation was not as nice as the ball biting but who cares, certainly not me; background artiste to adult entertainer in one long day at the office. Let me entertain you…Jo’s tongue licked the tip on my glans and tried to penetrate my pee-hole; was I supposed to piss into her mouth at this stage? Without explicit stage directions in the affirmative, I did not; in truth, my cock was so hard that it would have been impossible. Tongue gave way to teeth. I am sure that the camera could not possibly have seen everything that Jo was doing to my cock but I know what I felt; whilst her hands toyed with my balls and cock-shaft, my glans was receiving a very, very special kind of blowjob, very special indeed. I look down at her face but I saw nothing of the action off-piste!Luscious red lips completely encased my glans, her tongue darted across its tip whilst perfect white teeth started to nibble away, sometimes very lightly sometimes with more force. The sensation was electrifying, the sensation was erotic, the sensation was sensational; remarkably, the way she was biting was never painful but always enjoyable. Satisfied that my sensitive member could cope with playful mastication, Jo opened her lips so that the camera, the paying public and me could get a fully uncensored view of the action. I wasn’t acting, I was enjoying!“Cut.” What do you mean cut? I want to cum in Jo’s mouth; I really, really want to cum in her gorgeous, sexy, teenage mouth. Surely you mean ACTION not cut? Why have we stopped? Surely you want footage of a dirty old man cumming in a teenage girl’s mouth? Isn’t that what happens in porn movies – the guy cums in or on the girl, especially her mouth? Is there such a thing as a porn movie that doesn’t have the guy cumming (lesbian movies excepted of course)? Are you really going to stop the action and my interview/audition now? Have I failed to get the job? What did I do wrong? Please don’t send me away with blue-ball syndrome!“Fucking time. Lie on your side on the sofa, Jo knows what to do. I like your stamina, now I want to see you give a girl a good old-fashioned hard fucking. This the final scene of the audition. Fuck Joanne for a long and as hard as you can. You are probably about to burst your balls, but try to give me at least 2 minutes of cock in pussy action and preferably around 5 minutes. When you are ready to cum, just say NOW (we can edit the word out later) and pull your cock out, Joanne will do the rest and won’t stop wanking you until I say so, so get used to being milked.”I adopted the position as directed and Jo’s flexibility ensured than none of this action would be hidden from view. Her body angle meant that I couldn’t see the camera so I assumed that Fiona wasn’t all that interested in my face at this stage of the proceedings. Jo orchestrated our copulative conjoining and I started thrusting my cock into her pussy as directed; slow long strokes, then faster long strokes then very fast short strokes. I didn’t want to cum too soon even though I was desperate to cum so I slowed and lengthened my thrusting and repeated the cycle of slow/long, fast/ long, very fast/short, all the while watching the company’s showreel of porn on the TV.NOW! I pulled out and Jo’s hands frantically wanked my cock as I shot my load, unleashing a stream of hot salty cum all over the poor girl, twitching with every stroke of her hands until the last drop of cum had been milked from my balls. My timing coincided with that of the performers on the TV porno film: a gay scene where an old guy rammed his geriatric dick up a young twink’s arse whilst wanking the youngster’s huge dick until they both came; all in glorious 4k super high definition.“Interesting!” was Fiona’s only comment, “I shall put you down as bi-curious.”

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