Cash for Cunt Confessions


When Gemma and I started working at the strip club, we thought it was just a hoot. We talked together about our antics, bursting into fits of laughter like some giddy teenagers. We were convinced that our time there would be very short because we were total amateurs and had our studies to complete. The result was that we could not guarantee to appear each Friday night as the owner, Brian, soon tried to persuade us to do.

As a result, our appearances were slightly sporadic, but we found them great fun, and Brian accepted that our University courses prioritised our striptease acts.

It was very early on in our time working at the club that Brian almost casually suggested that we might make a lot more money by entertaining some of the clientele privately. As twenty-one-year-old students, we thought he meant being invited to perform at private functions. Although such requests were forthcoming, Brian inferred that we could be paid to perform sex acts in one of the club’s private rooms after our performances.

The suggestion was yet another cause for Gemma and me to fall about in fits of mirth. The whole thing sounded ludicrous.

After the fourth stripping session, Brian approached us again to tell us that several guys were asking if we would be prepared to offer our services in exchange for payment. Again we laughed, but Brian was deadly serious.

‘It’s entirely your decision, but you could earn double or triple what I pay you if you wanted to,’ he enthused.

Gemma and I talked about the proposition during the next fortnight, usually in fits of giggles; however, we were more than a little interested in the idea.

‘It’s alright for you, Rach,’ Gemma commented one day, ‘You’ve already had lots of experience, but I’ve only had two boyfriends. I’d never know where to start.’

‘This will be your chance to catch up with me then,’ I laughed. I knew that Gemma possessed two unique attributes that were very much lacking on my own chest. I was convinced that the men would be queuing at her door while I sat in my room, brooding and twiddling my fingers.

Finally, after a lot of discussion and laughter, we agreed that it would be fun to give it a go on one occasion to see what happened. I nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Having informed Brian of our decision before our next appearance, he agreed to make a little announcement before we took to the stage.

As we danced, cavorted and stripped that night, there seemed to be an extra buzz about the place. Gemma had performed her act first, and I was sure would bag the lions share of any would-be studs available that night.

After our performances, Brian told us, much to our surprise, that the men were queuing to meet us. Again we laughed at such a thought.

‘I’ll choose two for each of you,’ Brian responded,’ I’ll make sure I know them and that you will be safe and enjoy their company and…’ he paused, winked and added, ‘cocks.’

Before we had an opportunity to reply, he was off.

‘I guess we had better go to our room’s,’ Gemma suggested. ‘Are you nervous?’

‘Yes, very,’ I replied, forcing a little laugh.

‘What about you?’

‘I think I’m about to wet myself,’ Gemma replied, pulling a face.

Once inside my room, I sat nervously on the side of the bed, contemplating what I was about to do. Gemma and I had learnt a lot in the two months since we had accidentally joined the club. Stripping naked before fifty to a hundred people was one thing but getting intimate with total strangers who were prepared to pay for the privilege was another.

My mouth was dry, and my heart racing as I heard the knock on the door. My first client had arrived. As I got up to open the door, I wondered what sort of a man was standing waiting at the other side. I hoped he would not be old, short and fat.

When I opened the door, I was greatly surprised to see a handsome looking man aged around thirty smiling sheepishly back at me.

‘Hello,’ I croaked through my parched throat.

‘Hello,’ he replied, giving me a nervous smile.

We stood looking at each other for a few moments before I invited him into the room and closed the door.

To my great delight, it was evident that he was as embarrassed as I about what we were both about to do.

‘You’ll have to forgive me,’ I explained to try to break the awkward silence, ‘I have never done this before.’

He breathed out deeply, smiled and replied, ‘That’s such a relief. Neither have I. I’m Colin.’

With the introductions over and both of us now feeling much more comfortable, I ventured towards him and asked, ‘Is there anything I can do for you tonight, Colin?’ It was a well-rehearsed line that I had been practising all week since deciding to chance my arm at making a little more money.

‘I’d love to fuck that pussy of yours,’ Colin replied, obviously feeling more confident. I’ve already paid the man seventy-five pounds.’

‘Seventy-five pounds?’ I retorted in such surprise that Colin backed away and looked disappointed.

‘I’m sorry,’ Escort he replied, ‘It was what he asked for and all I could afford. If it’s not enough, I could pay you more at the end of the month when I receive my salary.’

‘Not enough,’ I repeated, ‘It seems way too much to me. You should ask for a refund,’ I laughed, ‘I’m sure you will think you deserve one after we have finished!’

Once again, I approached Colin and, lifting his hands to the buttons on my dress, motioned to undo them.

Wearing the dress was Barry’s wife’s idea. She initially taught me the correct type of clothing to wear when I performed my striptease act. I had made a complete fool of myself on my first attempt by wearing tight jeans that were not easy to remove. After that debacle, I discovered that loose-fitting dresses, skirts and tops were the order of the day when performing at the club.

When Barry’s wife had heard that Gemma and I might be ‘entertaining’ clients, she had helpfully told us, ‘Wear just a long zipped or button dress and nothing else. Make sure it’s easy to remove. Let the guys undress you. It will get them aroused and allow you a little time to feel what sort of men they are.

It was good helpful advice. However, I did wonder if she had insider information.

Colin tenderly undid the buttons on my dress and, slipping it off my arms, commenced to fondle my breasts before sucking on them hard. I guided one of his hands between my legs to allow him to stimulate that most sensitive and arousing area.

I could feel that his attentions were working as moisture between my legs started to flow. For a minute, Colin stopped paying me attention so that he, too, could undress.

As soon as he was ready, he guided me onto the bed, where I lay down and opened my legs.

He was on me in a flash, and after a quick repositioning of his manhood, slipped it deep inside my waiting pussy. It seemed no time after he commenced to thrust that his body became taught, as he pushed in deeper and groaned with ecstatic pleasure.

I was a little shocked at this sudden conclusion to our intimate time. I had thought I might have enjoyed an orgasm myself at his hands, but he never gave me a chance.

‘Wow!’ I commented, ‘You came quick.’

‘I couldn’t control it. You’re so damned sexy!’

‘Thank you,’ I replied, a little embarrassed, ‘Would you like me to play with your cock and balls and then give you a blow job.’

‘Do you think I’m made of money?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Your friend, who took my payment, told me it was seventy-five pounds per act. I told you I couldn’t afford anything more.’

‘He told you that?’ I questioned in total disbelief.

‘Yes. If I wanted a BJ and a pussy fuck, it would be one hundred and fifty pounds. I guess if I wanted to do your arse too, you’d want another seventy-five quid?’

‘I’m sorry,’ I replied, ‘Barry never discussed any rates with me. I had no idea what he wanted to charge. Lay here, and I’ll play with your balls at no extra cost.’

‘What about time?’

‘What do you mean?’ He said I had to be quick about it because of time.

‘Who Barry?’


‘I’ll speak to him later,’ I commented as I got to work on his balls and cock until he was again rock hard, and I commenced a long blow job on him.

Just as I got going, there was a rap on the door. I stopped and shouted, ‘Whose’s there?’

‘Barry. Hasn’t he fucked you yet?’

‘Yes, but I’ve just started giving him a blow job?’

‘He only paid for a pussy fuck.’

‘He told me. This one is on the house.’

‘Oh, for crying out loud. You can’t do that; there’s someone else waiting.’

‘Tell them I’ll be as quick as I can. I’ll be even quicker if you skedaddle!’

I got back to my work, and once again, with apparent delight, Colin fired his load in my direction.

As he dressed, Colin was very appreciative. ‘Can we do this again, Rachel?’

‘Yes, of course.’ I replied, ‘I just need to get Barry to sort the pricing out.’

Once Colin had left, and I had been given five minutes to clean myself up, the door rattled again.

Nervously I opened it to find a reasonably attractive middle-aged man with a full head of slightly greying hair.

‘Hello,’ he offered, ‘I’m told your new to this?’

‘Yes indeed. You’re only my second visitor.’

‘Client,’ he corrected as he stepped into the room.

‘You’re a gorgeous young woman. I have watched you here twice. When it was announced that you were open to offers, I just had to try my luck.’

‘Thanks,’ I said, smiling.

‘I want to fuck your arse. Is that allowed?’

‘I guess so,’ I responded, ‘as long as you have paid?’

‘Yes, yes, I have. I could not believe how cheap you were. I mean seventy-five quid is nothing to use someone like you?’

‘Isn’t it?’

‘No. Not for class like you. I’d have paid a hundred to fuck you.’


I knelt down on the bed and hitched up the skirt on the dress to allow him access to the part he wanted. I pointed Escort Bayan to the lubricating jelly on a shelf along the wall of the room.

He took the tube and seemed to greatly enjoy lubricating my bum hole liberally pushing plenty of jelly deep into my anus.

Suddenly he thrust in with his cock causing me to gasp in shock and let out a little scream of surprise and pain.

He pounded away before stopping and asking if he could slap my bum. When I replied positively, he added smacks of various degrees to his ever-increasing thrusts. Eventually, I felt his body stiffen against my arse as he pushed up and fired his load deep inside my bum while letting out a groan of pleasure.

After thanking me profusely and as with Colin asking if he could visit again, he left.

As I was wiping my backside, the door rattled, and Barry called out.

‘All well, Rachel?’

‘Yes, thanks. You can come in if you wish.’

‘I’ll just check on Gemma.’

A few minutes later, he was back with Gemma at his side. ‘Good work, you two. Fantastic. Those guys were so impressed,’ he gushed, handing each of us a small wad of notes.

As I come from Scotland, we tend to be a little, we say ‘canny’ about money, so I quickly checked the amount.

‘There’s one hundred and fifty pounds here.’ I exclaimed in surprise.

‘That’s right,’ Brian replied, ‘Seventy-five from each guy.’

‘What about your cut?’ I asked suspiciously.

‘Don’t be daft lass,’ he replied, trying to mimic my accent, ‘You earned it, you keep it.’

‘So what do you get out of this?’ Gemma enquired, entering the conversation for the first time.

‘Footfall,’ Brain responded, ‘People coming in, paying, buying meals, telling others. It all brings trade through the door. You may both be only twenty-one, but you have great character and great bodies. Already I have folks phoning to book the nights you are performing.’

‘Really?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Absolutely. You’re both quite a hit. Best decision I ever made to hire you two. Now how did you cope tonight?’

‘I thought seventy-five pounds was a bit steep for what would have been only ten minutes with me. You can’t fleece your customers, you know,’ I replied smiling.

‘I was amazed anyone would pay that to fuck my pussy,’ Gemma added. I expected about twenty-five per err…’ Her voice trailed away as she tried to find the right words.

‘Client?’ Brian added helpfully.

‘How long do you think those wanting to meet us would be prepared to wait?’ I asked.

‘An hour at the most.’

‘Then why not prebook?’ Gemma said.

‘How’d you mean?’

Other performers appear after us. Why not allow guys to meet us while the show is still active. Therefore we don’t have to wait until the show’s over. The men can have a time set to come and meet us. That way, there will be no waiting for them. They turn up at the appointed time.’

‘Come and meet us?’ I laughed, ‘Don’t you mean to come and fuck us, Gemma?’

‘Yes. That as well.’ Gemma retorted, still thinking about her brain box of an idea.

‘Okay,’ Brian replied thoughtfully, ‘I agree in principle but will have to check with the wife. How many can you handle a night?’

‘Four.’ I replied, ‘But fifty pounds for half an hour. I may be Scottish, but I’m not happy to fleece the guys.’

Gemma agreed, and we left Brian to get the idea past his wife.

Over the next three months, whenever Gemma and I agreed to perform a night at Brian’s club, we were never short of men desiring our services in one way or another. The two hours after our little performance seemed to fly by as we sucked, fucked and bucked with the guys paying to have access to our bodies.

About two months after commencing our ‘extra’ duties, Brian approached me, asking about my bondage and punishment fetish.

I was still relatively inexperienced at the time, but I explained, as best I could, what I enjoyed about it most and what aspects turned me on.

‘How about some paid bondage sessions?’ Brian suggested, ‘In the bondage room?’

‘Great,’ I enthused, ‘That’s right up my street.’

‘I thought it might be right up somewhere else,’ Brian quipped. ‘What about Gemma? Would she be interested?’

‘I’ll ask her, but I don’t think she so interested in whips, chains and ropes,’ I explained.

It turned out that I was correct. Gemma was happy enough entertaining her clients in her room one at a time. Meanwhile, ever looking for more exciting adventures, I was thrilled with the idea of getting paid to entertain in a way I truly enjoyed. I looked forward to whatever may be in store.

Gemma and I agreed that she could take the more vanilla type individuals while I would take those wishing to try something a little more binding.

The announcement the following Friday was changed slightly to accommodate the new arrangements. I was somewhat taken aback when Brian told me that twelve guys wanted to use my services in the bondage room.

I call it a bondage room, but it was very crude Bayan Escort and basic, almost as though the room was chosen as an afterthought to everything else at the club. It was large enough, about twenty-five feet square, with a big solid wooden table occupying the middle. Into this had been screwed some large hooks at various strategic places. On one wall was a wooden frame that I discovered later used to be a climbing wall at a local school. Along another wall was a series of coat hooks that hung the usual BDSM equipment of cuffs, whips, crops, paddles, canes and ropes.

I knew that there would be enough in the room to occupy anyone with me for half an hour.

The first night I entered it, Brian informed me that he had managed to get the twelve guys to agree to visit in four groups of three each with a bit of persuasion and a small discount. I had no idea how this would pan out.

I decided to wear a very short black dress with puffy sleeves that came to my elbow. To me, it struck the right balance between sex and bondage.

When the knock came, I opened the door, and Brian ushered in the three men. As we had previously agreed, he handed me a piece of paper upon which was written what each of the men wanted to do.

I read it out loud.

1) Whip her back

2) Barehanded spanking

3) Flogging

I was relieved as I was pretty sure I could cope with these requests.

‘You have ten minutes each, but I suggest we divide everything, so you all get two five minute sections with me.’

The three men who ranged from about twenty-five to forty plus seemed happy with that arrangement, and each helped the other put me in a position for what they required.

Brian had already agreed that each man playing with me would be told my ‘safe’ word. It was nothing inventive, just a simple ‘Stop.’ I am pleased to say that in nearly twenty years of BDSM practice, on only two occasions has anyone ignored my safe words!

The first was in this club, and the second was at an arranged Gangbang and Bondage session some ten years later. Both times, others came to the rescue and plucked the damsel in distress from the over-enthusiastic attentions of those who did not seem to appreciate the efforts I was making to give them a good time.

Thankfully the whips Brian had obtained were pretty loud on noise but soft on pain, so even inexperienced hands did not cause me any lasting damage. The barehanded spanking was the most painful. After the first night, we realised that for the BDSM sessions to work, those involved needed to be placed in groups of two, with the least taxing requests taking first place.

Some men just wanted to have sex with a woman who was tied up; others wanted to play in some way with my tits. This included whipping, pegging, slapping and sucking them while I was bound and helpless. Others had fantasies about inserting objects into my pussy while I was unable to stop them. I was happy to try everything that was requested during my time working there.

Gemma and I were both amazed at just how much some men were willing to pay to either have sex with us or, in my case, do some fairly basic BDSM on me. I think we could easily have kept to Brian’s original seventy-five pounds a session without too many complaints.

Brian did, however, put the price up for over the fifties who were desirous to make use of our sexual services. He explained to Gemma and me that most guys should be financially stable when they reach fifty, so they can pay a premium rate for a premier service.

To the men he asked to pay the extra rate, Brian explained it slightly differently. I heard him on one occasion.

‘Your fifty-five. That is thirty-four years older than these two lovely young women. How would you like to fuck an eighty-nine-year-old woman? Get my drift? You have to pay for the privilege that two young ladies like this are prepared to allow you to make love to them.’

I smiled when I heard this explanation, but I could see sense in his argument.

Brian’s wife kindly showed us how to keep accounts if we needed to file tax returns for the income we made. Thankfully we never reached the tax threshold; otherwise, we would have had to state our occupation; Working Whores, Practicing Prostitutes, Female Fuckers and Stripping Sluts were all possible job titles!

Not only did we have the opportunity to earn a little extra after each show, but we were also regularly approached to participate in other events away from the club. Gemma was always much more cautious about these offers, whereas, if I was free and the arrangement excited me in some way, I’d be more willing to attend.

There was no doubt that I could easily have left my course and gone into full-time sex work with abandon. The opportunities it seemed for an attractive young woman with a happy, outgoing personality were endless. During these sessions, we, of course, met many different people with sometimes interesting personalities.

Gemma and I made up nicknames for some.

Mr Nasty

He came to visit me twice. He was in his late thirties and, although attractive and fit, looking for his age was incredibly demanding and arrogant. I cannot remember seeing him smile, but I remember the first time I opened the door to him.

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