Case of the Murdered Chessplayer Ch. 04


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Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

The sex is near the middle of the story. The puzzle solution and the shocking twists are worth reading through to the end, though…

Part 11 – The Final Break

6:45am. There had been no deals during the night. After dinner I had ordered that we cease and desist from any more talks with any of the perps or their lawyers, and made sure the four men were not in the same holding cells. Then I had gone home to The Cabin, but my mom wasn’t there. She’d left for Apple Grove earlier in the day, to finish packing and take care of all the little details up there. It was strange being alone in bed, but it did have one benefit: I got some much needed sleep.

I could not say that about others at the headquarters: Teresa Croyle came into the MCD room, looking exhausted. She reported what had happened the night before. A woman had been brought to the Emergency Room entrance of University Hospital by a large black man.

After laying the woman on the gurney, the man disappeared. The E.R. Nurse, a pretty young Asian woman, had instructed the orderlies to rush the woman into a trauma room, then looked back to ask the man questions, but he was gone.

Meanwhile, the woman had heavily overdosed on cocaine, and she didn’t make it. Her name was Margo Bailey, wife of Sean Bailey, who was the best sales agent for a pharmaceutical company. Teresa had had the sad duty of calling her husband, then later informing him of his wife’s death.

“What’s really ugly about this,” Teresa said, her face an angry scowl, “is that Margo had a history of drug problems, and her husband had said he’d divorce her if she didn’t clean up. Well, she DID finally get clean, and she had stayed clean for several months… but last night two of her ‘girlfriends’, and I use that term very loosely, took her out on the town… and they took her straight to the clubs where the drugs are sold. They said they left her talking to a young man, and the description of the guy is of someone well-known in Vice for bringing people to locations that have been set up to buy fixes.”

“Those women,” I said, “they just left her? They didn’t try to help her at all, or look after her? Just threw her to the drug recruiter?” I asked, as Teresa handed me a small sheet of paper with those women’s names.

“Yeah,” Teresa replied, staring into space, her face dead to anything but Justice as she spoke. “Those fucking bitches just left her… maybe even took her there on purpose to set her up to get drugged, but of course they’ll never admit to that…” Looking at Teresa “Cunt” Croyle, I knew it would be a bad day for those women if they ever ran afoul of the Law with Teresa anywhere nearby…

Waking up from her reverie, Teresa continued “That’s not all. There was semen in the woman’s vagina, pretty fresh, when she was brought in. They used a full rape kit, just in case. The Crime Lab’s rape division has gotten into a habit of making an immediate comparison of raped and drugged women to a certain rapist, and the result will interest you.”

She handed me the preliminary report, completed half an hour earlier. While it looked like two men had ejaculated inside the woman, one of those men who had deposited his semen into the her was pretty much without doubt my nephew Ned.

“The bastard’s in town. Put out an APB in case he left town in the night.” I said. Teresa replied that she had already done so.

It was 7:00am, and we knew what that meant: Bettina!

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” the reporterette began somberly reporting. “Margo Bailey, wife of wealthy BigPharmaCorp sales rep Sean Bailey, died last night at University Hospital of a severe cocaine overdose. Mrs. Bailey was out with friends last night, who lost track of her and had believed she had gone home. A few hours later she was brought to the hospital by an unknown Good Samaritan, but doctors were unable to save her. Mrs. Bailey is survived by–“

“Good Samaritan?” Teresa scowled.

“In other news,” Bettina Wurtzburg reported through our TV, “the police department is interviewing four men in connection to the murder of Russian chess master Vladimir Kurchikov. Channel Two News has also confirmed that two police officers were called to that location earlier in the evening, where reports of shouting and almanbahis fighting in that apartment were lodged by the neighbors. One of those police officers is reported to be Sergeant Carroll, who was suspended without pay for a violation of police policies. The Police Union representative has demanded Sergeant Carroll’s immediate reinstatement–“

“They’re throwing him to the wolves, you know.” Teresa said. I whirled to look at her, realizing that I was receiving the answer to an earlier vague question.

“Is he dirty?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Teresa said, “but that’s the way things work around here. Giving the Press a story about a procedural issue is telling the world that he’s finished.”

I just nodded. So that was how “things” worked. This put an interesting new light on things.

At 8:00am sharp, ADA Paulina Patterson came into the MCD room. “This may be it– Vince Rossoliano wants to talk to you…. without his lawyer.”


“Go.” Vince told his lawyer once we were in the interrogation room. “Get out.”

“But… but..” the lawyer sputtered.


“GO!” Vince roared. “OUT!”


Once the lawyer is was gone, Vince said “If I tell you everything I know, is the immunity still on the table?”

“Here’s the deal.” Paulina stated, bringing out a document. “You tell us everything, sign it in writing, testify when we ask you to, for the Grand Jury or at the killer’s trial, and you’ll be given full immunity. You’ll be deported after the trial, and if you enter the United States again the immunity will be voided. “

“Good enough.” Vince said. “And I am only going to talk about this night and this murder, yes?” Paulina and I looked at each other, then agreed.

“You are right,” Vince started, “we would meet from time to time to arrange our drug deals. This Town was convenient because Baptiste was a foreign exchange student here, Dill-Worthing’s company has a branch here, Kurchikov could easily come from the City, where he teaches chess, and he leased this apartment where he could prepare for big chess matches, and Gomez… well, he likes the college girls and the prostitutes in your Tenderloin District.”

“The woman?” I asked.

“I do not know much about her.” Vince said. “Baptiste knew her in France; I believe they had a drug operation in Paris, and he wanted to bring her into our cartel as our American representative. Each of us has a country to grow our own businesses in, and Kurchikov would arrange drug shipments to each of us from time to time, using the chess tournaments he participated in as cover for his travels and deliveries. I had no problem with bringing in this woman, as it would mean less travel to America and I would still get a cut. Of course, my people would have to check her out.”

“Did anyone oppose her inclusion?” I asked.

“Gomez was not sold on her, but I think he just wanted to fuck her first. Dill-Worthing had objections, and discussed them with Kurchikov. Let me explain: we would play bridge, and whoever was in dummy would talk in the kitchen with Kurchikov. He was our supplier of drugs; we each placed our orders with him. Kurchikov would balance the numbers, arrange shipments from one of us to another whenever we needed it. He was very good with numbers, very smooth.

“Sometimes we would get into arguments, we would get passionate. The redhead cop, the Sergeant, he would always respond if there was a problem. I do not know for sure, but I believe Kurchikov paid him to keep the Police Vice squad from coming after us. I say this because sometimes that cop would come around, and would talk to Kurchikov alone.

“What about the night of the murder.” I asked. “What happened?”?

“It was a very typical night. We drank, we smoked, we played cards, Gomez cheated like hell at the cards, we argue, police come, we quiet down and start making our deals with Kurchikov, we talk about adding the woman as our partner. Then we all left, sometime after 11:00.”

“And only one person opposed the inclusion of the woman.” I said, to confirm what I was hearing.

“Ehh, we were all cautious, of course… but yes, Dill-Worthing was the only one strongly opposed. Kurchikov even suggested to me in private that she could be his replacement, if Dill-Worthing didn’t like it.”

“So you all left after eleven o’clock.” I said. “Did you see everyone leave?” I asked.

“Except for the woman, we all left and went to our cars. Baptiste was in front of me, I followed him to the main road. He went to a strip club, I went to my hotel.”

“So you didn’t see Dill-Worthing leave?”

“He left with us, and his car was behind me, but I don’t remember seeing his car follow me. I was not really paying attention.”

After several more questions for clarification, I nodded to ADA Paulina Patterson, who signed the immunity agreement and gave it to Vince as his seething lawyer returned to the room.

Part 12 – The Party Never Stops… almanbahis giriş Nor Does The Sex!

As the sun was setting in the evening, Melina walked down the path by the lake with her date, her hand on his arm as he escorted her, the restaurant they had eaten at in the distance behind them. She was wearing a lemon-yellow dress with a white pattern imprinted on it, and very high heel white pumps. The young man she was with was in a suit and tie, looking very handsome to her as they walked and chatted lightly. He was “The Leader”, the young man she’d met at Todd’s celebration not long ago.

Sitting down on a bench and enjoying the lake view in the fading light, they chatted lightly for a while, mostly about some of his adventures with the Ten Inch Team and some of her work on sexual subjects with Dr. Laura Fredricson. The discussion of sex already had her loins melted, warm and wet, and she had noted the considerable bulge in her young date’s pants. The talk ebbed as the couple began sharing kisses, light at first, then deeper and more passionate.

“So what’s that saying? ‘Your place or mine?'” the young man asked Melina as he kissed her neck and openly groped her breast.

?”Mine.” she said. “I want you to take me in my own bed.” They walked back to his car and drove toward the Tower Condos, a building next to the University Hotel and externally the twin of it, but with condo apartments. This one had been Laura’s, and Melina had swapped Laura this condo for the house on the hill that Don’s mother was going to live in.

Nearly an hour later, Melina was lying naked on her bed, enjoying the soft light of the room and the sight of the young man at the foot of the bed stripping naked. She admired his muscular, slender body as his eyes hungrily devoured her luscious nude beauty. He was more broad-shouldered than Todd but not taller (few men were), and he exuded a sense of male power and confidence that really turned Melina on and made her wet with desire.


His cock sprang into view, hard and long and thick, ten full inches of throbbing power, ready to fuck her into a frothy puddle of pure pleasure. As he eased onto the bed, he confidently, almost arrogantly spread her legs apart and settled between them. Not asking permission, he began kissing his way up her thighs to her sopping wet quim.

“Ohhhhhhh….” Melina moaned quietly as The Leader’s tongue slid up her swollen labes and lashed at her clit. As the young stud began eating her pussy more deeply and in earnest, she let her memory float to that previously heavenly night…

She remembered Todd’s initiation. After he had come and several women had used their tongues to clean her body and pussy of his semen, a full-blown orgy had begun. She remembered The Leader having his penis sucked to rock-hardness by a gorgeous natural redhead who was wearing wedding rings.

Then Todd had called the Leader over to the bed that she, Melina, was still lying on. Todd introduced her to him, then they began rudely talking in rather crude terms about her.


“She’s a really hot fuck.” Todd told The Leader. “Her cunt will suck the cum right out of your balls before you can stop yourself from coming.”

“Sounds like a challenge.” The Leader said. “She’s definitely got the best legs and hottest ass in the room.” Letting his eyes bore into Melina’s, he asked, “Hey baby, how would you like to try a real cock instead of this kid’s little thing?” His overwhelming sexual power reached out to her as, without waiting for her answer, The Leader eased down and mounted her.

“Oh God!” Melina gasped as The Leader began driving his huge cock into her already-fucked cunt. Pleasure rocketed through her body as she was stretched and filled with his hard male meat.

“Damn, gorgeous, you buried it.” The Leader said. “You took me with just one thrust.” He began pumping in and out of her with a slow steady rhythm, letting her get used to his size and begin matching his thrusts. He began speeding up, noting with pleasure that she was meeting and matching his strokes perfectly, speeding up right along with him, their loins smashing together as they began to fuck hotly.

As he relentlessly fucked her, Melina noted out of the corner of her eye that the gorgeous redhead was now sucking Todd’s cock to hardness with lust-filled abandon. The Leader noticed Melina watching the other couple.

“That’s Audrey Nethers.” he whispered, his voice low so that only Melina could hear him. “She’s married, and she is the best cocksucker I’ve ever encountered. Her husband is one of our members, but he couldn’t be here tonight. She’s a Libertine, also.”

“What’s a ‘Libertine’?” Melina asked as she wrapped her legs tightly around The Leader to urge him to keep fucking her hard and steady.

“It’s a Swinger group. There’s two of them in the county, the Libertines and the Hedonists. Ask your boss Dr. Fredricson about it.”

“How– how did you know that I worked for her?” almanbahis yeni giriş Melina asked, her eyes snapping onto The Leader’s and boring into him.

“Todd told me when he said he was going to invite you to this initiation.” The Leader said. “We had to be sure you weren’t one of those people that want to fuck us over.”

“I see.” Melina answered shortly. “Well, I do want to fuck you over, until your balls are drained and screaming for mercy.” Her wicked smile and the intensity of her eyes gave The Leader a sexual jolt. He quickly pulled out and straddled her chest, shoving his cock head into Melina’s luscious mouth.

“Todd was right, you’ve made me come. I’m going to come, baby.” he grunted. “I’m going to come in your mouth. UHH!!! Take it babe– UHK!!! AHH!!!”

He shoved his cockhead practically into Melina’s throat as she felt his huge organ throb and pulse. She gulped down the thick, relentless squirts of his hot jism as he ejaculated them into her mouth, struggling to stay ahead as he tried to fill her throat to overflowing. Pleasure rocked through her loins as she fingered her clit, the joy of having a virile man come in her mouth adding to her tremendous pleasure…

Later, once hard again, Todd had been slowly and deeply fucking Melina dogstyle. Several other men, many of whom she never got a name for, came up to her and fucked her face with their huge cocks. As she sucked their manhoods, she noted that some were thicker than others, but every cock was blessed with that long, ten inch length.

Melina reveled in the feelings overwhelming her, being fucked by a handsome young man while sucking other huge cocks. Each man was near the crest when he approached her, and she remembered swallowing several large loads, enjoying her meals of pure male protein. She also remembered being kissed by several women, feeling their tongues exploring her mouth and trying to lick out some of that cream.

She was exhausted after endless orgasms as the night’s party neared its end. Most of the men and women were spent; they were lying around, watching Melina being fucked slowly and deeply by The Leader one last time. He was gentle with her, having really lubed up his cock and made sure she could handle one more fuck, and she knew he was doing this to show his stamina, his endurance that outlasted all of his male teammates. She knew that every man and woman in the room was admiring him for being the very best, sexually, and she was proud that it was her vagina servicing and pleasuring the young stud’s cock in front of all these hot, sexual people.

It was after he came inside her, his load feeble compared to earlier ones, that he surprised her by quietly asking her for a date. She accepted on the spot, and made sure to give him her phone number while Todd was not watching…

The Leader was nuzzling her neck and grinding his meat into her well-filled cunt in the condo bedroom. He had come once, and this time they were simply enjoying a slow, deep fuck. The Leader still fucked her with raw, hard power. Melina realized that she was deeply enjoying this fuck, and that she was deeply enjoying being with this much younger man.

Her thoughts drifted to Todd. She thought of Todd’s baby that she was carrying now, joy filling her whole being. But she also realized that while she loved Todd, she was not “in love” with him, not like she had been with Don… and with Jack… and she also knew that while she physically loved The Leader, she was not truly in love with him either…

As she felt The Leader ejaculate into the depths of her womanhood to end the consummation of their date, Melina wondered to the Universe who her true soulmate was, and where was he now….

Part 13 – The Solution

It was about 9:00pm and we had just returned from dinner. I had forbidden any talk about the case during dinner, which suited most of my team. But that had the lovely Paulina Patterson chafing, as she wanted to ask questions. And she hit me with the barrage as soon as we walked into the MCD room.

“So it’s either the woman, who you think is your sister Elizabeth, or it’s Keith Dill-Worthing.” Paulina said. “Which one?”

Before I could answer, Paulina’s cellphone rang. “Dill-Worthing. His lawyer is asking to see us.” Paulina said. I asked her to come with me and Tanya.

In the interrogation room, the lawyer for Dill-Worthing said in a smooth and oily voice “My client has reconsidered, and wants to make a deal with you.” His English client sat next to him.

“Oh really?” I said, my voice neither smooth nor oily, but very sarcastic in tone.

“Full immunity in exchange for his truthful statement and testimony.” the lawyer offered, his voice intentionally toned to suggest he was doing us a huge favor. I knew otherwise.

“Let’s hear it, then we’ll consider it.” I said. “And it damn well better be truthful.” Dill-Worthing looked at the lawyer as if he did not want to do it, but the lawyer nodded.

“Okay,” Dill-Worthing said. “this is what happened.” His story was nearly identical to Vince’s earlier in the day, but with two important exceptions: he did not mention the woman, and he said he had left and followed Vince down the road, but had turned off to go to his hotel.

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