Christian groaned as the van glided out of the parking lot, nose raised toward the tow truck. His ride home. As if being equipment manager for the hockey team wasn’t glamorous enough, now he needed to find a way to make the forty-five minute trek back to campus. He pulled his cell out of his pocket and stared blankly at the locked screen, not even knowing whom to call but fully aware that it made him look less pathetic to anyone who might be staring at him from the other vehicles in the lot. He heard a van door slide open and a baritone voice reverberate toward him.

“Hey man, do you have a way home?”

Christian peered up from the dark screen of his phone toward the source of the voice–it was Evan. The star hockey player peered out from the dimly lit interior of the van, but even under the weak wash of the overhead lights the hummed over the lot, Christian could see his dark eyes under the fringe of his matching dark hair. Evan’s thick brows were knitted in concern.

Christian took a step toward the van, wanting to plead for a ride, but instead found himself attempting to wave off the invitation.

“I’m good. I was just getting my cousin on the phone,” he called back, lifting his blank screen as if to prove his connection to a non-existent cousin.

Evan shook his head, his bangs sweeping his forehead. “Naw, you shouldn’t be left standing here. We’ll make room for ya.” He beckoned with an outstretched hand.

Christian hesitated a moment. He wasn’t sure he should smash himself into a van for nearly an hour with the boy he secretly had a crush on. He was pretty sure that he was securely in his closet, but he didn’t need to invite any missteps. High school had been difficult enough. He didn’t need to screw up his college career, too. He fully intended to take advantage of the fresh start–no one here knew him.

Evan detected the hesitance. “Come on, man. It’s not that long of a ride.”

Christian couldn’t argue with the logic. He stepped up and peered into the van. There was literally nowhere for him to sit. The bucket seats were all occupied, the spaces between them stacked with gear bags, the overflow from Christian’s van now occupied the other half of the bench that Evan perched on. Evan pushed himself against the duffels beside him, attempting to eek a few more inches on the vinyl seat, but the densely packed bags refused to compact. He turned and exchanged glances with Christian brushed his bangs from his eyes.

“Guess you’ll have to sit on my lap,” he said grinning. Christian and the rest of the van’s occupants chucked in unison at the suggestion. “Thanks anyway,” he nodded at Evan. He turned back to his phone.

“Seriously,” Evan called out. “Get in here, man. We’ll be back before you know it. Christian stared at Evan, dumbfounded, and felt a small fire ignite inside him at the possibility that this might happen. He was entranced and horrorstruck at the same time.

Evan beamed and smacked his thighs like St. Nick encouraging the audience of a small child. Christian shook his head in disbelieve as he stepped into the van and backed onto his lap. Cameron twisted from the comfort of the bucket seat in front of them and snickered.

“All comfy and set, boys?” he sneered.

Evan craned around Christian’s head. “Will you just shut the fucking door so that we can get going?”

There was a slam to herald the triumph of squeezing yet one Bolu Escort more occupant into the already over-burdened van, and they soundlessly began to roll across the lot, the densely packed cabin muffling all sounds and vibrations. Christian tried not to shift uncomfortably as Evan’s thighs pushed into his rear. They were hard as rocks. He leaned to the side so that Evan wasn’t breathing into his neck. The scent of his body wash from his recent shower enveloped him.

He rested his forehead on the vinyl backing of Cameron’s seat and stared down, praying a speedy journey with no construction and few traffic lights. He could see Evan’s Adidas high tops on either side of his feet, his white socks protruding from his jeans and disappearing behind the camo-patterned knit collars. They flashed in the passing brilliance of the street lights. He felt the flame inside him begin to crackle and leap as he took in the sight. Evan’s legs shifted slightly beneath him, and his breath came warm against his ear.

“That can’t be very comfortable, man. Lean back. It’s fine.”

Christian wasn’t sure why, but he felt compelled to obey. After all, he felt like a kid on an adult’s lap. He sat back and sank against Evan’s left shoulder. As he did, he became aware of Evan’s manhood pressing against him insistently. He turned and looked over his shoulder. Evan was grinning. He gave a little shrug.

“I can’t help it,” he whispered.

Christian wasn’t sure what exactly that meant, but he saw an opening. “Me either,” he said under his breath. Evan’s thick brows disappeared behind his fringe.


Christian felt Evan’s arm dislodge from the space between their bodes and the duffle bags where it had been pinned. A hand slid across his left thigh and he felt his breath catch in his throat as Evan’s fingers closed around the bulge in his jeans, assessing.

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered against Christian’s ear. As he squeezed, Christian felt the first sticky drops of his juices leave his cock. Evan lazily dragged his thumb back and forth over the rough denim at Christian’s crotch, the faint vibrations probing gently and sending him into overdrive. He clenched his butt, his cheeks feeling pressure around Evan, who gasped slightly. Christian looked down to see Evan’s heel raise in his roomy shoe as he welcomed the sensation. Evan began to fumble with Christian’s fly.

“Help a guy out,” he murmured. Christian could hear the smile in his voice.

“Are you crazy?” he whispered in a giggle. The van was packed. While the stacked equipment had them penned in as though in a cocoon, there were inches between them and Cameron.

“No one is gonna know, man. It’s just you and me back here.” Evan gave Christian another squeeze which nearly made him yelp. Christian unfastened the button on his jeans and felt the pressure around his midsection release as his fly peeled open like a banana. Evan’s hand blindly explored the opening, his fingers striking the sticky cotton of his briefs. Evan’s thumb and forefinger found the slit in underwear and gently wrapped around Christian’s shaft, lightly sliding along its length. Christian had never felt anything like it. Sure, he had stroked himself plenty of times, but it was nothing to the thrill of having it done by fingers other than his own. The sensation sent an involuntary spasm through his legs which struck against Cameron’s seat. Christian Bolu Escort Bayan could see the crown of Cameron’s head do a half-turn over the top of the seat, then turn forward again.

He and Evan froze for a moment, Evan’s fingers paused in mid stroke. Christian considered muttering an apology when he caught a glimpse of white ear bud protruding from Cameron’s earlobe as his head resumed a faint bob to an unheard rhythm. The whistling exhalation through his nose and his slight collapse against Evan signaled to him that the coast was clear. He felt Evan quake slightly beneath him and he looked over his shoulder to see him erupting in silent laughter.

“It isn’t funny,” Christian breathed. But he could feel the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He reached his right hand behind him and slid the tips of his fingers down along the small of his back, wedging them between their bodies and bringing his palm heel to grind against Evan’s groin. Evan’s soundless cascading giggle was pierced with a low “fuck,” and his fingers clamped momentarily around Christian’s shaft, catching his own breath in his throat.

Christian began to rhythmically pump his hand against Evan’s bulge, and the responsive sway of Evan’s body beneath him translated into Evan’s fingers sliding up and down his own shaft to the beat. His cock becoming increasingly slick. As he looked down and watched the soles Evan’s Adidas grinding against the van floor and the camo patterned tongues flexing gently against his swaying shins as though they themselves were panting with the exertions, he felt a fresh wave of warm precum release onto Evan’s hand. He felt Evan’s fringe brush his ear.

“Damn, you are so wet,” he uttered under his breath. The statement, almost one of awe, sizzled through Christian and he had to keep himself from groaning into the back of Cameron’s headrest. He became aware of the moist denim against his own hand.

“Seems I’m not the only one,” he whispered over his shoulder.

“You guys okay back there?” Cameron’s voice came cutting through the tension. “You’re awfully quiet back there.”

Christian froze, heart thudding. There was no way in such tight quarters, baggage and bodies jammed in every available space, that anyone would be able to see what was happening in the back seat. And yet the realization that people were inches away came in a jarring realization.

Evan played it cool. “Yeah, we’re fine. Just not a whole lot to talk about. It’s a little awkward, you know?” he chuckled.

“You sure you don’t like it?” Cameron ridiculed.

“Of course I like it.” Evan’s response was so immediate and nonchalant that even Christian felt a laugh burble up. “Don’t you, Christian?”

“Uh, yeah,” he played along. “Best thing that’s happened to me all day.”

Cameron snickered ahead and his head went back down as he retreated back to his music. Christian let out a small sigh. Sometimes the truth was the least believable thing there was. He felt Evan’s hand pull away.

“Would you mind moving forward a little?” Evan asked politely.

Christian felt a cloud of confusion and disappointment descend. He scooted forward over Evan’s thighs, putting distance between him and his bulge. He was just staring down at those Adidas-clad feet and wondering if he was about to endure the most painfully uncomfortable fifteen minutes of the remaining ride in Escort Bolu his life when he felt Evan’s hand reach inside the waistband at the back of his jeans. In a quick, sharp tug, his unzipped jeans pulled back from his hips and Evan’s warm hand, moist with his own juices, snaked inside.

Christian’s eyes went wide and he clapped a hand to his mouth to stifle a cry as a wandering, lubricated finger slipped between his cheeks and probed his perineum. With each push, he felt a thin wall between himself and unbridled pleasure flex, like a skin of ice crackling over a pond and threatening a plunge into unknown depths. Lights fizzled in the edges of his vision.

“How’s that?” Evan whispered, clearly delighted in knowing that Christian was completely under his spell, not to return to himself until he either abandoned him or gave him release. Christian swallowed hard and could only manage a nod. Over his shoulder and out of the corner of his eye, he could see Evan’s grin twist into a naughty smile and his finger tip began to pull back and press against his anus.

It was as if the ice gave a loud snap, the water suddenly beginning to bubble to the surface. The plunge was now inevitable–it was simply a matter of how long he could last before the depths claimed him. “Oh God,” he hissed. He clapped a hand around Evan’s leg. “Shoe,” he managed.

“What?” Evan asked, his finger pausing.

“Give me your shoe,” Christian said the firmest voice he could muster under his breath. Evan’s eyebrow raised in a combination of amusement and interest. He raised his right foot from the floor as high as he could given Christian’s weight, and Christian leaned forward and slipped the oversized high-top from Evan’s white sock. As he wrestled it to his lap in the confines behind Cameron’s seat, he sat back and felt Evan’s finger suddenly push inside of him.

The sudden intrusion was like a sledgehammer to the ice. As Christian felt his descent begin, he placed the opening of Evan’s sneaker over his cock, feeling the warmth of the foot that had just vacated it in the padding and insole. Evan’s finger moved and probed and pressed, pushing Christian faster and deeper below the surface. It was like a thunderclap tearing through him as a searing hot bolt of lightning left his center and shot into the sneaker. It flashed again and again, the rumble of thunder reverberating through him as his head lolled back against Evan’s.

It took a minute for Christian to return to the van. He stared at the gray headliner. Heard Evan’s quasi-concerned whisper come, “you okay there, man?” The finger retreated, his body collapsing around its absence.

Christian turned and smiled weakly. “Never better.” He lifted the shoe from his lap. The insole glistened briefly in the passing of a streetlight. “And I got you a souvenir.” He bent down and carefully set the Adidas on the floor so as not to upset the contents. He finally twisted around to get a good look at Evan’s face for the first time on the trip. Evan’s lips were quirked.

“Thanks,” he murmured. “I’ll wear it with pride.”

Christian felt a final shudder of satisfaction as he watched Evan slip his pristine white sock into the shoe.

By the time the van entered the campus parking lot, Christian had put himself back together again. As the boys peeled themselves from the back of the fan and unfolded into the open air, Christian turned and smiled at Evan.

“Thanks for the ride,” he said sheepishly. He glanced down at the shoe, knowing that his cream was inside and on Evan’s foot.

“Anytime,” Evan offered. “I can’t feel my legs,” he chuckled. He gave Christian a knowing wink. “But I’m glad you came.”

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