Carol Likes ’em Big


Most of my lady friends are not what are sometimes known as size queens. They realize that it is technique more than the size of the cock that results in their getting the best fucking. One partial exception is Carol, a bosomy, sexily plump brunette with very fair skin. She is aware that technique is important but she also places a great deal of emphasis on the size of the cock driving in and out of her pussy or pleasuring her mouth. Even when she masturbates, she uses the biggest dildo she can find. If you tell her something like “Carol, it’s not the size of the wand, it’s the skill of the magician wielding it,” she will answer by saying “Maybe so, but even the best magician would get better results if he had a bigger wand.” I have to admit she has a point there so I don’t argue with her.

My cock, as far as I can tell without actually measuring, is probably slightly smaller than average. This is not a problem because Carol also really loves having her pussy eaten, especially by me, and she sucks me off when I go to see her. However, when I come to see her, she always prefers to have me bring somebody with a really big cock to give her pussy another kind of thrill besides what my tongue gives her.

The last time I went there it was with Steve, a tall, athletic young man with a cock that is almost a foot long, thick in proportion, and seems to usually be hard. I didn’t think it would be easy getting him away from his sister. They share an apartment and have an incestuous relationship going on. This is sometimes embarrassing when they go with me to sex parties and just want to fuck each other. On this occasion, though, Susan happened to be menstruating and wanted as little as possible to do with men, including her brother/lover, so Steve gladly accompanied me.

When Carol let us in her apartment door, she was happy to see me and really happy to see Steve. Although they had never met, she knows that when I bring another man with me, his cock will soon be filling her mouth and her pussy, even to overflowing. Being horny and wanting us to get her off, each in his own way, she led us into the bedroom where she and I undressed each other completely. Steve started to take off his clothing also but after he had removed his shirt, showing off his athletic build, Carol stopped him.

“Steve,” she said, “I think George brought you here as sort of a present for me so I want to be the one to unwrap you. I hope you don’t mind.” Essentially, she was right and nobody had any objections, least of all Steve, who knows what he has and loves it when hot women like Carol treat him as a sex object.

Carol leaned back against the headboard of her bed, her shoulders propped up by pillows and another pillow under her ass to present her pussy to me. I started my ministrations by cupping one luscious breast in either hand and licking her big, dark pink nipples, alternating between them. They became erect after a few minutes of this When I saw how Carol’s pussy was squirming and smelled the delectable juices that were trickling out, I knew it was time for me to go lower on her body. That was also what she really wanted so I kissed and licked my way down her soft white belly to the edge of her dark pubic hair. When I reached that point, I got off the bed and got back on between her legs. Steve was still standing next to us, waiting for me to get out of the way so Carol could start unwrapping him.

After I had gotten myself into the position Carol and I like, with her legs draped over my shoulders, and I had licked up the fresh nectar from her pussy, she beckoned to Steve to join her so she could open her “gift”. Before resuming what I was doing, I watched as he knelt on the bed near her face and she smiled up at him.

Carol smiled even more broadly at her closer view of the way the front of his pants was tented. Quickly, she unfastened his belt, eager for a better look at what was producing such a big bulge. After unzipping his fly and pulling his pants down around his knees, it was even more prominent as Steve’s cock was trying to burst through his cotton undershorts. Carefully, she worked the waistband around his erection, and I heard her draw in her breath in surprise and delight when the object of her quest sprang free, bouncing in front of her face. Though not fully hard yet, it was bigger than the cock of anybody I had brought over before and, as Carol held it in both her hands for kissing and licking, it grew harder and even bigger. Her smile grew bigger too, and her eyes glowed with lust.

“Take off your pants and get right back up her, Steve. I gotta get that big dude in my mouth.” Steve was glad to do as she asked and, seconds later, he was naked and kneeling beside Carol, his hand on the headboard, and leaning toward her face.

With an especially happy smile, she drew most of his cock in between her lips and started slowly stroking it. When I looked at her face, I could see her eyes were closed and the corners of her lips were stretched, seemingly to the maximum. I have only çekmeköy escort seen one woman whose mouth was able to take all of Steve’s cock and move it around inside to fully enjoy sucking him off, but Carol was already close to that achievement.

Partly from what I had been doing with my lips and tongue, but mostly from the way her own mouth was so pleasurably filled with Steve’s cock, delectable juices were flowing steadily from Carol’s pussy. My tongue sluiced them up again and started licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips. Moving very slowly and covering all of both labia, I licked them and probed the seam between them until I reached her clit hood, formed by the two inner lips merging.

Like most of my lady friends, Carol prefers to concentrate on one pleasure at a time so I knew enough to avoid her clit until after Steve had given her a mouthful of his cum. Instead, I let my tongue caress her pussy lips and her clit hood and all around her sweetest spot, keeping her in a high state of arousal. She knows what I like to do, and is highly in favor of the idea because Carol knows that delaying a woman’s orgasm, but not too much, makes it even stronger and better for her and for the person who brings it about.

She was taking her time about sucking off Steve too, moving her head back until only the head of his cock was held by her lips, followed by moving slowly forward until almost the entire shaft was enveloped. From my own experience with Carol’s talented mouth, I knew her tongue was caressing his cock while she stroked it with her lips. Her right hand gently held his balls and, after moving her head back one time, she removed his cock from her mouth and licked the underside, all along the ridge and the slit in the end. Every part of Carol’s mouth truly enjoys a special cock like Steve’s.

She, of course, makes no secret of that fact. “This is a great cock you got here, Steve. I hope you’re going to give me a big load of cum to swallow,” she told him, after licking all over what she admired so much. Having said that, her mouth engulfed his cock again and she resumed slowly sucking it in and out between her lips.

Steve was having a terrific time too. From the way he was grimacing and his body was writhing as he leaned against the headboard, I could tell he was close to giving her mouth the load of cum she was hoping for. Carol could tell too and she tightened her lips and started sucking his cock faster. Still moving her face along almost the entire length of his shaft, she was ready for him to fill her mouth with his viscous fluid. Almost involuntarily, he was thrusting into her, matching the movements of her lips until he started cumming.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” Steve grunted and his buttocks clenched as his ejaculations began. Carol almost stopped stroking his cock, and I knew she was positioning her tongue to catch the semen he was pumping into her. Three times he jerked as his cock spurted and I could see her throat working as she swallowed the treat he was giving to her. When he relaxed, leaning heavily against the head of the bed, Carol knew he was through cumming, but she also knew his cock was still full of semen and she wasn’t going to let any of it go to waste.

She removed his cock, still stiff, from her mouth and licked off the head and all around the ridge. Putting her thumb on the base of his shaft, she brought it slowly toward the head, holding her tongue to catch everything that oozed out. Carol swallowed what she had and again licked everything off the head, not wanting to waste any of the reward she had earned. His cock remained big and almost fully hard during her ministrations and she smiled, looking forward to having it fill her pussy as it had just filled her mouth.

For the time being, though, Carol had other plans for her pussy. Mostly, they involved my mouth and, as I looked at her face, I could almost see her mind shift to concentrating on what my lips and tongue were doing for her and would be doing for her. She was still in no hurry, though, and wanted to get as much pleasure as she could from having her pussy eaten, just as I wanted to fully enjoy eating her. She leaned back against her pillows again, clearly delighted at the way our time together was going, just as Steven and I were.

The thrill of sucking off Steven’s big cock and having him cum into her mouth, and the joy of savoring and swallowing all his semen, produced a wealth of fresh juices in Carol’s pussy. Happily, I devoured them all. Earlier, I had licked both pairs of her pussy lips and I retraced where I had gone, pressing harder with my tongue. By the time I reached the end of the second pair again, even before my tongue started caressing her clit hood, Carol’s whole body was thrashing on the bed. Her pussy was fucking up into my face while she moaned from the intense pleasure she was getting. Her clit was so engorged it had pushed its way out from under its protection and I delicately curled cevizli escort my tongue under the cover and briefly fondled her.

As I expected, her response was immediate. “Yes! Yes! Lick me there! Lick my clit,” she urged me. I definitely intended to lick her clit and bring her to an orgasm, but not for a few more minutes.

Once again I brought my tongue back to Carol’s wet love hole and this time I probed the edges, relishing the way her fresh juices squirted out to please my taste buds. I continued up both sides of her delectable pink opening, switching back and forth as I thrust against the edges and explored under her inner lips. Whenever I moved my tongue across the source of her nectar, the tip dipped in to sample the delicious flavor. Carol was moaning more loudly, even whimpering, and her pussy grew more and more active under my face. I saw how her thighs had rotated out, presenting herself fully to me and I knew it was almost time for her to cum.

Slowly, I burrowed the tip of my tongue into her delicious wetness and started flicking it up and down. This caressed the top of her love channel, indirectly stimulating the base of her clit and once again she responded by begging me to suck her there and make her cum. The time had arrived and I moved my mouth up to engulf her sweet love button and bring about that happy event. My lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of her clit. After less than a minute of the sucking and licking, Carol started cumming.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried joyously.

Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face against her pussy, exactly where I wanted it to be. Carol’s thighs squeezed my temples, making my head a prisoner, although a very willing one. With my arms hugging her legs, and her clit firmly inside my mouth, I braced myself for what I knew would be an extremely wild ride, and a highly enjoyable one.

She did not disappoint me. Carol’s ass bounced up and down off the bed, carrying my head with it. Her legs swung wildly from side to side while she implored me to keep sucking her clit. I had no problem doing what she wanted because both of us wanted to enjoy her cumming as much as possible.

“Oh! Oh! Yes!” she shouted after a few minutes of intense mutual pleasure. Carol’s back arched as she climaxed and she slammed her pussy against my face for a last time, before completely relaxing on the bed. Greedily, I licked and sucked the abundant nectar from her pussy. She would need juices later to lubricate herself when fucking Steve, but there would be plenty more available by that time.

With my feast over, I looked up at Carol’s face. She was completely relaxed and smiling contentedly at me. “That was great. Let me rest a minute and I’ll do the same for you.”

After a few minutes, Carol arose and I lay down where she had been. She knelt on the bed beside me and, as I had done with her, she started by licking my nipples until they were erect. It was nice enough, but I know it’s a lot more fun for a woman to have her nipples licked than it is for a man. Carol’s tongue worked its way down my belly until it reached my pubic hair, and she got off the bed and got back on, kneeling between my legs.

With all the sexual pleasure I had already experienced, and anticipating what she would be doing for me, my cock was erect when Carol moved forward and took the head between her lips. She held it there briefly, gently laving the tip with her tongue, before leaning forward to raise her head, and lower it again, engulfing my entire shaft. Unlike with Steve, she was easily able to get the entire length into her mouth, until her nose was rubbing against my pubic hair.

Slowly, she raised her head again, her lips just tight enough to give both of us the most enjoyable contact between them and my cock, while her tongue caressed my shaft within her mouth. When just the head was contained within her lips, she ran her tongue all around the ridge and licked the slit before slowly lowering her face to again envelop my entire cock. I nestled my head into the pillow to enjoy Carol’s cocksucking talents.

She continued slowly moving her head up and down, taking my cock all the way into her mouth with every stroke. Pleasure rippled out from where her lips and tongue were stroking me, building higher as she continued. Watching Carol sucking me off was a delight too, seeing her dark hair and pretty face moving up and down, while my cock thrust in and out of her mouth.

When Steve and his sister had first gotten together in my house, he had eaten her pussy. This was the first time he had ever done that, and he had been awkward, but Susan and he immensely enjoyed it, and she had cum from it. Presumably, when she was not in her period, they would be regularly enjoying her orgasms from his mouth as well as his cock. He wanted to do the same for Carol, so he was lying on his back and trying to squeeze his head between erenköy escort her legs.

She liked the idea too, and I saw her spread her legs so his blonde head could slide into place. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could hear the lapping sounds his tongue made on Carol’s wet pussy. It formed a pleasant duet with the slurping noises of her mouth slowly moving up and down on my cock.

As delightful as it was to watch and hear her sucking me off, the greatest pleasure by far was what she was giving to my cock. For a long time, Carol’s mouth stroked me slowly, making it last as long as she could, until I felt my climax approaching. “I’m getting ready to cum,” I told her.

She didn’t say anything but her mouth responded in a different way. I felt her lips tightening on my shaft and I could see her head moving faster. Her tongue continued to caress my cock, but only the underside. Carol wanted to be sure she would catch my semen and fully savor the taste when I ejaculated. She couldn’t talk but I heard her murmuring happily as my cock plunged in and out between her lips and Steve’s mouth pleasured her pussy.

“Uh,” I grunted. “I’m cumming.”

Until then, I had been lying on my back, letting Carol set the pace and do all the work, but just as I was about to climax, I started involuntarily fucking up into her mouth. She expected this, and was able to handle my movements. Suddenly, a great fountain of pleasure rose up in my body, concentrating in my cock. When I ejaculated, the first gob landed where Carol wanted it, and she swallowed it just in time to catch the second one. My spurting continued until I was through cumming. After she had swallowed all the viscous fluid, she took my cock out of her mouth and held it with her fingers.

It was softening rapidly, and Carol licked everything off the head and from around the ridge. When she was through with that, she squeezed the remaining semen out as she had with Steven, except that my cock didn’t remain stiff as the young man’s had. She licked her lips, making sure she had gotten everything, and I moved over to make room for Steve. I knew that Carol would want him to take my place on the bed.

So far, she had immensely enjoyed everything that the three of us had done. Sucking off Steve was a real treat for her because she isn’t really used to having such a big cock in her mouth. As usual, she had cum big time from my eating her pussy, and had enjoyed sucking me off while Steve ate her pussy. However, the main event for her was about to happen, the thing she most wanted, her pussy being repeatedly stretched wide and filled to the maximum by the big cock that she had been lusting for.

“I really loved what your mouth was doing for my pussy,” she told him. “But right now, what I need is your great big cock in there. Stay on your back, but move up here and put your head on the pillow where George’s was. I like to get on top, especially for a guy hung the way you are.” While he got into place, she went to her dresser for a king-sized condom.

Steve had no problem following her directions. He is used to fucking that way. Most of the women in his experience, including his sister, prefer using the cowgirl position with him, allowing them to control the speed and depth of the fucking. Because he is hung as well as he is, they bounce up and down and rock and roll on top of him until they cum, usually at least twice. With other well-hung guys I brought to see her, I have known Carol to have as many as four orgasms from fucking, so I was interested in seeing how this coupling would work out.

Carol knelt beside him and kissed and licked his cock before rolling on the condom. She crouched over Steve, guiding him with one hand and holding herself open with the fingers of the other. Partly because of what he had been doing with his tongue and partly in anticipation of the brute that was about to be plowing into her pussy, Carol was in a high state of arousal. As she prepared to engulf one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen, some of her juices were running down her legs while other drops were dripping onto Steven. Before she inserted his cock, she rubbed the tip against her wetness for the lubrication she knew would be needed.

Slowly, she lowered herself, giving a great sigh of bliss as the head of Steve’s cock wedged into her eager pussy. “Ahhhh,” she murmured. “That’s just what I’ve been needing.”

In no hurry, and wanting to enjoy every moment of the great fucking she knew she would be getting, Carol remained stationary, with the head just inside her and sending joy coursing through her body. She lowered herself a little bit more and sighed happily again as the thick shaft further stretched her opening and the big head burrowed in deeper. Carol looked down and smiled at the man who was already giving her such a terrific time.

“Steve, your cock is the greatest. I don’t know when my pussy has felt like this.” He smiled back, because he was having almost as much as fun as she was.

By gradual degrees, she impaled herself, moaning more blissfully from every inch of Steve’s cock that entered her. At last, it was almost entirely embedded in her. He lay patiently, letting her fill her pussy the way she wanted and letting her set the pace. Once they started fucking, he would be more active, driving his cock up to meet her strokes.

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