Carl’s Special New Years Eve

Big Dicks

I won’t know if there will be another segment of Carl’s adventures – that will depend on whether he shares with me.

That being said; If male-male sex or bisexuality isn’t for you, don’t read this. If you do, and want to give an honest assessment in the scoring, great. But if you read ALL the way thru, and then want to rant about the story– I will remove your rant – you made the choice to read.

Carl pulled into the driveway separating the Young and Harrison homes. He was pleased to see lights on at the Harrisons as they had been gone for Christmas. In fact, he hadn’t even been learned how Cathy’s 18th birthday party had gone.

And he really wanted to know about that!

He and Cathy had exchanged Christmas gifts – sort of – he’d sent hers over, she’d sent his. But he hadn’t seen her since his 18th party. For Christmas he’d spent almost a weeks wages for a sterling silver pendant with her birth stone; a dark blue topaz.

Curiously, she had left him as a gift a dark green t-shirt with the word mine in gold lettering with red trim.

His mom – Sharon, and sister Jean were busy in the kitchen putting together the snacks for the night’s gathering. Both were already dressed for the evening; under their aprons Carl saw skirts that just covered their asses, and when mom bent forward, a lack of panties was obvious. Neither had any sign of a top.

Caressing a bare cheek, he kissed first Jean, and then Sharon only to receive a light but firm push back. “Not now honey, we’ve too much to do. There’s a sandwich on the table – that should carry you. Go get a shower, and your clothes are laid out on your bed.”

Munching as he went, his dad was laying out bottles of liquor, buckets of ice, and mixer in the den. He had on a loose pair of shorts – his cock already half-hard. “Evening Dad. Mom and Mary been teasing you?”

“Yeah, one or the other have been bending over every five minutes. If I didn’t know how tonight would be, I’d have to fuck one of them. But I’d better save it.”

“I’d offer to help … but I’d better save too.”

“Yep. By the way – remember the house is wide open, but we all gather in the den at midnight. And the tradition is that no matter who you’ve been fucking, you want to be with a special someone at midnight.”

Getting dressed after a quick shower, all he found were a loose pair of shorts, and his present from Cathy.

Joining his dad, he was about to pour himself a drink when John warned him to go light on the drinks. “We’ve got a bunch of women coming tonight that are going to want to try you out – among others. You’ll need to pace yourself so go easy on the booze. I’m not saying don’t have any, just go slow.”

Aunt Evie and her twins arrived first; just before ten. Carl answered the door, and took their coats, Evie revealed a one piece, pale green, V-shaped ‘bikini’ that just covered her nipples, and pulled so tightly into her slit as to barely cover the mound. Evie laid a kiss on him that curled his hair, even as she reached down to take measure of his meat. “Ohh, I want to be your first tonight.”

Now it should be mentioned that Evie, although well into her forties, Had the tight body many women much younger envied. At just five foot, she weighed a scant one hundred five pounds, had a slim waist, and a small ass. This was countered by a set of tits that measured a satisfactory 36 DD. Her dark brown hair high lighted the smoothness of her face.

Janis came next; very similar to her mom in appearance, but two inches taller and ten pounds heavier, her big difference being ash blond hair. Removing her coat revealed a similar outfit, but in translucent red – her brown nipples standing proud and clear, under the material. She too laid a long smoldering kiss while caressing his cock. Carl was prepared this time, and his fingers probed deep into her slit. “I want you right after Mom!”

The other twin – Jack – had waited patiently, then offered his coat to Carl. Jack stood proudly in a male equivalent of the other two; basically a sling that just covered a semi-hard cock, the head prominent against the thin material. With just a bit of a quizzical grin, Jack also stepped up for a greeting kiss. One arm around each shoulder, a hand checking cocks, the two searched tongue to tongue. When Jack finally backed away all he could say was; “I’m looking forward to after midnight, and I’m going to love cleaning you up after all these women.”

They all went into the den, where John admired everyone’s outfits, and offered drinks around. Of course every body exchanged kisses and caresses, and Evie had to display how the material totally disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Sharon and Jean brought in the last of the snacks, and right away Sharon went for her sister. “Oh Sis, I love your look.”

“The best part is that it just takes a little tug to pull it aside. See …”

Sharon had to drop to her knees to exam the fully exposed pussy, and of course, run her tongue over the inviting gash Escort before her. Pushing her sister onto the couch and pulling the scant material aside, Sharon happily dove into the pussy she had been enjoying for many years. She knew exactly what drove Evie nuts, and went right to it. Pushing two fingers deep and lapping her clit madly, Sharon drove Evie into her first climax of the night.
But even as she dove into Evie, another actor appeared: Jack spotted the lack of panties on his aunt, and promptly took advantage. He didn’t even have to flip the skirt up; as soon as Sharon knelt, her pussy stood proudly exposed. Jack pulled his cock sack aside, stroked twice, and then laid the cock head firmly against the dripping gash and pushed. Automatically Sharon pushed back. Only when she finished Evie did she look back. “I thought I recognized that meat. Push it in and come for me. I’m sure someone will be willing to clean it out.”

At twenty years old, in this family, Jack knew how to pace himself for the night, while still giving his partner full pleasure. Driving deep, then pulling almost fully out, He made sure Sharon felt his cock head rippling along every inch of her cunt.

In return, she clamped onto his cock, ensuring total pleasure. She knew the feel of Jack, what he liked, and how he liked it. And she also knew he had a short fuse on his first fuck of the night.

Suddenly Sharon froze, panted, and then quivered in her first orgasm, she also had a short fuse.

Carl had been watching, and as Jack backed away, he knelt behind his mother, and lapped the cream dripping from her slit.

Just as he finished, John led the Harrisons into the den. “Damned if they didn’t get started without me!”

Larry and Maddie stepped in, followed by Cathy; tall and thin, Madeline (Maddie) Harrison moved with a supple grace that attracted men’s eyes everywhere. Tall and stocky Larry, however, kept a low profile, but his ability to fuck steadily long into the night was well appreciated.

Both wore simple outfits; sarong like wraps, snapped at the waist. Maddie’s tits standing bare and proud, Larry’s dick head just hidden.

Cathy, all 5’7” of her, blonde haired and fair, wore just a tee-shirt – dark green with one word ‘YOURS’ in gold letters, outlined in red. It dropped over her ass, like a very short dress.

As Carl stood, she stepped over to him, stopped him from wiping his mouth and kissed him, ensuring she tasted the cum. “Hi, I’ve been looking forward to tonight for years. Mom says I’m going to get my brains fucked out. Will you be part of that?”

“Oh yeah. But I’m kinda promised to Evie and Janis first. And Jack wants to give me some attention too.”

“Well, mom says we have to be with someone special at midnight, are you special?”

“I hope so, dad told me the same thing. By the way, what’s with the shirts?”

“That’s for you to decide.”

She kissed him again, ensuring she licked juices from his chin and cheeks.

Evie had lain back on the couch, watching the exchange, and as Carl and Cathy separated, she rolled to her knees and wagged her ass invitingly. Not one to pass an offer, Carl stepped forward, pulled his massive cock out, and pressed it to her dripping gash. Evie’s eyes popped wide as she felt the mass pushing in. She hadn’t been stretched like that in quite a while, so she took a deep breath and consciously relaxed.

For a moment longer, Cunt resisted cock, and then yielded. With a pop, Carl pushed into his eager aunt. “God yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh Gawd, your mother was right – it’s like being horse fucked! Cumon cowboy, give it to me!”

At first Carl stroked into his horny aunt slowly; giving her time to adapt, but soon the pace picked up, and holding her by the hips he pressed in. Deeper, harder, her pendulous tits swaying to the rhythm, Carl fucked Evie until her knees gave out, and she flopped forward. Carl slide out and knelt back to watch her pussy and ass hole pucker and shake.

Janis tapped his shoulder; “Can I cut in?”

He turned, pushed her onto the other end of the couch, pulled her legs open, pulled the thin cloth covering her gash aside and drove in.

Already lubricated, thanks to Evie, he slid into Cousin Janis slick and easy. “Oh Cuz … I’m gonna want you a bunch! Don’t spare the horses, fuck me hard!”

Now in full fuck mode, he didn’t hold back. Carl plunged in – searching for the bottom of her pussy, his ass rising and falling in a frantic rhythm. Her hands clasped his ass, finger nails digging in, forcing him ever deeper. Pelvis slammed pelvis.

He felt other hands, caressing his cheeks, a finger exploring his butt hole, pushing knuckle deep.

Now being driven by both Janis and Jack, Carl grunted, groaned, froze. He shook in spasm once, twice, and froze again. Cum spewed deep into Janice. Her hands caressed his back, and her legs fell to the sides. Drool ran from a corner of her mouth. Carl kissed her lightly and slid off the couch, and onto his back on the floor.

Instantly, Escort Bayan Jack was upon him – slurping his cock deep, and then forming a hard vacuum as he rose up to Carl’s head. Licking all around, Jake cleaned every bit of the softening meat in his hand. Then he turned and cleaned out his mom and sis.

Meanwhile, across the room, John and Larry had their daughters on their laps. Well, Cathy sat on John’s lap, his cock deep in her pussy. She sat, facing the room, watching Carl screwing the two women, but when Jack went down, she froze, then uttered; “Cool …”

“John, I want you to fill me with cum. Someone special is going to clean me out, and I want a big load for him.”


“Uh huh. Do you think he will?”
“If he doesn’t, I will, and anybody else’s cum too. But he’ll be there, count on it.”

“I am, at midnight.”

She posted on the long, thick rod; burying it deep, then rising until only the head was enclosed. For several minutes she continued the posting, like a young woman riding an English saddle. This didn’t last long as she quivered into an orgasm and collapsed onto her partner’s lap. John had held himself back, but now let himself shoot his first-of-the-night jizz deep into Cathy’s clenching pussy.

Sharon and Maddie had stretched out before the fireplace, with Evie and Janice feasting on their pussies. After a satisfying climax, Sharon propped up on her elbows; “So, Janice – have you found someone to bring into the group yet?”

Looking up from the bald pussy before her she replied; “I have a guy in mind. He’s hung. I mean at least as good as Carl, and he has staying power. But I have to bring him along slow – he’s a bit shy. So I’m going to introduce him to mom in a couple weeks. If that works, then we’ll test him with Jack. And if he passes that test, then we’ll see when he can join all of us.”

“Well don’t forget Valentines day. You know that’s going to be a massive fuck fest. Maddie’s folks will be here, John’s sister and her family, maybe even my dad. There’s going to be cock and pussy for everyone.”

Maddie pushed Janice back down; “Enough talk – she had me right on the edge.”

The only person not engaged – Jack – sat back, stroking his cock and deciding where to put it next. The idea of Maddie and her bald puss had merit, but Jean’s tight ass called to him also. Decision made, he moved over to Jean, and suggested she turn around on Larry’s cock. “Are you suggesting a double?”

“Sure. Does that appeal?”

“Just a sec. Do you have the lube and rubber?”

Cathy watched the action beside her. She’d heard of a DP, even wondered about it, but this would be the first she’d see.

Jean laid forward, pressing her tits against Larry. When Jack pressed his cock against her ass, she looked into Larry’s eyes, whispered for him to wait, and nodded. Ass fucking was something Jean loved, and Jack had been in hers many times, but this was a rare occasion; two good sized cocks at the same time.

Once Jack adjusted himself and paused balls-deep in her ass, she told both men to begin. With two cocks sawing into her, Jean went into orgasmic overdrive. She’d been close before, now, with sensations building at a rapid pace, she lifted her face to the ceiling and howled!

Everyone in the room, except the three together, froze – awed by the rapture Jean experienced.

The two men pummeled her body with their cocks, Jean writhed, shook, howled more. And suddenly collapsed.

Cathy sat, wide-eyed and cock impaled. “Holy shit.” She whispered, not at all sure she dared try being double fucked.

Across the room Sharon called out; “That’s my girl!

As midnight neared, John called everyone to the den. Most were already there, except Cathy and her father, who arrived in a couple minutes.

“As is our tradition, we pair up with someone special at midnight, of course the choices are yours. This being my son Carl’s first New Years Eve with us, I’m asking him to take the mattress in front of the fire with the person of his choice (Which I think everyone already knows).”

Carl took Cathy’s hand, and led her to the center of the room. He removed the shirt she still wore, revealing cum soaked panties below, and perky, cone shaped tits above, the nipples bright pink, and extremely hard.

She removed his shirt, and then his shorts, stopping for a moment to suck on his rising cock.

When she stood, she announced for all to hear that she bore two loads of cum for Carl to suck from her. “I’ve been fucked by your dad, and mine. Will you clean me out?”

Carl’s response was almost instantaneous; he pulled her to the mattress, opened her legs, ripped the panties apart, and dove in. He was like a madman – a sex maniac; he couldn’t get deep enough, suck hard enough, he had to go harder. Cathy screamed in ecstasy, climax after orgasm rolling through her. Legs thrashing, she grabbed Carl by the hair and pulled him harder into her gushing quim!

The crowd watched Bayan Escort in awe, knowing they were seeing the inauguration of a new couple.

As Cathy’s ecstasy ebbed, Carl knelt up between her legs, placed his bone hard cock between her gaping pussy lips, and pushed. Cathy’s eye’s popped open at the new intrusion, a hand went to his chest; “Wait. Jesus … let me catch my breath … damn, that thing is big!”

He waited, impatiently, but he waited.

“Okay, nice and slow, give me a chance … ooohhh … deeper … deeper … aahhh …” And she rolled into another, deeper orgasmic thrash.

Carl also came – he’d waited all night, hell, he’d waited years to fuck Cathy, and now was too much to hold back.

He spewed, and spewed again. It felt like he would never stop.

But soon he did. As he pulled out, Cathy rolled to her side, knees to chest, arms clasped, and quivered.

Her mother came to her, smooth back her sweat-soaked hair. “Are you alright honey?”

Cathy simply nodded, and then rolled to her back. “Yes, I’m fine. Damn that was something! Now I need someone to clean me out.”

She quickly held up a hand; “No Carl, I need a woman’s touch. My cunt is soo sore.”

Her mother knelt and gently lapped the pool of sperm oozing from her pussy and down to her ass.

Meanwhile everyone else had turned to their partners, and the sucking and fucking began: Janice and Jack had a wild cowgirl action going, with her tits bouncing with every move she made. Over in the corner, Sharon was legs up while Larry pounded into her saturated gash, Jean and Evie had a moaning, groaning sixty-nine going on, with them rolling on the floor.

Having finished her good deed, Maddie turned to Carl; “Take good care of her, she just needs a break right now.”

He cuddled Cathy, spooning against her. His half hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Hands cupping her breast he whispered; “Cathy, I love you, I think I always have. I’m glad we could do this tonight.”

She held his hand to her; “I’ve loved you since you moved in next door. My pussy would drip every time I thought of making love to you. I hope you want us together. That’s why the shirts – they’re the same size, so either way, what’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine.”

“That is so cool. I like it. Yes, you and me.”

“But that still means we fuck everyone else in our families, right?”

“Of course. Say, you don’t mind if I like cock too, do you?”

“That’s no different than me liking pussy.”

They went their separate ways, both looking for more fucking. Cathy got pulled into a four way daisy chain with Sharon, Evie and Jean. Everyone eating and being eaten.

Carl was pulled down by Larry and John; John fed him cock while Larry went after Carl’s meat, then slowly transferred his attention to Carl’s ass. Soon Carl’s legs were in the air, and Larry’s hard cock pressed Carl’s virgin ass. He looked up at John; “You’re sure you don’t want him first?

“No, you’re a little slimmer, you break him in, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Really, you’d fuck me while I fuck your son?”

“Normally, sure. But this time you open him up, I’ll be next.”

“Hey, don’t I get a vote in this?”

“Okay Carl, do you want your ass cherry busted, or not?”

“Well, if you put it like that … gotta have it done some time.” And Larry pushed.

His well greased cock opened Carl’s ass. Once the head passed the first ring, Larry waited for Carl’s nod, then kept sliding in. When he sat balls deep he again waited for the nod, then the stroking began.

Now, Larry was a very experienced ass fucker, in fact he had taken John’s cherry years ago, and still enjoyed that ass often.

John kept feeding cock down his son’s throat, but held himself back, waiting his turn.

Larry now had a furious pace; the tight ass under him clenching his cock on every stroke, Carl moaned in ecstasy, his ass stuffed for the first time, but he just knew not the last. Larry let out a deep groan, jammed his cock as deep as he could, rubbing his pelvis against the young ass, and shot load after load deep in Carl.

As soon as Larry withdrew, John rolled his son onto his knees, lifted his ass, and before the hole could close up, pushed his fatter cock in all the way.

Carl clawed at the rug under him, almost fainting from the initial pain; dad’s cock was much fatter than Larry’s, he really felt this stretch. He took a deep breath, released it, then: “Fuck me dad! Give me the meat!”

John stroked into his son, slowly at first, but at last as fast as he could drive his hips. Now he was stroking, grinding, fucking like a crazy man. This was his son! The object of his desire for several years! This ass was his!

The excitement was too much, and John shot another large load up Carl’s channel. Carl flopped forward – totally spent, cum leaking from his ass.

Jack had been watching the action and took advantage of the break in the action to kneel down to lick Car’s ass clean (Jack loved the taste of cum), rimming him carefully. The light laving of Jack eased the soreness of Carl’s ass, and soon he sat up, looking around as Jack also sat back – licking his lips.

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