Careful What You’re Dreaming Ch. 02


Shirley narrator Diana salesgirl
Beth Diana’s femme roommate
Alice Diana’s butch roommate

My hope that the girls were joking was a futile hope indeed. The air within their apartment was fraught with tension as I slowly unbuttoned my top and pulled the lapels of my top down over my shoulders. My breasts were tightly bound in a heavily reinforced bra and I felt a wave of fear as I looked at the three faces staring at me, seeming to grow more impatient as I struggled to take off my top. My fingers were not working properly.

Alice and Beth, my friend Diana’s roommates had certainly got into something more comfortable. Both were in long tee shirts and I saw no evidence that either was wearing panties. Alice, the big woman and the butchier of the three roommates had a rather belligerent and antagonistic attitude.

“Damn. Mama, why don’t you hurry up and take off that industrial strength harness and show us those massive tits? I thought Diana just conned you into a ride home because she hates to ride the Dart bus but I see she thought she was getting herself a Guernsey cow,” Alice said in her normal deprecating tone. “You have got a set of jugs.”

My face turned crimson as I freed the hooks of my bra. It was bad enough that they were making me take off my clothes in front of them but I wish they’d spare me this running commentary. Nevertheless I hurriedly extricated myself from my brassiere in an attempt to placate the animosity I felt growing steadily in the room.

I behaved as cordially as possible, despite feeling belittled by Alice’s comments concerning why Diana let me take her home. I was not about to challenge her. She was not only big and strong; she exuded an aura of someone who would welcome any sort of physical conflict.

Knowing that my legs were very shapely and attractive, I quickly undid my skirt and let it slide to the floor, hoping that the sight of my round thighs would defuse some of Alice’s apparent resentment. I was left with nothing but my panties and hose and garter belt but I’ve been told quite a few times that I look extremely sexy dressed in only that.

“Now, Beth,” Alice said, “you might want to take some notes on the way Shirley is acting. She’s a natural submissive, probably because she’s spent her whole life completely under the thumb of her husband and her two sons.” Then she turned her attention to me. “I bet you got up an hour earlier than anyone else so their breakfast would be waiting for them in the mornings and you probably stayed in the kitchen a few hours cleaning up while they were in the living room watching Monday Night Football or whatever brutal athletic contest happened to be on TV, right?”

I had no opportunity to answer her because Beth, apparently in resentment of Alice’s slanted praise of my submissiveness, suddenly erupted with her own hostility, “And I’ll just bet you sucked your husband’s dick a hundred times for each time he went down on you, like he was some kind of big, throbbing Mercedes and you were somewhere between a hood ornament and an exhaust pipe.”

Of course I sucked his cock; a marriage didn’t last long if a wife didn’t meet her husband’s needs. For all the good it did since I still ended up divorced. But after I got over the vulgarity and the humiliation, I actually preferred that manner of sex. My mouth was always wetter than my cunt when he decided he wanted sex. These unmarried tramps have no idea what it was like.

Perhaps if I had been stronger the situation could have somehow been diffused and would not have erupted into the calamity that it became. But I have never been confrontational and the concessions I made in the effort to appease them only seemed to enlarge their hostility and carnal cravings.

“That’s enough of this fucking around,” Alice sneered, “it’s time you got those panties off and your legs spread so we can see your pussy.” My reaction was to quickly strip my panties down and off my ankles, thankful that I’d had the foresight to put my panties on over my garter belt. I slipped over to the couch with a glance at Diana to see how she was reacting to the way things were going. I spread my thighs almost perpendicular as my hopes for support from Diana were dashed by the lusts I saw in her eyes.

Beth took a position next to me on the couch and began to run her hand up and down my pussy. “So this is what a fully mature, grown up pussy looks like. This is what my mother would never let me see.” She giggled as she grasped her other hand on my ankle and pulled one leg back further. Alice glanced at Diana and the girl suddenly moved to my other side and pulled my other ankle almost even with my head.

Splayed in this position, my hips were rolled up to where my entire ass was exposed. Alice casually walked over, raising her tee shirt over her head. She slipped her panties off and moved to her knees directly in front of me. With a hand on each of my thighs, she forced my legs back a little more, raising my asshole level with agrı escort her clit. Her clit was big and hot and hard and I felt she could almost penetrate me with it. Rolling her hips, she worked her clit against my asshole and I felt a tremendous flush of arousal, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I could not suppress the low moaning that erupted from deep inside myself. My asshole seemed to yearn for more as she rubbed herself so lewdly against it.

“You see, Beth,” Alice said, “this is the way a bitch is supposed to respond to her domme. Not just groaning about what she likes done to her but taking whatever she gets and going along with it.”

“Well, of course it helps to be starving all her life for some real sex.”

“I’m going to get my pussy plow. This bitch desperately needs something rammed up her ass.” Alice announced to my terror. “Diana, you keep her occupied and Beth, you come with me and let’s get harnessed.”

As the two of them left the room, I tried to enlist Diana’s aid. “Please Diana, help me get away from here, they’re going to …to…sodomize me.”

Instead she reached her arm behind both my knees and pulled me up onto her lap. “No, honey, you don’t know how Alice is. Once she gets in the mood for something, there’s no telling her no. She’s still being playful; she probably might even use a lube. If she has to chase you down, she’ll be terribly vindictive.” Then she began to rock her hips, pushing her pussy into my ass and I felt the moisture and the heat of her cunt, separated from my asshole only by the thin seam of her shorts. My arousal returned even stronger and enervated me, overcame my fear of what Alice and Beth wanted to do to me. I moaned again as she squeezed my knees together in the crook of her left arm while rotating her hips against my ass and pushing her other hand deep between my legs against my clit. “Come on, honey, you know you need this. You want to be enraptured by a gang of young girls!”

What little feelings of resistance I retained evaporated when Alice and Beth returned and I felt a great regret that I’d missed my last chance to escape. Beth took her same position at my side and pulled my ankle back, spreading my legs again. Alice put a knee on either side of me between the girls who were holding me. She had a black leather harness around her hips and dangling before my face was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. “You may want to suck on it a little to get it wet,” she said.

“Please don’t do this to me…” I begged with my voice breaking. Yet the sight of her swaying cock did something to me. Perhaps being almost paralyzed with fear made me very susceptible to suggestion, or I was desperately grasping any straw that might promise to alleviate the terrible tension but I felt almost a compulsion to suck on her cock even though I had never really enjoyed the act with my husband.

“Come on, sweetie, I want you to show Beth how to be submissive. Let me push this deep down into your throat to where you choke on it a little bit, that kind of drool will really help me get it into your asshole easier.”

Knowing nothing else to do but blindly obey her suggestions and my own compulsions, I took the plastic cock in my mouth and let her push it deep into my throat. Suddenly I gagged in panic and coughed and sputtered as the thing invaded my throat and I felt like I was strangling. “That’s such a good girl,” Alice said, “let that drool cover my cock. You’re going to enjoy the best ass fucking you’ve ever had.”

Finally she withdrew the huge tool and dropped to her knees. With her hand she ran the dildo up and down my ass crack all the way from my asshole to my clit. Then she gradually settled it against my asshole. “Push out now, push out like you want to take a shit,” she demanded. I tried to do as I was told. The thing ground against my resisting asshole with ever increasing force until my asshole surrendered and engulfed it in a rush of penetrating pain that erupted in waves all over my lower body. I tried to scream my unbearable agony but my mouth was stopped by hands from both of the girls holding me.

Then, miraculously the pain suddenly subsided. As soon as the bulbous head was past my sphincter, I felt a very intense relief that was very close to pleasurable. As Alice began to rock her hips in a fucking motion I felt my hips responding on their own, matching her rhythm in a lascivious dance of sodomy. Recognizing the effect on me, the girls removed their hands from my mouth. Diana moved her hands to my pussy and began to stimulate my clit and finger fuck my cunt, increasing my desire and cooperation. Beth began to caress my titties, pulling on my nipples and squeezing my mounds, then slapping them none too gently. Then Diana brought her honey covered fingers to my mouth and I couldn’t keep from sucking on them, the juices tasted so good.

Beth said, “Diana, why don’t you suck her pussy to keep her on the edge while I climb up on the couch escort ağrı and feed her some cunt. I think this old whore will really get into this if we keep her going and take advantage of how hot she is right now. She’s breathing like a quarter horse that’s run a mile.”

Diana had a look on her face, a sort of resentment that Beth would deem to order her around but she also seemed to be very interested in getting her mouth on my pussy because she leaned over from the waist with her head between my round thighs. I gasped even louder when her mouth met my cunt. I had been yearning for her touch since I first saw her in the drug store; she was still just as adorable and exciting to me even though I was extremely disappointed in the treatment she was subjecting me to.

The despicable Beth, anxious to press every advantage, straddled my face and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. Just as I was amendable to Alice’s contemptible suggestions, my mind soon fixed upon Beth’s pussy as the sole object of my every desire. I ran my tongue all over her cunt lips slurping up every trace of moisture. Then I actually penetrated her and pushed my tongue and part of my mouth deeply into her soaking wet cunt. She responded with an unsuppressed gasp that only served to ignite the passion I was feeling into a raging inferno. I sucked her pussy like I had been waiting for the chance all my life.

With my passions blazing and my hungers being magnified by the beautiful Diana sucking away at my needy pussy, Beth humping my face grotesquely and Alice pounding away at my welcoming asshole, I soon erupted with the most tremendous orgasm any woman could possibly experience. My body was wracked with waves of ecstatic bliss and I was cast adrift upon a sea of immeasurable rapture. Still my mouth savored Beth’s delicious cunt, my pussy begged for Diana’s delightful mouth and my asshole craved Alice’s forceful fucking as she pounded me into nothing but a puddle of submission.

I was totally incapable of resistance. Beth went and got her strap on and fucked my pussy and my asshole, not to mention my mouth several times. Diana joined her in every depravity and I was tossed about in an endless orgy of every type of lewd behavior. Alice even made me go into the bathroom and lay in the tub while she pissed all over my nakedness and forced me to swallow a lot of it. Of course Beth and Diana had to contribute the contents of their bladders also. I was forced to clean their wet pussies but my degradation was so complete that I have to admit I truly enjoyed the lascivious carnality. I shocked myself by begging for more.

After a very long but ecstatic ordeal that lasted into the next afternoon, I eventually persuaded Diana to help me find my car and give me directions towards my home. Totally astounded by the entire sequence of events, I drove home in a highly dazed condition. I had no idea of what had happened to make me indulge in such depravity and I slept a deep and troubled sleep when I finally made it to my own bed. I awoke late the next morning feeling very troubled but somehow more at peace with myself than I had been before. I knew there were things deep inside me that might have been seeking expression for a long time and these women had tapped into it and maybe I should be glad it happened.

As the day progressed I found myself thinking rather blissfully of the events of that evening and night. I couldn’t suppress a kind of rigorous arousal each time I was reminded of something that happened during that rapturous time. That led to a yearning for some sort of repetition and when I recognized that, I became sorely frightened. I tried to convince myself that I was not like that, that those events had been forced upon me against my will. Thus I vacillated all during the day between my vivid and ecstatic yearnings and my fearful assurances that I was indeed free of those despicable perverts.

The phone rang.

The goddamned fucking phone rang. Who could it be? Could it be those three contemptible females demanding that I come over there and subject myself to more of their humiliating treatment? I picked up the phone, desperately trying to convince myself that I would categorically refuse their demands in no uncertain terms!

“Hi, Mom,” It was my son calling from England. “How are the plans for your trip coming?”

My mind took forever to refocus on events of the real world. I stuttered and drug him through several lengthy explanations of the problems I had encountered and tried to gain some understanding from him of why I had to postpone my plans. I’m sure I failed miserably and he remained terribly confused but he tried to assure me that he understood and that we could keep making plans.

Why did I do that? I should have told him everything was in perfect order and that I would be in England on schedule. I would instantly escape the predicament in which I had allowed myself to become hopelessly enmeshed. I could have freed ağrı escort bayan myself! Yet I had not.

The rest of the day I spent wavering between unbearable yearning for one of them to call and agonizing dread that one would. Eventually I noticed that darkness was falling and with immeasurable self loathing I recognized that I was bitterly disappointed that none of the girls had called. I agonized at my own foolishness and regretted that the hour was far too late for me to try to see Diana at the drug store, at my own stupidity that I had not gotten a phone number or mapped out the way to find their apartment again. Those terrible events that had devastated me so completely were apparently nothing but a lark to them, just something to pass the time because the opportunity presented itself. They were not the least bit interested in any kind of continuation. Deep into the night I finally fell into a restless sleep, tormented by longings that might never be satisfied.

The next morning I determined to abandon all my lying to myself that I didn’t want to resume any dealings with them. I recognized that I wanted nothing else. Then I spent the morning bemoaning the fact that the drug store would not even be open for hours. Apparently there is little demand for any kind of retail services until what I used to consider as mid morning. In ceaseless torment I waited and watched the hands of the clock move imperceptibly.

I rushed out of the house as soon as the time could be considered reasonable. I worried that Diana would be fearful when she saw me, afraid that I was seeking some sort of retribution. I thought of ways to reassure her and to convince her that I wanted to be with her and her friends. With a surge of relief the door opened when I arrived at the drug store. They were open and now if only Diana was working today.

When she saw me there was just a trace of recognition and nothing resembling fear in her beautiful eyes. She looked almost bored to see me again. She even ignored me as she busied herself with stock while I stood there in hopeful anticipation. Eventually her contrived delays were exhausted and she said to me. “What can I help you with today?”

“Diana, I have to talk to you. Is there some way we can be alone?”

“I’m sorry but as you can see, I’m working today.”

“Do you get a lunch hour? What time?”

“I usually eat across the street at the fast food place, about oneish but I’m not sure I’ll be hungry today.”

“Maybe I could pick you up, take you to some place nice for lunch.” I suggested eagerly.

“Maybe you’d try to get your hands inside my panties; I’ve heard how desperate you old dykes get over young pussy.”

My face was enflamed with embarrassment and I was thankful that the store was unoccupied and no one overheard her comments. “Please, Diana, I need to talk with you about what happened.”

“That door over there is omni sexual but it is a public restroom. Go in there, take your panties off and put them in your mouth so I won’t have to listen to your whining. Come out here and find some way to show me that your mouth is full and you can pick me up at one o’clock. We’ll go to the Outback on 635. You might want to get a reservation so we won’t be delayed because I have to be back by two.”

Humiliated beyond my own imagination, I hurried to the restroom and followed her instructions. My panties were already wet just from talking to Diana and seeing her fantastic body. I came out and ran over to Diana, praying that she had no customers. I managed to smile at her with my mouth brimming with sheer panty and she nodded noncommittally Then I hurried home to make reservations and find some means to occupy myself while I waited for the clock to move in its inexorable manner.

Finally I was waiting outside when she left the drug store. She never smiled at me or greeted me in any manner, just crawled in and sat for me to get moving. At the restaurant we encountered no delay but our waitress turned out to be a pretty young girl with long brown hair done up in an adorable pony tail. Her tits were huge and she readily recognized that ehy were her fortune, the way she paraded them. Diana told me on the way that she was going to call me “Mother” while we were there. She said it fulfilled a little fantasy of hers.

However, she quickly became enamored of our pretty waitress and exhibited all the nervousness of a schoolgirl crush. When she placed her order she added, “…and Mother has already eaten so she won’t require anything but she is still willing to leave a huge tip for your very considerate service.” She smiled at her like the waitress was the final judge of a beauty contest. Diana preened and posed and did everything but pull her skirt over her head to entice the waitress, constantly referring to me as her mother.

After she finished and the girl brought me the check, Diana motioned the waitress to lean in close to her and said softly, “My mother is interested in sucking your panties. She’ll do anything for a piece of young pussy. I could even get her to suck your asshole if you’re in to that sort of thing.”

Of course the young girl was flabbergasted and could not think of any way to answer Diana’s lewd proposal. She just stood there in stunned silence.

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