Car Trouble


Business had taken me to San Antonio, better known as “Brooke Country”. It had, I thought, been the ideal chance to get together with the internet’s sexiest woman. I had e-mailed her a few days before letting her know that I would be in town only for the one day, and asking her if she would like to go out to dinner with me before I had to catch my flight back home. Brooke had written back that she would have loved to do it, but, unfortunately she had a family committment she couldn’t get out of and then a private cam show scheduled for later that evening.

I was disappointed to be sure. To think that I was going to be so close to Brooke and not able to at least say hello was bringing me down into the blues. But I built up a polite attitude and I e-mailed back, telling her not to fret. We’d hook up some other time, I told her, full well knowing that I simply don’t get to the area very often and it could be many months before another opportunity presented itself.

So I drove along the I-410 loop, heading back to the airport.

It was about 8 pm and traffic was starting to thin out from the rush hour melee that occurred earlier. My flight was at 10:30 so I had plenty of time to return the rental car, catch something to eat, and make the plane.

Up ahead I caught sight of a car pulled to the side of the highway. I could see that a woman had just gotten out of the vehicle and had moved to the front, lifting up the hood.

Since I had so much time before my flight I decided to pull up behind her to see if I could be of any assistance. I positioned my car about 15 feet behind the woman’s and put my hazard flashers on. Looking behind me to make sure that a semi wasn’t about to rip off my doors, I quickly opened the door and slid out.

As I approached the vehicle ahead of me, the woman suddenly slammed down the hood, muttering “This is just great!”.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

There standing before me, not 10 feet away, a smudge of grease on her cheek, was Brooke!

“Brooke! What on earth happened?”

She looked up, finally noticing me. “Darn car died!” she moaned. She had a quizical look on her face as she sized me up and down. Finally, the look turned to a smile as she recognized me from the pictures I had been sending her.

I moved to join her at the front of her car and she gave me a quick hug. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

I reminded her that I was in town on business. “Oh, yes, I remember. I’m sorry we couldn’t hook up tonight.” Then she laughed. “Well, I guess we’re hooked up now. The only thing is I’m not going to make it back for the private cam show I have scheduled at this rate. It’s scheduled for 9 o’clock and it’s 8:10 now,” she said glancing at her watch.

I told her that I’d take a look at her car. I carefully raised the hood. I could see that she had a broken belt and that the engine had overheated. From the steam and smell I knew that the car wasn’t going anywhere under its own power any time soon.

“Look, let’s call a wrecker to pick up your car,” I suggested, “and I’ll get you to your cam show on time.”

Brooke looked at me and said, “You’d do that for me? Don’t you have to catch a plane or something?”

“Brooke,” I said, “do you honestly think I could possibly leave you stranded here? You have to know that I’d never let that happen.”

Brooke shook her head letting me know that she knew that I would never do that and she moved forward to give me hug. “Thanks, Cream Puff, you’re an angel.”

Brooke slid into the passenger seat beside me and using her cell phone, we called a garage almanbahis to send a tow truck out for her car. She told them she would check with them in the morning to see what it would take to have the car fixed.

I was trying to act calm in the face of this calamity, but my pulse was racing. My god, I thought, I have Brooke, the most beautiful, sexiest woman on the internet, sitting right beside me!

Brooke pulled down the vanity mirror and looked at her face. “Goodness,” she exclaimed, “I must look a sight!”

“Brooke, you are a sight. A beautiful sight!” I laughed as I looked over at her. She was her usual stunning self, dressed in a blouse and skirt that accented her gorgeous body in just the right ways. She was busy dampening a tissue and wiping the grease from her face.

She told me that her boyfriend, was out of town on business, and that she was really thankful that I happened by when I did.

Brooke started directing me to her place. Along the way we chatted. She asked about my wife and kids. I asked about her pets, her “babies”. While we talked, whenever I looked over at her she had that terrific Brooke smile and those wonderful Brooke eyes were twinkling. Occasionally, she touch me on my arm to emphasize a point. I loved every mintue of that drive. We arrived at her place with about 10 minutes to spare before the show. I told her that it was great seeing her and that I hoped we could get together the next time I was in town.

“You’re not leaving?” Brooke said. I told her that I could still catch my plane if I left now.

“But I need someone to help with the cam,” she said. “You know how to work a camera, don’t you?”

“You want me to come up and work the cam for your private show?” I asked. Now my heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Well, if you really don’t want to …,” she cooed.

Look, I would have to be a total idiot to pass up a chance like that, wouldn’t I? Is there a man alive who wouldn’t jump at the chance (well, maybe the Pope, but that’s it!).

I parked the car and went in with Brooke. There it was. The desk. The computer. The shelves. The stuffed animal. And adjacent to them, the bed! It was all as I had seen it on Brooke’s cam shows since I joined her site. I was really there, in Brooke’s room! If I had died right then, I would have died completely happy!

I asked if I could use the phone to call my wife so I could tell her that something had come up and I may not be able to return until late tonight or tomorrow. Brooke pointed me to the phone and went into another room to get ready.

I told my wife that there had been a problem on the highway and that I had missed my flight. Luckily she didn’t ask for any more details than what I had given her. She wasn’t opposed to me watching Brooke on my computer, but I wasn’t sure she’d be thrilled that I would be watching her in person.

Brooke emerged from the other room in a cheerleader’s outfit and began setting up the camera and generally getting ready for the show. She explained what was expected of me. I’m not an expert in such things, but even I could tell that Brooke didn’t need me to run the camera. She had a set-up that she could control all by herself! She was simply rewarding me for helping her out! That’s Brooke for you. Sweet and considerate. Oh, yes. She’s also the sexiest woman on the internet.

I watched Brooke as the show started, pretending that I was actually doing something with the camera. Brooke was amazing! She concentrated totally on the guy who had bought the private show. Only occasionally would she glance up to see what almanbahis yeni giriş I was doing.

Brooke chatted with the guy and was totally into the cheerleader role. She flirted and teased him with expert precision. She had the poor guy in the palm of her hand. Trouble was, she had me in the palm of her hand as well. It’s one thing to see Brooke on video on your PC, but it is quite another to see her flashing her breasts and pussy live! One flash and I had a huge erection!

Another thing that you don’t get over the internet is the sounds and smells going on. You missed Brooke’s giggles. And you missed the aroma of her perfume.

As the show moved forward, Brooke became more and more naked, until at last she was totally nude and lying on the bed. My heart continued to race and sweat began forming on my forehead and on my palms. Brooke ran her hands over her entire body. She had a look of wild abandon that only enhanced her sexiness. It’s a good thing the cam was on a tripod, because if I had been holding it, the poor guy at the other end would have seen a radically shaking picture. I was trembling at the sight of Brooke. Her gorgeous face and beautiful eyes. Her succulent breasts. Her long, sexy legs and pretty feet. Her perfect ass and, shudder, her magnificent pussy!

When she reached for her wavy blue vibrator and began inserting it into her pussy I nearly passed out! I couldn’t help myself. I instinctively started rubbing my throbbing cock through the fabric of my pants.

Brooke still concentrated solely on the guy sitting in front of his computer somewhere. She guided him along, too, as they both masturbated feverishly. I wanted to unzip my pants and begin stroking my own cock at this glorious sight, but Brooke had asked me to do a job and it didn’t think that it would be professional for the camera man to suddenly abandon his post and start jacking off.

Brooke came fiercely in a series of spasms that made my head reel. Her face was in sheer ecstacy as she worked the wavy blue vibrator in and out of her pussy. As the last wave of orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and she looked directly into my eyes. It was the sexiest moment of my life. It was only an instant though as she immediately returned her attention back to the guy at the other end. They chatted for a while, and, since the hour had passed, the connection was broken. The show was over.

Brooke gathered up her cheerleaders outfit that was now strewn all over the place.

I stood there, trying to find a way to hide my still rigid cock.

She came towards me, still nude, but carrying an armful of cheerleader clothes. “How’d you like the show?” she asked.

I stammered something about it being terrific. She stopped and looked at me up and down. “By the look of you,” she said, “I think that you thought that it was more than terrific.”

She walked over to me and reached down until her hand was resting on my pulsating cock. “Why, I can’t let you leave like this,” she laughed. “You might have an accident on the highway, and I’d never forgive myself.”

That would never happen, I thought to myself, because as soon as I got into my car, I was going to masturbate like a banshee, reliving each second of the past hour.

Brooke dropped the clothes to the floor and knelt down before me. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my aching cock. Holding my cock in her hands, she looked up and said, “So I got you a little excited, huh, Cream Puff?”

I dumbly nodded my head in the affirmative, and then a rolled my eyes in my head as she sweetly put her lips around almanbahis giriş the head of my cock and began sucking me gently. The sensation was indescribable! But I knew I wouldn’t last. I kind of pulled back away from her because I knew I was about to explode, and as soon as my cock was free from her lips, I came in a long stream of cum that sailed over her shoulder and onto her back and the floor behind her.

I was embarrassed. Alone with a naked Brooke and I lasted about 3 seconds. I sheepishly looked down at my feet. I didn’t know what to say.

Brooke stood up and grabbed my by the hand and walked me back to the bed. She sat me down and pushed me back on the bed saying, “You don’t think I’m going to let you off that easily, do you?”

She pulled off my pants and I practically ripped off my own shirt.

She then positioned me on the bed and straddled me such that her ass was near my face and her face was near my crotch. She began sucking me again and I instantly became hard again. As she sucked, her ass was moving up and down before my face, and her pussy was just inches from my mouth. What could I do? What could anybody do in that situation. I began to lick and probe her pussy with my tongue. I nibbled on her pussy lips and suckled on her swollen clit.

I could feel her body tense a little when I started to lick her and she began a steadier stroke on my cock. I couldn’t believe it. I would never normally be able to perform again so quickly.

Brooke’s pussy was actually sweet. The cum that oozed from it had a distinctively sugary taste. Also the musky smell coming from it only incited me to more fervent licking. I was in heaven.

Brooke got up and quickly changed position. She still straddled me, but this time her face was nearer to mine and she positioned her pussy directly over my crotch. She lowered her ass and her pussy actually sucked my cock into her. She looked down at me with those penetrating eyes. She was concentrating solely on me, just as she had done with the private cam show guy. She looked as if she could see into my soul as she began moving up and down on me, each excursion brought waves of pleasure to me that I had never known before. As she moved faster, I reached up to caress her breasts, each one soft, but full, with the nipples erect. She was moaning now, as was I. She moved her ass downward in one hard thrust and we both came in rapturous ecstacy. She collapsed on my chest and I put my arms around her and pulled her into me as tightly as I could. I could feel her chest heave with each breath. She tightened her legs to pull her body even further into me. I had never been this close to a woman before. We were nearly one. It was pleasure beyond belief. A moment in time not to be forgotten.

Finally, after a few long moments, she rolled over onto the bed and I got up on one elbow to look at her. She had a completely contented look on her face. She looked at me so sweetly that it sent electrical currents up and down my spine. Her glorious body lay there before me. Perfect in every way. I could do nothing but just look at her. Her loveliness humbled me. I knew then that I could never experience such a moment ever again.

Brooke drifted into sleep and I watched her for some time. I marveled at her face, her voluptuous breasts, her long well-formed legs, and her sexy feet. Her physical beauty was beyond compare. Her inner beauty went far beyond that.

After a while I got up and got dressed. I went back to the bed and pulled the covers up over her body and kissed her cheek. I went over to her desk and wrote her a note: “Thank you, dearest Brooke, for the most wonderful night of my life. I will never forget it. You are forever in my heart, and in my mind, and in my soul.”

I then went out to my car and drove to the airport to make arangements for my flight home.

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