Car Pool Passion


I’d met Karen through work, and liked her straight away. We both worked in the offices of a large company involved in insurance, and had ended up working on the same projects. Karen was very professional and for several years our friendship was simply that of two people who happened to be work colleagues. So it was to my great surprise that I found myself deep kissing Karen at home in my kitchen after work, one hand cupping the back of her neck while I squeezed my other hand down the back of her suit skirt to caress the silky smooth material of her amply filled panties. Her firm buttocks felt wonderful through the thin fabric, the satin cool but with body heat seeping through from within. Karen’s tongue probed my mouth with increasing urgency and she ground herself into my crotch…. I was beginning to worry that I might cream my pants.

The car sharing had started innocently enough. My old car was always breaking down and Karen had offered to give me a lift into work while mine was at the garage. Karen’s commute took her past my house anyway so the arrangement suited us both. Even after my car was fixed we carried on sharing a car for the 20 minute journey to work as we both enjoyed the company and it was good to save petrol money. Karen would call at my house, and we would drive to the office in either my car or hers. After work Karen normally came into the house for a cup of tea and a chat.

Karen was a bubbly brunette approaching 40, petite with full breasts and curves in all the right places. She always had a smile for me in the morning and an infectious laugh. She had a good sense of humor, though there was often a slight sense of sadness about her as her marriage was on the rocks. She had married young and the relationship seemed to have run its course. There were no kids and her husband no longer lived with her, though divorce proceeding had not commenced. A trial separation seemed to have become a permanent arrangement, with her husband lodging with some part of his extended family. It was all a bit complicated and I was glad to give Karen whatever friendly support I could. She didn’t want to talk about her marriage in detail, so it was a subject we avoided.

Karen was always immaculate when she arrived at my house in the morning. She had a pretty face, glossy shoulder length hair, and struggled a little with her weight. She had to work-out to keep her figure, but she radiated the look of a woman in her prime. The smart suits she wore to work normally consisted of a tight jacket and knee length skirt. Pantyhose and smart shoes completed the picture. These modest outfits were what I normally saw her in. Sometimes she wore a trouser-suit, her arse stretching the material taut across her buttocks in a delicious manner.

I was about 6 years younger than Karen, single, and it was nice to spend time with an attractive woman. I’d been single for some time and I found Karen attractive on many levels. But the fact she was married, somewhat older than me, and a work colleague meant that it seemed sensible to keep the relationship platonic. I also wanted to avoid making an idiot of myself by telling Karen how attractive I found her; after all the feeling may not have been mutual.

We got on well, and although Karen did not seem the type to cry ‘sexual harassment’, you never knew where these situations would lead. Since we did not drink together often, it was difficult to test the waters in the time-honored ‘slightly pissed’ flirting kind of way. In any case I was aware that any kind of relationship was fraught with issues such as her marriage, our age differences, and working in the same office. It was complicated. On the one hand my brain was telling me to be sensible and keep things professional, whilst on the other hand another part of me was wondering what it would feel like to tease her nipples with my tongue and slowly slide my hard cock into her wet pussy. Not an uncommon dilemma for a man, I’m afraid.

There was just something about the way she wore those work suits. So prim & proper and yet at the same time so very sexy. The suits always looked half-a-size too small, so the material was stretched enticingly. The jacket pushed up her breasts, revealing just the top of her creamy cleavage. Her tight skirts stretched across her full arse, the material straining slightly to contain her beautiful bum. The way her pantyhose looked so smooth on her legs in the car, glimpsed as I made needless changes to the car’s heater controls. I couldn’t help wondering if her panties would be also be a little too small, the thin material stretched taut across the ripe curves of her crotch.

I always complemented Karen on how she looked in the morning. She clearly liked a little attention, though I hoped she did not see my semi-erection through my own suit trousers as we drove to work. I made sure to wear boxer briefs that avoided anything looking obvious by giving the desired ‘control’ of involuntary erections that baggier boxers could not. As Gaziantep Escort the months went by I grew fonder of Karen, and my mind sometimes day-dreamed about what delights lay concealed under her modest work outfits.

After a few months of car-pooling, I felt confident enough to give Karen a hug in the mornings before we set off for work. I was normally running behind schedule when she arrived but she was happy to chat while I finished my morning coffee. It was nice to feel her firm warm body against me.

One evening after work Karen seemed to be in no hurry to leave and go home and as usual we were having a good old natter, sitting on opposite sofas in the lounge, drinking tea. We got onto the subject of relationships.

‘What do you miss most about being single?’ asked Karen.

‘That would definitely be the cuddles. You can’t beat a good cuddle.’ I replied.

‘That is so true. I think cuddling is so important in a relationship.’

‘It’s been such a long time since I had a good cuddle, I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels.’

I realized I wanted Karen in my arms badly, but at the same time knew it would change things between us. I was torn. She was married. But she needed a cuddle so badly. So did I. But she was my work colleague. This was dangerous territory. I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I shifted a little on the sofa. Karen smiled broadly and giggled. I liked Karen a lot but was confused in my feelings. Was I just feeling horny? Would I be taking advantage of Karen? How good would it be to feel the weight of her body on me? Was that really so bad? It wasn’t like we were planning to fuck or anything…..

‘We could have a little cuddle if you like’ I said to Karen. I was beginning to sweat slightly and time seemed to slow down. Oh god, now I’ve blown it. Shit, what a dumb thing to say.

‘mmmmmm………..OK. That would be nice’ answered Karen, her face breaking into a shy smile. ‘But I’d better be going soon after that’ she continued.

So the boundaries moved a little. As Karen got up and slowly walked across the room towards me, my cock begun to get super-hard. The kind of erection you get when you know you’re about to come into physical contact with a gorgeous woman. Shit, I thought…..I’m going to look really sleazy when Karen feels that. But there was nothing I could do. Karen adjusted her skirt as she got nearer to me, pulling it down a little, wiggling her arse as she did so.

She reached the sofa and sat down next to me, looking me direct in the eyes. My body felt ultra sensitive. She was making me feel like a teenager. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, our heads side by side. I could smell her sweet perfume, her hair. She pushed me back onto the sofa, kicked off her shoes, and we both rearranged ourselves along the sofa, me below her.

It felt good. Better than good. Luckily my hard cock has lying along my leg, held tight by my briefs. Karen was fully on top of me now and I held her in my arms. Her head was next to mine, her face buried in the sofa pillows near my shoulder. I could feel her relaxing into my body. Our legs were slightly intertwined, though she was constricted by her skirt. I was extremely turned on. I held her in my arms and gently stroked her back through her jacket. Her weight against me felt wonderful, though I felt guilty enjoying knowing that there were just a few layers of clothing between me and her sweet pussy. I was careful not to touch her below the small of her back, even though I wanted to cup her arse in my hands.

‘This feels nice’ said Karen. ‘You smell good’ she continued.

‘Why thankyou. You smell pretty good too!’. We both laughed.

After about 10 minutes of hugging, with an occasional rearrangement of bodies, Karen said she’d better go. She kissed me on the cheek, and extricated herself from me and the sofa. She looked a little flustered, her face red.

A pattern developed. After a day’s work, we snuggled up together on the sofa and relaxed after the stresses of a day at work. It was a great way to unwind, and have a cuddle and a snooze together on the sofa. I started to miss Karen on the weekends.

On the way home from work, I’d rest one hand on Karen’s thigh as I steered with the other. Gear changes and the like meant my hand was on and off her thigh. Karen seemed happy with the arrangement, commenting that it felt nice. I’d give her thigh a little massage before we got to my house, her skirt stopping me moving my hand into her inner thigh. I have to say I enjoyed the ‘so close and yet so far’ element of her suit skirt. My hand was just inches from her warm flesh, yet I could not touch her properly because of the cotton skirt and pantyhose.

I think we both knew where this was heading.

One evening in the summer, we were on the sofa after work. I’d had a beer, though Karen had declined as she had to drive home. I was feeling quite mellow, lying under Gaziantep Escort Bayan her in my shirt, suit trousers, and socks. Karen had taken off her jacket and was wearing a silky blouse. Beneath the cool slippery material of her blouse, she wore a lacey bra that felt full to bursting. Oh how I wanted to release her bountiful breasts from their constraints.

As usual my cock was rock hard, and Karen’s skirted tummy was pressing down on it. She had never said anything about my obvious state of arousal, even when I sometimes ‘inadvertently’ ground my crotch into hers as we cuddled. My hands were carrying out two tasks that I knew Karen liked. One was slowly caressing her neck, whilst the other was gently scratching her scalp through her hair. This ‘head-scratch’ was something I’d introduced Karen to, and she was now very fond of it. I used my nails to scratch her skin, starting just behind her forehead, moving around, playing with her hair. She was in a trance, her face nuzzling against my cheek.

‘mmmmmm…you are so good at that. It feels so good.’ said Karen, as she kissed my cheek. I gave her a hug with one arm, pulling her tighter. My hard cocked twitched against her, her pussy pushing down through the layers of material between us. Jesus. Was she as turned on as me? This was sweet sweet torture,

My hand moved down over her back, sliding over the silky surface of her blouse, lingering on the small of her back, before entering new territory. I slid my hand over her tight skirt, onto the top of one buttock. My hand was open, gently cupping her firm arse. I gently squeezed the warm material of her skirted bum, feeling this gorgeous woman on top of me.

Karen purred into my ear as I kneaded her arse cheek. I switched to the other buttock, and slowly and gently massaged her whole glorious arse. My hand glided over the material of her skirt, feeling her warmth coming through the layers of material. The skirt was tight across her butt cheeks, but the material moved slightly as it slid against the pantyhose underneath. The feeling of the various layers of material moving against each other, with the warm globes of flesh below was so so good. Her arse was so full, so rounded, so firm yet yielding too.

Neither of us said anything. Karen did not reciprocate, but seemed happy for me to caress her back and her bottom. Later she left as normal. I was a little confused as to what she was thinking. I felt I had laid my cards on the table and was not sure I’d done the right thing.

The following evening we were in my kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil so I could make tea. I was leaning against the counter and was hugging Karen. She was pressed close to me and my raging hard-on was pressed into her stomach. She was pushing her tummy into my crotch. I pulled her close to me, and her hands were under my jacket, moving up and down my back. Her hands moved over the cotton of my shirt, over the sides of my chest. Teasingly she put her thumbs into my armpits, feeling the heat through the shirt. It felt good, and not too ticklish.

Suddenly Karen looked up, and I instinctively put my lips gently against hers. We kissed very gently, very slowly, lips barely parted. My cock seemed to be getting even harder; it felt heavy and hot in my pants. The kettle boiled and was ignored. Karen put her hands on my hips, pulling herself tight against me. I felt her tongue trying to find a way past my lips. The little minx. I opened my mouth and suddenly we were kissing deeply, our tongues thrashing against each other. Karen seemed like a different woman. I enjoyed the warm wet feeling of her mouth, one minute my mouth deliciously full of her tongue, and then my tongue pushing back into her mouth. I had one hand on the back of her neck and was holding her face against mine, unable to get enough of her.

Karen was grinding her tummy into my crotch, and I was squeezed against the counter. I wanted so badly to explore under her skirt, and the zip at the top of the back of her skirt was an irresistible starting point. For the first time I got hold of the little zipper and applied downwards pressure. It moved a little and the top of the skirt opened a fraction. Karen gasped into my mouth and kissed me harder. Ever so slowly I opened the zipper more, doing it as slowly as possible to prolong the moment. It was like opening a longed-for Christmas present. Even as the waist of the skirt loosened, I maintained the slow pace. The sound of the zip opening finally came to an end and slowly I moved my hand inside the top of the skirt, pulling her blouse out, and then fully cupping one pantyhosed arse cheek in my hand. She felt round, firm, and very warm. I squeezed gently. My cock throbbed between us.

‘You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that’ I said .

‘Mmmmm. …..feels good baby. Don’t stop….’

I kissed her neck, and caressed her beautiful arse through her pantyhose. The material clung to her warm Escort Gaziantep cheeks, but I could feel the nylon slide a little over the silky smooth panties beneath. Karen was not a G-string kind of women….I guess no-one wears those to work. Her panties were a sensible cut, but the satin feel of the material was a nice surprise. So much better than cotton. I hooked open the top of the pantyhose and slid my hand in so that it was between the nylon and the satin panties. I gently stroked, cupped, and caressed her panty-clad arse. We were both wearing too many clothes and I could feel the satin sticking to her skin a little as she perspired.

‘I like your panties’

‘I thought you might…… they’re new….. I bought them just for you’

‘Well, I approve. You feel so good. They’re nice and snug. Just the way I like them’

‘They do fit well don’t they’ Karen giggled.

‘You know, perhaps my bed would be more comfortable than the sofa.’

I really did not know how Karen would respond. Fooling around on the sofa was one thing, but beds are made for fucking. I was nervous now. I felt too hot. I could feel my armpits getting moist. Shit. My cock could not have been harder.


This is it, I thought. I led Karen by the hand upstairs and along the corridor towards my bedroom. Outside the door I gently pushed Karen up against the wall, and kissed her again. I pushed myself hard against her, grinding my crotch into hers. I wanted her so badly and yet knew that this was wrong in so many ways. Maybe we shouldn’t go any further. Karen reached behind me and cupped my buttocks with both hands, drawing me in tight against her. She started squeezing and relaxing her hands. It felt good. She used a few fingers to gently probe my arsehole through the layers of clothing. Jesus.

We tumbled through the bedroom door and fell onto the bed, me on top. Karen kicked off her shoes. Mine were lace ups and would have to wait. We kissed hard for 10 minutes, my weight pushing Karen into the duvet on the bed. I ground my hard-on into her skirted crotch, but it was frustrating because her skirt stopped Karen opening her legs wide. I did not want to mess up the duvet with my shoes.

I pulled away from Karen. ‘I’ve got to take my shoes off. Don’t go away’

‘Maybe I should take my skirt off’ said Karen, smiling.

‘Oh God, I need you so badly’

Karen pulled her skirt off, as I took off my work shoes. She lay back on the bed, and I shuffled towards her on my knees. I moved between her pantyhosed legs, pushing them apart with my knees. I slowly unbuckled my belt as I looked at Karen in the eyes. I threw the belt on the floor and Karen gave me a broad smile.

Karen lay below me in a silky blouse, seamless opaque pantyhouse, and the bikini-style panties. Oh, and earrings and smudged lipstick. I moved over her on my elbows, and we kissed again. Karen pulled me down onto her, and gasped as our crotches met. I pushed her legs further apart, and we ground our bodies together. I was grinding her hard into the mattress.

After another 10 minutes of thrashing around on the bed together, Karen was on top, her thighs straddling me, her pantyhosed crotch hard against me, her hands on my chest. She smiled and slowly ground her crotch into mine repeatedly. I held her hips as she thrust into me, her eyes half closed.

Her thighs were full and firm in the pantyhose and I ran my hands up and down them, and around to her arse . My hands caressed the underside of her buttocks, close but not on her pussy. The edge of her panties was as far as my fingers reached.

Karen slid down my legs a little and then reached down and started to unbutton my trousers. She slowly undid the zip and pulled the material apart to reveal my white cotton boxers. My cock was straining the material and there was a damp patch of pre-cum at its end. I was a little embarrassed, but Karen smiled.

She pulled off my trousers and threw them away. Then she lay on top of me and we kissed again. Her body felt so good, her legs encased in the pantyhose and her top in the silky blouse. I flipped her over, moved a little down her body, and started to undo the blouse, exposing her full bra. I was between her legs, her crotch tight against my stomach. The bra was front opening and at last her beautiful breasts were all mine. I lightly kissed by way around one erect nipple, then repeatedly circled the nipple with my tongue. Slowly, gently. I kissed all over one breast, then the other. Underneath her breasts, lifting them with one hand. Finally I ran my tongue lightly over each nipple in turn, then took them in my mouth.

Karen was in a trance, eyes shut, moaning quietly.

I continued down her body, kissing her stomach, around her belly button. Her skin was smooth and soft.

I reached the top of her pantyhose and continued lower, spreading her legs with my hands, and kissed all around her pussy through the material. I spent long minutes kissing her inner thighs, crotch, and pussy mound. I could feel her heat and the pantyhose was soaking wet, and getting wetter. Karen put one hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face tight against her pantyhosed pussy. She ground her crotch into my face. I was loving every warm, wet, musky moment.

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