Car Camping Turns to Dogging Fest


My wife was ‘away with the girls’ for a week and I had time off work that I had to take so I’d decided to go on a bit of a car camping road trip. I didn’t have anywhere particular in mind, I just thought I’d do a bit of travelling, pull up for food and sleep. If I saw a sign for a place that took my fancy I’d go have a look around. My car is a large MPV, based on a small van and, with the rear seats removed, there’s enough room for a double air mattress in the back. Add a camping stove and the bits n pieces needed to sleep eat and drink and I’m ready to go!

The first night was uneventful. Pull up, eat, cup of tea and bed. But things were going to get better!

On the second night, at around 10:30, it was dark by now, I pulled into a layby that was set back from the road, intending to stop there for the night if there were no signs forbidding it.

A couple of lorries were parked to the right, all dark and buttoned up for the night and, on the left, a medium sized mobile home. As I got closer to it I saw that it was over 20 years old but it still looked in good condition.

I pulled up behind it, switched off the lights and engine, got out and opened the sliding door into the back, I put on a light and climbed in.

As I was getting the stove ready to put the kettle on and I heard the motor home door shut, you know, the type of plasticy ‘clunk’ that those things make. I turned around, sat on my doorstep and lit a cigarette.

An old looking guy (early 70s?) approached me from the direction of the van in front.

“Evening,” He said, “Turned it into a camper eh?”

“Yes, car camper. Nothing is permanently fixed but all is secure.”

“Mind if I take a look?”

“Be my guest,” I said, standing and moving out of the way so he could see.

He had a good look around. “You’ve done a grand job there, everything you need, space to sleep and you just move it out of the way to cook, blackouts too. Only thing I can say you haven’t got is a way into and our of the cab when it’s raining, without getting wet, I mean.”

“Ah, but I have! I slide the curtain across, recline the seat then I can slide or climb through.”

“You have thought of everything then. Can you get two in there?”

“I have done, the wife often comes out and she ‘entertains’ others, if you know what I mean?”

He nodded, “And do you ‘entertain’?”

“I clean her after she has had a load of cum shot on or in her and sometimes I ‘entertain’ guys orally”, l noticed that he had a hand in his pocket and was rubbing himself as we talked, “I absolutely love licking a pussy cream filled or not, until the woman screams out in ecstasy or sucking a nice hard cock until it spews its load down my throat.” I continued truthfully.

He removed his hand from his pocket as he stepped back, leaving a noticeable bump at his groin.

I turned the light off and sat back on the step to finish my cigarette, I tossed the butt and as my hand dropped I made sure to brush the lump in his trousers.

“Nice.” I said.

“Would you like to ‘entertain’ me orally?”


He opened his trousers and got his cock out. It wasn’t long, 4 inches or so, but it was fairly thick. I took it into my mouth, easy as my mouth was at groin height when I sat Batıkent Escort on the step.

Bobbing my head and swirling my tongue around the underside of his cock head soon had him groaning and I was anticipating a mouthful of cum when he suddenly jerked back, turned and did himself up. I could see why, a car had pulled in and was brightly lighting us up.

“Come into my van and meet the wife?” He asked.

“Do you think that’ll be OK?”

“OH yes, she loves to meet people, if you know what I mean.”

I could hear the ‘wink’ in his voice, even though I saw it so I stood and closed the door, locking it as we walked to his van.

“I’m John by the way.”

“Bernie, good to meet you John.”

He opened the door of his van and stepped in.

“Hey love! We have a visitor.”

I followed him in and saw that there was a woman, about John’s age, sat up in the bed that had been made up at the back of the van.

“Bernie, this is Irene. Irene, Bernie.”

Irene looked up from the book she was reading and greeted me. “Hello Bernie, it’s nice to meet you.”

I stepped forward and held out my hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”

“I hope not!” She said, placing her hand in mine.

I bowed my head and kissed the back of her hand, my eyes falling to the cover of the book she was reading; ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

“Oooooo, a gentleman, I hope your not always gentle?” She giggled.

“Depends on how much of a Lady the lady is!”

“He likes to lick pussy, suck cock and drink cum for a start, cum from cocks and pussies,” chimed in John. “Shall we have a cuppa?”

“I’ll do it love,” Irene said, laying her book on the bedside cabinet and throwing back the covers.

She got out of bed and I couldn’t help but take a good look at her. About 5’8 tall and a bit chunky but not fat. She was wearing a white transparent baby doll affair and I could see her fleshy slit through the panty material, displaying the fact that she was shaved. John had started to get undressed and invited me to do so too. I looked back to Irene.

“It’s OK dear,” she said, “We aren’t prudes, strip off and we can enjoy ourselves and each other. Sugar?”

“One please.”

I got naked and joined John on the bed, he was half hard again and indicated that I could carry on where I’d left off outside. I knelt over him as he lay back and lowered my mouth to his hardening cock, sucking and licking him to full hardness, then deep-thorating him (well, as deep as his 4 inches would go) so my nose was rhythmically buried in his pubes.

I felt the bed move and a hand wrapped itself around my 7 inch cock, gently stroking me, enough to excite but not enough to make me cum yet. I looked up and saw John fingering Irene’s slit, she had removed the baby doll outfit and was naked next to us, it was her hand stroking me.

Irene tapped my leg and, without stopping my sucking of her husband, I lifted it up, she wormed underneath me, her shoulder up against John’s leg. I lowered my leg as she replaced her hand with her mouth, sucking and licking my cock as I did the same to her husband.

John let out a groan as his cock pulsed in my mouth, filling it with his cum, which was quite thick, I swallowed Beşevler Escort it all. As his dick grew limp he pulled away and climbed over Irene. She moved around until we were in the 69 position and I feasted on her wet pussy, licking and gently nibbling at her clit as she sucked away at my cock.

She put her hands on my ass, pushing me down into her face, taking my cock as far as she could inside her throat, then the pressure was off my ass and I lifted up, giving her chance to breathe. She did this a few times, each longer than the last, then she pushed me down and held me. I could feel her swallowing, the rhythmic constrictions as she did so drove me to the brink of cumming but, just as I thought I was going to fill her throat with my cum, she let off the pressure and I let her breathe again whilst redoubling my effots on her clit.

Irene was obviously enjoying my oral manipulations of her pleasure centre as I could hear her mewling as I worked on her. Once more she pushed my ass down and started swallowing, this time it did push me over the edge and I started shooting my load, literally, down her throat. At the same time Irene was trashing about under me, obviously having her own orgasm.

Spent, I pulled my cock from her mouth and rolled off to the side. John was stood beside the bed, his small cock standing to attention again.

“Don’t just stand there!” She told him, “Come and fuck me!!”

I moved over a bit as John climbed between her thighs and started to pound away, it was not a gentle fuck and I was surprised at how long he lasted at that pace! Irene had 2 more orgasms before John pushed as far as he could into her moist, silken hole and loosed his cum inside her.

As John climbed off of her Irene looked over at me, my cock hard again from watching them fuck.

“Fuck me?” She asked, “Coat my cunt walls with your cum?”

I needed no second asking! I climbed between her thighs, placed the tip of my hard cock in her moist entrance and thrust my hardness into her sweet, cummy pussy.

“OH yes! That’s it! Fuck me hard!!”

I banged into her hard, I felt her love box tighten around my meat and her pussy rhythmically grip my thrusting cock as she reached orgasm. I managed to hold off cumming through that and a second of her orgasms, finally thrusting as deep as I could and jetting my cum into her as she had her third.

I pulled out and collapsed back onto the bed as she calmed down. She looked up at me.

“That was wonderful, would you like to drink all that cum?” She panted the question.

“Mmmm, yes please.”

“Stay there.”

She climbed up and over me so we were in the 69 position again, this time with her on top. She lowered her well used cunt onto my face and I licked the escaping gobs of cum from her lips then, pushing my tongue up inside her, I pulled her down all the way, smothering me with the well fucked pussy smell invading my nostrils as my tongue searched out the remains of our sexual activity.

Her mouth engulfed my flagging dick as she sucked me clean too.

She climbed off saying, “Our tea will be getting cold.”

Without dressing we sat at the dinette and drank our cooled, nearly cold, tea noting that John Beypazarı Escort had finished his long ago.

“Be a love John,” she said, “Make us another?”

He took the cups and stood to put the kettle on. I nudged Irene and nodded to John’s hard cock. She looked where my gaze was going.

“Did you enjoy watching your wife being fucked to orgasm? Don’t lie now, we can see the answer!”

John nodded. “Yes it was very exciting seeing you enjoying his cock thrusting into you and you cumming as he filled your pussy with his rock hard member. Especially exciting was the look of pleasure on your face as he pumped you full of cum, reaching deeper inside you than I ever could.”

“Yes, he’s not the biggest but he does go deeper than you and you know how much I love to be filled by a cock.”

“Yes dear, I’m happy you enjoyed it.”

“And how about the blowjob he gave you? Did you like that?”

“I did, it was nearly as good as you give, more exciting in a way as it was someone different doing it.”

“Yes, a change is as good as a rest, but we still have each other.”

John bought our teas over to the table then gave him wife a deep kiss.

We chatted about this and that as we drank the hot tea. I told them that I was just running around, kind of at a loose end. They were on their way to the next town where they were going to pick up there 19 year old granddaughter and then going on to various places, a bit like I was but they did have park ups worked out that were dogging spots. Their granddaughter was a ‘right little raver’ when she got going and they’d both been having sex with her for the past year. It was a bit of a confidence booster for her as she was overweight and convinced that nobody wanted her because of her size.

“Usually guys come around interested to see two ‘girls’ in a ‘shagging wagon’ but then they see her size and me at my age and almost run back to their cars! They probably think we’re a family stopping the night. Then it’s up to poor old John to try and satisfy us both. Sometimes some really old and desperate bloke will fuck her but it usually ends up with Susan and I eating each other out then John fucks her, then me if he can manage.” Irene explained.

“Size is not an issue,” I said, “It’s about the person! I wish I could meet up with her, maybe show her that not all people are the same!”

John and Irene looked at each other and I could see that they were almost communicating telepathically.

“Get a pen and paper.” Irene said.

When John returned with them she wrote in a clear hand some instructions.

“There, that’s how to find where we’ll be tomorrow night. We’ll be there from about 10. If you want, come and meet Susan and see for yourself, but we won’t say anything to get her hopes up. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll understand if you just leave, we won’t hold it against you and we’ll be happy to see you again when we’re on our own so don’t think you have to come and have sex with her.”

I took the directions and placed them with my pile of clothes, then we all headed back to the bed for one last suck, lick, fuck and cum licking then I got dressed, thanked them for their hospitality and bade them goodnight.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I said, waving the paper as I stepped out into the night, returning to my car to sleep.

When I got up their camper was gone but there was a note under my wiper, written in the same clear handwriting as the instructions:

Thanks for a lovey evening, we both enjoyed it immensely, hope to see you later.



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