Car Accident Ch. 01


1st Day: Car Accident. The Consequences

I was only driving too carefully on the shapely country road, on that Sunday early afternoon. My old car didn’t give me many chances of overspeeding. Even now, I’m almost certain that it wasn’t my fault. The young lady in shorts on the mountain bike was to blame. She literally fell on my car when I was trying to overtake her. She only fell. I actually think that she didn’t even touch my car. Well yes, she was scared but nothing more. No bruises and other injuries, as I found out later. But I had to believe her when she told me that she couldn’t move and I had to take her to her place. Even more I had to carry her wrecked bike as well.

Fortunately her place was not far away and I was driving into her country house in a few minutes. She didn’t say a word during this small trip. She only moaned making her beautiful face look ugly. She must me about twenty five years old I told to myself, very good looking. In fact she might work as a model, I could almost bet on this.

I parked the car in front of the main door. Very nice place I thought. She told me to help her get out of the car and assist her to the door. When she opened the door, I realized that she must be quite wealthy and certainly with a very good taste. I helped her sit in her living room couch. She asked me if I could bring her a glass of water from the kitchen.

Lucky me, I thought, the police was not involved (yet). Car accidents involving injuries (even small ones) can cause troubles, even if it wasn’t your fault. Soon I’ll be off and driving.

By the time I brought the water she had slipped her long athletic socks to ankle height. Strange, I thought, since she could barely move. Then she told me that both her ankles were aching and asked me if I could soothe them. OK I thought, why not. Since she couldn’t move (as she kept saying), she asked me to help her with her athletic shoes.

I sat cross-legged on the floor in front of her in order to take them off. Then she told me to help her with her socks, which I did. Her feet didn’t look bruised at all. And her toe nails were lovely manicured and painted red, probably by a true professional.

She lazily rest her feet on my lap and I started massaging her ankles very gently. She seamed to be enjoying it a lot.

After some time she asked me if I could massage her ankles a bit harder. OK I said, no problem. I still wonder if she was in real pain. She then asked me if I could carry on with her feet altogether, telling me that she felt a bit better. I started massaging her feet starting from her beautiful toes up to the ankles, down to the heels, her soles, back to the toes and so on. She looked very relaxed, with a beautiful smile on her lovely face.

Then she started saying how dangerous the situation could be, and how lucky I was that the police weren’t involved. She told me that she needed a good rest, and certainly someone to help her back on her feet again. She asked me if I could afford to pay the expenses since I was responsible for the accident (was I?).

-I’m afraid no, I said. I’m not that rich.

Can’t we find some other way? I asked.

-Then you have to be this person. It seems you are quite good at it. I think I won’t be able to move freely for a couple of days, not to mention going to work. You can stay here, I have a spare room upstairs. When I’m all right, you can go and we both forget the incident. Do you agree?

-Well, you don’t give me a lot of chances miss …..

-Natasha, Natasha Smith. Pleased to have met you ….

-Stanley, just Stanley (I lied. Better not give my real name).

-Well Stanley the matter is settled, from now on you work for me as my servant and physiotherapist, until I get better, she said happily. Could you please go to the kitchen to fix me something to eat? A sandwich would be nice, she said lifting her feet from my lap.

I went to the kitchen. Her refrigerator was full of goodies. I didn’t have any problems preparing two nice cheese sandwiches and an orange juice. I took them to the living room. She was still sitting on the couch, her bare feet on the floor.

-You can leave them here, next to the couch. And Stan, will you turn the TV set on and bring me the remote control, please?

I did as I was told, thinking that the days to follow would be very busy (at least for me). Fortunately she seems very polite and understanding. There was an armchair close to the couch. The TV was on, time for me to get some rest as well. I sat down. She Muğla Escort was eating the first sandwich, sipping some orange juice from time to time. She told me with a soft pleasant voice:

-You make very tasty sandwiches Stan, well done! Thank you very much for being such a gentleman. But aren’t you forgetting something?

-I beg your pardon?

-My naked feet Stan, they feel cold. Come here to warm them with your magic hands, as you did before.

-But I thought I was soothing them from pain; aren’t you in pain any more, Natasha? If you feel better already, I might as well leave and forget the incident.

Her reaction stunned me. She suddenly became very serious. Her voice was angry.

-Now look here Stan. Don’t you ever get clever with me.

Let’s get some things straight. You agreed to be my servant for as much as I feel ill, so start behaving like one. For starters don’t you ever again call me Natasha. We are not equal. I am ‘Madame’ to you. And never again criticize my orders. You are here to serve me, or I’ll through you out.

And you know what’s going to happen then. I have very good friends in the police department. They would virtually believe everything I say. It’s going to be your miserable word against mine. This is your last chance. You either leave now and face the consequences, or stay by my rules. Is this understood?

I was beginning to think something was wrong, but the situation I was facing was far more serious than any expectations. What happened to that beautiful polite lady I met some time ago? Was she bluffing? I couldn’t count on this. My word against hers, well that was definitely going to make me a looser. The facts were against me. There was no decision to make. I simply had to accept.

-Yes Madame, it is clearly understood. I’ll stay and be your servant for as much as you feel necessary.

-So don’t waste my valuable time. Come here to warm my feet!

I stood up, and sat down cross-legged in front of her again. She placed her feet on my lap and I started the massage. How did I fell into her trap, I’ll never know.

She was now finishing the second sandwich. She left the plate on the small sofa my the couch. She turned the TV set off.

-Now let’s get down to business shall we? Her voice was hard and cold.

Since we finished with formalities I’ll tell you your duties here. Unfortunately you are not a trained servant, I can see this. I don’t know what your main job is and frankly I don’t care. Here you’ll be my obedient servant. If you make a mistake I am planning to punish you, as it pleases me. Of course you can leave anytime you like and face the consequences. I’m now going to tell you what you have to do and what you mustn’t do. Try to remember them. I hate repeating myself. Don’t bother giving me an answer. You could only say YES Madame!

I was still massaging her feet, thinking that I’m really in trouble. I only managed to face her in the eyes with an obedient look. Then she started with the rules.

-You never say no to me…

You never look at me in the eyes unless I tell you to do so…

My wish is your command…

You never speak to me unless necessary, or ordered to do so…

You must keep the house clean and tidy. You clean my clothes, prepare my food and generally watch the house…

In fact, to make things simple, you do as I say and as I like…

By the way I don’t like your silly name. Did you ever think that I believed you’re called Stanley? How foolish of you, stupid boy! I need some other name to call you. A name that suits my position, reflecting yours. Yes, I found it! I shall be calling you slave, with small ‘s’. Yes, I like that, how clever of me, that’s your new name for as long as you are here. You’d better get used to your new name, slave!

My new name she says! Better say my new social position. How such a beautiful woman can be so cruel? I’ll never know.

-By the way slave, since I cannot visit my beauty parlor, you’ll be my beautician as well. I imagine you will be able to take care of my hair with my instructions. I will take care of my hands and face, but you have to take care of my body and especially my feet. I’ m very proud of my feet and I always want them to be nice. As you realize it’s impossible for me to bend, so you’ll have to do it. And I don’t mean just a massage. I have all the gear you need. By God, it’s going to be a very interesting healing period, at least for me. It was very nice that we met in such a way my Muğla Escort Bayan good and obedient slave. I’m going to enjoy every minute I’ll spend with you in my service. One of my childhood dreams is coming true.

Her voice became soft again.

-As a child I often dreamt of being Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. With lots of slaves to attend to my needs, whichever they were. I would sit dreaming for hours, relaxing, giving orders and punishing disobedient slaves. You are only one, but you have to make do. I think I’m going to be ill for a longer period than I had, or you had imagined. From now on, I’m Cleopatra and you are my humble slave.

Now I have to think what Cleopatra’s slaves would do to show her their gratitude and total submission.

Do you have any idea slave? she said pushing me with her right foot on the floor.

-No Madame, I’ sorry, I said, taking my old position with her feet on my lap.

-I didn’t think that you do. Anyway you are not here to think but to obey. I’ll do the thinking for you.

Let me think now… YES I’ve got it! she said mischievously.

In the medieval ages a gentleman would kiss a lady’s hand to show his appreciation. A slave should do something humbler than this gesture. Now slave this is my wish and your command, she said in a serious voice.

You must kiss my feet every time you have to show me your gratitude, appreciation and total obedience. If I wear shoes then you have to kiss them instead. Needless to say that you must do this on your knees!

-Yes Madame, I stumbled, keeping my eyes low, level with her feet. But how do I know when I have to do this?

-You stupid worm! Must I tell you what is obvious? Every time you see me of course! In fact start right now! She said pushing me away with her feet.

-Come here, you miserable slave, to show me your obedience!

I knelt in front of her, bent down to the floor and kissed her feet once.

-Is my Madame satisfied? I asked on my knees.

-Well not exactly as I thought. Something is missing. We both have to improvise. Let’s see.

First of all every time you kiss my feet I must realize that your intentions are to worship me. Remember, I’m your mistress and you’re my slave. This must be very clear. In a way it must be obvious that my position is very high and yours very low. Let’s try something a bit more sophisticated. I think you can make it.

This time you kneel in front of me, placing your hands on the floor, head down. I rest my feet on your hands and you worship me, saying something nice. Do it, slave!

Still kneeling, I stretched my arms and placed my palms upwards on the floor by her bare feet, staring at her toe nails. She placed her feet on my hands. I slightly closed my fingers gently enclosing her soles in my palms. Moving my face close to her feet I pressed my mouth on her toe nails giving her a warm wet kiss on each foot. Then I said:

-I am Your humble slave, Madame! Your Wish is my command!

My face was still close to her feet, my mouth almost touching her toes. I felt a strange warm feeling at that moment. Something telling me that I actually liked what I was doing. But I couldn’t understand why.

-Much better now. I’m quite pleased. I’m beginning to feel like a queen. But you said too many words. You are not here to talk, but to obey. You must always remember this. I think you should stick to “Your Wish is my command” for the time being.

By the way, I just realized that your warm breath on my feet pleases me. Stay down there warming my feet with your breath, slave. And next time remember to take your watch off. It makes too much noise touching the floor and in any case you won’t be needing it while you are here.

I stood there for a long time, softly blowing my warm breath on her feet, keeping them warm. Something urged me to kiss her feet again but I wouldn’t dare.

-Your hands make a nice foot mat, slave and you just gained your second honorary title: you are my personal foot warmer, as well as my personal slave. Don’t you feel happy?

-Yes Madame, I’m very happy, I said continuing to warm her feet with my breath.

-You know slave, the scene is almost perfect. Here I am, sitting on my couch, like a real queen, with a man lying next to my feet in total submission and obedience. You are much better than a dog I used to have. You should see yourself in a mirror, she said smiling playfully. Just now, you are nothing more than a warm foot mat. And you belong to me! I can Escort Muğla do anything I like with you!

When I finish with your training, you’ll be my best buy. You learn fast, and I’m beginning to like you. I can actually assure you that with my guidance you’ll be the perfect slave in no time. My female friends will envy me when they see you at work here.

I might even let them borrow you, for a couple of hours only. I can’t afford to loose you for a longer period. I think every woman in the world should have at least one dedicated slave. I’m so anxious to show you to my friends! In fact why not give a party for them here tomorrow evening. What an idea!

Here is your program for tomorrow slave :

You’ll prepare what is necessary in the morning. Simple things like what you did before. Some club sandwiches, salad sandwiches, toasts, vegetable salad, cheese and juices. Wine and alcohol is in the bar, next to the TV set. You’ll find cool beer in the refrigerator. I’ll try not to disturb your program in the morning, but don’t take it for granted. Don’t forget that I make the rules, slave!

You’ll get some rest early noon after you serve me lunch. A couple of the sandwiches prepared for the party. In the afternoon you’ll help me become beautiful. I want my friends to find me stunning in every detail, from head to toe. You’ll prepare my bath, help me with the bath, make my hair, give me a nice massage putting lotion all over my body and finally, but most important, treat my feet. I’ll tell you the details tomorrow. My God, I so happy! You are my lucky lottery ticket, slave!

Tomorrow evening I’ll introduce you to the other girls in the party as my personal slave. Of course I expect you to worship me as best as you can. If I’m not satisfied, you’ll be punished. No other man will be here tomorrow but you. So that we can do anything we like, without anyone complaining, or even trying to defend you.

I couldn’t see her from my position by her bare feet, but I could realize from the touch of her voice that she was really excited, like a small spoilt child. Tomorrow would be a hard day for me. Somehow I think I liked the idea. I wonder why…

-Now slave, I’m going to bed. You’ll help me of course.

She lifted her feet, thus freeing my hands. She stood up and went up the stairs to her bedroom, ordering me to follow.

Her bedroom was large, tidy and smartly furnished. A large double bed was in the center, covered with a pink blanket.

I helped her get undressed, put her night gown on and pulled the blanket for her to lie down. She sat on the edge of the bed and ordered me to clean her soles from the dust, since I didn’t fetched her slippers as I should.

I knelt in front of her and took her right foot on my hands, carefully wiping off the dust from her sole, with my fingers. I carefully lowered her foot to the floor and proceeded with the other.

When I finished, I took both her feet on my hands, bending down to the floor and kissed them softly.

-Your wish is my command, Madame! Your humble servant bids you goodnight.

She lifted her feet and lied on the bed. I carefully pulled the blanket over her. She didn’t say a word. I walked out of the room closing the door very carefully behind me.

My room was next to hers. Small but nice. A small door on the side lead to a tiny bathroom. I’d better have a look around to know the house, I thought.

The main bathroom was on the other side of Madame’s room. As I found out, you could reach it either from the corridor, or from Madame’s bedroom. It was large and smartly decorated. The bath tab (like a small round pool) was in one corner, with curtains to hide the view, if ever needed. An easy chair with a foot stool was next to the bath tab. I found her slippers near by. A large cabinet on one side was full of Madame’s shoes. There must be over 30 pairs, all kind of shoes, and very expensive. Next to it, a smaller cabinet contained various towels. On top of it I saw all sort of beauty creams and lotions, including a small case with manicure equipment (files, clippers, nail polish remover and pads, nail polish…). A laundry basket was placed behind the main door. A large mirror decorated one side of the room. I looked at myself wondering what’s going to happen in the near future. I couldn’t get an answer.

I took her slippers to my room and put them on the small cabinet by the bed. Next time I won’t forget, I thought. I went downstairs to get acquainted with the kitchen and utensils. I also cleaned the dishes. I then went out to park my old car somewhere at the back yard behind the house, I wouldn’t be needing it for some time. Finally, I went upstairs to my room to get some rest. Tomorrow would be a very busy day.

I lied down. Soon I fell fast asleep…

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