Cancelled Flight

Female Ejaculation

The flight was cancelled? Had I heard the announcement correctly? I looked around at the other waiting passengers. Their faces told the story.

Oh my god I thought. I turned to the person next to me. “What now, I wonder?” I said.

“I am pretty sure they will put us up somewhere and fly us out tomorrow,” the other passenger answered.

I didn’t know whether to cuss or cry.

Another announcement; distracted, I missed part of it; something about a bus…

Others were moving. “Are they taking us somewhere,” I asked the other person?

“Yes,” he said, “come on.”

I grabbed my carry on and followed.

He found a seat and said, “Sit here, ok?” I sat, put my head back and closed my eyes. “You know what,” I said.

“What’s that?”

“This really sucks,” I said.

He laughed quietly. I looked at him and he was smiling.

“Tom Millings,” he said. “You’re right, this does suck.”

I liked his smile and noted his gray hair, thinning a bit, maybe late fifties I thought; early sixties; laugh lines at the corners of his hazel and intelligent eyes.

“Tom Millings,” I said. “Sophia Crockett.”

I shook his hand and liked the warmth, the firmness of his grip.

The bus pulled into a motel parking lot and a dozen passengers debarked. The agent re-boarded and announced, “No more rooms available here, we’re going to another place.”

“I hope this doesn’t mean we aren’t going to find anything this time of night,” I said.

“Let’s hope we have some luck,” Tom said. He smiled again and I was glad for the bit of reassurance that it gave me.

We rode in silence for a bit and the bus pulled into a rather plush looking Hilton.

Inside we stood on line while others checked in one by one.

Tom was just ahead of me and the clerk announced, “This is our last room, sir.”

My heart sank. Tom turned to me. “Sophia you take the room. It won’t be the first time I’ve slept in a lobby.”

“We can put a cot up in the room if you’d care to do that,” the clerk volunteered.

I quickly made up my mind. Before Tom could demur I said, “Okay that will be fine.”

Tom protested but I insisted, after all he would have to use his voucher even if he slept in the lobby.

So we took our bags up to the room and I said, “Tom, I don’t know anything about you but something tells me I can trust you. But right now I don’t much care. I saw they have a bar and I could sure use a drink.”

Tom chuckled, “Sophia, I can’t think of anything better than an attitude adjustment after this debacle.”

We went down to the bar and ordered; a gin and tonic for me and Tom, a Patron gimlet.

When the drinks came Tom offered a toast to new friends.

“Do you want something to eat,” he asked. “I’m hungry and am thinking of a club sandwich,” he said.

I ordered a chicken salad and Tom ordered a bottle of California Pinot Grigio, very tasty and crisp. We chatted and relaxed. I felt the tension flowing out of me and I was privately grateful that if I had to deal with this situation it was with Tom and not some creep.

Tom turned out to be a retired Coast Guard officer. In turn I said my late husband had coincidentally been in the Coast Gaziantep Escort Guard as well, for a hitch long ago, when we first dated and then married. With that common thread we talked about ourselves. Tom had begun his Coast Guard career as an enlisted man and retired after more than three decades as a commander. After raising two sons together he and his wife had drifted apart and two years earlier he told me, they divorced.

“She lost interest,” he said, “in part of our marriage that remained very important to me.”

I might have let the remark pass alluding, as it did to intimacy and predictable revelation of just in what part of Tom’s marriage his ex-wife had lost interest. But the gin and tonic and, was it two glasses of wine (I wasn’t sure), had lessened my inhibitions. Besides, I felt comfortable and secure with Tom even though we had been thrown together and hardly knew one another.

“It is usually sex or money isn’t it Tom?” I added, “And, I don’t think it was money in your case.” His face flushed a bit and I smiled to myself.

“Touche’, Sophia,” he said. “Too much information, I suppose.”

I drank more wine. Warmth, not altogether from the wine, spread nicely in my groin. I am, I thought to myself, feeling the gin and the wine. I also am attracted to this guy. And, I let the thought surface, feeling just a teeeensy, weeeensy bit horny. Well, maybe a little more than that.

“Oh, that’s Okay Tom,” I smiled at him. “I’ll let you know if you’ve overstepped. Happens in a lot of marriages; one partner or the other loses interest.”

Then I added, “Almost until the end my Bill and I always enjoyed each other a lot in the bedroom.” Geez, I thought to myself, talk about too much information!

He took me aback then, but his next remark also titillated me, “So, do you miss that part of your life with him?”

I intended to pass off my reply lightly, but found myself looking him squarely in the eye when I said, “Very much, Tom; very much. I haven’t been with anyone since my husband, died.”

He flushed a bit, making me smile to myself and answered with a non-sequitur, “I think we’re being asked to leave; the bar is closing up.” I looked around. The bartender’s activity made it clear he was ready to close. Tom signed the tab and we left.

When the elevator doors closed Tom said, “Sophia, you are a lovely and desirable woman. I’m sorry your… our travel plans were messed up. I may end up in the lobby for saying this, but I am glad we are spending the night together.”

I didn’t care if it was the booze and the wine talking, I put my hand on his cheek and said, “I’m glad too, Tom.” Then I kissed him softly on the lips. I liked it and I was eager for more.

Our room door clicked shut and we kissed again; not softly now but excited and urgent, mouths open, tongues dancing. We both breathed heavily when the kiss ended. God I loved the feel of his body against mine; of being in his arms.

“Whew,” I said, “Let’s just talk a bit and have some of the wine. I am glad you brought the bottle.”

I got the plastic tumblers from the bathroom and Tom poured.

I sat in the easy chair and said, “Tell me more about you.”

Tom Gaziantep Escort Bayan sat in the desk chair and took a generous swallow of the wine. “Alright,” he said, actually glad that I seemed to have pulled back because of an uncertainty he harbored about himself. In fairness he felt obligated, despite his arousal, to tell me.

I’ll start by telling you, I’ve had prostate cancer; had the prostate removed.”

I said nothing, just nodded and flashed a slight but reassuring smile.

Tom continued, “Before the surgery, when the doctor told me about the cancer, he said I had a mountain and two hills to cross. What he meant was deciding on what to do about the prostate and if I had it removed, dealing with possibility of incontinence and impotence; those were the two hills.”

“That must have been very difficult for you, Tom,” I said.

“Yes it was, Sophia,” Tom went on. “So I had the surgery. Thankfully I’ve been cancer free for a decade now and my surgeon was very skilled at what is called ‘nerve sparing’ technique. I have no incontinence; for that I am very grateful. But I do have difficulty getting erect. Viagra helps and I have a penis pump; neither with me however.” Why the hell did I say that, he thought? He rushed on, “Still I can orgasm; although without a prostate any longer I don’t ejaculate. Oddly, my orgasms now seem more intense than before the surgery.”

Tom’s candor further stimulated me; my pussy throbbed and moistened. “Tom,” I said, “Do you want me? We can enjoy each other in more ways than one, can’t we?” Oh my God, I thought giddily, I just propositioned a guy I just met!

“You’ve said exactly what I wanted to hear,” he said. A smile spread across his face. He stood, moved quickly to me and we kissed warmly again. As his tongue touched mine, I felt his hand on my breast. When he caressed my nipple I groaned with pleasure, breathing into his mouth.

When we paused I said, “I have a confession to make Tom, a naughty confession.” I giggled.

“Tell me.”

“I love to suck cock. I haven’t had a cock in my mouth since Bill got sick before he died. It would be so wonderful if you would let me suck your cock. I don’t care if you can ejaculate or not. I don’t care if you don’t get erect. I just want it in my mouth. After that, we’ll see what else we can do for fun.”

Tom blushed and grinned so that I was captivated by his reaction. “Wow, Sophia,” he said picking up his tumbler in a toast, “Here’s to cancelled flights and breaking down barriers!”

We stripped off our clothes like two eager teenagers; well almost, given that both of us were sixty-something.

Tom lay across the bed, knees raised, feet flat and his bottom at the edge. I took a pillow and knelt on it, between his legs. Tom’s flaccid cock lay on his abdomen.

“Let me get a couple pillows behind my head,” Tom said. “I want to watch you.”

I smiled at him, “You have a beautiful cock.” I leaned forward and took it my hand then put it in my mouth. It had been so long. I sighed with content as I filled my mouth with the organ. Almost immediately I groaned, my thighs clinching as an orgasm spread through my groin.

Tom groaned with Escort Gaziantep pleasure when I mouthed his cock. Watching thrilled him and he understood straightaway that simply putting his cock in my mouth had caused me to cum.

Now I set myself happily to the task of thoroughly gulping him, determined to make his cock swell if not grow erect. Much slurping and affirmative sounds of pleasure followed. As Tom swelled, I took great content in his body’s response. I interspersed my sucking with licks of the shaft and of his scrotum; his reaction made it abundantly clear that he was mightily pleased with the latter.

I ministered to his cock, sucking, licking and jacking it until Tom was semi-erect, groaning and encouraging me profanely.

“Okay, lover boy,” I said, “time for another treat. Slide back on the bed now and let me straddle you.”

I positioned myself, took the lubricant (I never travel without it) I had placed nearby and anointed his cock and my cunt generously. Astride his hips I lowered myself and took his cock in hand to position it between my swollen lips. I slid back and forth on his cock.

“How is this, Tom?”

“Oh Sophia,” he said,” this feels like heaven. I’ll give you fifty minutes to stop.” He grinned like a little boy with a new toy.

I leaned forward so that Tom could suck on my tits while I slid back and forth on his growing cock.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop darling,” Tom grunted.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to, my clit feels so good rubbing on your cock.”

I reached between us and palmed under his cock, snugging it firmly against my sodden vulva.

Blissful feeling spread through us and we focused on our union with increasing firmness and vigor. Then, oh happy chance, I slipped forward just a bit further but it was enough to capture the head of Tom’s penis which disappeared into my vagina.

Happy groans and exclamations greeted the event. Tom thrust firmly to be met by me, mashing my cunt down on him, our groins grinding together.

“Oh god Tom, fuck me,” I panted. “Jesus, I need it, don’t stop. Fuck me Tom. Fuck me,” I cried.

Tom marveled at the happy and unexpected penetration that now had me bouncing on his thighs and him thrusting vigorously to meet me.

As I looked at Tom, he began to have a look of not only lust but surprise.

“Jesus, Sophia baby,” he said. “I feel like I am going to cum.”

Well that thrilled me and my vagina squeezed his cock.

He began to babble, “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum, keep fucking me. Ahhhh Jesus it, it feels so good.”

He thrust upward to meet me as I slammed down on his groin. Now I was hotly chasing my own orgasm.

His cock felt so good inside me. I thought my head would explode in sheer joy.

We came together making all the incoherent noises lovers make as they spend upon each other.

Tom might not be able to cum but I had never felt such an intense release, even in my years as a wife. Perhaps it was our circumstances, thrown together as we were, but I had never felt more fulfilled and womanly than I did in bringing my newly found lover to a stunning climax.

Sweating, I crawled off Tom. We spooned as we quickly fell asleep.

The next morning we continued our travel. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, hugged and kissed warmly and went our ways.

I hoped that Tom would call as he said he would. The feel of his lips on mine lingered after he disappeared from my view but I hoped, not from my world.

(To be continued)

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