Canadian Sunset


The little airplane nosed down and out of the clouds. The engine was on fire and the tail looked like it had been shot away. It hadn’t. of course. This was northern British Columbia. There was no war here. The tail had been shredded by ice in the overcast.

Jeff fought the controls all the way to the ground and just barely managed to pancake it in on a small, frozen lake. His sister, Judy, gripped the handles at the side of the cockpit and prepared to die. The Cessna skidded all the way across the lake and slammed to a halt on the shore near a short hill. There was no danger of sinking as the ice was two feet thick.

Jeff and Judy were badly shaken by the crash. “We’re lucky to be alive,” Jeff commented.

“I was sure we were going to die!” Judy wept.

“Damn, that was rough,” Jeff remarked as the plane stopped. He got his sister out of the plane and together they assessed the damage.

“Total loss,” Jeff remarked.

“Yeah, it’s really bad replied Judy. “What do we do now?”

“Well first we get the survival kit out of the baggage compartment and go pitch the tent on that hill.”

They dragged the kit up the hill, found a nice spot near a flat vertical rock and pitched the tent.

“Get the rest of the gear out of the airplane while I go look for some fire wood,” Jeff ordered. He trudged off through the snow into the forest.

Judy worked hard getting the stuff out of the plane. Then she unpacked the rest of the survival kit and set it up. When Jeff got back he was pleased with the progress she had made. He had a big armload of firewood which he dumped on the ground in front of the tent.

“I got off a couple of “MAYDAYs” before we went in, so help should arrive soon. In the meanwhile, we’ll have to act like we’re really stranded permanently and start making plans for the long haul.” Jeff stated. “I saw lots of snowshoe rabbit tracks over by that ridge and I’m sure I can get one or two in my snares.”

Judy was still shaking from the crash. “I’m so glad you’re here with me. I would probably die out here without you,” she wept. She walked over to him and planted a not-so-sisterly kiss on his lips.

Judy and Jeff were average looking people. Judy didn’t have giant tits and Jeff didn’t have a giant cock. They were all around average and they were both extremely intelligent. Up until this point, Escort they had maintained a normal sibling relationship. Jeff loved his sister and she loved him. But there had never been anything carnal between them. He was 26 and she was 23. Both had been married and both were now divorced. When their parents were alive they had gone camping on many occasions, so they were not exactly strangers to life in the woods.

The flight across Canada to Anchorage had been fraught with disasters from the very start. They had engine trouble in Seattle and some frozen instruments further north. This was to be the last leg of the journey. In fact, it had turned out to be just that.

“Well, mighty hunter, are you going to go get your woman some fresh meat?” Judy asked with a grin.

“I gonna go set some snares but they probably won’t produce until tomorrow. While I’m gone, woman, break out one of the MREs. Melt some snow for drinking water and start some coffee. I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

“You be careful,” she pled, “Woman needs someone to keep her warm tonight.”

Jeff cut a good, stout club with the survival saw, threw some wire scavenged from the plane into his pack and set off into the woods again. All the way to the ridge he scanned the snow for bear tracks, but saw none. “They must be in hibernation,” he mumbled and said a little prayer of thanks that they were too far south for polar bears.

He set five traps around the ridge and returned to camp hoping he would run across some deer tracks. A deer would keep them fed until spring if necessary. He saw none.

The aroma of fresh coffee drifted through the woods and reached his twitching nose. “Judy is adjusting to our situation like a trouper,” he thought.

“Home again home again,” he sang as he trudged out of the woods.

Judy was waiting for him with a hot cup of coffee. He sat down on a fallen tree trunk near the fire and sipped the coffee. It was the first rest he’d had since the crash.

“There was only one sleeping bag in the kit,” Judy moaned.

He gave her his best leer and said, “The better to warm you up with my dear.”

She smiled, “I thought the fire would do that.”

“If we could give it enough fuel it would. But it’s going to burn down pretty low by morning, so I’ve got you in my evil clutches,” he joked. “Where’s Escort Bayan that MRE?”

“It’s almost ready, captain,” she smirked.

“Which one is it?” he asked.

“Your favorite. Chicken ala King.”

As the sun set in Canada, they consumed the meal, had another cup of coffee and crawled into the small tent. The oversized sleeping bag almost filled the tent from wall to wall. With the fire blazing outside and the heat reflected by the big flat rock it was reasonably warm in the tent. All their extra equipment was hanging in bags from the trees, a precaution against hungry critters and deepening snow.

Jeff got in the tent and stripped down to his shorts. Judy stripped to bra and panties. They slid into the bag. It was a tight fit.

Jeff suggested, “How about a spoon position?”

Judy agreed, perhaps a bit too readily. She turned on her side and snuggled backwards into his arms. “We’re not gonna die out here are we?” she whispered.

“No way! We’ve got everything we need to survive. We might be forced to start a new tribe out here, but we’re definitely not going to die!”

“New tribe, huh?” she giggled and wiggled her butt against his dick.

“If you keep that up, we’ll be starting one tonight!” he exclaimed.

“Okay,” she sighed seriously. She wiggled again and his cock came to full attention. “Mmmmm, nice,” she whispered and backed into him as far as she could.

“Sis, are you trying to tell me something?”

“I see you got the hint,” she demurely replied, feeling his swelling cock poke her butt.

His hands closed around her breasts. He pinched her nipples through the bra. “Take it off,” he groaned.

She performed one of those mysterious maneuvers that all women seem to know and she was quickly naked.

Jeff had no idea how she got her bra off so quickly and he didn’t know what happened to her panties. He slid his briefs clumsily down his legs and managed to kick them off without bruising her.

She rolled over so they were facing each other, reached down and squeezed his rapidly growing cock. He cupped her mound and sank a finger into her moisture. “Mmmm,” she hummed. “Mmmm,” he hummed.

He slowly rolled over on top of her. She wriggled and a small moan escaped her lips. She opened her legs as wide as the sleeping bag would allow and he sank Bayan Escort into her. As his cock head passed her opening she started rotating her hips. He moved forward and was soon deep within her.

“Wait,” she requested. He stopped deep in her pussy.

“Problem?” he inquired.

“Do you really want to start a new tribe?”

“I want what you want,” he answered.

“Okay, cowboy put the spurs to me!”

He stroked in and out of her. She moaned and returned his thrusts. He lost control and began a rapid stroke designed to make her cum as quickly as possible. “More, faster deeper!” she squeaked. He was giving her all he had. Her pussy was getting juicer by the second. Suddenly she thrust her hips up in the air and screamed, “This is it!” Her cunt started squeezing his cock, milking him like a cow.

The effort was not lost on him. His strokes were now very erratic. “Are you ready/” he grunted.

In answer, she wrapped her legs around his ass and slammed him as far into her as she could get him.

He squirted four big loads into her. “Don’t take it out,” she commanded. She rolled them onto their sides and somehow kept his cock in her. He was hugging her tightly. She had his dick in a vise-like grip. “Time to sleep,” she chirped happily.

When he woke up his half hard cock was still wrapped inside a nice, warm pussy. He started pumping her. She woke up and said, “Gimme more juice!” She came almost immediately. He kept pumping into her. She came again. He reached between them and flicked her clit. She screamed and started a more or less continuous orgasm. Finally she felt his cock swell up and he dumped another load into her greedy pussy. His cock deflated and finally fell out. “Damn!” she said.

He separated from her as little ways and looked at her carefully for signs of regret. The only thing he saw in her eyes was lust.

“I wish we had done this when I first wanted to,” she said.

“And when was that?” he asked.

“When I was sixteen,” she replied. “I wanted you so badly, but there was never any chance I could have convinced you to do me then… We had to go through a plane crash and a Canadian Sunset to get what I wanted”

As they were putting on their clothes and stoking up the fire, the distant drone of an airplane reached their ears. They watched as the big DeHavilland Beaver settled onto the lake ice and taxied up to them.

“What now, my love?” she asked as the rescue team walked toward them.

“Guaranteed, it won’t take another crash in the wilderness to make it happen again,” he smiled and kissed her..

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