Campfire Stories Ch. 01


The steam from the shower was filling up the bathroom. As I rinsed the lather off of my six-foot frame, I could feel my penis lengthening with every passing heartbeat. I closed my eyes and remembered her.

I could almost feel her breasts pressing against my chest. The thoughts overwhelmed me, and I couldn’t help but let my hand slip down and wrap around my hard member.


Julia and I met at the beginning of June. We both had signed up to be counselors at a sleep away camp a few hours from each of our houses.

Julia has an amazing body, no doubt from years of playing field hockey and running for the track team. Julia is about 5’4″, thin, with the perfect sized breasts, just enough to fill my hand. I couldn’t help but notice her when she walked in the room that day, wearing white shorts that showcased her tanned, athletic legs and a pink tank top that fit snugly against her 36Bs. I knew I had to get to know her better, and I would have my chance.

That day was filled with paperwork and boring videos and lectures. Finally, the directors wanted to see how we worked as teams, and organized a scavenger hunt to end the day. The prize was a four-day weekend including a hotel suite in a nearby beach town.

Maybe it was luck, I like Gaziantep Escort to think it was fate, but Julia and I were paired up. We engaged in your typical small talk as we followed clues and collected several items to complete the hunt. Eventually, one of our clues led us to the docks that fingered out into the lake. As twilight approached, visibility was low, and Julia tripped over a coiled rope and plunged into the lake.

Splashing about, she called out to me.

“Colin! Don’t just stand there! Help me out!”

As a leaned over to pull her out, she suddenly sprang to her feet, and pulled me into the water, which was only four feet deep.

“Oh, you are going down,” I warned her as I splashed after her.

As she tried to run away, splashing me as she went, I hooked my arms around her waist and playfully dunked her into the lake. After a few minutes of wrestling in the shallow water, we climbed onto the dock.

I could see her skimpy pink panties plainly through her white shorts. Her matching pink tank top clung tightly to her body, showing off her hard nipples. I was happy that my clothes weren’t showing off so much, when she said, “Nice package.”

She reached out a grabbed my semi-erect penis through Gaziantep Escort Bayan my mesh shorts and gave it a little squeeze before giggling and running off. I never realized how hard it was (no pun intended) to run with an erection until that night.

When we got to the next clue, she managed to make a remark though I’m trying very hard to hide my hardness

“Is that a hot dog down there or you just happy to see me?”

“It depends, did the lake make your shorts that wet or are you happy to see me?”

On that comment, Julia stalked straight over to me, and as I prepared for the slap, I was met with a nice kiss on the lips.

“I think we’re going to get along pretty good this summer.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Finally, we made it to the last clue.

We had it solved and began racing to the finish, which was on the other side of the camp. Halfway through the woods, Julia tripped and I heard the sound of material tearing. I helped her up, and saw that her shorts had been ripped almost totally off, and one of the straps on her panties had snapped. Her hipbone pointed to the slightest hint of brown pubic hair being exposed as her shapely right leg was on display.

“Oh shit, Escort Gaziantep I can’t go back like this!”

“It’s alright, we can work around it. I’ll give you my boxers to wear, and I’ll just have my shorts.”

Quickly, she slid off what was left of her shorts. Perhaps a little too quickly, as she accidentally pulled down her panties too. I let out a quick gasp as I caught a glimpse of her pussy and light brown pubic hair.

She kicked off her shorts and pulled her panties back up. I took off my shorts and after a slight hesitation, slid off my boxers. My dick sprang into view as the sight of her pussy had brought me back to my full six and a half inches. She wasn’t modest about staring at my hard dick as she pulled on my boxers. As I began to put my shorts back on, she grabbed my penis and began to rub it up and down slowly.

I moaned as her soft hand slid gently across my throbbing penis. I could see her nipples harden while she stroked me. Our lips met as she kept her grip on my dick. Our tongues searched each other’s mouths and my hand slid up her shirt and bra and began caressing her nipples.

Julia pumped my cock faster and harder. I looked down into her gorgeous green eyes and she whispered, “Come for me Colin…”


The sounds of the shower covered up my moans as I ran my hand furiously up and down my cock, finally climaxing and shooting wads of cum onto the shower floor. I leaned against the shower wall and fondly looked back on the night before, when Julia and I won the scavenger hunt, even after our little “delay.”

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