Camp Little Creek Ch. 03


American Perverted


American Perverted is an anthology series that follows characters from each American state. Each state is assigned a story, characters, and a specific theme. This theme may include a fetish, fantasy, or other premise that the story will revolve around. The state is merely used as a backdrop, and does not reflect the theme in place.


Today’s Story

Location: Camp Little Creek, Wyoming

Theme: Gay Discovery (Male on Male)


Camp Little Creek

Chapter Three: The Hike

Chapter Content: Handjob, Masturbation, Voyeurism


Bong. Bong. Bong.

What an annoying fucking bell.

Sure enough, however, it did the trick. I could hear the groggy groans of my cabinmates as they struggled to come to terms with the morning. I watched the squirming of sleeping bags, and could hear the contortion of the cheap plastic mattresses from the tired boys curling up into themselves.

But this morning, I was not one of those boys.

I can’t say I’ve ever quite been so excited for a Tuesday before. Not like this, anyways. Yesterday, Cody kissed me. We had had a small spat about the abnormal tension that had built between us, but after surrendering to the fact that my attraction to him was unrequited, he leaned in, held my face in his hands, and pressed his soft lips against mine. It wasn’t some weird peck either. This was the kind of kiss that you see in movies. Well, it felt like it at least. I remember holding our lips against each other, before passionately shifting to the other side of our mouths. It was addicting. Still, all good things had to come to an end. I can still remember looking into his beautiful green eyes after, our saliva still connected. I remember us both bursting out laughing. Such a beautiful, awkward, and just expressive moment that I would genuinely never forget.

I remember us walking back to the field after. I was worried it would be awkward, nerve-shattering, or would result in us leaning too much into it. Instead, it was the best trek a guy could ask for. We cracked jokes about our kiss, jokingly pushed each other into the damp bushes, and reaffirmed that we were still friends. I felt alive. The rest of the night, Cody and I had never been closer. We were thick of thieves, and he sat beside me for every activity, meal, and even campfire. We brushed our teeth together, got changed together, and even ended up ‘Pee Buddies’, waking each other up in the dead of night if the other had to run down outside to the bathroom. There are bears out here, you know!

I sprung out of bed and looked out the window. The sky around the camp was slightly moody, but the sun was starting to breach through the thin clouds. In the distance, rain seemed to pouring down in every direction. But not today. Not over Camp Little Creek. My soggy clothes had finally starting to show improvement, and were now just slightly damp. Dare I say “wearable”? As I stood there getting changed into some shorts and a t-shirt, Luke’s door swung open.

“Mornin’, boys.” As per usual, Luke was holding a steaming mug of coffee, suggesting that he had already made his trip down to the kitchen and started his day.

“Morning, Luke.” Grumbled a few of the other boys. The tone in the air was sort of miserable. Omar had been sent into town, after the medic deduced that he might’ve sprain his ACL. Poor guy. Just seven of us left. This didn’t seem to stop Luke, who kept his usual grounded composure.

“Hope you’re ready for Tuesday. I was thinking that we could go for a hike after breakfast. There’s this awesome trail just down the way, and it leads to one of the most killer views you could ever imagine. It’ll blow your minds.” Luke sounded hyped, but you could still tell he’d done this trail over and over again. Honestly, I didn’t care what we did, as long as Cody was there with me. I glanced over at his bunk. He was still completely covered with a sleeping bag, he mousy hair the only visible sign of his presence. I stepped unto my mattress, hoisting myself unto the side of the bed.

“Wakey wakey, hands off snakey.” I joked, grasping unto the side of his sleeping bag, giving it a good shake. I could hear Cody grumbling.

“Five more minutes.” He muttered, barely audible through his thick sleeping bag.

“Come on, would a true pee buddy make his friend hold his bladder five more minutes?” I teased. Cody let out a deep groan, then flicked his sleeping bag open. He slowly sat up, smacking his lips against the cold, crisp air. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and looked around the room, before staring at me.

“What’s crackin’?” He asked, forcing a laugh out of me.

After a slow but promising morning, our cabin finally sat in the mess hall, ready for breakfast. It was pancakes gaziosmanpaşa escort today, a much better improvement from yesterday’s Red River. Curious if Cody was thinking about us, I gently bumped my hand on the bench against his. He looked at me, retracting his hand back, but with a smile. Got it. Not here. Not now. All meal, Cody and I bantered back and forth with our cabinmates, quipping about video games, footballs, and poor Omar. It was honestly refreshing to finally get the opportunity to get to know my cabinmates a little more. I still thought they were sort of losers, though.

Back at the cabin, Luke begin instructing us on how to pack for a hike. Hiking shoes? Check. Full water bottle? Check. Bug spray? Check. Sunscreen? We all looked through the window. The sun wasn’t completely shining through the clouds. Probably wouldn’t need any today. Luke still made sure we knew that a normal summer hike ALWAYS called for sunscreen, but we could skip it today. Thank God. I didn’t bring any. Luke packed a few more things into his day bag, which was a small black backpack with four carabiners attached to it. He stuffed a small med-kit inside, clipped a can of bear spray to the side, and crammed a box of granola bars to fill the empty space. Yum.

“You can share a bag with me if you want.” Cody was trying to talk to me, though I was frustrated with a double knot on my hiking shoe.

“Oh, uh, yeah can you take my water bottle and bug spray?” I asked. He swiped them from me, and tucked them away into the back pocket. A true gentleman.

After some pouting from a reluctant cabinmate, we were all on our way. Luke led us to a trailhead.

“Widow’s Peak.” Cody spoke out loud, reading the sign. The sign was a large wooden square, detailing a map, hiking tips, and area information. Crude graffiti, undoubtedly from former campers, littered the wooden panel. Dicks, instagram handles, and “Lisa Wuz Here” all plastered the sign.

“Not just a clever name. Rumour has it that some old couple sat out at the top every morning, watching the sunrise. Then, when the man suddenly passed, the old lady would sit up there, alone. Thus, the name.” Spoke Luke. Kind of sad, honestly. Imagining that sort of routine with someone you love, to the point where you don’t know life without it. Hm.

With a knowing shrug, Luke lined us up single file, and we all marched down the narrow dirt path behind him. The path was uneven, with roots ready to trip us up at every step. Cody and I hugged the back. Cody’s job was to shout “Holla” in the event that someone needed to stop, which the rest of us would echo so that it could reach Luke in the front. Over the course of the next half hour, we clumsily made our way up a steady hill, bearing witness to the stunning wild around us. I shit on boring ass Wyoming everyday at school, but there was no denying the majestic forest we were in. Birds chirped along the tree line, and we made frequent stops as Luke lectured us about local flowers, saplings, and other fauna. I swear, if Cody wasn’t annoyed by me constantly asking him to grab my water for me, I’d be shocked. I couldn’t help it. I was out of shape. I walked to school when I could, but this trek was something else.

After pouring a sweat, we finally made it to the top. We had finally made it to the top, which overlooked the massive valley below. My jaw dropped. Luke wasn’t kidding. This view was to kill for. A vast horizon, trees as far as the eye could see, and not a single sign of human existence. I felt humbled.

We all took a seat, and hollered into the echoing distance ahead of us. In unison, we would pick a word, and shout it as loud as we could. Luke even let us try a few swear words out. After a lifetime of being forced to suppress bad language, it was actually kind of cathartic to let it out as loud as I could. We felt on top of the world.

“Alright, gentlemen. I have a game we could play. You boys want to try a game?” Inquired Luke. We all cheered, excited at the premise of playing games out in the middle of nowhere.

“I thought so. This game is called ‘Tree Hugger’. Now, before you boo me, hear me out. It’s actually a memory game. Here’s how it works: You guys will all pair up. I know we are uneven, so whoever doesn’t have a partner can team up with me. One person from each pair will be blindfolded. The other person then has to spin them in a quick circle, before guiding them to a tree. Any tree. Then, the blindfolded person, without their sense of sight, must memorize the tree. After five minutes, the guide must return their partner back to their original spot, before removing the blindfold. The person who was blindfolded then has one guess to find their tree again. Got it?” We all nodded. Luke reached into his bag and pulled out four bandanas, ranging in color from blue to pink. “Alright, every find a partner and grab a blindfold.”

To nobody’s surprise, Cody and I picked each other as partners. We grabbed a gölbaşı escort green blindfold, waited for further instructions. Luke looked at Cody’s face as he stood beside me, giving a knowing, but reassuring nod. Cody reciprocated this gesture, nodding back to him, to which Luke reacted with a slight grin.

“Alright. I want you all to walk for at least five minutes down either side of the trail. Then, I want you to walk another five. Do not go out of earshot. If something happens, you should be able to shout to me and I should be able to come running. ‘Kay. Go. I’ll holler for you after we’re out of time.”

Without another beat, Cody and I ran off to the unexplored side of the trail. After jogging for a good five minutes, we lurched off into the brush, off-trail. We walked some more, my heart pounding. I was so excited to just kiss this guy. I wanted to taste his lips. I wanted to feel his breath against mine. I wanted to smell his cologne. He seemed excited, too. Yes. I felt the anticipation. We were totally going to make out.

Cody finally stopped.

“Here.” He firmly stated, pausing in the midst of the woods. “Right here is perfect.”

“Perfect. Alright, let’s do it.” I excitedly added, before taking a step towards him.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” He stopped me. What? Didn’t he want this?

“Well, um. Well, dude, I was going to k-kiss you.” I stuttered. Did he not like me anymore? Was that friendship that we had all-day just a platonic one?

“Henry, I told you yesterday, I’m not gay.” He stated, matter-of-fact.

“What? You kissed me!” I was shocked. I was angry. What the fuck? Why is he making me feel like an idiot?

“Yeah, but that was just- I don’t know. Just testing the waters. I just wanted to see, you know? Truth be told, I didn’t feel anything, man. I’d rather be kissing girls. But we can still be friends, right?” The words escaping his mouth made my face feel hot. What a dirtbag. What a fucking dirtbag. He can’t kiss me like that and then lead me on all day.

“I- I don’t know what to say. I told you I wasn’t gay, either. I just like you. That was a really fucked up thing to do, Cody.” I was mad, and not afraid to show it.

“I’m sorry, man. Can we just play the game? I signed up to camp to do shit like this, not suck face with men.” Cody kept this weird tone in his voice. It was so definitive, yet so unconfident. It was like he was antsy about something. Actually, reading his constantly moving body language… He was nervous.

“Fine. Whatever, man.” I gave up. I was so fed up with this tip-toeing. I wish he would’ve mentioned that he was through with me.

“Sweet. Okay, I’ll blindfold you first.” He walked up behind me. I closed my eyes, pointlessly, and allowed Cody to wrap the cloth around my eyes. When I opened my eyes, it was pitch black, minus the bit of sun poking through the mixed clouds.

“Alright, give me your hands. We’ll go nice and slow.” Cody declared. I limply outstretched my hands and sighed with frustration. Ignoring my obvious pouting, Cody took my hands and spun me around. I could feel the mossy forest bed underneath my feet, my shoes clinging to the mushy ground.

“Fuck, dude, that’s good. I’m dizzy.” I sputtered, trying to balance myself without vision. With that, Cody pulled on my hands, coercing him to follow him. Every step was deliberate, and slow. I could feel us turn around a few trees, before he finally stopped.

“Okay. I’m going to take your right hand and place it on the trunk. Are you ready?” Asked Cody. Whatever. Let’s get this stupid fucking game over with so I can go back to feeling bad for myself. I gave him an exasperated shrug. Cody took my limp right hand, and slowly lowered it unto-

Fuck off.

He slowly lowered it unto his thick, hard, cock. I patted out my hand to confirm my beliefs, patting what was very clearly the tip of his dick. My limp hand has stiffened out, as I felt my way around his shaft. I gasped, standing upright. I gripped my other hand out, feeling the lower part of his shaft. Cody let out a soft quiet moan.

This wasn’t real. This was a dream, and I was going to kill whoever woke me up.

My hands wrapped around, getting a feel for his cock. It couldn’t have been any bigger than six inches. I traced my finger along the veins, feeling the blood rush into his hard tool. I could feel it twitch, reacting to the sensation of my hands finding their place on it. My left hand tapped against the base, feeling Cody’s middle. I could feel Cody had a bush, and I stroked my fingers through the curls. My right hand continued to toy with his urethra, slightly grazing the tap, rubbing it. Sure enough, a small trickle of liquid seeped out of his cock. Precum. Warm precum. Cody continued to softly moan. I continued to play around with his solid cock. My left hand suddenly found its way to his undercarriage, his hanging balls filling up my cupped hand. They were so big. Bigger than mine, anyways. They keçiören escort felt heavy. Very heavy. I slowly massaged them, feeling his ball sack wrinkle around with each movement. I was mesmerized, relying only on my sense of touch to find my way around his throbbing cock.

“Fuck.” Slipped through his lips. Clearly, he loved me massaging his balls while rubbing his tip. I bit my lip, before my right hand found its way to his shaft, wrapping around it. I paused, gently squeezing his shaft. So girthy. It truly was a thicker cock than it was long, and I was very okay with that. I slowly began stroking my hand up and down, with Cody’s moans picking up in volume, my other hand continuing to fondle his balls. I could feel the skin on his shaft crumple down together with each pump, before stretching back up with each jerk. I was jerking off Cody, and based on his moans, he was loving every second. That made two of us. His cock was so warm, and I couldn’t resist but to pick up speed. I switched my hand from a gripping position, to that of of someone reaching down and stroking up. This transition let out another big moan escape Cody’s lips. The switch in tempo, the change in position, to ball worship. Cody’s legs spread apart. His breathing became more uneven, louder, even.

“More. Don’t stop. Keep going.” Cody panted. Fuck. As you wish. I continued this pace. Not longer after his demand, Cody gripped my shoulder. His sharply inhaled. His cock began to swell, his veins expanding under my touch. I felt his other hand brush up past mine, and cover his tip. Wow.

Cody was cumming.

I could feel wave after wave release, my hand clenching shaft, which was emptying his balls unto his hand. Hearing Cody struggle to catch his breath throughout his orgasm left my head spinning. Fuck. He centered his balance against me, as I felt his cock finally start letting up. He had finished. He had finished really fucking hard.

“Fuck. Ugh. Fuck.” He breathed. I slowly let go of his cock and balls, letting it swing down between his legs. I straightened out my back, my vision still blocked. I could feel my own cock rock hard in my briefs.

“Am I allowed to see now?” I asked.

“That’s not how the game works.” He stated, still winded.

“What, you want me to walk you back to your dick? You got another round in you?” I joked. I could hear Cody’s warm laughter.

“Ah, fuck. I didn’t think that far.” Cody admitted. “Alright, fuck it. Just give me a second, I have a handful of cum in my hand, and no idea what to do with it. Wait, I have an idea. Open your mouth, Henry.”

“Ew, fuck off!” I laughed. I don’t think I’m quite there just yet. I just touched another cock, I wasn’t ready to gulp down someone else’s cum. Maybe when I’m older. Cody laughed again.

“Alright, I’ll go find a tree or some shit to wipe this off on. Don’t look, yet.” Cody announced.

“So, what, I can jerk you off but not see it?” I asked, still chuckling.

“Yeah, dude. I can’t let you see me in this sad state. This is the most pathetic you can ever see a man. Cumming in my own hand – I’m a freak, Henry.” He laughed again. God, I’ll never get tired of that laugh. My favorite sound in the entire world right now.

“Alright, just tell me when I can look.” I swayed in the spot. I felt the damp mud sink my shoes in slightly. Fuck. I’m on cloud nine. I actually jerked off Cody. And most importantly: He liked it. He actually really liked it.

I heard him stepping back, and the sound a zipper being zipped up as he stepped towards me.

“Okay, you can take it off…” He trailed off, and I felt him hold the sides of my face with his warm hands. His right hand was wet, indicating he had used one of our water bottles to rinse the rest of the semen off. Even with a blindfold, I just closed my eyes and got lost in his kiss. Every kiss of his seemed to be magic. Our lips clicked back into each other with each caress, and I started to feel the tip of his tongue emerge. I slid mine out in response, my sweaty palms, reaching out for the underside of his chin. Cody’s tongue. It surprised me how little it tasted like anything. Hopefully my tongue on his could change that, forcing his perfect tongue to emit my breathe. Our tongues danced underneath the forest canopy. As he finally pulled back, putting an end to our trance-like frenching, I could feel the slobber of our tongues drip unto my chin.

“… Now.” Cody whispered. I reach up behind my head, and undid the knot, releasing the green cloth from my eyes. My immediate sight was Cody’s mischievous smile, beaming down on me with satisfaction.

“So… ‘not gay’, huh?” I teased, forcing a toothy grin from his handsome face.

“I’m not, man. You’re different. I don’t know how to explain it.” He calmly explained. I could tell he’d thought about this a lot.

“That was really mean, by the way.” I gently smacked his chest, referring to his earlier trick of insisting we were just friends. He bellowed out that cute laugh that I’d grown to love.

“Sorry, man. The look on your face though – Worth it.” He rationalized. Relieved and on top of the world, I reached around him, pulling him closer into me, allowing me to rest my head against his sweaty chest. I could feel his damp, grey Hollister shirt stick to his skin. I just laid like this for awhile, feeling his chest expand with each laugh.

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