Camp Counselor


It was the summer of 1999 and I was a camp counselor at a local Y club. This particular summer we had a lot more girls signed up than boys. Most of these girls where hot, and the summer heat made them even hotter. I took notice of how the sweat would bead on their tan bodies as they played their activities. Most of them wore modest shorts and long t-shirts but there was this one young t16 year old, Lacey, who mostly had daisy dukes, and short tight Ts.I knew it was inappropriate for a male counselor to lust after the young girls, but I couldn’t stop the feelings that swelled up inside of me, or the swelling in my shorts for that matter. I had packed some tight undershorts and made sure that I had them on most of the time to try and tame the 8″ monster with a mind of its own.The last couple of days of camp we had a Escort Başakşehir lot of water activities and I was all out of my tight undies. I couldn’t get in to do my laundry until all the campers where gone. I was forced to go the last day commando. Unfortunately I noticed that Lacey must have been running low on her undies too because I could see her perky nipples plain as day through her white shirt. I felt like she had taken notice of me staring at her all week long because occasionally she would stand in front of me and stretch her hands in the air given me a good look at the curve at the bottom of her lovely breast. Even her shorts seemed to be shorter than usual. Once she bent over given me a good look at her pink thong.That night when all the campers where in bed I Bayrampaşa escort got a knock on my cabin door. “Lacey, you are suppose to be in your cabin.” I exclaimed hesitantly. “But Mr. Jones, it is soooo hot in there, and I can’t sleep.” she replied as she made her way in my door. “I thought you had been staring at me all summer, but I wasn’t sure until today, when I could see that you like what you saw” she said with a devilish grin as she looked down at my shorts which had already began to bulge out again. She backed me up against the wall her tight breast where pressed right above my abs. She placed her hands on my outer thighs and moved them around behind me and grabbed my ass. “But but we can’t” I stammered. “Shhh, I want to be naughty, and by the feel of things you Beşiktaş escort bayan do too. She then moved her right hand around to unzip my shorts. Her eyes widened when she wrapped her tiny hands around my thick hard cock. “My god, its bigger than I imagined.”At this point I was done protesting. The truth is, I wanted to fuck her in a bad way. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. I felt her mouth slightly open to allow my tongue to slide in. My tongue swirled around hers for a few minutes all the while she began stroking my cock faster and faster. She then straddled my right leg and began to grind up and down.I began to suck on her bottom lip, and worked my self around her neck and started to nipple and lick her ear. I couldn’t wait to see her nipples outside her short so I quickly lifted that tiny white shirt over her head. They were gorgeous. I played with them for a few minutes before I leaned down and took one of them into my mouth. \At this point she unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide down to the floor. “I’m going to give you the blow job of your life” she assured me as she dropped down to her knees.

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