Cam Life Pt. 02


After talking to Kayla and Jessie for a while that night I had made up my mind. They told me what kind of money I could make and how fast I could make it. No more shitty customers to deal with at a diner where the tips were barely even worth going to work. No more cranky boss. No more worried about getting fired because I was going to be my own damn boss. No one was going to make my choices for me.

Kayla and Jessie told me how to get set up on the site that they worked on. They gave me some tips as to how to get customers to my site. There was more to it than I thought. But this was going to be fun.

I spent the next day working things out. I decided on a name to use (the girls said I should definitely not use my real name) and settled on Candy Spice. Not terribly original but it would do the trick. I set up my account and got a twitter account started. I follow a bunch of people that were already following cam girls. I seriously needed some decent pictures but I could get some done later in the week.

Meanwhile, I put on a cute and sexy outfit and took some pics with my cell phone. Selfies. Ya, not the most professional but they would do for now.

It was late by the time I was done but I wanted to get started. I went out for a bit to try and wrap my head around doing my first cam session. I thought of all the pros and cons and I decided that I was for sure going to do this. What could it hurt. The worse case scenario was that I hated it.

If I really hate it, I could find another waitressing job and quit camming. I didn’t have to do this for the almanbahis adresi rest of my life. But if I could make decent money at it maybe I could save up enough money to go to school and get a career started.

I had made up my mind. I went home, set up my laptop in my bedroom and logged on. I knew from talking to Jessie and Kayla that a lot of the time was spent just being online, talking, messaging in the chat room and being cute. So, I wasn’t expecting to get my first customer right away.

I logged onto the chat room and put some music on. Not too loud the girls had said. I looked into the camera, smiled, twirled my hair, bit my lip and darned if people didn’t start showing up.

They were actually really nice. No jerks. They asked me questions. Sometimes I answered honestly and other times I made something up so that they wouldn’t be able to really find out who I was or find me in real life. I wasn’t expecting a lot. The girls had told me that I might not get customers at all on my first night or two.

I was surprised when someone said he wanted to go private! Nervously, I clicked the private button.

I read his messages. He told me I was really cute and asked me what I liked to do. I said I didn’t know because this was my first night. He suggested I give him a boob peek first.

I was suddenly very nervous as I lifted my shirt and cupped my breast. I’m not huge but not tiny either. A nice B cup. I slid my hand over my breast and back under. Then I looked at the camera and bit my lip. A trick the girls taught me. They said it was important almanbahis adres to keep the customer in private as long as possible.

I looked at the chat screen.

“That’s nice. Now pinch the nipples and make them hard please?”

I licked my thumb and forefinger and pinched both nipples until they were nice and hard. I rubbed my fingers over them.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“I do,” he typed in the chat. “Are you ready for more?”

“I have a confession. I have a panty fetish. Would you show me your panties?” he typed.

I was glad I’d put on a pair of pretty pink semi-sheer bikini panties with a little bit of lace on them. I slipped off the shorts that I was wearing over them.

“Nice, nice,” he typed. “Can you turn around?”

Standing on my knees, I turned in a slow circle on the bed. I slid my hands over the silky fabric and said to the camera, “Do you like them? These are one of my favorite pairs because they are so soft. And I think the lace is cute, don’t you?”

He was typing into the chat box. “Would you spread your legs and rub yourself over your panties?”

This didn’t seem all that difficult. And I was kind of enjoying myself. Actually, I really liked it. I wondered if he was on the other side of the computer, touching himself. I wondered if this was turning him on. Because it was turning me on to think that I was making him hard.

I sat back in front of the computer screen, my shirt still pulled up but not off, and spread my legs. I rubbed my pussy through the panties and arched my back. I moaned almanbahis adres and licked my lips, gazing at the camera shyly. I didn’t have to act shy.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I couldn’t believe that I was playing with myself in front of a complete stranger. Someone I would likely never meet. And that someone, whose name I would never know, was totally getting off on this I’ll bet.

“One more thing,” he was typing. “Slide your finger under your panties and show me how wet you are. I want to know if you are for real.”

I did as he asked and ran my finger through the folds of my pussy, just because it felt so good. When I pulled my finger out, it was obviously wet.

“Thank you Candy. I have to go but I will definitely be back for more!”

I sat back for a minute before going back to the chat room. I was out of breath and breathing kind of heavy. I couldn’t believe that I’d done that!

I thought about how easy it was and I was super excited. People – mostly men I guess – would pay me money to let them watch me do things to myself. How easy was that?

I looked at the screen and a little box showed how long I’d been online and then beneath that there was another little box that showed how much money I had made from the current chat and total chats. I wasn’t rich yet but there was a good chance that I was going to have enough money to pay my rent by the end of the week.

I had nothing else to do so there was no reason that I couldn’t have my chat open a good amount of the time.

This could really work!

I went back to the chat and there were a few people there waiting for me to come back. And as I chatted with them, more people came in.

Before I closed the chat, I had done two more privates. I was halfway to meeting my rent goal. This was awesome!

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