Cam Girl


‘How could this be, where did we go wrong?  She’s too beautiful for this, too pristine, too young!’‘Shut up, pussy.  She is probably making a fortune, and she’s hot to trot, just as horny as her mother and yourself were at her age, only capitalizing on it.’‘No.  I’m not letting my daughter become just another victim of the internet age.  This is a gateway, she will soon start stripping or fucking for money, and end up raped, on drugs, stripping, or worse.’‘Doubtful.  She just got into a good school, she has aspirations.  She simply has a high sex drive and obviously gets off on being watched.  Why not get paid for it in the process?’This was the gist of the internal debate going on in his head when he finally got up the courage to search his eighteen-year-old daughter’s computer.  He found that she had a membership on one of those webcam sites where girls charge subscriptions for men to view and talk with them doing provocative things.  He had been growing more and more suspicious as she started going to bed earlier and earlier.  A few times when he pressed his head up to her door he could hear things he wished he hadn’t.  Well, he sort of wished he hadn’t.  The devilish side was putting up a good fight though and was very excited he had.Soon enough, he found himself creating an account and checking out what she was up to.  At first, he just found her, of course, named “Daddi3sBaby469”.  After curiosity got the best of him one night when his wife had gone to bed early, he saw that she was live.  She had thousands of subscribers, one of the most popular girls on the site.  He couldn’t help himself.  He clicked ‘subscribe’, and Pandora’s box, Charlotte’s web, and his daughter’s superb legs all flew open at the same time, right in his face.She was facing the cam with a pacifier in her mouth, a headband with those little kitten ears on her head, adorned with her brown curly hair in two handlebar ponytails.  Her t-shirt was pulled up over her breasts, their perfect shape and size holding it there, revealing two nipple clamps affixed tightly where they are intended to Girne Escort go.  Her legs were spread wide with some overly sexy lace panties on, and she was teasing the hem of them as donations were pouring in.  He slammed the laptop shut, thinking, ‘What the fuck did I just see?’  He felt like he had walked in on her, embarrassed but also ever so slightly turned on.  After all, she was stunning on a normal day, never mind how she just was, in the room right next to him.She was a star soccer player, very fun to be around, and an absolute bombshell.  Since she was young he had always been his pride and joy, and she knew it.  He was totally wrapped around her little finger.  To this day she had never had a boyfriend, and he suspected she may be a “lipstick lesbian”.  She spent an enormous amount of time with her best friend, much of it behind closed doors since she had gone thru puberty several years ago.  This was fine with him, he loved lesbians, he wished he was one.  His wife seemed concerned about her, but not overly.  He knew she had experimented quite a bit with women, and fantasized about them even more so, judging by her browsing history and the way he would catch her ogling her daughter’s friends, her bestie being a ten out of ten in her own right.  ‘I should break her door down right now and put a stop to this, throw her computer thru a window and tell her how it’s gonna be.’‘You should calm down.  She’s an adult now doing adult things.  The world has changed since we were her age.  She is fine.  Very fine.’  He decided he needed more time to figure this out.  Part of him said to log back on, see how far she took it, and part of him told him to delete the account to avoid any further images he couldn’t erase from his memory.  ***The following night, Ashley, his daughters best friend, came over for dinner, and after hanging out for a bit they retreated into Sierra’s room to “do some homework”.  After about fifteen minutes, Dad got on his phone, lying to his wife that there was a problem with the server at work and he Magosa Escort was just delegating the responsibility elsewhere, so he didn’t have to go in. In reality, he was really punching in his username and password eager to see if DaddiesBaby was live.  She was.  Alive and kicking as a matter of fact, with Ashley sitting on her hips on her bed, both girls in their underwear.  She was massaging one of Sierra’s breasts over her sports bra with one hand, while her other had its thumb in Sierra’s mouth.  Sierra was holding her hand with both hands as she guided her thumb in and out, giving it an amazing blow job.  The comments were flying up the screen and he was sure they were making some great money.  As judging by the flush pink cheeks and closed eyes on both beauties, they were also having an enormous amount of fun in the process.  He instantaneously got hard and shut off the browser.  “Done.  Honey, why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?”  She looked surprised.  It had been a while after all.    “Did you forget the girls are still here?”  “Who cares.”  He pulled his rock hard cock out of his tightened pants.  “Are you INSANE?  They could walk out here any second!” She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bedroom, his rather long and thick cock bouncing up and down like a long two-by-four hanging off the back of a short bed pickup going down a bumpy road.  She slammed the door shut, getting on her knees while asking what had gotten into him.    “Not sure, it could be Ashley I guess.  Her nipples were showing thru her top, she seemed horny or something tonight.”  “I noticed that,” she gobbled his rod between sentences. “She really is hot as hell,” slurp, slurp, slurp. “Do you fantasize about fucking her?  Because I do.”  Her lips made a popping sound as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, then immediately pushed it back in, establishing suction again, and repeating the process.  “Do you think Sierra is fucking her right now?” With that question, he lost control and nutted all over her face.    “OHH YEA!” Lefkoşa Escort he yelled, probably a bit too loud.  “I’m sure she is,” he whispered.  His wife jumped on the bed, rapidly ripped off her bottoms and masturbated furiously with both hands all over the place, in a state of obvious ecstasy.  Dad returned her favor, imagining in his head he was Sierra, going down on Ashley.Then he is Ashley, going down on Sierra.  He wondered which girl his wife was pretending she was, as his cock already began growing again, preparing to give her the greatest fucking she had had in quite some time.  Work the following day was the usual mundane shit, except for the few distracting moments of thinking about his daughter and her friend, and the text message from his attractive wife:  “Last night was nice.  Sorry, I’m such a perv.  Kind of embarrassed about the things I said.”  She really was a wonderful woman herself, it was no wonder she gave birth to a minx.  The things she had said made him realize he wasn’t the only one with lusty thoughts about these young hotties.  Fuck, she had even admitted to fantasizing about her own daughter having sex as he had started to.  He found himself logging on to her site again, and she was somehow live, when she was supposed to be at school.  He saw that the view was just her phone looking up at her from a desk, while she appeared to be listening to her teacher intently, looking very beautiful as always.  There was actually a few people watching the stream, she seemed to have made over one hundred dollars today, just doing this.  He was actually proud of her at this moment, taking peoples money while she sat in class, doing nothing wrong at all.  He impulsively typed in the chat box,  “Are you thinking of Daddy?”  She looked down at the phone with a smile and licked her lip in a not overly obvious way, and nodded slightly.  He felt a tinge in his pants and quickly logged off. It took several long nights of patience, but it all paid off one night when his wife was out with one of her girlfriends.  The one she usually stayed out late with, sometimes even spending the night.  He was pretty sure she was having an affair with her and had been for years.   He mixed a few strong drinks and waited until his daughter was home from practice.  She came in and sat on the couch after eating some leftovers, recently showered, wearing pajamas. 

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