Called to the Office


Chapter 1

Karen called me to her office at the end of the day. She said she need to meet with me about a very important matter that couldn’t be discussed during the day. As she had duties after school, she said to meet in her office at 4:30, after everyone had gone home.

I was apprehensive, not knowing what the meeting was about — AP History? Was it Professional Development? And why couldn’t we talk about it during my planning or during the school day?

So, I entered knocked on the door to the AP office (it was locked as everyone had gone home. The lights were even out. Karen came to the door and let me it, and I followed her into her office.

Damn, was she dressed to kill? Although she always dressed in such a fashion, today was hotter and sexier than most. Black hose on top of 6 inch stilettos, tight red “pencil skirt” and a red flower top that was so tight around her big tits that I thought the buttons would explode!

I enjoyed the short walk to her office where she asked me to close the door. She stood with her hands on her hips, breasts thrust forward.

“Thank you Mr. Garret for staying after and coming by. We have a serious matter to discuss.”

She sat down and crossed her legs, the skirt opened a bit and I caught a glimpse of her crotch. I saw that she was wearing pantyhose for sure, and although I couldn’t tell for sure, no panties. My cock began to swell.

She began typing on her computer then turned the screen so that I could see.

I sucked in my breath, for there on the screen was me, hands behind my head, my huge hard cock there for the sucking as I eyed the camera. The caption said “My cock just for you — message me!” And below was my email — [email protected]

“Care to explain this Mr. Garret?”

I was, of course, speechless. I stammered, “I don’t know what to say, Mrs. Hennig! I am speechless!”

“Well, Mr. Garret, I too was speechless when I came across this photograph.”

“Mrs. Hennig, this is my private life, and it is not connected to anything relating to school! I don’t understand how this can be a problem?”

“Well, Thomas,” (She switched to my first name) “I agree with you, but I was able to find this on the internet. And if I could, then anyone could!”

“What about this one?” She clicked and another pic was revealed

This time I was wearing pantyhose (but this was a cock only pic).

“Again, what can I say? Private life and, well, I love pantyhose! If you found these then you read my profile.”

“I know, and I am very curious.”



“Sorry, Karen, I’m just a show off I guess.”

“I can see that!” Then she uncrossed her legs, and they remained open. “I am a bit of a show off too, Thomas.”


“I have to say, Thomas, that this one is quite impressive!”

“I’m glad you like it, Karen.” I began to swell in my dress pants. Karen’s hand went to her very large breast.


“That looks like quite a load, Thomas. I imagine the hose makes you feel that good?

“Yes, Karen, very much so. I really like to wear pantyhose.”

“So do I, and I had always wondered what it would be like if a man did too. Then Kuşadası Escort I searched the internet and found the pantyhosexperience website. I looked in Kentucky, and found you.”


“I liked this one a lot too, I kinda like cum, Thomas.”

“That was my 3rd cum that hour. I cum a lot Karen.”



“You are very big, Thomas. VERY big. I like that. I’m a ‘size queen’.”

Well, Karen, you’ve seen me, and, as you have noticed, I am hard. Would you like to see the real thing?”

By now she had her legs spread WIDE, and her hand was working her hard nipple and alternating to her soaking wet pantyhosed pussy.

“Please, I want you to stand between my legs, pull your massive cock out and jack it off for me. Cum on my face and tits, then we can go to the next step. Sound okay?”

I stood up and pulled my pants down. Then I slowly pulled my underwear off until my cock popped out.

“Mmmmmm, it’s so fucking big Thomas!”

I stepped forward and stood between her legs where I began to stroke my cock. The head was only inches from her face. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock as her hands worked her nipples and pussy. I heard a tear and saw that she had torn a hole in the gusset and had inserted her fingers into her wet pussy. Karen had undone a button on her blouse and pushed her black sheer bra down to expose a nipple, swollen and the size of a large eraser, where she began tugging and twisting. As her massive tits pressed against the thin fabric of her silk top, I could see she was wearing what I had always fantasized about, a sheer black silk bra.

“Damn, Karen, I’ve always fantasized about this. You are just so fucking sexy and so fucking horny. I love those huge tits!”

“Oh yes, Thomas, keep it up — talk dirty to me and jack that big cock!”

“Oh baby, I love stroking my huge cock for you! I love it when you watch! I want to jack my cock for you all the time, any time you want me too, standing over you, my cock close to your mouth, oozing precum, then unloading my cum all over your face and big fucking tits! You like that Karen? You like watching me jack my cock for you?”

By now she was furiously pinching her nipples through her thin blouse, and she now had four fingers fucking her sloppy wet pussy. As for myself, I was squeezing my ass with one hand and jacking my cock with the other! I was ready to cum, and I knew Karen was too.

“Oh Thomas, cum for me, cum on my face! Cover me with lots of hot cum! “

I did as she asked! “I’m cumming Karen! Uuuuuggggghhhhh!” Stream after stream of thick white cum blasted from the end of my cock, right into Karen’s moaning mouth, on her cheeks, onto her cleavage, covering her with so much cum! It looked like someone had poured a gallon of white gravy all over her!

“Oh fuck!” Karen screamed and had a shaking orgasm, her pussy squirting juice all over my legs as she too exploded. She came like a man from her wet sloppy pussy!

As she was cumming, I leaned forward and began to rub my huge cock all over her face, smearing my cum, and Karen responded by licking my cock and sucking the big head into her cum filled mouth. Kuşadası Escort Bayan My erection did not subside, and I even got harder with her silky tongue on my cock and her hot mouth and lips wrapped around my cock.

I pulled out for a second, leaned down and began to lick my salty-sweet cum off her face, then kissed her, out tongues intertwining.

When we broke out kiss, Karen commented, “Oh fuck Thomas, I’ve never had so much cum from such a big cock before, and I’ve never had a man willing to lick his own cum! This is so fucking erotic and makes me so fucking horny! Now I want you to fuck all my holes! Fill me up with your cock!”

“Karen, you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen! I love your pantyhose and have always fantasized about fucking a woman wearing pantyhose! Maybe we can go to a hotel later and I can bring my lingerie and wear some for you, and then you can take my ass with a strap-on! Would you like that Karen?”

She would. She replied by a loud moan and her mouth engulfing a large part of my massive hard thick cock. She grabbed my ass, spread them apart and inserted a long finger deep into my asshole and pulled me forward, forcing more and more of my cock down her throat. Although she tried, she was only able to get about half of my 13+ inches down her throat. She gagged a bit, but pulled my cock out, got her breath, licked the slimy pre-cum and cum, then went down again. Her finger in my ass was amazing, and the feeling of her silky throat around my girth was equally amazing. Karen continued to suck my cock, always trying to take more and more down her throat. Although she never was able to take the full length of my huge cock, she did try!

“Karen, I want to fuck you now! I want your hot sloppy pussy wrapped around my cock!”

“Oh yes Thomas! I am so ready for your huge cock! Ready to be filled with the biggest cock I’ve ever seen or had! Fuck me and fuck me good!”

She stood, and removed her blouse. Her black silk see-through bra was amazing! Her huge tits made me throb as I continually stroked my length.

Karen stood up and went to her desk. There she pulled her red skirt off, then spread her legs, reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Fuck me Thomas. Put that massive cock in your pussy! Fill me up and fuck me crazy!”

I stepped in behind her, and placed the head of my cock at the pussy. Her pussy was absolutely soaking, to the point of dripping cunt juice. I rubbed the head around on her lips and her clip, she was moaning and begging to put my cock in her.

“Not yet Karen, not yet!” I continued to rub my cock on her pussy and against her pussy, fucking the outside of her but not entering her wet hole.

“Pleas Thomas! Fuck me, put that massive cock in! Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum on your cock!”

So I did. I kept pressure on her clit with the head of my cock and rubbed her until she came with a cock soaking orgasm. My dick was soaked with her juices when she squirted! At that moment, when her orgasm began, I put the head of my cock in. I had planned on slowly entering her, but Karen wanted none of that. She slammed her ass back, her pussy totally engulfing my length. Escort Kuşadası She slowly ease forward, removing my cock until the head only remained, and then SLAM! Back again, taking all of my 13 inches. Karen was truly a size queen and although she was tighter than anything I had ever fucked, I know she was no stranger to big fucking cocks.

We began a steady fucking, in and out of her pussy I fucked while squeezing the pantyhose ass cheeks of her sexy round ass. Damn this woman could fuck! She was good, and she told me I was good.

“Oh Fuck yes Thomas, that is amazing! Damn I love your huge cock! Fuck me good stud!”

I fucked her good — ramming her hard and then slowly stroking her, varying her motions. She was so wet — I used some of that juice to finger her asshole. She moaned more and shivered and shook in her third powerful orgasm. My cock was once again flooded with pussy juice!

“Oh my god Thomas! I fucking love it! Fuck my ass now you huge cocked stud! Rip me apart with your huge cock!

I pulled out of her with a popping sound. Juices soaked my cock and flowed out of her pussy, pooling on the floor. Damn this woman was a wet one!

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her asshole. I didn’t budge, I let her control the entry of such a big cock in her ass. She slowly pushed back, a grimace on her sexy face, until my head popped into her asshole, passing the ring. She stopped, getting used to my size.

“Oh god that feels good! Now, let me get that big fucker all the way in!”

Karen pushed back slowly, ever so gently, until she had all 13 inches of cock in her ass. We stayed that way for a few moments, until she was ready. Then Karen began to extract my length from her asshole, again, just as she had with her sopping pussy, leaving the head in. Then she pushed back and took me in again, a bit faster this time, again all the way. I had never had a woman take my entire cock in her ass, most women only take the head then quit! Karen was a special woman!

After about five minutes of slow and steady fucking Karen picked up the pace ad told me, “Now fuck me! Fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy! If feels so damn good! I love your massive cock! Fuck me Thomas, fuck me good baby!!

Again, I complied, fucking Karen in her tight pantyhosed asshole; I wouldn’t be able to last too much longer!

“Oh yes Karen, your ass is so fucking good! I’m gonna cum! Where do you want my load!”

“Cum IN my ass! I want to feel your cock throbbing and shooting your cum in me, in my ass!”

I lasted for about another minute when I exploded! Shot after shot of cum filled her asshole as I kept my cock thrust deep in her ass. Karen began cumming too, her pussy spurting shot after shot of juice to the floor and on my leg.

After our orgasme subsided, we both sat and caught our breath.

“That was amazing Mrs. Hennig. Simply amazing!”

“I agree Mr. Garret that was the best fuck I have ever had. But I will not let it be the last. From now on, you will report to my office of Friday evenings at 6 pm. You will bring with you your favorite lingerie on those days. You will dress for me, stroke for me, and fuck me in every way! Are you okay with that?

“It’s 5 pm Mrs. Hennig. I live just a few blocks from her. See you at 6?”

She smiled, leaned across the desk and kissed me. “Hurry back stud! I’ll be ready too — I have to run home and get a few things and shower up for round 2!”

To be continued . . . MAYBE!

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