Call Girl Unexpected Lesbian Client


Maria :

The business conference was an annual money maker for me as a call girl. We were paid by the sponsoring company to offer our services to any client who made the request for our sexual expertise.

Any complaints from us about mistreatment, the client and was blocked from this service. It was very rarely a problem.

Tonight I was feeling badly in need of sex. Sometimes I acted out the part, tonight would be for real. As requested by the punter, my blonde hair was down to my shoulders, and I wore a black leather top, tight black leather trousers and black bra and panties. The latter were wet with my lust already, as I spoke to the usual receptionist girl at the hotel where conference members were staying.

It was far from the first time we had spoken in these circumstances. She was cute, and blushed nicely as she again eyed my cleavage and swell of my breasts. I knew she fancied me, and was pretty sure she knew the feeling was mutual. But it had remained a shared fantasy up till then, maybe one day, and she would not have to pay!

I knocked on the bedroom door and to my amazement, heard a woman invite me in.

She wore a silk dressing gown, over her tall, elegant figure. Her perfume made me feel dizzy with need and lust. I sometimes was hired by women, but really this sultry, dark skinned beauty made my pussy became even emek escort wetter, aching for her. i noted that I shook a little as I spoke to her, my voice hoarse with need. She asked if I would “go with” a woman, her not large breasts rising, as did her voice. She blushed invitingly. I said “certainly”, regaining a little composure. We embraced, a deep kiss evolving.

We then touchingly introduced ourselves, and even shook hands, before another passionate kiss!

The dressing gown was soon off. I adored her neat boobs and coal black nipples, the hint of pink at the tip. I feasted on them, and took time to kiss as much of this beauty as I could possibly kiss and roam with my hands and body.

I am strong enough to pick her up, and did this to lay her on the bed. Then I got to exploring her even more. She almost sobbed, as she told me of her desperate need.

Rachel :

Well, I thought long and hard as I lay on the hotel room double bed I knew some of the guys ordered a call girl, expenses all paid.

The thought tormented me as I lay warm, cosy, and to be filled with frustrated lust. My dressing gown opened as my fingers searched for my needful pussy.

If only I knew the number to ring!

I preferred women, and in my fevered thinking, was prepared to risk her saying no deal, eryaman escort no bliss!

In desperation, I opened the bedside draw, and there, sitting on top of

The Bible, was a card, with brief and obvious detail of the call girl service the men used, and the phone number I thought I would never get, that night.

I rang, and pretended to be the secretary of a randy business man! I admit, I had not the courage to ask if they offered lesbian services, on my own behalf.

My sexual longing is mostly for females, and I decided to risk surprising a call girl, even asking for a long haired, big busted blonde in black leather. If she did not want to have sex with me, I would agree to say nothing about it to the service, so she would still get her money. Maybe just have a laugh and share a bottle of wine.

There was a huge risk of disappointment and more frustration, but I was prepared to take that risk. Even the act

of ringing up, and waiting for the knock on the room door, turned me on further.

Then came the knock, my stomach churned, but I managed to shout out,

“Come in!”

The door opened and she did!

Well my visitor was surprised a little by another woman. But she also was turned on by me, and seemed to be attracted strongly, which made me tingle with delight esat escort I was wearing just that silk dressing gown, which she soon removed, after we had hugged and shared a hot, long kiss.

We both were in our early 40s, well I am, I guess she is. She was gorgeous, large breasts I could not resist, blonde hair I stroked. I was a little shorter than her, page boy black hair, dark skinned, small sensitive breasts and my black pussy lips aching for her attention.

She lay me down gently on the double bed, and kissed me from head to toe

At last, centering on my sex, she licked my pussy with passionate, almost desperate fervour, concentraing mostly on tormenting my now hard clit, teasing, then pleasuring. She was not acting nor pretending, she seemed an experienced lesbian beauty. My orgasm came quickly and tore through my body and soul.

I returned the oral love making, as she covered my face in her passion juice, crying out her bliss.

She mentioned the receptionist to me, and we plucked up the courage to ask her up. Somehow she managed to arrange cover at reception. Both talking to her in turn on the phone, we made our meaning clear, without saying it out loud.

She really swooned on entering the room, as she picked up on our joint lust and passion.

A third woman was taken to Sappho Heaven on that bed, on that lust filled night.

After that, the conference seemed very dull, but the receptionist and I spent a whole glorious night together, on her free night.

And Maria joined us!

Watching them together was magical, and then they both put on strap-ons to take me, even at one stage just about getting both in my weeping gash!

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