Cafe Ch. 01


The holidays were over. Spent. Exhausted. The kids were back at school, workers were back at their desks, the streets were deserted as the home makers took respite in their dwellings.

Though the café they met in was small, there were a few other customers occupying the various tables. The couple nearest him were obviously married, there was no conversation. He was pre-occupied with the activities around him while she studied her cup of coffee.

Sonya strolled in nervously, glancing around searching for faces that may recognise her. There were none, otherwise she would most probably have walked out. She saw Tony sitting at one of the corner tables; he looked up as she approached, smiling.

She was pleased as she had spent some time dressing. The floral summer dress displayed her cleavage to advantage, assisted by her supporting bra. The skirt of her dress swished around her thighs as she walked, it was such a movie like feeling as the material flowed around her as she walked. Her high heels accentuated her slender calves, pulling them taunt as she stepped.

She slid into the chair opposite Tony, smiled a welcome as she reached out to touch the back of his hand.

“Hello” Tony said, “You look gorgeous”.

“Thanks” replied Sonya, bowing her head in a slight blush. Tony ordered them coffees and his inquiry as to whether Sonya wanted something to eat was met with a polite decline. Truth be known, she was too nervous to eat. They made idle chatter while waiting for their beverages and Tony noted that their neighbour at the next table was making furtive glances at Sonya.

He too was obviously besotted with her appearance as well. Tony lightly elbowed Sonya, nodding in the direction of the voyeur. She caught him staring at her legs before he hurriedly looked away lest his spouse catch him oogling another woman.

“He likes your legs” Tony observed.

Sonya was now in a playful mood. Using her fingers she slowly pulled the hem of her skirt upwards, showing her bare thighs. Tony watched his reaction; his facial expression became apoplectic as she flaunted her legs. She giggled, knowing she was causing his arousal.

Tony leaned across and whispered in her ear. She listened to him and then leaned back, mouth agape initially. She was shocked. Then she thought about it for a moment, whatever she was thinking brought on a smile, it sounded like a bit of harmless exhibitionist fun. She stood and headed for the washrooms and returned after a minutes.

Her left hand was clasped tightly shut as she slid it across the tabletop towards Tony. He saw at once that her hand concealed her cotton panties. Now he was shocked. He had suggested that she remove her bra to see if the oogler would change his focus from her legs to her chest. She sat side saddle on the chair ensuring her skirt was high on her thighs before moving her left leg under the table, pausing before moving her right leg under the table as well.

Her exposed groin was on display momentarily. The oogler was stunned, he wanted to leave but the obvious bulge in his trousers was impossible to conceal. He managed to drag his vision away from her thighs, looking upwards to her torso at the same time Tony caught vision of her unrestrained boobs. They were gorgeous, pressing against her soft cotton dress and Tony was sure he could make out her erect nipples protruding into the material. The globes of her breasts were in profile, still firm and full.

Tony wanted to run his tongue between them there and then. It was now Tony turn to squirm in his chair to adjust his erection to a more comfortable position. He sipped his coffee, trying to distract himself from his discomfort. Sonya had noticed, smiling, she Escort leaned in to speak quietly.

“You’re not alone” she said “I’m so wet, I think I may well slide off the seat.”

They continued sipping their coffees, both trying to calm down. The oogler soon left with his partner leaving them alone at end of the café. As soon as they passed through the exit, both Tony and Sonya began to giggle uncontrollably. She never would have guessed that she had an exhibitionist streak in her.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like that but I’ve never been game and I’m sure it would have been frowned upon” Sonya commented “I feel such a tart but that was so much fun, and right now I’m so horny, I want you more than I can express. I’m aching”.

They gulped their remaining coffee and hurried out the door hand in hand. He led her up the street and around the corner. Not a word was spoken as both were breathless in anticipation.

Sonya hadn’t realised that Tony has already booked a room because he unlocked the door to one of the motel rooms and led her inside. He still had her hand in his and on entering the room, spun her around to face him. He hugged her closely to her his chest, one hand around her back, the other behind her head holding her face tightly against his chest. Their breathing returned to normal, she could hear his heart beat as her head rested against him.

Their grip on each other eased, Sonya raised her chin, meeting Tony’s lips as they kissed, softly at first an then harder as the contact lingered. Tony’s hands slid own her back and settled on the soft roundness of her buttocks.

He was in no hurry to rush. He took his time, before beginning to gently knead her posterior. She moaned gently at his touch. She leaned her torso back, placing her elbows on Tony’s chest and began undoing the buttons to his shirts: she didn’t look up. As his shirt opened up, she kissed his chest, sliding her lips across until she encountered a nipple to suckle.

It was now Tony’s time to moan, appreciating Sonya’s administrations. Her hands now fumbled with his belt, eventually managing to unbuckle it, unclasped the button to his jeans and lowered his zipper. She immediately felt his erection pressing against his underwear, hot, hard and inviting. Her right hand slid inside the material, wrapping the other around his neck, dragging his face down to rekindle their kiss while she stroked his beefy fleshy tube.

She broke the kiss, stepped back and grabbed the shoulder straps of her dress. She pushed them over her shoulders, allowing the garment to slide to the floor. Save for her high heels and jewelry, she was now naked, standing in front of him.

Her almost perfect teardrop shaped breasts heaved on her chest. He knew she had taken a major step in her self confidence, she had the confidence to bare herself to him.

“My God, you are a gorgeous woman” he mumbled.

He placed his hands gently on her cheeks and kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her mouth.

Sonya broke off the kiss, slid her hands on his chest as she knelt. She worked his jeans off his hips, he heeled off his shoes to allow her to remove the garment off his legs. By hand, she pulled his member form its hiding place. She licked the tip, turned her eyes up to his as she devoured the organ. Initially toying with the tip before impaling the length of the organ in her mouth. She began slowly, taking a short length orally and eventually taking its full length orally. She could feel the head impacting on the back of her throat. Tony could barely stand upright, his knees trembled as she stroked. The pleasure was indescribable. His hands rested on her head as she pushed her mouth over his Escort Bayan erection.

He had to break her activity, he feared that she would take him too far. His hands gripped her hair, pulling her up. Once she was standing, he pressed her back until her calves were against the bed edge, gently easing her onto it. She lay back, resting on her elbows as he knelt between her knees much as a child saying prayers before bedtime. He spread her knees apart slowly. Her labia majors were already engorged and as he spread her knees, the butterfly of her labia minor opened its wings to display her womanhood. There were fine strands of fluid bridging her flaps.

He ran his tongue lightly over the already moist tissue, then repeated the action, this time more slowly and extending the range from below her vagina to her clitoris. His third tongue stroke ranges from her ass to her clitoris, his tongue bunting against the erect pole. His left hand reached over her right thigh, his fingers toying with her love button. His tongue focused on her vagina, darting in and out of the orifice. She remained resting on her elbows watching his face attack her groin.

The sight aroused her even higher, she emitted a low growling moan as her head tilted backwards. She could feel the early vestiges of an imminent orgasm. As the sensation rolled through her brain and her pelvis, she collapsed back onto the bed and allowed the orgasm to wash over her. Involuntarily, she clamped her legs trapping his head between her thighs.

As the euphoria ebbed, she relaxed her limbs which allowed Tony to continue to attack her feminine divide orally. He moved his lips to her trembling, super sensitive clit. His left hand moved to her right breast, toying with her nipple which was hard and proud like black olives. His right hand reached underneath as he inserted two fingers into her vagina.

He pressed deeply into her cavity, he pressed against her g-spot with each thrust. Her body wracked with paroxysms of pleasure invading her stacked mature body. Her knees remained open, if not even more open than prior to her orgasm. The tingle spread through her body. Her mind wandered through the dark reaches of orgasmic space until it was interrupted by new erotic sensation as she felt a finger penetrate her anus. Her arousal reached a new height as she felt the penetration, enjoying the feeling of the anal digital fucking.

Her orgasm was long, hard, high and voluminous. Her moans matched her orgasm. Tony removed the fingers from her vagina and replaced them with his tongue and lips. Sonya lifted her knees, draped her legs over his shoulders. Tony could feel the pressure of her stilettos on his back as she pressed her heels into his back, encouraging him even deeper into her velvet glove. He gulped as much of the fluid as he could but much of it gushed from her pussy, dribbled from the corners of his mouth and ran down to where her little finger still penetrated her anally. His finger continued to punch her ass, extending her high as she thrust her pelvis up to meet his face.

Sated, Tony slid up onto the bed lying alongside Sonya who was still panting from her exertions. Tiny beads of sweat glistened on her brow; her eyes were closed concentrating on the euphoria she was experiencing. It has been some time since she had cum so hard and so often.

Tony wrapped his right hand around her chest hugging her body close to his. Blindly, Sonya reached own with her own hand, gripped his and brought his hand to her mouth. She sucked on his still wet fingers, salivating in the taste of her own orgasm. While still sucking, she slowly opened her eyes and stared directly at the perpetrator of her climaxes, smiling as she did Bayan Escort so.

Her body slowly returned to equilibrium. She rolled to her left and sat on the side of the bed. She reached forward, her breasts resting on her knees. Tony could see her erect nipples as she untied her shoes, kicking them across the rooms as each was released. She rolled back onto the bed and onto her knees straddling Tony’s chest.

Instinctively, his hands reached around her, gripping her buttocks. She pressed forward, her boobs resting on Tony’s chest as she pushed her lips forward searching for a kiss. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth, exploring the cavity whilst she pushed her buttocks back searching for the sensation of his penis against them. As his cock made contact, her hand reached underneath, grabbed his hard muscle and guided it into her.

There was neither stealthy entrance, nor slow penetration but a forceful single thrust of her body engulfing him. Sonya stopped her push when his cock achieved maximum penetration. She pushed herself upright, squatting on his member. Flexing her pelvic floor muscles, she massaged his deep set cock as she watched his face as he writhed in pleasure, eyes closed shut.

Sonya knew that she could make him blow at her will, to fill her pussy with his hot white semen at any time but she had other plans for his cum. She lifted her boy off his impaling tool, knelt on the bed on “all fours” and whispered in Tony’s ear.

“Do me doggy style” she pleaded.

He rolled onto his knees positioned himself behind her, aligned his cock with her dripping pussy and plunged into her. Sonya grunted with the sudden intrusion into her and pressed back, willing his cock to go even deeper. Although she was enjoying the satisfaction she was experiencing, she was aware enough to reach for her handbag on the bedside dresser and extract a tube of lubricant. Using her teeth, she unscrewed the cap, spitting it onto the bed.

Reaching behind her, she placed the tube on her back. Nothing needed to be said, its presence was indicative enough to indicate she wanted Tony to lube her ass and fuck it. She anticipate the timing, gel on his finger, and it inserted into her anally but before she had completed the thought process, she felt the nozzle of the tube inserted into her, she felt the cool gel pass through her sphincter.

His cock left her pussy with a plop and press against her sphincter. She pushed back firmly, willing his cock into her anus. Once his head had breached her sphincters, she felt him plunge it into her aided by the volume of lube inside her.

Tony reached forwards, grasping her shoulders pulling her upright. He continued thrusting his cock into her ass whilst he toyed with her breasts, kneading them, tugging firmly on her nipples. Now her hands were free, Sonya used one to diddle with her clitoris, the other fingered her pussy. The combined effect drove her to a crescendoing orgasm, leaving her panting for breathing and weak. Tony held her while she spasmed.

His cock still in her ass, he began to pump her again as soon as she had recovered enough. Sonya knew Tony was close. His breath was raspy and quick. She bent forward allowing deep penetration of his cock in her dark tunnel. She felt a pang of disappointment as he extracted his erection from her ass but was joyed to feel the ropes of his masturbated semen on her back before the organ was plunged back into her as he finished thrusting the last of his semen into her ass.

Sweating, hyperventilating, Tony collapsed onto the bed. She curled beside him, cuddling in as she felt his semen running across her back. Her hand found the string of semen and she scooped it with her index finger before pursing her lips to suck the nectar from it. She repeated the process until she had exhausted the supply. By the time she had finished, Tony was drifting into a deep exhausted sleep.

“You rest” she thought “I’m not done with you yet!”

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