Cadences: Andrew Competes (Third Cadence)


Andrew’s POV

Pre-cum is oozing down my cock.

Nothing turns me on more than seeing Cadence laying on her bed.


Legs spread.

A hand between her thighs.

Fuck. Me.

“Hmm, you better come over here fast ’cause I’m about to finish myself off any-ugh, second now.” She moans.

19 days. It’s been 19 days since we first had sex. And ever since then we can’t keep our hands off each other. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had sex. We seize every opportunity we get to rip our clothes off and fuck.

We had slow sex and fast sex. Sweet and gentle sex. Rough and angry sex. Guilt filled sex. Passionate sex. Sometimes it was quiet, sometimes it was so loud it made my ears ring. We fucked hard and we made love.

And I still can’t get enough. Hence the freezing cold shower I just stepped out of. I didn’t want to be late for work, but shit, as soon as I see her my cock gets hard. It’s like I’m a teenager again.

I bite my lip and groan with frustration and lust. “We had sex ten minutes ago and you’re already good to go again?” I ask, amused and very turned on.

“I see you’re not having any problems with that either.” She says, eyeing the tented towel wrapped around my waist, “Are you complaining?” She asks innocently.

I chuckle and shake my head at her,”Not complaining. Never about this, never about you.” I say as I let the towel drop to the floor and climb up on the bed until I’m on top of her and our noses are grazing.

“Does it turn you on when I touch myself like this?” She whispers a breath away from my mouth. And as if in answer, a drop of pre-cum slips out of the head of my cock and onto her stomach. She smiles mischievously making my body tremble with anticipation. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She says.

I grind my cock against her stomach in affirmation as I claim her mouth. Her lips are soft but firm, and they seem to fit perfectly against mine. I lick her lips, a probing wet glide, then I touch my tongue with hers. Electric sensations zip from my tongue down to my toes. I feel like I’m drowning in her, who knew such a thing existed?

I blindly reach into her nightstand to find a condom, I slide it on in record time and then grab her tight, lifting her up to my chest until there isn’t an inch between our bodies. We kiss wildly for what feels like a year, for what is only a millisecond. And then I’m inside her.

I thrust in slowly, not taking my mouth off hers. We both moan when my whole length is inside. A shudder rolls through my body and I don’t try to hide it. I want her to see what she does to me.

I pull out slowly and then push back in, taking my time and not caring one bit about being late for work. Being the boss has its perks. I nuzzle my nose against her cheek and I feel her smile, I open my eyes just in time to see her dimple appear. I kiss it.

She smiles even wider, and it’s so contagious that it makes me smile too. I chuckle a little and bury my face in her neck. Her scent fills my nostrils and it nearly undoes me. She smells like flowers and sweat and me. And damn if that doesn’t make me the happiest person on earth.

I squeeze her even harder to my chest, picking up the speed of my thrusts a little. She clings to me just as hard as I’m clinging to her, and I can hear her ragged breaths against my ear. The little whimpers and moans coming out of her mouth are driving me crazy.

“Drew…” She whispers. I moan and kiss her neck.

“Drew…look at me.” She says breathlessly. I almost stop thrusting, but end up only slowing my pace. I don’t know what to do.

“Look at me, Drew.” She says more firmly than before. I shake my head, still buried in the crook of her neck. “I can’t,” I whisper, hoping she wouldn’t push me.

“Why not?” She whispers back as she lifts a hand up my back and runs it through my hair so lovingly, so soothingly, that it almost breaks me. I almost tell her everything.


But I can’t, not now. Maybe not ever. I have no idea how she would react, and though I know she would never reject me, I can’t help but be scared it might make her look at me differently. So I just don’t say anything. “Please…” I beg her not to push this. And she, knowing me better than anyone else in the world, understands, and doesn’t push it.

“Alright baby, okay,”she murmurs softly. I kiss her neck again, not knowing how else I can show her my gratitude. My thrusts become frantic, more desperate. And after a few more minutes we’re both panting and moaning.

“Nothing you ever say to me could drive me away from you, do you hear me Drew? Nothing. So if you want to talk, I’m here. And if you don’t, I’ll still be here.” She says firmly.

“What if it’s ugly?” I choke out.

“Then we’ll take good care of it until it’s beautiful again.” She whispers.

Two more thrusts and I’m driven over the edge, “Cadence, uh Jesus, Cadence.” I pant out. I feel her shudder under me as I hold onto her like a lifeline. Because that’s what she is. Zeytinburnu Escort She’s my lifeline. She saved me more times than she’d ever know. She still saves me every day. And it’s hard to admit to, even to myself, I can’t be dependent on her because I know that some day, this is going to end. She’ll either go to college or meet someone her age and she’ll have no choice other than to leave. And I’ve been trying to make peace with that for a while now, before we even kissed. But merely the idea of not seeing her everyday or not being a part of her day to day life scares me.

I stay inside her for a few minutes, trying to gain some composure. Eventually, I manage to collect myself and my thoughts enough to push off her slowly. She looks at me warily and I give her what I hope to be a soft, reassuring smile and kiss her cheek. “Get ready, I’ll drive you to school.”

“Okay.” She answers, and scrambles her cute little ass off the bed and into the bathroom.


9 tortuous hours of Monica, my secretary, freaking out over my being an hour late for work and her having to change my whole schedule. In all the years I’ve worked at this company though, I’ve never been late, so she let me off the hook easily after I’ve apologized to her. Meetings and paperwork and more meetings, have me physically and mentally drained, and all I want to do is go home. Be with Cadence.

I grab my car keys, wallet and phone off my desk and start to head out when I remember something. I go to Monica’s desk, “Hey, can you please clear my schedule next Thursday night, Cadence has a talent show at her school I can’t miss.” I tell her.

Monica smiles knowingly and nods, “That won’t be a problem, sir. Send my love to Cadence.”

I give her a small smile and a nod goodbye, walking towards the elevators.

Cadence’s school has a talent show every year for all the prodigies attending. The winner gets a full time scholar-ship to the university of their picking. And even though Cadence has already been accepted to the universities she wants to attend, and doesn’t need to worry about money, she takes it as seriously as any other event. She told me she would give the scholar-ship to someone else if she’d win, that she’s doing this to honor her music and dance teachers at school, who helped her be what she is today. I cherish moments like these, where I get to see Cadence growing up from the small little girl with pigtails, into a grown woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

As I wait for the elevator to arrive I send Cadence a quick text to let her know I’m on my way to pick her up from practice.

Drew: ‘I’ll Be there in fifteen minutes, is practice over?’

Cadence: ‘Yeah , just finished my shower. SO. TIRED.’

Drew: ‘I could suggest comfort sex but….’

Cadence: ‘Too bad you have scruples’

Drew: ‘Hardy har har’

Cadence: ‘I like pushing your buttons ;)’

Drew: ‘You’d enjoy it more if you were undoing them…’

Cadence: ‘sigh’

Drew: ‘Did you just say the word “sigh”?’

Cadence: ‘Typed it, actually.’

Drew: ‘Getting in my car now, I have to stop texting’

Cadence: ‘Hurry up and the car won’t be the only thing you’ll be getting in…’

Drew: ‘sigh’


After sex against the wall, sex on the bed and sex in the shower, Cadence and I are both exhausted. It’s only the two of us since Genevieve doesn’t seem like she’s going to show up any time soon. I have a good guess as to where she might be…

“Popcorn’s ready!” Cadence announces from the kitchen, walking over to the living room couch with a bowl in her hands, and sitting beside me. “Which movie did you pick?” She asks.

“The Revenant” I answer, putting an arm around her and kissing her forehead.

“Yessss, I’ve been dying to watch this movie!” She says excitedly.

I smile and press play.

Not 30 seconds into the movie and there’s a knock on our front door. I look at Cadence questioningly. “Are you expecting someone?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “No, maybe mom forgot her key?”

I nod, if it weren’t someone who came here regularly we’d be notified by the front desk.

“I’ll go get it!” She says, hopping off the couch and hurrying to the front door.

I wonder who it could be; it’s not like Genevieve to forget her keys at home. And now that I think about it, I remember her saying something about a class she’s been teaching on Tuesdays so unless it got canceled today, that’s not her. I decide I should go investigate, a feeling of apprehension washing over me.

I hear Cadence open the door and come around the corner just in time to hear her gasp the word “Dad” out. I come to answer her, but then realize who’s at the door.

Her biological father.

Anger simmers at the pit of my stomach. I have many reasons to hate this man. Some of them Cadence is aware of, and some of them I hope she never finds out about.

“Hey babygirl, long time no see!” Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan He announces, spreading his arms out and inviting her in for a hug. Which she avoids by taking a step back. That’s my girl. I almost smile.

“Yeah, a year to be exact.” She replies, her tone clipped.

“Has it been that long already?” He feigns shock. “It feels like less since we last spoke on the phone.”

I roll my eyes.

“If by ‘spoke’ you mean you awkwardly asked me when my birthday is and asking me about my dance ‘hobby’, then yes the conversation was enticing indeed.” Cadence says.

I can’t help the chuckle that rolls out of me. And it’s then when Grant notices me. His whole demeanor changes from happy to cold and disdained. But it’s only for a fleeting moment, then it goes back to happy, making me question if I imagined what I saw.

“Andrew, how are you man?” He ask.

I don’t care one bit for this man, but since he’s Cadence’s father I’ve had to endure him a few times a year. But it’s a small price to pay, so I go along with it. “I’m good, how are you? How are the ladies treating you?” I ask innocently, I never said I wouldn’t take a few jabs at him when I had the chance.

His eyes darken, but he keeps that fake smile plastered on his face. I know he knows I know about his extra curricular activities. “They’re treating me well, thank you very much.” He replies smugly.

Cadence makes a gagging sound, “Grossed out kid over here.” She points at herself. She looks at Grant, “Look, it’s not that I’m not glad to see you, but is there a point to this visit?”

“Oh yeah,” Grant clears his throat and smiles a little, almost bashfully, “a little birdy told me yesterday that you have a talent show next week at school, and I was wondering if you’d mind if I came.”

“That’s one chatty bird.” Cadence mutters.

Grant chuckles nervously, clearing his throat he says,”Listen, how about this, I’ll pick you up from school tomorrow and we’ll talk for a bit, get reacquainted, and if by then you still don’t want me to come, I won’t.”

She looks back at me questioningly, I’m supposed to be picking her up from school tomorrow and we had plans to go to dinner together since it’s the only day she doesn’t have practice. But I want her to make this decision on her own, so I give her a look that says ‘the ball is in your court’.

She bites her lip and looks at me as if to say ‘I don’t know if I want to do this with him again’

I give her a soft smile ‘Do whatever makes you comfortable’

She nods a little. Then she turns back to Grant, who’s looking at us as if we’re both crazy, and says, “Okay, school ends at four, if you’re even one minute late I’ll walk myself home. I’m done chasing after you Grant, you either want a relationship with me or you don’t.”

He nods his head vigorously, “I won’t be late, I promise. Thank you for agreeing to do this with me Cadence, it means a lot to me”

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Cadence says.

“See you tomorrow.” He replies, smiling.

Cadence shuts the door with an exhale, “Well that was weird.” She says.

“Super weird” I agree.

She comes over to me and wraps her arms around my neck as I wrap mine around her waist. “I don’t know how to feel about this.” She says, looking up at me. “But what I do know, is that if he hurts me one more time, I will kick his balls in and make sure he doesn’t get the chance to ever make me a sister.”

I laugh and lift her up until her legs are wrapped around my waist. “Who are you?” I ask incredulously.

She smiles and bites her bottom lip, “Why, I don’t believe we’ve met before, my name’s Cadence Madsen. Who might you be, kind sir?” She teases in her best southern belle accent, which is very good indeed.

I play along, “It’s nice to meet you Cadence Madsen, I’m Drew.” I squeeze her ass,”Now, aside from being so sexy, what do you do for a living?”

She throws her head back and laughs, “You did not just say that.” She manages to say in between fits of giggles.

I act offended, “Why, did it not tickle your fancy?” I ask.

She covers my mouth with both her hands. “Please stop talking.” She demands, still laughing.

“klkv hbcfd drat “I try to tell her, but her hands muffle my words.

“I’m sorry, what did you say? I didn’t quite get that.” She asks innocently.

I consider licking her hand, but knowing her, she’d probably like that, the little nymph. So I decide to do the next best thing. Smirking, I pinch her ass just hard enough.

As I predicted, she yelps and I somehow manage to keep a hold of her body as she takes her hands off my mouth and starts rubbing her sore behind.

“That’s mean” She says, holding back a smile, “Okay, you win, what were you trying to say?”

“What I was trying to say was that I can think of a way you can shut me up.” I say.

Her eyes fly to mine as she gives me a little smirk, “Oh, you do talk scandalous. Sex on the couch?” She asks.

“I Escort Zeytinburnu hope that was a rhetorical question” I say.

“’twas.” She says.


After carrying Cadence to the living room and placing her gently on the couch, I run to my bedroom in search of a condom. I need to ask Cadence if she’s willing to get on the pill so we wouldn’t be going through boxes of condoms like they were boxes of chocolate. Not that I’m complaining.

I hurry back over to the living room and practically jump on Cadence, making her laugh.

“I’m guessing you found a condom?” She says.

I nod vigorously and kiss her cheek. “I did. And I’ve been meaning to ask you,” I look at her seriously for a moment, “If you’d be willing to get on birth control so we wouldn’t have to worry about condoms any more…”I trail off, trying to gouge her reaction.

She looks down and then looks back up quickly. “I don’t mind getting on the pill but…” She seems to be looking for the right words, “Is it safe, with us being together and you and my mom-“

I raise my eyebrows sadistically, amused, “Are you asking me if I’m having sex with your mom?”

She blows out a breath and shakes her head, frustrated.”Well, you are still married to her.” She states.

I shake my head at her, “You’re mother and I, we’re…she’s not…we are not having sex. We haven’t been having sex for a long time. And I wouldn’t even think about being with you if there was even a remote chance of me and Genevieve changing our relationship. That wouldn’t be fair to you, nor would you ever deserve that. You deserve even better than this.” I say indignantly,”You deserve the absolute best.” I lean down and brush my nose against hers, “But I’m too selfish to let you have it, so you’ll have to settle for me, for now.” I whisper.

She shakes her head and opens her mouth to protest, to deny my words but I cut her off with my own shake of the head, “What amazes me, Cady, is that you have no idea how thoroughly you own me.” I admit softly.

Her eyes close and I see her lower lip slightly quiver. I kiss it, softly and tenderly I kiss her bottom lip and wait for her to open for me. She responds almost immediately by opening her mouth and letting my tongue collide with hers. I rock my hips against hers, feeling her legs wrap around my hips. We both moan at the friction of our bodies. At the feeling of knowing I’m going to be inside her soon. At the insatiable hunger that consumes us whenever we’re together, and even when we’re not.

It doesn’t take long for us to shed our clothes. We’re still just kissing though, taking our time exploring each other’s bodies and enjoying the sense of anticipation and heat that comes with these intimate moments before sex.

I kiss her neck, where I know she’s most sensitive, and smile when she moans. I let my hand drift down her face, neck, then collarbone until my thumb is right over her nipple. I make tiny circles around it, making it harden as much as it can. I hear Cadence whimper and know that she’s getting close to begging.

I feel a tug on my hair and lift my head up to look at her questioningly, she stares back and then brings my head down to hers. The tenderness of her kiss startles me, it feels like something just shifted between us and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I feel her lips curl into a smile so I lift my head and raise a brow, she shakes her head and laughs a little. “Three weeks ago, I touched myself right here on this couch, thinking of you.” She whispers, “What amazes me Drew, is that you don’t know how thoroughly you own me.”


I didn’t get to see Cadence the morning after because I had to go into the office way before it was legal to wake her. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to talk to her about the meeting with her father today, and I’m going to have to wait until after she meets with him to talk to her. I really hope for his sake that he has good intentions this time, otherwise I will never allow him near her again.

At work, a business meeting drags on later than planned, and the only good thing in my day is my test results. Cadence said she’s ready to be on the pill and I want to reassure her that I’m clean before I go bear. I got tested about two days ago and it was a relief to finally get them this afternoon. It’s not like I was worried though, I could’ve been a monk with the amount of sex I’d been having, or lack thereof, before Cadence.

The day drags on, and even though I did look at the time anxiously a few times, work kept me busy enough to not think about Cadence and her father…much.

I’m in the middle of writing an email to one of my clients, when my phone goes off. I look at the clock to see it’s six thirty. When I see Cadence making a goofy face on my screen a sense of apprehension comes over me. I pick up.

“Hey, What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Hey, Drew. Nothing’s wrong,” she says knowingly, “I just wanted to ask you if you want to join us for a movie, Mom’s coming too, it was a very spontaneous decision.” Her voice sounds calm and relaxed, happy even.

“I take it the dinner went good?” I say.

“It went great, actually.” she says, and I can tell it’s genuine. Her voice lowers a little when she says, “I want to tell you about it when we get home.”

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