Cabin Snow In Ch. 01


The leopard hurdled over a fallen, snow covered tree and landed with bent knees in the deep snow. Any sound it made was carried away by the wind or muffled by the heavy, falling snow. It had entered the clearing but behind the falling snow flakes its white and gray coat was barely visible. It paused to watch for movement. When it finally moved further into the clearing, each step through the deep powder was cautious.

He held his breath, knowing to be so close to such an animal was a rare thing. He did not move for fear that the snow that had been falling over him would fall away and reveal his unnatural figure. He worried his own heartbeat would thump like a drum to the cat’s ears.

It seemed to him to be more than simply another animal… but what? What was it? Its eyes, its tail, its coat, its stride maybe? Somehow its fluffy white coat and its gentle steps did not exude weakness. It was, contrary to all obvious characteristics, the deadliest thing in the forest. It was power, in beautiful form.

That was it, wasn’t it? It was invisible not to evade others but to stalk and kill others. It moved slowly not from handicap or inability but in skilled restraint and deliberate execution. Its snowy white coat was majestic, not delicate, it was the heavy cloak of a winter hunter.

The cat surveyed the clearing, then turned its gaze to the woods where he sat, camouflaged by the previous hours of snowfall. Still, its dark pupils paused in his direction. He tried not to panic but his heart beat more rapidly. He took a deep breath and held it.

Never in all his life had he seen something so wild. It’s glare was feral, fierce, but not young, not lacking the wisdom of many seasons hunting. In harsh cold and deep snow, it had survived.

It raised its lips, displayed its long white teeth, but still did not growl. It would not break the quiet without movement to confirm its suspicions. After a long pause, without ceremony, it turned, leapt over the fallen tree over which it had entered, and disappeared into the white.

He sat motionless for a long while after that. The cat did not know what it knew, but it had known nonetheless. It was not coming back. Still, he sat in the cold as the sun fell behind the hills and waited for the cold to penetrate his clothes.

– –

Each step was hard work, his legs sinking into the snow as he waded slowly back the way he had came. After some time he reached the clearing and made his way across it. As he got closer the yellow glow of the cabin’s windows came into view. Just the thought of fiery warmth made him grin but it also reminded him of just how cold he was. He walked faster against the cold wind.

In his last few steps he paused. Thanks to the storm, they’d been there for four days longer than the two they’d booked. They all had cabin fever and he’d left to explore only to get away from his family. His younger brothers were surely waiting on the other side of the door. They were all bored and anxious to leave. He was tired of the stockpiled canned fruits and hamburger from the freezer. He was also horny as a dog in heat, separated from his girlfriend at college, he hadn’t gone this long without sex in two years.

Encouraged in by the cold wind blowing up snow into his face, he reached his hand for the cabin’s doorknob, turned it, and was greeted by warm air on his face. Both brothers, Ethan and Langdon, looked up from their fireside card game.

What’s up Aaron? You were out there a while. Jerking off in the woods?

Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I was doing. I’ve always wanted my dick to turn black with frostbite.

Well yours would be the smallest black dick in the history of black dicks.

You want to take yours out and see whose bigger?

Finally, a bet I can win after playing cards against this cheater for the past two hours.

Keep your dick in your pants, you can’t afford to pay me when you lose anyway.

Coward. Cold got your dick shriveled up, looking like pussy with a little clit sticking out?

Fuck you. You’re the only guy who can confuse a dick and a pussy and that’s because your girlfriend has both.

Ha ha. That why you spend so much time checking out her ass? Cause you love chicks with dicks?

No, that’s because I’m going to fuck her in the ass the next time you leave me alone with her.

Ha! So you think my girlfriend has a dick and you want to fuck her in the ass?!?! Finally the truth comes out.

Fuck you.

Fuck you, you’re just a sore loser.

He took a few steps towards his brother. Oh yeah, how about I drag you outside and rearrange your face.

How about you calm the fuck down and don’t take a joke so seriously. I guess that walk didn’t calm your nerves.

Whatever, screw off.

Aaron finished hanging his snow gear to dry and went to the bedroom he shared with both brothers. He stripped off his thermal underwear, set out his college sweatpants and hooded sweatshirt on his bed, and went to the bathroom to piss.

He Giresun Escort pulled his cock out. He was surprised to find his brother was wrong about the effects of his cold walk in the woods. As usual, his dick hung a good four or five inches long, about half its erect length. He felt the urge to masturbate but he could still clearly hear his brothers loudly bickering. The walls were too thin to have any privacy. Right as he was about to piss, he heard a soft moan. His eyes shot to the other bathroom door, on the far end, where it adjoined to his mother’s bedroom. He listened for it and again, he heard a faint moan. It was short and barely audible, but almost certainly that wonderful sound of a woman in pleasure.

He turned and crept on his toes toward the far end of the bathroom, where her door was ajar. He heard another moan, this time clearer. He crept closer but a few feet from the door he paused. Was it wrong to look? Did he even want to? What if his mother was naked? What if she was masturbating? He had only found privacy to jerk off once since they left home. He was horny. He told himself he was just curious. He tiptoed the last few feet.

He peered through the partially open door. His mother was on the bed wearing almost nothing. She was on her back, with her big tits overflowing from a lacy bra. His heart dropped into his stomach and the juices in his cock started flowing. He didn’t blink though. She was laying with her head closest to the door and her legs pointed away. It didn’t look like she was wearing underwear. Her bare pussy was pointed away from him but it looked as though she was grinding into some small, handheld toy.

Kristin, Kris for short, was a stunning mom. Prior to having kids, she had been a full time underwear model, mostly doing catalog work, but she had kept her body in top shape as a mother. Her tits weren’t as perky as they’d been in her twenties but they were far above average for being in her late thirties. In fact, she still occaisionally worked as an underwear and bathing suit model. Photographers loved her ass and usually hired her for thong shoots. She had a bit of a bubble butt look, not huge, but enough that it’d catch the eyes of most men and women. She didn’t own a single pair of jeans that she could wear out without getting backward glances from men.

This was the woman that lay before Aaron half naked and softly moaning. He was as conflicted as a young, testosterone driven man could be. His balls were starting to ache just listening to her erotic coos of pleasure. He wanted pussy, badly, and here was his half naked, curvacious mother laying before him. His hand fell to his cock, wanting to stroke it but feeling like it was wrong. A carnal urge was willing him to walk in and fuck his mother. This is wrong.

He slipped his cock from his short’s slit. He held it but didn’t stroke. He was nervous that’d she’d see but he didn’t think she’d be angry if she saw him. She wasn’t shy and always understood his urges to a point was she was more comfortable with it than him. When he started masturbating, a tissue box suddenly appeared on the desk next to the computer. When he started dating, she bought him condoms and told him to be safe. She’d been more helpful than his father about sex. She gave him advice, telling him to remember that sex is about both having orgasms and that girls like a confident, sometimes even rough experience but to make sure to always make her feel safe. Her advice had kept his girlfriends happy.

As he remembered those things, his nerves eased and he started to stroke his now hard shaft. The veins running up and down his cock pulsed as blood rushed to his cock and it felt harder in his hand than it ever had before. His balls tightened. He needed to fuck her. He didn’t want to jerk off. He wanted to spin her around and push his engorged cock into her pussy. He wanted to hold his mother’s legs in the air. He wanted to hold his mother’s hips as he pounded her warm pussy.

Instead, he backstepped from the door and took a few deep breaths. He couldn’t fuck her, so he wouldn’t watch.

– –

Little did Aaron know that it was his brothers that had aroused their mother in the first place. While she’d been in the bathroom earlier, their conversation had shifted to women and, as she listened, she realized just how horny they were. Within seconds of her leaving, they were talking about what porn they had on their phones, since they had no internet. Neither had any, except pictures of their girlfriends nude and personal sex videos. It didn’t take them long to move past jealousy, agree that they’d switch switch cell phones later that night, and tell eachother where to find the videos.

She noticed Langdon had left his cell phone by the sink. She wondered if that morning he’d masturbated watching his own sex videos. She picked it up and found the videos right where he’d just described them to be. She tapped one and a video popped up. She recognized the face. It was his old high Giresun Escort Bayan girlfriend from senior year in high school. She watched as the girl stripped her shirt off to reveal beautiful, perky B cups. Then she watched as the girl stripped her son’s pants and preceded to suck his flaccid cock to hardness.

She was wet almost immedietly. She listened, to check that the boys were still talking. They were sharing stories about which girls they’d seen naked and which had the nicest boobs. She shifted focus back to the video. ‘What a cock’ she thought to herself, that’s my boy. She was proud that her son had a big dick. She licked her lips, jealous to be watching sex but not having it. She slid her finger across the bottom, fast forwarding. She reached a point in the video where Megan, her ex, climbed onto him and lowered herself onto his big, thick manhood. Again, she felt oddly proud. As Megan began bouncing on his cock, her firm tits jiggling up and down, Kris slid her hand in between her legs and began circling her clit with her long nails.

She played with herself for the whole ten minute video. By the time it finished, she’d seen her son fuck his old girlfriend several ways and then cum on her bare breasts. She was aroused, each breavy heavy and full of lust for a cock to service her. Her finger wasn’t doing it. She hit the home button the phone, then turned it off, placed it back on the sink, and headed for the side table next to her bed, where she’d tucked away her vibrator.

– –

Aaron joined his brothers by the fire and tried not to think about what he just saw or what he knew what still taking place in his mother’s room. He was still chilled from the long walk and threw a few more logs on the fire. He stared at the twisting, flickering flames and thought about the snow leopard. Its presence had been almost beyond words. What a thing, to be so gracefully dangerous. He’d hunted before. Even with a long distance rifle a human hunter often spooks its prey before getting a clear shot. The leopard survived only by invisibility, only by killing at distance of 0 feet. It was a million year old hunter, exceptional in its assasssin-like skill of stalking the jungle in broad daylight. It was a feeling of awe he couldn’t shake.

The card games continued throughout the afternoon. Aaron eventually joined Langdon and Ethan in a game of poker. Aaron kept the fire roaring, his brothers starting to complain of the heat, but the cold was deep in his bones. Kris emerged from the bedroom and Aaron couldn’t help but take notice of details he’d previously passed over. She looked barely thirty. None of his friend’s mothers looked even half as young and radiant as his mother. He noticed the curves that he knew had been photographed a hundred times. It struck him that men might have masturbated to his mother’s pictures before. He’d never thought about it before. She was certainly beautiful enough and he knew she’d posed in lingerie catalogs.

Neither of his brothers mentioned their plan to swap phones later. They were all in college but Aaron was a senior and they were in their freshman and sophmore years. He’d left home first and, in his absence, they were closer. They knew eachother’s girlfriends and, having got past their terrirorial instinct, were now excited to see eachother’s girlfriend’s naked. Aaron couldn’t help but wonder about when and how he’d get himself off. He couldn’t remember being this horny but he was trapped. He thought that maybe he should have just jerked off in the privacy of the freezing cold woods.

His mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She was wearing a thin v-neck sweater and he could see her bra beneath it. She only had on spandex bottoms and through the thin fabric he could see her tiny thong. He badly wished he’d had the balls to try to fuck her. She wouldn’t fuck her own son, he thought, but she was always so understanding and comfortable when it came to sex. Maybe she’d have let him watch her, maybe even taken off her top. Or maybe, he thought, his dick was deceiving him into believing that. Maybe she’d have been angry for his intruding on her privacy.

He was tired of thinking of sex and considered going to the bathroom to jerk off. She’d managed to sneak away and do it quietly. She’d masturbated still completely within earshot of his brothers bickering and that hadn’t stopped her from enjoying it, so why couldn’t he?

Ethan kicked Aaron’s chair. “You want to have a bonfire tonight?”

Aaron made a face and shrugged. “Definitely not, why would we do that?”

“Cause we could make it huge, in the field. It’d look cool in the snow.”

“I’m just starting to feel warm again, it’d take hours just to collect enough dry wood wood.”

“Well, I’ve got the time.”

“Well, then you do it.”

“Fine, we’ll just sit by the fire again.” Ethan shifted in his seat, looking frustrated. “How come I couldn’t have downloaded more games before we left! So fucking stupid.”

Langdon didn’t Escort Giresun miss a beat. “Because you’re a moron.”

Kris chimed in from the kitchen. “We only thought we’d be here two days, he’s not a moron. We’ll think of something fun to do tonight.”

“You said that last night and we ended up doing nothing.”

“Well, maybe tonight we can pretend the drinking age in Maine is 18. How’d that be?”

Langdon and Ethan looked at each other and smiled. “Starting now?”

Kris gave them a wry smile, “But I only brought wine. You’ll have to ask Aaron if you want to drink his beers.”

Immedietly they both looked to him. Ethan gave him a grin. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever said about you’re being a loser. I’m sure it’s really hard just being one, without me rubbing it in.”

“Fuck you both.”

“Come on man, I agree, Ethan sucks but what have I ever done to you?”

“Whatever, lets skip the ass kissing. Two beers each. I see either of you take a third and I’ll shove it up your ass.”


“Yeah man, I won’t make another joke about your small dick the whole trip.” Both ran for the fridge. Aaron looekd to Kris. She gave him a knowing smile that said ‘you’re a good brother’. He nodded and went back to starring at the fire.

“Dinner’s ready in five. You both set the table before you crack those beers.”

Both threw their hands up in protest but decided not to say anything. They set the table, took their places across from eachother, cracked open the cans, and toasted.

“To boredom.”

“And unsatisfied boners,” Langdon added, quickly looking over his shoulder at his mother who he expected to get a laugh from.

She walked over, with a glass of wine in her hand and clinked her glass against their cans. “May your blue balls at least stay warm and toasty and make it back to your girlfriends without exploding.” They laughed, clinked cans, and took a few gulps each.

“Aaron, come sit. Dinner’s ready.”

Still a little chilled, he threw another log on the fire and opened the bottom vent to let more air flow to the embers. He went to the kitchen and helped bring in the stew and plate of hamburgers. They were short on snacks so everyone was hungry and dug in.

“No lettuce or tomatoes tonight?” Ethan was always the one to ask annoying questions.

“We’re out and she can’t exactly go pick some from the garden,” Aaron answered. “Since when is a cheeseburger and beer not enough for a freshman in college?” Ethan nodded and took another bite of his burger.

They were only a few bites in when they began wiping sweat from their foreheads. They kept eating. Langdon and Ethan both shed their sweaters and winter socks. Even Aaron was finally hot and took off his sweatshirt.

“Shit, I think I let the fire get a little too hot.”

“You think?” Ethan shook his head. It was getting hotter by the minute.

Even Kris gave him a shit for it. “Trying to hot box us out of here to get some privacy Aaron?”

“Just them, not you.”

“Well I didn’t bring any spagetti straps or t-shirts so I might be the first to go if it gets any hotter.”

He got up, put on an oven mit, and closed the vent halfway. He could tell it wasn’t going to cool anytime soon though, the fireplace was still radiating so much heat he could barely get close to it. He went back to the table. “Well, that should eventually help.”

They were all visibly sweating.

“I’m sorry boys but I’m shedding some layers here before I faint!” Kris said, pulling her v-neck sweater over her head. Her bra was an intricate black lace and the dark outline of her nipple could be seen through the fabric. Equally distracting was just hot little of her breasts the bra actually covered. She looked down and realized how sexy her top was. “You boys just keep your eyes on your burgers.” Aaron was already getting hard. It was the same bra she had been wearing while masturbating.

For a few minutes, they ate in silence. Each boy occaisioanlly glancing at her tits pretruding from her bra. They jiggled when she adjusted in her seat and squeezed together when she took her hamburger in both hands.

Ethan couldn’t help commenting. “Were you planning on a hot date tonight Mom?”

“Ha ha Ethan, very funny.” She gave him a smile. “You never know when a Maine lumberjack is going to come knocking. A small cabin in the woods, by the fire, rescued by a handsome man who first wants to spend the night by the fire, every girls dream. I wouldn’t want to be wearing a granny bra for such an occaision.”

“And we’d what, wait out in the cold all night while you thank our rescuer?”

“Well, either that or block your ears. I couldn’t be rude and not provide the rescuer a propper thank you.”

“Great, so we get rescued and have to spend another night here but this time listening to you have sex?”

“Well, you could watch. You boys seem so horny I bet you’d jerk off to just about anything right now.”

“Got that right,” Ethan replied.”

Langdon laughed, “dude, you just admitted you’d want to watch Mom have sex if you could.”

Ethan looked over to their mother and then down to her tits. “Sorry Mom, but at this point, I might.”

“Leave it to the youngest to have no shame”, Aaron chimed in.

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