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Being a big and tall, butch Black woman who worships White chicks hasn’t made my life easy. My name is Mary Johnson. A Nursing student at the University of Ottawa in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Ottawa is the city I call home. My family has lived there for generations, though we’re originally from the Caribbean. I’m six feet tall, with a chubby body, big tits, wide hips and a big booty. I’m a closet lesbian, a fact which I hide from my family and friends. My family is pretty conservative and they wouldn’t be cool with my gayness if they knew. So I keep it a secret. And I’m very much into White chicks. Especially bossy, blonde-haired White chicks. I can’t get enough of them. I am a natural submissive. This right here is my story of trying to satisy my unique sexual desires.

Do my desires frighten you or make you feel uncomfortable? That’s okay. I was once scared of my sexual desires too. I am a big and tall black woman who absolutely worships White chicks. Do you think this made me popular in the Black community? Absolutely not. I am a Black lesbian who likes White women. In many ways, a lot of people view me as a sellout because of my sexual and racial preferences. I don’t give a shit. I am way past caring. All I know is that when I see a blonde-haired White chick with a cute body, my pussy starts twitching with sexual anticipation. It took me a long time to accept this about myself.

I don’t look like a submissive. At least not in most people’s minds. I’m big and tall, short-haired and dark-skinned. I’ve got tattoos all over my body. I’ve got piercings pretty much everywhere. My hobbies include street hockey, football and basketball. Nobody will ever accuse me of being the most girly chick on the planet. I don’t wear skirts or dresses. I don’t use lipstick. I shop in men’s stores exclusively. I had adıyaman escort to reconcile my butch image with my sexual preference. It wasn’t easy. Now, I understand that the racial component of my sexual preferences makes some people uncomfortable. Believe me, I understand. I am a big and tall, gay Black woman who loves submitting to White women half my size. I know what it looks like. I was raised to be a strong Black woman. I wasn’t raised to be the kind of Black woman who submits to anyone, let alone some ditzy White chick. The funny thing is that back in school, I was a real bully. I like to bully the White chicks at school. I would cuss them out, push them against lovers and call them all kinds of dirty names. I think I was in denial about being sexually and romantically attracted to them. Until one of them stood up to me. Heather O’Connor. A fellow closet lesbian. We’ve been best friends and fuck buddies ever since.

Presently, I’m kneeling before my dominant White Goddess, a sexy blonde named Heather O’Connor. We’ve known each other since our days in Orleans Catholic High School. Like me, Heather is a closet dyke. And she likes to dominate big Black women like myself. When we first started playing together, Heather was kind of intimidated by my size. I quickly put her fears to rest by showing her exactly how submissive I really was. I got naked and got on my knees before sucking her toes. Heather couldn’t believe it. And she kind of liked it. That’s how it all began, folks. Heather became my dominatrix, which is what I wanted all along. And what a magnificent dominatrix she is. This tiny blonde-haired White chick is really good at dominating a big Black woman like me. Like it’s something that comes natural to her. I love her for it. And I wouldn’t have it any escort adıyaman other way. Today, Heather bent me over and spanked my big Black butt while berating me. If there is anything Heather can’t stand, it’s a big Black slut who doesn’t know her place. Well, I know my place. I belong at the alabaster feet of Heather, my gorgeous blonde Goddess. I love it when she bends me and spanks my ass. She calls me a dirty slut, a ghetto whore and a dumb cunt. I love it when my Goddess calls me names. Gets my pussy all wet and tingly just thinking about it.

After spanking my ass, Heather makes me lie down at her feet. Taking out her copy of the book Twilight, she starts reading while resting her pretty little feet on my back. I love it. Servicing my Goddess in any manner brings me joy. My Goddess soon feels like doing something else and I am absolutely up for it. I wonder what kinky and wonderful thing we will try together today. I am always up for whatever she wants to do. My Goddess Heather takes out her strap-on dildo. Before fucking me with it, she orders me to suck on it. Obediently I kneel before my Goddess and begin sucking on her dildo. I finger my pussy while sucking off her plastic cock. Heather smiles as she watches me suck her plastic dick. My Goddess looks so beautiful while fucking my mouth with her sexy strap-on dildo. Afterwards, she goes to work on me. Heather fingers my pussy roughly while I lie spread-eagled on the carpeted floor.

I squeal in delight as my Goddess Heather thrusts her fingers into my asshole while licking my pussy. She laughs and spits on me while working me over. I absolutely love every minute of it. Once Heather deems me ready, she’s all set and ready to fuck me. I get on all fours, face down and big Black ass up. I am ready to get fucked adıyaman escort bayan by my Goddess. Heather smiles and rubs her hands all over my big Black ass. Then she presses the dildo against my butt. Time for me to get fucked. It’s about frigging time. My sexy Goddess Heather spreads my big Black ass cheeks and slides one finger into my asshole. I smile. I absolutely love the feel of her finger in my asshole. Heather replaces her finger with the dildo. Slowly she pushes the dildo into my asshole. I groan as she penetrates me. Heather loves to fuck me in the ass. My sexy White Goddess says that if Black women got fucked in the ass more often, it might improve their attitude. I can’t argue with that. Ever since Heather started fucking me in the ass regularly, I’ve mellowed out a little bit. I don’t feel the need to curse and act rude anymore. I’m much more docile and pleasant to be around.

My Goddess loves the changes she effects in me. And I love to make her happy. She happily thrusts the dildo deep into my asshole. I feel her dildo stretching my asshole. It hurts but also feels kind of good. I kind of like it. Hell, I love it! Heather grabs my weave and pulls it off my head while ramming the dildo into my asshole. I scream. She laughs. I feel a bit abased but more alive than ever. After fucking my ass, Heather makes me suck her dildo. I clean it with my tongue. Smiling, she rubs my head and tells me that I’ve done a good job.

My Goddess Heather has new rules for me. She has actually gotten me to wear dresses and lipstick. And she ordered me to wear my short hair natural rather than to wear a weave. Heather doesn’t like it when her favorite big and tall Black woman wears fake hair. It’s not going to be easy for me but I do this to please my Goddess. My Goddess is quite happy with me. I’m changing who and what I am for her. I don’t wear manly clothes anymore. I also address her as my Goddess even when we’re in public. My Goddess is thrilled with the changes in me. Making her happy is the only thing that matters to me. It’s what I live for. As long as I serve her, I’m quite happy. Welcome to my new life.

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