Busted Pt. 02


I just had to continue this, the characters were just so much fun to work with.

I hope you like this piece. My proof reader thought it was seriously fappable, and she came over to bone me as soon as she finished it.

She’s really looking forward to part 3…


Chapter Two

Steve Wilson closed the door behind him, sitting his briefcase on the floor next to the wide table against the wall. He emptied his pockets onto the tray on the table, then slipped off his coat, draping it over his arm. He loosened his tie as he started for his bedroom.

“How was your day Master?” Chrissie called from the kitchen.

“I had a good day little slut.” He called back. “Especially after you called and let me listen to you playing with yourself. I like it when you do that, but remind me to get you a headset for your phone. I don’t like the way you sound on the speaker phone, especially when you roll away from it.”

“I’ll pick one up tomorrow on the way home from school. I need to go by the mall and get more stockings anyway.” She said, coming over and standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “You keep tearing holes in them when you’re fucking me Master. I love it when you do that, the way you grab me and just throw me around on the bed, but its hell on the lingerie.”

“Get some more garterbelts too, but get the narrow ones, I didn’t like that wide thing you had on the other night.”

“I could tell.” She laughed, waving a spoon at him. “But it made a great handle for you to hold onto. You were using it to jerk my ass back at you like crazy.”

“We’ll figure something out.” He said, turning toward his bedroom. “How long till dinner?”

“It will be ready when you get out of the shower.” She said, watching him walk away. “Your drink is on the bathroom counter, and your robe is clean. Don’t take all night again.”

“Are we having my favorite appetizer again tonight?” He asked, stopping at his bedroom door and looking back at her.

“Of course we are Master. And it will be hot and juicy, just like you like it.”

“That’s a good little slut.” He laughed. “I’ll be out in ten minutes.”

I wonder how he’s going to react when he doesn’t get his usual bearded clam before dinner, Chrissie thought as she opened the broiler and took the steaks out. Taking the potatoes out of the oven, she cut them, then fluffed and loaded them quickly, putting them onto plates.

I guess I can tell him it’s defurred muff, a much more preferred delicacy, she thought, giggling softly as she scooped green beans onto both plates.


One end of the table was loaded with food when Steve came back out of the bathroom wearing a thick terry cloth robe, still running his hands through his hair, finger combing it into place. There was no point getting dressed, he knew he’d be enjoying Chrissie for dessert after dinner.

Chrissie was putting a small cushion on the open end of the table, and when she saw Steve, she smiled and slipped off her robe, then turned and hopped up on the table. She leaned back and spread her legs as she wiggled her ass into a comfortable position on the cushion.

“I hope you don’t mind Master, but I changed the recipe on your appetizer tonight.” She giggled, watching him as he approached the table.

“So I can see.” Steve grinned, pulling his chair out and sitting down. “It looks even more delicious than usual.”

Chrissie giggled, delighted that he was pleased with her efforts. Things had changed dramatically in the three weeks since her father had threatened to throw her out of the house for being a lazy slut. He had told her that he was tired of her staying out until all hours, fucking a different guy every night, skipping school, and not doing anything around the house.

He had told her that the only way he would let her stay would be for her to be his personal slut, his fuck toy. She hadn’t hesitated after she saw how much bigger his cock was than any of her boyfriends, and she didn’t regret her decision one bit. She was going to school now, and actually studying, she kept the house clean, and cooked dinner for him every night. And most of all, she never stopped thinking about new ways to please him with her mouth, her pussy, and her ass.

She smiled as she watched him run his fingers lightly over the freshly shaved mound of her pussy, sighing happily when he dipped his head between her legs, lapping at the pearly droplets of girl cum glistening on the puffy inner lips of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, delicious as usual.” Steve moaned, spreading the lips of her cunt with his thumbs, then dragging his tongue slowly up the length of the sloppy wet slit. Licking and sucking lightly, he ran his tongue all around, darting it Gümüşhane Escort up into the tight hole of her cunt, then slapping it up and down the length of her pussy over and over.

Chrissie purred as his mouth worked its magic on her, then moaned when she felt him lift his mouth away. Opening her eyes, she saw that he had gotten to his feet, the rigid stalk of his cock jutting up out of his robe.

“Ooooohhh, are you going to have dessert before you eat your dinner Master?” She giggled.

Steve didn’t answer, he was rubbing his cock back and forth, then up and down over the soft smooth skin of her pussy mound. He ran his cock between her legs for a minute, then pulled back, fitting the head into the tight wet opening of her pussy and pressed forward.

His cock drove in slowly in one long, slow stroke, not stopping until the curly hairs at the base of his cock pressed against the clean shaved skin of her cunt.

“Oh Master! That feels so good!” Chrissie moaned, looking up at him. “Your little slut loves how your big cock feels inside her, filling her up. You have the perfect cock Master, it feels like it was made for your slut’s pussy.”

Steve closed his eyes, letting his head fall back as he savored the sensation of the silky smooth inner walls of her cunt clenching and clasping around his throbbing cockshaft.

The tight ring of muscle at her opening squeezed around the root of his cock, tightening and releasing, making his cock twitch and jerk inside her.

“Does your slut’s pussy feel good sucking on your cock Master?” Chrissie asked, working her pussy muscles rhythmically. She watched him as she stood between her legs, not moving. “Do you want me to make you cum like this Master? You can just stand there and…”

“No…not right now little slut.” He said, opening his eyes and looking down at her. “I…I couldn’t resist. I just had to feel that perfect pussy around my cock.”

She suppressed a whimper as he pulled back slowly, letting his cock slip from her cunt.

Sliding off the table, she grabbed the cushion off the table, then leaned over him, taking his cock into her mouth. She bobbed lightly up and down a few times, then pulled back, smiling at him.

“I couldn’t let my Master eat his dinner with his cock all sticky with his slut’s juices on it.”

She smiled, tossing the cushion on a chair.

Steve laughed as she sat a plate in front of him, picking up his knife and fork and digging into the steak.


“Do you have anything special you’d like to do tonight Master?” Chrissie asked as she cleared the table. “I have lots of new outfits…I mean you did say you wanted to make me your slutty little Barbie doll…”

“And that turned out way better than I expected!” Steve laughed. “And lots more expensive too! But I’ve liked everything you’ve worn so far, so why don’t you go pick out something you think I’ll like.”

“Of course, your slut could always go au naturale. “She said as she came out of the kitchen. She held her robe open, cocking her hip to one side as she stood with her legs spread apart.

“As much as I love to look at that beautiful body, seeing it in sexy lingerie makes me want to fuck you that much more.” He said, stepping over to the sideboard and making himself a drink. “Naked is sexy, but scantily clad is way over the top sexy. You just look hotter with something covering parts of you.”

“And my Master likes to rip the clothes off his slutty barbie doll so he can get at the parts that are covered up.” Chrissie laughed. “But I like it too. I like it when you’re rough with me Master. I think it’s so hot when you jerk my bra down, breaking the strap then leaving my boob hanging out, or…”

“Go get dressed little slut, or your going to get fucked right here, bent over this table.”

Steve said, then grinned when her saw her eyes light up with delight. “No…keep the robe on and go put on something lacy and racy that will turn me on. I’ll be in my bedroom waiting for you.”

“The day I can’t turn you on with just this…” She said as she opened the robe and slipped it off her shoulders, letting him see every inch of her curvaceous body, then turned and headed for her bedroom, dragging the robe behind her as she sashayed down the hall.

“Is the day the door hits this fine ass as it closes behind it.”

“You got that right little slut.” He muttered, staring at her as she moved away. “You damn sure got that right.”


Steve was laying on his bed watching a video of Chrissie sucking his dick when she stepped into the doorway.

She was wearing a sheer, pale yellow bra with matching crotchless panties, a yellow garterbelt and stockings. Gümüşhane Escort Bayan She stood in the doorway for a moment, hands on hips, legs spread apart, shoulders back making her breasts stand high and proud on her chest.

“Fuck me…” Steve muttered, staring at her.

“Of course Master.” Chrissie laughed as she walked slowly over to the bed, her hips swaying back and forth sensuously, her full, firm tits jiggling provocatively.

“Your little fuck toy needs you to stuff all of her horny little holes tonight.” She said as she crawled up onto the bed, staring at the stiff shaft of his cock jutting up from between his legs. “I didn’t even use any toys when I played with myself today. The only thing I wanted in my pussy or my ass was your big, beautiful cock.”

“Jesus, I should have started fucking you sooner.” He moaned, watching as she wrapped her fingers around his cock, caressing it gently.

“I would have loved that, but you would have gone to jail for having sex with a minor, and some big, tattooed bald guy would be fucking you in the ass instead of you doing that to me.” She laughed, dropping her head and sucking his cock into her mouth.

Steve laughed, sliding down on the bed and grabbing her leg, pulling her around and bringing her up on top of him.

Chrissie moaned around his cock as he plastered his mouth to her cunt before she even got her legs settled on either side of his chest and started licking and sucking hungrily.

Rocking back and forth, she ground her pussy down onto his face, then let his cock slip between deeper into her throat. She loved getting on top of him like this even if he wasn’t eating her out, because this position let her get more of his cock in her mouth more easily.

She could swallow his cock to the root without choking or gagging, just fucking the thick shaft as deep into her throat as she wanted.

Steve’s fingers dug into the meaty cheeks of her ass, pulling her pussy down harder onto his face as her slithered his tongue into the sloppy wet slit of her pussy, then darted his tongue up into the tight, juice dripping hole. She shivered as he started fucking her with his tongue, swishing the nimble labia around the tight ring of muscle guarding the opening, then stabbing it in and out rapidly.

They ate each other hungrily, rocking back and forth, humping and grinding against each other. It became a battle of mouths, both of them trying to force the other to surrender to their lust before they gave in themselves.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” Chrissie whimpered, letting his cock slip from between her lips as she submitted to the overwhelming pleasure his mouth was giving her. “Your slut needs your cock where your tongue is Master! Please! Give me your cock!”

Steve grinned into her pouty pussylips, then pushed down on her ass as he slid up on the bed under her. Chrissie scooted down on the bed, getting her knees under her, dropping her shoulders as she rested her weight on her forearms, arching her ass up at him.

Grabbing her hips, Steve thrust his hips forward, his cock slipping easily into her tight wet cunt. They both moaned as his cock bulled balls deep in one long, slow stroke.

Chrissie started rocking back and forth, making his cock plunge in and out of her quivering cunt chute. She threw her head back as her eyes rolled up in her head from the heavenly sensation of her Master’s cock fill her slutty little cunt hole.

Steve knelt behind her, his hands resting lightly on her hips as he watched his cock sluice in and out between the puffy pink lips of her pussy. He kept his hips arched forward as she slammed her ass back at him, taking his cock deeper on every stroke.

His eyes moved up, focusing on the wrinkled pink ring of her asshole. The tight puckered opening winked at him every time she moved, and he was almost mesmerized by it. He felt his cock throb and swell inside her, and he heard her moan as she felt it.

Moving one hand over, her traced his finger around the puckered pink ring of her asshole, felling her shudder at the feather light strokes.

“Do it Master! Stick your finger up my ass while you fuck your slut’s cunt with your fat fucking cock.” She hissed, burying her face in her forearms as she jammed her ass back onto his cock.

Steve pressed the tip of his finger into her asshole, smiling when it slid in easily. She had greased up her shit chute for him. She only did that on days she really wanted to get assfucked. If he wanted to use her asshole on other days, she never resisted, but he had to lube her up with his tongue and her pussy juice.

Chrissie whimpered as she felt his finger slipping in to the second knuckle, and Escort Gümüşhane he started twisting it back and forth as her pumped it in and out slowly. She squeezed her ass muscles around the probing digit, humping her ass up at it, trying to get it deeper inside her.

“My little slut wants her little butt hole filled with a big cock, doesn’t she?” He asked, pressing his finger in to the root and wiggling it back and forth. “How long are you going to be able to hol…”

“Oh fuck! Do it Master!” she cried, letting her body fall forward on the bed as she reached back, grabbing her asscheeks and spreading them wide. “Stick your big fucking cock up your slut’s ass and fuck her till you blow a big load of cum! Come on! Fuck my asshole! I neeeeeddd iiiittttttt so bbbaaaaddddddd!”

“Well, who am I to deny my little slut something she needs so bad.” Steve laughed as he fit the swollen knob of his cock against her puckered pink asshole, then pressed forward slowly.

“Ooooohhhh fffuuuuccckkkkk! That’s just what I wanted!” She screamed into the bed, jamming her ass up at him, making the head and three inches of his cock drive into her back passage. “Oh fuck, it’s so good! Your fucking cock feels so good in my asshole! Oh god, please fuck me Master! Just shove your cock up my ass and fuck the shit out of me!”

Steve stretched out on top of her, letting his body weight force his cock into her asshole as he settled over her. Resting his knees on the bed on either side of her, he squeezed her legs between his as his hands slid under her, cupping her tits through the sheer material of her bra.

Chrissie whimpered as he pinched her nipples, squeezing and twisting them roughly. Her ass humped back at him as he started slamming his cock into her shit chute, pulling out halfway, then driving back in again.

“Deeper Master! I want to feel all of your big cock up my slutty little asshole.” She moaned, rocking her head back and forth. “Give it to me! Fuck me harder! Tear my little asshole to pieces with that huge fucking cock!”

Steve was already gasping for breath, and he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last, but he was determined to make her cum before he blasted a big load of hot, sticky jizz into her ass guts.

Slamming his hips forward, her drove every inch of his cock into her asshole, then started fucking her at a feverish pace. He pulled out till just the head was inside her puckered poop chute, then plowed it back in, his balls smacking against her pussylips. He fucked her like a machine, his cock pistoning in and out of her in long, tip to root lunges.

Chrissie writhed and thrashed under him, the pleasure of his rough assfucking flowing over her in rhythmic waves. Whimpering and moaning happily, she threw her head back and screamed as a powerfully orgasm swept over her.

“Oh god! That’s perfect! Keep fucking me Daddy! Fuck your little slut!” She screamed, her eyes clenched shut as she rocked her head back and forth. “Oh fuck! I love what you’re doing to me Daddy! Thank you so much for making me your little slut! Ohmyfuckinggod! I’m going to cum again! I’m gonna cum all over your big fucking cock!”

Steve froze for a second, his cock buried balls deep in his daughter’s asshole. Recovering quickly, he pulled back, then plunged his cock back into her, his ass a blur as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. He felt his balls quiver as the wrinkled sac of his scrotum pulled up tight under his cock, and he felt the first fiery slugs of cum racing up the shaft of his cock, then spraying in thick, sticky ropes deep in her ass guts.

Chrissie went wild under him as she felt his hot cum spewing into her ass passage. Thrashing and jerking spastically, she heaved her ass up at his cock, almost throwing him off. Steve had to tighten his arms and legs around her to stay on top of her, but his cock never stilled for an instant.

Grunting and gasping harshly, he slammed his cock in and out of her until finally, he collapsed in an exhausted heap on top of her. Chrissie wriggled and writhed under him, humping her ass up at him mindlessly as her shit chute squeezed and milked his stone hard cock.

They lay like that for long minutes, catching their breath. Steve started to pull out, but a pitiful whimper from her made him stop.

“You uh…you called me Daddy.” he said softly, his lips brushing the shell of her ear.

“I don’t care.” Chrissie sighed, squirming under him. “I’m so happy right now Master. You feel so good laying on me, your big cock still so hard in your little slut’s asshole. Life is perfect.”

Turning her head, she kissed his cheek gently, smiling at him.

“I love you Daddy. Thank you so much for letting me be your little slut.” She said softly.

“I love you too baby. You’re the best little slut a Daddy or Master could ask for.”


Okay, that’s all for Chapter Two. I hope you enjoyed it.

The next chapter should be done soon. It’s mostly written, I just need to clean it up a little.

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