Big Ass

It was late at night, around 11:00 p.m. I was downstairs lying on the couch and reading a magazine. I noticed you were out of the room for a very long. We had been arguing all afternoon and evening, so I figured you’d gone to the room to have some solitude. I thought about what had happened during the day, and I felt like I needed to apologize. So I went to the bathroom to find you, but you weren’t in there. I decided to put on that short little low-cut red satin nitey you like to see me in along with the red feathery heels. I lightly sprayed on your favorite scent you like to smell on me. As I was coming out of the room, I noticed your office door was cracked, and I saw a glare of light piercing through the darkness. I walked slowly and quietly to the door, and I was wondering what was going on. When I came to the door, I peeped through the crack and I noticed you watching a porn clip on the computer as you stroked your dick which was standing very erect. I was surprised to see you stroke your dick like that, and a little upset because I questioned why you never stroked it like that around me, in fact, just the mere sight of you stroking it, turned me on.

I opened the door. You were so into the porn, you didn’t hear me come in. I flicked the switch, and I almost scared the shit out of you. You stood up with your erect dick hanging out your pants, and you didn’t know what to say or what I was thinking. You stumbled over your words as you tried to explain and apologize. I walked up to you and put my finger to your lips to quiet you.

I said, “It’s okay.” You looked at me in amazement and utter confusion.

You asked, “I thought you didn’t like me watching porn.”

I responded, “I don’t like you to watch porn alone. I would have would have watched it with you if you only had asked me. You didn’t have to hide it from me.”

You said, “Baby I didn’t know and I’m sorry.”

I asked, “Why don’t you stroke your dick around me? It turned me on to see you do that.”

You put your arms around my waist and gave me a kiss on the lips. You were pleased that I wasn’t mad at you. We apologized to eachother for all of the arguing and disagreements during the day. I went to take a seat on the couch. You pushed your chair over to where I was sitting. You asked me to stand so that you could admire the attire I had on for you. After looking me over, you said, “Baby, I want you to make one of my fantasies come true tonight.”

I innocently asked, “What is that baby.”

You grabbed my ass and said, “I always wanted to fuck you like a little slut with heels on. I’ve always hoped you to dress up in some sexy wear and let me fuck you anyway I wanted to, and you did nothing but take it all.”

I gently stroked your face with the back of my hand and said, “Tonight, I’m all yours.” I then thought about something and said, “You know we have gotten away from telling the other what we’d like sexually and I think tonight is as good of time as any for us to stop holding back and be honest with the other.”

You suggested that we masturbate together, and I agreed to it. You slipped off my nitey and told me to sit on the couch. I sat down, opened my legs, and your dick began to get hard again. You began to stroke it as you told me where and how to rub my pussy for you.

You instructed, “Take one hand and play with your clit and lean back Konya Escort on the couch and take the other hand to squeeze your titties and pinch your nipples.”

As I did as I was told, I began to moan. I had masturbated before, but it was only when you weren’t home; I was too embarrassed to do it in front of you.

You began to say things like, “Oh yeah baby, I like how you are touching my pussy. I am going to fuck you so good and hard tonight. Damn your pussy look so good.”

As I teased myself and listened to you talk to me like that I became more and more turned on. You had never talked to me in that way. I liked it. You kept talking dirty to me, and then you told me to put a finger in my pussy to feel my warmth, and I did as I was told. I couldn’t believe how much I liked doing this in front of you, and my pussy was so wet now.

You asked, “Are you wet yet baby?”

I replied, “Yes baby.”

Then you told me to take out my finger and put it in my mouth, and I did. I felt so excited to taste my own juices as you watched me. Then you stood to get fully undressed, and you came to sit down on the couch beside me.

“Baby, I want you to do something for me,” you said as you continued to stroke your dick.

I wondered if you were going to ask me to suck your dick. I thought about it, but we never engaged in any oral sex. This would be the first, and not the last time I’m sure.

You then asked me to get down on my knees in front of you. You told me to grab your dick and stroke it for you. I had touched it before, but not like this. It felt good in my hand. As I stroked you, I began to lick my lips. The more I stroked, the more delicious your dick looked, and you smiled when you saw me looking at it like I wanted to devour it. You knew at that moment that I would suck it. You knew at that moment that tonight was the night you’d get to fuck me like your little slut. You looked down at me, held my face as you came closer to give me a kiss.

You instructed, “Put it in your mouth and taste it,” and I did.

You leaned back on the couch and moaned as you grinded your hips as I sucked you. You then ran your finger through my hair. My lips felt so good wrapped around your dick. I went up and down licking it and massaging your balls.

You went, “That’s right Bitch, suck my balls.”

I was excited to hear you say that. You’ve never been that aggressive with me before, and it was definitely a turn on. I wanted to hear more. I told you to say it again.

You demanded, “Suck daddy’s dick bitch.”

My pussy was getting wetter hearing you say it over and over again. I then leaned back on my knees and spread your legs a little wider and I licked and sucked on your balls. It felt so good. Knowing my prudish ways, I felt so dirty being down there with my head between your legs giving you utter pleasure. I continued to lick and suck your balls and even lick down to your crack.

You grabbed my hair and said, “Get those lips back on that dick, and suck it good.”

I put my warm soft lips back on your manhood and you put your hands on the back of my head and held it as you fucked my mouth. It felt so good. Then you let go of the hold, and I then stopped sucking you like you wanted me to.

You insisted, “Get off your knees and lay your ass across my lap.”

I was hoping Konya Escort Bayan you’d spank me.

You said, “I overheard you on the phone oneday saying that you wanted me to spank your ass, and well here it is.”

You first rubbed it, and then gave me a good smack on it. I shouted with pleasurable moans as I felt my ass jiggle. I think I liked it more than you did. We looked at eachother and smiled. You asked if it was okay.

I responded, “Baby, tonight I’m your bitch; do as you please.”

Before I could brace myself for the next spanking, another smack went to my ass, and then you rubbed it. The cycle continued. First a few smacks, followed by you rubbing my ass. Then you told me to suck your dick again. This time, as I did, you ran your fingers down to my crack and played with my asshole. You grabbed my titties. Just as you were about to cum, I pinched the top of your balls to hold you back.

I looked up at you and said, “No baby, that hot cum is for my ass.”

I stood up and leaned over the arm rest on the couch, and gave you a sweet kiss. I told you to fuck my wet pussy. You stood with hunger in your eyes, and came up behind me. You rubbed your hands over my ass. You stood back and admired my position. I looked back at you to see what was the hold up. You were rubbing your chin as you said, “You are a sexy bitch leaning over like that with those heels on.”

I said, “Come and fuck this sexy bitch then.”

At that moment I felt a hard dick enter my pussy. I was so tight. I breathed a few short hard breaths following by deep moans. You grabbed my ass as you started to fuck me harder and harder. You were humping my so hard that I had to hold on to brace myself. I could feel you beating my pussy up. By this time, my moans turned to screams, and you spank me also.

You asked, “Is this how you want it bitch.”

The shit felt so good to me, I couldn’t even respond. I was finally getting fucked by man. All the other times we just had dutiful sex, but tonight was different. The more you fucked me, the louder the sex fumes filled the air, and they smelled delicious. Then you stopped and pulled out. I turned around, got on my knees and licked my juices off your dick. It tasted so good.

I lay down on the floor and opened my thighs wide, and told you to get your ass down here and fuck the shit out of me. You looked at me with astonishment.

You licked your lips and said, “Okay Bitch, this dick is for you.”

You got on your knees and held my legs up in the air as your entered me. First you went nice and slow. I rocked my body to the rhythm of your strokes. You felt so good gliding in and out of my wet cunt. I was moaning and playing with my titties, and then you came to a halt.

I asked what was wrong, and you pulled out. I demanded you to put it back in my pussy. It was throbbing for your dick. I needed it now. You told me to shut the fuck up and lean back, and I did.

In an instance I felt your hot breath on my pussy. Then you licked up and down on my pussy lips. I felt a tongue sliding up and down between my pussy lips. My body was trembling with pleasure. You slipped a finger in my pussy as you continued to taste me. All I could do was moan yes and don’t stop. You finger fucked my pussy. I was so into it. You took your hot warm tongue and flicked my clit. I moan Escort Konya louder. You rested your lips on my pussy lips. I was so glad that I was lying down because if I was standing, I wouldn’t have been able to. I loved having you down there. You spread open my pussy lips to expose my clit and you sucked on it, and a sharp chill went down my spine. It felt so damn good. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. It was like my body finally had the tension releaser that it needed it.

You whispered, “You better cum for me and you better not hold back,” and I came hard. You slid your tongue in my pussy, grabbed my hips as your tongued fucked me. I grinded my hips to lips. You lifted your head with my juices dripping from your chin, and said that you wanted me to suck you off as you continued to eat me out. You climbed on top with your dick in my face, and I took it in. You gave it to me deep throat. You fucked my mouth as I did yours. I got a little freaky and slid a finger in your ass, and surprisingly you responded with sticking a finger in my tight ass. I licked your balls and teased your crack. We devoured eachother, and we now were ready to cum.

You slid back into my pussy with your dick. This time you thrushed it in, and I had to gasp for air. You did the long strokes to start off; hitting my spots. The more you stroked, the more I came. I was moaning louder and louder, and so were you. You cheered me on as I came over and over again. You said over and over how you like when I came on your dick. With my legs pushed back in my chest you fucked my pussy as you pleased and all I could do was take it. You were in control. You loved to watch your dick go in and out of my tight pink pussy.

You told me to get up and get on all fours with my ass in the air. You smacked my ass once in position. You knew that shit turned me on. So you did it as your put a finger in my pussy to get it wet. You put that same finger in my ass while asking was I going to let you fuck it, and I responded with a faint yes.

You pull my ass cheeks apart and went in my pussy. This time you didn’t start off slow, but went right into humping me. I think we woke up the whole neighborhood with our screams. It was like two sweaty bodies entwined as one to receive the utmost sexual climatic exploding volcanic orgasm. We were panting like animals. You were pounding my pussy and I was screaming stop, but we both knew that was far from what I, we wanted. You couldn’t stop, and I didn’t want you to. You were fucking me until I was nearly in tears, and it felt good. I was your slut. You were on the verge of cuming, and I yelled, “Don’t you dare cum in my pussy. Put that shit in my ass.”

You pulled out and went right into my tight ass. We didn’t need any lubrication because of all the juices on your dick. A few seconds later you were fucking me harder than you had ever tonight, and I knew you were about to cum and so was I. I dug my nails into the carpet as I let out screams and squeals. In one last hard thrush, we both came with no breath left to barely breathe. I felt your sweat dripping on my back. Your cum slide down my pussy and thighs and I rubbed some in the pussy. We collapse on the floor. Neither was able to move an inch. The room was now filled with sex fumes and shallow breathing along wit the hum of your computer. Minutes after building up our strength we dragged ourselves into the bedroom to shower together and made more love through out the night. Before falling asleep, I promised come and visit your office again. That night we fell asleep with smiles on our face, only to wake up to a quick “breakfast” in your office the next morning.

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