Business is Business


It’s amazing how situations occur in one’s life. I have been in business for myself for the majority of my life developing residential and commercial real estate projects around the country. It has provided many highs and lows over the years. Either real estate is good to you, or can strip you of profits and net worth because of the circumstances beyond your control. I continue to play the game.

My latest project requires me to secure financing from any available source possible. Since it requires a quick closing transaction, I returned to known broker sources that have worked with me in the past. Shirley, a mortgage broker, has been successful in raising funds on several projects in the past. Proven brokers are the life blood of my funding needs. A single lady, she shares her home with her mom and they run their mortgage business together. Shirley is the boss. Jane, her mom, is a vibrant 60-years of age. I have noticed that both have taken very good care of their “temples”. By that term for their bodies, you should realize they are a very religious pair. Exercise is an important part of their life. And it shows!

Shirley is an amazing lady. She is 42, an aggressive, take charge, no bullshit kind of business person. I like her way of doing business. Straight forward, she says what she means. If you are told something by her, you can damn well expect it to happen. Diligent, good at her job, and a delightful lady, I have enjoyed our relationship over many months. Being in the same metropolitan market, we have met on several occasions to conduct business. She is definitely pleasing to look at. About 5’8” tall, probably 140 lbs, she dresses well and carries herself with a cock sure attitude that exudes confidence.

I appreciate a physically larger lady. I am 6’6” tall, push the scales at 260 lbs on a bad day, and also exercise often. I have been fortunate, I have a personal gym as an off building on my homestead. My morning routine starts with 4-miles on the treadmill or roadwork, followed by 3-circuits on the weights, and either a dip in the pool or hot-tub. I usually start all this early, about 5:30 am so I can finish by start of the business day. On occasion, I have been later due to conference calls or meetings that will delay my exercise routine. But, as many exercise enthusiasts know, the body will require it to be completed to feel good.

Many times over the past year, I have teased Shirley about us getting in bed together, a reference to our business relationship. I have referred to us getting married, referring to the long term relationship we have developed. Each time, she has let these references slide off her casually. She has asked if I like our relationship. At our ages I tell her, any additional outside relationship is appreciated. She has scoffed at this type of play. “Behave yourself,” she continues to tell me. Comments like “What would the wife think?” or “You’re so bad!” are offered. I offer to give her references, but have not provided any yet.

But she calls often to discuss where we are on any given transaction. Self employed people understand the hour of the day does not matter. It may be early morning while she is still in bed, or late evening as well she calls. I have wondered many times about her real interest in anything outside of work. I have created vivid images of her, and the things we could do. Still, not a single real overture has been made on either side. She has referenced her religion on numerous occasions. Given her devout Christianity, I have essentially written any sexual encounter as a very low probability. Over the past month, our discussions have taken an interesting turn. Once business was finished, we talked about life, families, interests, hobbies, and more. A lot has been shared, and more continues to be at all kinds of hours. If we have not talked, one or the other will call just to smooth out the jitters, or jokingly, smooth out with drawl symptoms because of our talking addiction.

Over the past 2-weeks, I have submitted an offer on a large local project that she has brokered for me. Paperwork, phone calls, appraisals, documentation all have been required in mass quantities. My admin assistant Vickee has been on vacation for the past 2-weeks, and most of the work of office administration has been left to me. As a result, Shirley has been offering to do most of the copies, obtain information from my attorney, and run all over the countryside to make the deal happen. She will make substantial fees with close of the transaction, and it is in her best interest to assist where possible.

This past Monday while completing my workout regimen, my driveway gate monitor buzzed. Viewing my security monitors, I found Shirley and Jane at my gate. Shirley was bringing a counter offer from my counterpart to the transaction for my review. I expected her, but later in the day. It was barely 7:00 am. Surprised, I let her pass, telling her to come to the gym instead of the house. I was not really ready to see anyone, after 4-miles aydınlı escort of jogging, and another 30-minutes in the weight room, I am sure I was not the most aromatic person you would want to be around. Within just minutes, she was approaching me in the weight room. My tank soaked with sweat, my brow towel wet, and my body dripping from all pores, I welcomed her.

“Hi babe,” I offered. “I was just thinking about you, and broke out in a hot sweat,” I continued. She just laughed. She continued to look at my sweaty torso.

“I could make you do that for real hon,” quipped Shirley. “My but you are a hairy one,” she continued. She crossed the aisle, handed me a set of papers, and moved back to the bench across from me.

“What can I say?” I asked. “I just eat, grow older, and my body does all its’ own stuff,” I told her as I started a quick review of the documents she provided.

She sat down on the sit-up bench. I sat over my weight machine seat, legs spread, feet flat on the floor. My shorts, riding up my thighs, showed all leg, but hid my private parts from view. She continued to watch me.

“You look good,” she said. “With business attire, you look good, but I can not tell definition like I see now,” she finished. I stood, lifting one foot to the seat. Standing, without thinking, I leaned down, threw my arm across my thigh as we continued our discussion. With my leg up on the seat, my other foot on the floor, I was giving Shirley an open, unintentional view of my crotch. My cock peeked his head from down under my briefs and shorts, allowing her to see. Her eyes diverted directly to my cock. Oblivious, I continued to talk business.

“Ok, so what does the counteroffer change,” I asked?

“We are a ways apart on the cost of the land,” Shirley volunteered. “You need to review his counter, assess what you can afford, and get back to him,” she continued. I did not notice her gaze.

“The rest of the deal is acceptable,” she said. “It’s really big,” she said huskily.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked as I glanced up from the documents.

Glancing up at me, she licked her lips. “You don’t know do you?” she flatly said.

“Know what? Am I missing something?” I asked.

“Let me show you,” she said. Standing, she crossed to me. Reaching my side, she turned to look at the documents. I was intently looking at the documents, fully absorbed in anticipating some paragraph or line item to be addressed.

I nearly jumped out of my shorts. Shirley had reached and grabbed the head of my flaccid cock dangling below my shorts. “Fuck!” I screeched. Startled, I literally pushed her hand down, off my cock. “What are you doing?”

She stood there, looking at me. I noticed her face was flushed. “I,” she stammered. Seconds passed quickly. Shirley just looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry! I,” again she stammered out her words.

She stepped back, dropping her gaze to my shorts. My cock, with a mind of his own, had tented my shorts. I moved to conceal my engorged cock from view. Shirley’s breathing got my attention. Was this the circumstance I was wishing for? Was she ready to play? Should I make a move to make this woman my sex toy? All these thoughts were running through my brain at more than 100 mph. I reached to my cock, and stroked it through my shorts, purposefully, slowly, with each stroke measured to give Shirley the full intent of my need. As I stroked back to my body, my shorts rode up quickly, allowing the head and several inches of cock to display for her view. Frozen in place, Shirley watched, the slow masturbation of my cock mesmerizing her thoughts. No movement, no verbalizations, no nothing. Shirley stood quietly, stoically, watching every stroke of my cock. He grew larger, his head expanding before her eyes.

“It’s been so long,” she whispered quietly. “Oh my God,” she continued. Her gaze never faltered. She still did not move.

I pulled my shorts tight against my body, showing as much of my cock as I could. My fingers now wrapped around firm flesh. I pumped him slowly, pushing outwards, pushing the skin into wrinkles and letting it slide beneath my fingers. I pulled him upwards, pointing his head toward her, allowing her to look directly into his slit. I pumped softly, deliberately. I wanted her to make the next move.

Her left hand quivered, moving torturously slow, extending toward my cock. “Shirley, touch me,” I whispered. “Stroke my cock,” I continued softly.

Reaching my cock, her fingers danced lightly on the top of its’ head. Lightly, ever so softly, she caressed just the top of my cock. Her hand slid forward, moving toward the base. I removed my hand, allowing my cock to jump upwards under her touch. Her hand stretched to enclose my cock, her fingers and thumb wrapping around, reaching downwards, softly feeling the massive size of my cock. She stroked back toward the head. Her fingers tightened. Quietly, silently, our movements, our moment moved forward. Her right hand clenched, bağdat caddesi escort opened, and lay flatly on her hip. She stepped to me. Looking upwards, her lips parted slightly. I could see her tongue caressing her lips.

My hands reached to her, reaching the sides of her head on her ears. Slowly, gently, I pulled her face to me. My tongue moistened my lips. Deliberately, I moved to her, gently touching my lips to hers. My tongue snaked quickly out, feeling her lips, searching for her tongue to meet, dance, and play with. Our kiss, gentle, lasted many seconds. I sucked in her breath. Her left hand continued to stroke my cock. Her right hand brushed up her body, crossed over her breasts, and clenched tightly on her breast bone as I continued to kiss her. Our kiss lingered.

Shirley pulled back. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered. Her left hand reached below my cock, grabbed a handful of my balls. Her knees buckled slightly. “Oh God,” she whispered again. She reached back to my cock. Wrapping her hand around the underside, she lifted his head upwards. She leaned quickly, her tongue touching the slit. A guttural groan escaped her lips. Her breath rushed out. She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. Her right hand now reached to my ass, pulling me forward. Her left hand pumped my cock, milking any precum in the pipes to her waiting mouth. She sucked hard.

Pulling back for a second she whispered “You taste salty!”

A frenzy started, she quickly, deliberately, and with abandon sucked my cock into her mouth. Groaning, deep guttural groans, continued. She attacked my cock. Inch by inch disappeared down her soft throat. She was good. It took several strokes, but he lodged deep into her mouth and throat. She drove him deeper. My hands, resting on her back, now moved. One hand landed on the back of her head, the other around her side to her hanging tits. I massaged her tit roughly as I started fucking her face. I impaled her hard on my cock, driving fast and deep into her mouth and throat. As I pulled back, I could see my saliva soaked cock glisten, her lips stretch to hold my cock deep, and I drove deep again. I started quick, hard thrusts into her mouth. She sucked harder.

“Do you want me to cum Baby?” I asked. “Do you want me to cum?” I groaned.

Shirley groaned loud, shaking her head yes as best as she could. My eyes closed, my hips began movement on their own. My cock brain took charge. I hammered her face, driving inch after inch deep into her mouth and throat. Retreating, I started again. I squeezed her tit hard, pulling at the bra covered nipple while holding her head stable. I fucked her face hard. She continued to grunt and pull my body tight against her face. My balls began to fill, a demon desire overtook all control of my thoughts, I was only there to fuck her face, to fill her with my cum. My cock grew so big, it began to throb. Her teeth were raking the skin, leaving streaks up and down my cock. Both hands intertwined themselves in her hair. I pulled her face down on my lap. All 9 ½ inches were completely buried, balls deep into her mouth and throat. I was concerned about her breathing. Lust filled me, I needed to cum. I slammed deep again. My body froze, my balls erupted, I shot load after load of hot cum into her mouth and throat. Her vacuum mouth sucked me dry. Not a drip of cum escaped her lips. As she pulled off my deflating cock, a wicked grin covered her face. Her eyes had a faraway look, a woman possessed. She held my cock tightly in her hands. Her hands milked more cum from my body.

“I want more cum,” she growled deeply. “Do me, lick my cunt Baby,” she said.

She scrambled back to the sit-up bench. Sitting on the length of the bench, she raised up, pulled down her pants and panties. Lifting a leg, she pulled the clothes from her body. Ignoring the other leg, her clothes fell to the floor around the other foot. I dropped my shorts and brief, kicking them off. I was dressed in my running shoes, socks, and soaked tank top. She laid back of the bench, ruffled the hair on her mound, and dipped two fingertips into the folds of her cunt. Gathering fluids, she quickly brought her fingers to her lips. Sucking each finger individually, she looked to me.

“Now! I need you to suck me now! Make me cum!,” she growled again. Flexing her butt cheeks, she bounced her ass up and down in small jerks. I moved between her legs quickly. Even more quickly, I leaned to her cunt, grabbed her clit with me teeth, and began flicking her nub back and forth. I sucked it hard. I wanted to rip it from her body. I wanted to suck it dry, to give my new bitch an orgasm that would make her do me whenever I needed her. I sucked her clit harder. I jammed two fingers deep into her folds, finding her hole, I pushed forward, pounding them deep into her body.

“Oh shit,” she screamed. Her body thrashed. Her hips arched high above the bench. I grabbed her hips with my free hand. I held on for dear life. bahçelievler escort I sucked her clit even harder. I flicked it back and forth with my tongue, pressing it hard against the inside of my teeth. My cock chubbed.

Stopping, standing abruptly, I walked around her body, straddling her head with my legs. My balls hung down over her lips. I took my soft cock, placed in on her lips. They parted quickly. She sucked a drop of cum from the tip. Inhaling, her head rose up and sucked me down her throat again. I leaned down, laying on her body. My mouth dropped to her clit. I sucked it back in my mouth. My hands reached around under her ass, up between her legs. One hand found her hole, inserting two fingertips. A third popped into her ass to its’ first knuckle. Her body responded like a bomb went off. A muffled scream emanated from deep within. I sucked her clit harder again.

Her body thrashed, arched, driving me onward. I focused only on making her cum. I needed to drive her body beyond rational thought. I needed her body to explode with an orgasm, to feel the power of my tongue, to focus only on her body’s needs. Pulling her legs up beneath my arms, I had total access to her cunt and ass. I licked her full length. I drove my tongue deep into her hole. Rising up, I watched as I flattened her labia, spreading them wide, exposing her clit and hole for my view. My tongue reached out, gently touching her clit. It snaked its’ way to her hole, rapidly entering and retreating from her body. I stuck my thumb into her hole. With excessive force, I pushed my thumb deep into her hole. I hammered my hand in and out quickly. I leaned to her clit, grasping it between my teeth. I held firmly, running my tongue back and forth over it as fast as I could. Her body arched repeatedly. Pulling off my cock, I could hear her breathing, or lack thereof. Grunting, she would hold her breath, arch, and repeat.

“Yes Baby, right there! she huskily whispered. “Suck me! Oh yes,” her voice trailed off. Her body arched, holding up off the bench. She drove her cunt into my face. I sucked faster, flicking my tongue over her clit. Holding her breath, her hips jammed upwards, quivering, fast humps bounced my mouth around. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth as she came hard. Juices were pouring out of her body, down her thighs, reaching the crack of her ass. She whimpered, making noises in her throat and body. I slowed my sucking, allowing her to absorb her orgasm.

“Stick it in me! Stick it in me,” she repeated.

Dismounting her, I moved down between her legs, sitting upright on the bench. Lying there with her legs over mine, I grabbed my cock, running its head up and down her slit. I let it slap her clit. Her body jumped, so I used my cock to slap her clit again.

“Fuck me! I need your cock,” she said.

I walked my ass forward two inches. The head of my cock now penetrated her hole, just the head entered. Using quick humps from my hips, I popped in and out of her cunt. Raising her head up, she glared at me. I knew play time was over. Grabbing her ankles, I raised her legs up, pushing her legs up beside her stomach and chest. My cock entered her body swiftly. Breath escaped her body like I had punched her in the gut.

“Oh fuck yes Baby!, she screamed. “That’s is, fuck me with your fuck stick!,” she growled. Balancing our bodies, I started to pump my hard cock deep into her tight cunt. Her body rolled up to allow deep penetration. I buried my cock balls deep into her tight cunt.

“It’s been 4-years since I have been fucked,” she whispered to me. “Make me cum on your cock! Fuck me slow and deep!, she moaned to me. I ground my pelvic bone against hers, driving even more cock into her body. I leaned to kiss her gently, licking her lips, tasting her sweetness. Our tongues played. I slowly started long strokes, withdrawing almost completely out of her body, and then plunging slowly back into the depths of her body. Our bodies made noises, my cock slipping up and out, and plunging back in. Slowly, gently, my cock penetrated her depths. Her hand slipped down between our bodies. She began masturbating her clit as my cock stroked in and out of her. Within several minutes, her body tensed, froze, and began to convulse under me. She made herself cum again. Now my cock was stroking her clit with each deep thrust. She grinned, and hugged me tightly.

“Thank you Baby,” she whispered. “Now, cum for me. Fill me with your cum,” she finished. “Yes Baby, fuck me hard!”.

I started pounding her flesh. I hammered her, drove my cock deep into her cunt. I arched high, drove downwards, burying myself deep in her body. Faster, deeper, I drove my cock hard over and over into her receptive hole. All the while, she moaned, groaned, and ground her body back against each thrust, meeting each with lustful abandon.

“I’m cumming,” I shouted at her. I continued to hammer her cunt. My balls erupted, sending cum along the tubes, out the length of my cock, and filling her hole. Spurt, after spurt, filled her body. As my orgasm subsided, I relaxed on her body, releasing her legs. She wrapped them around my body, pulling my hips tightly against her. Perspiration covered our bodies. We relaxed, allowing our bodies and minds to absorb the warmth, the glow achieved during our lovemaking. I kissed her softly.

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