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Hi fellow readers! I have been reading stories here for quite some time and finally I thought of sharing my experiences. I am a regular guy, average build, average height and average in all departments. I will start with one of my early experiences that I had when I was in college.


I was in a reputed engineering college in South India. Like it is in most colleges, I guess even now, the Architecture branch had the hottest girls. Fortunately for me, my roommate in the hostel was in architecture. Through him I was friends with most of the hot girls in his department, seniors, juniors and batch mates. In fact I was always among architecture students even though I was in Comp Sci. Since I was good in academics, it didn’t affect my studies much.

Every year the nationwide student’s body of architecture organizes a fest in some city. That particular year, it was held in Pune. My roommate was going so I too tagged along. A luxury bus was booked for the journey. As is the case, the journey started late afternoon with singing and loud noise. As the Sun set, the noise levels dropped and by 7 pm, there was pin drop silence in the bus as all were asleep. Some may have been making out, who knows?

I was seated next to a fourth year girl who was a no nonsense type of a girl. She had slept before me and in a while I too slept. It was a bit cold inside due to the full blast of the AC and I guess in our sleep both of us ended up cuddling towards each other. I woke up due to sudden braking of the bus as she did too. We saw each other’s face in the light of the passing vehicles and smiled. She introduced herself to me and I reciprocated. We started chatting about all mundane things in low whispers. It was getting cooler inside the bus and she took out a shawl from her bag and wrapped herself.

After seeing me shivering, she offered the shawl to me which I politely refused. But she almost forced me to share it with her. Here I think I should tell you more about her. Her name is Anahita (changed). She was in the fourth year. As I have mentioned earlier, she was a no nonsense kind of girl. She had a fierce reputation in the college. Boys were wary of approaching her even though she would have been the first choice for any guy. A Punjabi girl, she Konya Escort was tall at 5′ 6″, reddish fair, had ample boobs and a very supple ample shapely bottom. Later I came to know her figure was 34d 30 36. She was wearing a tight jeans and an equally tight t-shirt. I am sure you can imagine how that would have looked on her.

The close proximity with her did stir my junior. But I had to be contented with just occasional touches of her hand or her leg as we were talking. While talking, we somehow crossed upon the topic of pairs in college. And I mustered up the courage to ask her if she was seeing anyone. She gave me a stern look at first and then smiled and said that she hadn’t yet met someone who she found interesting. I told her,

“Well Samira, any guy would love to date you.”

She asked me, “Why do you think so?”

I told her, “You are beautiful and hot.”

I was probably the first guy ever to have told her that. I could make out that she did like my comment. But she didn’t show that out rightly.

We were quite for a while and then she asked,

“Why do you say I am hot?”

I replied hesitantly, “Well, you know you are so good looking and have a good figure.”

She probably liked what I said ’cause she immediately asked me, “What’s good about my figure?”

I sensed that if I played my cards right from here on I could get some action.

I somehow mustered up the courage to reply to her, “You have big knockers and you have a butt to die for.”

I said that and was expecting a slap. Instead I got a customary stern look and then she looked out of the window.

After another pause she turned to me, came close to me, winked and whispered in my ears, “Do you like my butt?” And then gave me a naughty smile.

I replied, “Like? I dream of it.” She hit me playfully with the back of her hand. I continued, “I would give anything to cop a feel you know,” She looked straight at me and said, “Go ahead.”

Where was I going to let that chance. I immediately pushed my hand below her butt and started feeling the globes. She rose a bit in her seat to accommodate my hand. Proof that she was enjoying it to. Her eyes were closed but she had a wry smile on her face. The expression on her Konya Escort Bayan face went from a smile of expectation to that of a bitch in heat. As I was squeezing her ass and pressing my fingers on her ass crack over the denim, she was rubbing her ass on my hand. She was literally rubbing her butt on my hand. This went on for god 10-15 minutes. I then removed my hand and kept it on her thighs. I was rubbing her thighs drawing small circles on her inner thighs as she was completely leaning on me. Then I slowly took her hand and placed it on my crotch over my jeans. I was really hard at that time and she was surprised by that. She opened her eyes in surprise and looked at me in lust. I kept my hand over hers and was pressing her hand on my crotch. After a while I eased the pressure on her hand but she continued to press my dick. All this while I was lightly scratching and drawing circles on her inner thighs.

I now wanted to take this forward and took my hand up and opened the button of her jeans. She didn’t stop me at all. After I opened the button, I very slowly unzipped her jeans so that there would be no sound at all. I gestured her to lower her jeans. She again lifted her butt fro the seat to allow me to bring her jeans down. She was wearing an orange color thong. I pressed my hand on her pussy mound over her thong. I realized she was dripping wet. Her thong was completely wet and it was like touching a hot ember. She then pulled her hand back from my crotch and guided my hand to rub it on her mound. She held a finger of mine and started masturbating herself with it. She pushed my finger inside her thong and urged me to finger her. I touched her face with my other hand and just rubbed her lips. I pried open her lips with my finger and touched her tongue and pushed my finger in and out of her mouth for her to understand that I wanted her to suck on my finger. This went on for quite some time till she had a muffled orgasm.

It was now my turn to be at the receiving end and I took her hand and put it inside my jeans. She understood what was expected of her and she held my dick and shagged me expertly. One part of me didn’t want to cum in my pant but the other wanted to just let it flow. I came abruptly in torrents and coated her Escort Konya hand. She gave me a look of disgust but the next moment she licked my cum off her hands very seductively. It was such a high to see this college uptight girl do that. It would have been enough to make me cum if I hadn’t already.

After that she whispered in my ears that she enjoyed it and I too told her that this was the best moment for me. I then put my arm around her and made her lie on my shoulder. The devil in me rose again and I started feeling her boobs. She rubbed her nose on my shoulders to signal her arousal at that. I slowly outlined her nipple and kept scrapping it with my nail. This aroused her again and her nipples became instantly erect. I then whispered to her that I want to feel them bare. She smiled and unhooked her bra.

I pushed my hand inside her t-shirt and under her bra cups to hold the biggest boobs I had ever held in my life. I kept holding it from the base, squeezing it and pinching her nipples. As I was doing this with my right hand, she again took my left and pushed it inside her thong. I starting rubbing her hairy and wet pussy and slowly started fingering her. She had another orgasm. And a beast arose in her as she suddenly removed my hand from her boobs and bent down to lie on my lap. She then proceeded to unzip me, and take my dick completely out through the slit in the boxers. She then started giving me a blowjob that was amazing. She would blow me and hold my balls ever so slowly so as not to make any noise. But even then under her expert ministrations, I came a second time within 10 minutes. And this time she ensured she didn’t lose a single drop of my nectar and swallowed it all.

After that we reclined back on our seats completely sated. The look on her face was to die for. Completely sated and sweaty even with the AC even cooler than we had started out. We both knew we had started something blissful and were immensely happy inside. She held my hand tightly and lied down on my chest. I whispered to her, “Anahita, it may be too early but I think I love you.” She looked up at me and traced her fingers on my lips and mouthed the words, “ME TOO”.

Slowly the lights went on in the bus as we were stopping for dinner.


I hope you liked this experience of mine. Do let me have your feedback. Guys, gals, men, women all of you are welcome to write to me at the contact on my profile. I will wait for your mails and will come back with another experience of mine shortly. Till then, make love.

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