Bunk beds


She was blonde, eighteen and extremely beautiful with long hair and longer legs with an ass to die for at one end and pretty little feet the other also a flat stomach and a gorgeous pair of tits 34 Bs I was guessing. I spotted her by the pool table as I walked to the bar. She looked up and caught me watching her and gave me a sexy wink and mouthed the words buy me a drink as she picked up her empty beer bottle; I smiled back and nodded.
I stood with her and chatted her name she told me was Jessie, and she was waiting to go off to college, she was living at home with her mom and baby sister who was just two years younger. As the bar closed I asked if she wanted me to drive her home, she shook her head and said.
“Walk me it’s just around the corner”.
We strolled slowly to her house arm in arm making small talk and finding out answers to questions you ask when you just meet.
At her door I held her hand and asked if I could meet her again, she nodded and then said.
“I like you Richard, I like you a lot; do you want to come in we can talk some more”.
I nodded and followed her inside. She whispered to me to be quiet as it was a small apartment only two bedrooms one of which she shared with her sister. At this point I thought I was only in for some heavy petting but as things turned out it got hotter and hotter that night.
We kissed in the small kitchen as she made me a drink I caressed her back and ass as she leant into me and moaned I slid my hand under her skirt and ran it over panties and teased her pussy lips.
As she clung to me moaning she said. “Mom might be home soon we better go into my room but be quiet Rachel is asleep”.
Jess led me by the hand to her room and pulled me inside, I notice she and her sister shared a set of bunk beds with Jess taking the top bunk. Again she whispered to me.
“We have to be real quiet and gentle I don’t want to wake up Rachel”.
I watched as she stripped her blouse and skirt off revealing Escort her glorious body her tits sat on her chest perfectly and her nipples were already hard, her pussy was shaven and in the street light coming through the window I could she her pussy lips glistening. My clothes followed hers to the floor as we kissed some more. I lifted her onto the bunk and spread her legs allowing me to gaze on her sweet little pussy. It was wet and opening up slowly and as I ran my fingers along her pussy lips and onto her clit a soft moan escaped her mouth. I leant forward and ran my tongue along her lips and teased her clit from its hiding place; Jess moaned a little louder as I pushed a finger into her pussy. I watched her pulling softly on her nipples as I licked all around her sex and sank my tongue into her love chute.
Then I as felt something strange I nearly yelped out. I looked down to see her little sister had taken my hard cock in her hand and was rubbing it softly over her face; she looked up and put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet as she then slowly sank her mouth onto my cock taking me into her mouth and sucking gently on me. Jesus I thought one sister I was eating the other was eating me; I thought I was in heaven.
As the younger sister worked her magic on my cock I watched as Jess began to rub at her clit while I pushed my fingers into her. She leant forward and kissed me and whispered.
“I bet Rachel is sucking your cock right now, the horny little bitch always does it”.
Jess leant over the bed and watched her sister for a second or two then told her not to waste any of the cum I was about to deposit in her mouth. She then knelt in front of me on her bed and spread her cheeks wide and asked me to lick her ass out for her. I was surprised but dove straight in and began to lick around her anus as she began to moan louder than before. Jess produced a dildo from under her pillow and began to suck on it taking it deep Escort Bayan into her throat and gagging and spitting on it she then moved it to her anus; at this point Rachel stood up and whispered into my ear as she kept rubbing my cock.
“I love watching my sister shove that thing into her ass, jeez it turns me on so much to see that go in her tight little shit hole.
Jess slowly shoved the dildo into her back passage moaning louder all the while then she slowly began to fuck her own ass inches from my face.
Rachel kissed me softly and whispered again. “Told you it was fucking horny, she loves it in the ass, you know you are gonna fuck her ass before you get to her tight little cunt don’t you”?
I just mouthed the word wow back to her and began to caress her tits and pussy making little sixteen year old Rachel moan for me then I span her around and pushed my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her as we both watched her sister sodomise herself.
When she had cum Rachel lay back on her bunk and turned so her head was hanging over the side then shouted up to her sister that she was ready.
Now it got really hot as I watched Jess pull the dildo out of her ass and climb down so she could straddle her sister’s face and lower her cunt onto jess’s mouth. Rachel then pulled her cheeks wide open revealing her sisters anus which was open about an inch. Jess looked over her shoulder and said.
“C’mon Rich fuck my ass; I want to feel that big cock in my ass”!
Jessie was holding onto the rail for support, as I knelt behind her Rachel smiled up at me and opened her mouth wide letting me push into it for some extra lube, then as she pulled her sister open even wider I slowly began to push my cock into jess’s rectum.
Jess looked over her shoulder at me and said.
“Fuck Rich don’t be gentle just get it deep in me, fuck my ass nice and hard”.
I smiled and pushed deep inside in one hard thrust taking her breath away, making her moan Bayan Escort loudly as her sister began to lap at her pussy. Once I was deep inside her I reached around and grabbed her cute breasts and began to fuck her hard and fast as she had asked. Oh boy she was hot and tight almost strangling my cock as I powered in and out. Her yells became louder and louder I kept this up for a few minutes knowing I couldn’t last much longer.
“Oh shit I’m gonna cum baby I’m gonna cum”.
She pulled off me and knelt by Rachel’s head and tossed me off so I shot my load into both of their faces covering them in my goo. Smiling they began to lick each other clean as I watched this I started to firm up again and pulled Rachel out of her bed and slammed straight into her young cunt and fucked her hard and fast listening to her moan. She screamed herself to an orgasm. Jess smiled at me and knelt between her sister’s legs and began to lap at her pussy as she wiggled her ass at me. I knelt behind her and pushed deep into her cunt and began to fuck her hard as her juices leaked out onto my balls. I felt Jess’s tongue running along my shaft and balls as I pumped into her sister; then I watched her wrap her legs around her, holding her tight she pulled her ass cheeks open and said to me.
“Finger her ass while you fuck her”.
I began to go wild fucking her pussy hard as I shoved a finger into her ass; Rachel began to push back onto my cock and finger as she yelled loudly that she was cumming begging me to fill her with my seed. A few more hard strokes and I filled her pussy with my cum.
We continued to fuck the night away me fucking these to incestuous little sluts, them sucking each other. As I was leaving in the morning I bumped into their mom in the living room. She smiled at me and moved closer. She looked a lot like Jess just twenty years older, she was wearing a dressing gown and nothing else as she stood in front of me she opened it up to show me her tits and bald cunt then said.
“I heard you fucking my daughters last night, come back tonight and you can fuck me as well”.

Well I did go back but that will have to wait till later.

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