Brother’s Girlfriend Ch. 2


Mary and I didn’t speak again for a few days afterwards. As hot as it was having phone sex with her, she was still my younger brother’s girlfriend. A little flirting had gotten out of hand and we had agreed that it shouldn’t happen again.. Fun is fun, but some things are just not kosher, right? Neither of us wanted to hurt John…but (and of course) hot phone sex is just the sort of thing to make one want more, isn’t it?

I stopped in looking for John. Looking back I probably knew he wouldn’t be there, but one lies to oneself where one can. Mary offered me a cup of coffee and I sat down at the kitchen table. As she prepped the coffee machine I let my eyes slide over that totally perfect ass. There’s no way to describe it – inverted heart…soft, firm, perfection…Christ, to see that ass made you certain why God put denim in the hands of Levi Strauss. I felt a tingle in my balls as my cock started to harden, imagining Mary with her jeans around her ankles, masturbating for me on the phone…imagining that ass kneeling before me as I fucked my brother’s hot girlfriend. I gently squeezed my cock through my pants beneath the table.

Everyone is psychic. You know it’s true as well as I do. When someone is staring at your ass and thinking, “I want to swallow you whole,” you can FEEL it. Mary caught me checking out her butt.

She smiled, as if pleased at the power she knew she wielded over men just by shifting her hips.

“I’ve been feeling bad about what happened the other day,” she said quietly.

“Don’t feel bad about it, Mary,” I replied, “We had this discussion. A little fantasy fun between consenting adults. Doesn’t have to happen again.”

Mary brought the coffee to the table and sat across from me. “I know,” she said, looking me straight in the eye, “and it WAS fun, wasn’t it?”

“You want the truth?” I asked. Mary nodded.

I knew I was going to tell her a little more than she was expecting, so I spoke quietly.

“It was the best sex I’ve had in years. I would hate for you to feel bad about that moment we shared. The truth is, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. The truth is….whenever I think about talking to you on the phone, I get so hard it hurts.”

I looked up. Mary’s pupils were the size of dinner plates and her breathing was noticeably shallow.

I lowered my voice to almost a whisper. “I want to do it again. In fact, Mary, I’m throbbing hard right now.”

Mary’s mouth opened in surprise, “Are you really?”

I slid my chair back and stood up. My cock had been pressed against my thigh while I was sitting, but as I rose from the chair I was SO hard it angled over across my thigh behind my right pocket, lifting the entire right side of the front of pants into a massive tent.

Mary exhaled and I saw her nipples swell dramatically. I want to say that again – dramatically. I’m a huge fan of nipples. Truth be told, I prefer smaller breasts – have always found big ones to be simply…floppy.

But breast size notwithstanding, nipples are the thing. Sensitive nipples. I love women with responsive, sensitive nipples and Mary’s were, as I said, dramatic. She was only wearing a light tee shirt, so I was already aware that she was not wearing a bra. But when she saw my cock bulging inside my pants, I swear her nipples swelled visibly…I mean, I watched them swell…they began growing, puffing, swelling…call Konya Escort it whatever you want…and in the span of four seconds sand-dollar size areolas were standing out from Mary’s small, firm breasts with eraser point nipples tilted skyward against the fabric.

I began stroking my cock through my pants right in front of her. I knew she was wet and I had a good idea what she liked.

“This is what I was doing the other day, Mary, when I was hot for you – stroking my cock just like this. Does that turn you on?”

“Fuck, YES!” Mary breathed, “but we can’t do this. I already feel guilty about what we did. I’m dating your brother!”

“What’s the difference between having phone sex with a stranger and having phone sex with me? It’s just fantasy, Mary.” I kept stroking my cock through my pants and Mary’s eyes never left my crotch. I noticed her pressing her thighs together and rocking on the chair slightly. “Do you want to see my cock, Mary? I’ll take it out and show it to you if you want to see it.”

Mary didn’t say a word, but the catch in her breathing answered my question. I reached down and pulled open the button, slid down the zipper and hooked my thumbs in the waist of my jeans. “Mary, tell me what you want.”

Her eyes flicked up to mine. I could see the heat. “I want to see your cock. Please show me.”

I slid my pants down over my hips, slowly, inch by inch revealing the shaft. As the material passed the head, my cock lifted away from my thigh. Slightly over seven inches, curving up when hard and fairly thick – not gonna win any contests, but I’m happy with it and so, apparently, was Mary. She leaned forward in her chair and whispered, “Nice cock!”

A drop of precum had formed at the tip, which I touched with my finger and rubbed over the head.

“Glad you like it,” I grinned, “Mary…are you wet?”

“Fucking soaked. If I stand up I bet there’s a wet spot right through my jeans. Show me how you stroke it. Please? I mean…fuck…please!”

I began lightly trailing my fingers up and down my shaft. Mary moaned, spread her thighs wide apart and rocked forward in her chair as she jammed her hand into her crotch.

“This isn’t fair!” Mary whined, “You’re driving me crazy!”

“You’re right…it isn’t fair. I’m standing here showing you my cock. I should get to see something, too. I like stroking my cock for you, Mary…let me see your tits. Show me,” I half begged and half ordered.

Mary’s left hand dropped to the bottom of her tee shirt and wasted no time there. She didn’t slowly reveal her breasts to me, she simply evened the score immediately by yanking her shirt off over her head. Damn! Her tits were amazing. Champagne glass breasts, with swollen pink areolas and hard little nipples. Her left hand began tweaking, pulling and pinching her nipples, bringing little jolts of pleasure which literally trembled through her body. Seeing this wanton display of arousal made my cock ooze precum as my fingers traced my length.

“If you weren’t John’s brother I’d fuck you right now,” Mary groaned as she jammed one hand inside her jeans. “Do you want me to finger my pussy for you while you stroke your cock for me? Is that what you want? Do you want to see my dripping wet pussy creaming for you?”

“YESSSS!” I moaned, “Fuck, yes! Masturbate for me, Mary. Right here…in front of me. Show me your wet Konya Escort Bayan pussy, I want to see how hot you get when you look at my cock. I’ve been doing this for the past few days, Mary. Stroking my cock and thinking about you fingering your hot slit.”

Mary stood and almost leapt out of her pants, dropping back into her chair with one heel on the seat, her other leg splayed out at an angle exposing her sweet pussy to my hungry eyes. I moved closer and began to stroke my cock just inches from her face, which caused her to moan and slide her tongue over her lips.

Then, as my hand began to pick up speed, Mary brought her fingers from her pussy and slid them into my mouth as she leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock.

Mary looked up at me. Damn! Those hooded, almost sleepy eyes…filled with lust and lit by desire. “Do you want me to suck it? Would you like to feel my hot mouth swallowing your hot cock?”

I could only groan. Mary leaned forward and let the head of my cock push her soft lips open. The tip of her tongue tickling over the head seeking drops of precum. Then, with her agile tongue stroking, flicking and cradling the underside of my cock along every millimetre, she slowly took me deeper. She would take an inch and half, then back off an inch – more flicking. Take another inch and a half, then back off another inch…slow, tortuous, incredible…bobbing slowly, licking as if I were made of sugar, moaning with every taste of precum. I felt the head of my cock press against the back of her throat. She bobbed a few times, letting me feel the obstruction of her tight throat, each time making little whimpering noises on the soft impact.

I felt her pushing harder, trying to deep throat me. My breathing caught as I moaned in pleasure. Mary backed off, still stroking my slippery, wet cock with her hand even as she fingered her swollen pussy.

“I need you to help me…I can’t take it all by myself,” Mary breathed, “You have to push me down on it.”

My cock throbbed so hard I thought I might pass out. She took my hands and placed them on the back of her head. “When you feel the back of my throat,” she whispered, “press down gently on the back of my head and thrust your hips forward – not too hard, but I want your cock all the way down my throat.”

She opened her mouth again and engulfed my aching cock. Slowly bobbing, working her way down my shaft until I could feel her throat again…that soft impact at the bottom of every stroke. She slowed her rhythm, pausing a little longer on the end of each stroke…pushing a little harder. She made a sound around my cock…sort of a moan, but with a rising interrogative. When the head again pressed against the back of her throat, I pressed my hands against the back of her head…increasing pressure just enough to make it impossible for her to pull back…and pushed my hips forward gently but firmly. I felt the head of my cock ‘bend’ the wrong way a bit, making me even harder, stiffer, as I slid into Mary’s pulsing throat. Pulling her nose to my belly, my hands on the back of her head, I felt my entire cock slide into her throat. She began almost whimpering in pleasure, fighting her gag reflex and savagely fingering her clit all at once. After a few seconds I felt her try to pull back, but I increased the pressure with my hands, flexing my cock in her throat.

She Escort Konya pulled harder, unable to breath, as I pushed my hips slightly burying myself in her throat. Mary slapped my thigh, desperate for a breath. I removed my hands from her head as she pulled back quickly, gasping for breath. And then she came. As soon as that first gasp of air rushed into her lungs, Mary screamed and began shaking, her face pressed against my cock and balls, tongue licking at me, fingers pressed hard against her clit as she literally gushed pussy juice all over her fingers and the chair.

“Oh God! Fuck! I’m cumming…fuck…oh fuck me…yes, yes….cumming….” Mary’s orgasm ripped through her.

My cock was dripping precum – having been so deep in her throat, seeing her intense pleasure at swallowing my thick cock had me right on the edge. Mary took my cock back in her mouth and began to suck me savagely, stopping to stroke me so she could tell me, “Cum! I want to see you cum. Show me your hot cum shooting out of your big cock. I want it! I want your cum, lover…spray me…shoot it all over me!”

Back into her hot, sucking mouth…tongue flicking and milking, pleading for my load. I felt my balls pull up and my cock begin to swell. Mary felt it, too, and began to moan around my cock. Her eagerness…Christ!…what a turn on! My cock began to pulse, twitch…the pressure was almost unbearable. As my cock began hitting the back of Mary’s throat again I exploded. The first hot jet I literally felt impacting against the roof of her mouth…I could feel the force of the shot. Mary pulled back off my cock, swallowing that first shot and continuing to jerk my cock with her right hand and massage my balls with her left.

“That’s it, baby…give me all your cum. I want it,” Mary moaned, stroking my pulsing shaft. Cum was spraying over her face, lips, throat, tits, sliding down her belly and she kept stroking. “Oh yeah, lover, drench me with your hot cum, mark me, coat me with it!” After five or six solid spurts of cum, Mary’s hand was slippery with me, her face and breasts were spattered with my cream.

I reached down scooped a large drop of my load from her cheek and brought my finger to her mouth. Mary sucked it in and ran her tongue around my finger before swallowing and letting me feel her suck my cum down her throat.

“Fuck, that was HOT!” Mary grinned at me, “That’s twice you’ve made me cum harder than I ever have before and you didn’t even touch my pussy!”

I tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped up as Mary pulled her jeans back on. I reached out to caress one of those perfect breasts. As my fingers brushed the nipple, Mary groaned and slumped into my arms.

“Fuck…that feels so good,” Mary breathed.

“Sensitive nipples?” I asked.

“Unbelievable,” Mary whispered into my ear, “Sometimes I can cut just from having them sucked and bitten.”

My cock twitched in my pants. Mary noticed and reached down to stroke me through the denim.

“You like my nipples?” Mary asked.

I just smiled and pinched a little harder, making her gasp.

We heard a truck pull into the drive. My brother arriving home. Mary grabbed her tee shirt and headed for the bedroom to make herself presentable. As she disappeared around the corner she paused, cupped her breast and flicked her fingertip across the nipple. Running her tongue over her lips, she smiled and whispered, “Our secret?

I smiled and nodded.

To be continued…

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